Angsty Alexander goes to college part 2


 When I arrived at the dorm I was kind of sad to be the first one there, my Mom helped me unload and unpack. 

My other friends all knew about their room mates, they’d befriended them online and discussed fridges, TVs and other room stuff. I’d not even been given the name of mine. 

Before coming to college I decided to just be out, no big announcements, no drama, I put a calendar of nude male models on my desk and the dvd collection I put on the shelves included a fair number of films with male nudity. 

We finished setting up, with still no sign of my room mate we headed out to lunch. 

 At home I came out junior year, dated a football player senior year and I’d been pretty lucky not to be bullied too badly, it helped my boyfriend was huge and scary. We broke up just after graduation, he was heading west on a football scholarship and was going to a fitness camp first, there was no need to prolong things. I made hay over the summer with a few flings, enjoying sex without ties.

After lunch I said my goodbyes to my parents and headed back to my room.

There I had my first sight of my steaming hot room mate, bending over my desk, I was worried he’d see my rapidly expanding wood. But then he wiggled his fine ass, I lost my senses and was grinding into him without so much as saying hello.

We proceeded to have an amazing fuck. I was spent , sweaty and covered in cum. When he put out his hand to introduce himself I was in shock, in my head I was planning my life with him and I bumped down to earth realising I didn’t even know his name.

“Hi, I’m Alexander, your room-mate”

I blushed, I was so embarrassed.

” I’m Jason, Jay, uh call me Jay.”

“Now we have a problem”

I looked up at him terrified as he continued.
“The bathroom is like 5 doors away and there is no disguising that cum, it’s even in your hair” he said running his hands through my hair making it worse.

He kissed me again and I moaned into his mouth.

“Okay let’s do this” I said grabbing a towel.
We ran down to the bathroom, it wasn’t busy. I wanted to suggest showering together but the forwardness I had shown earlier deserted me.

I relived the encounter while the hot water ran over me, enjoying the rise of my cock but not jacking off, I was hoping there would be more fun with Alexander later.

I could not believe my luck, I had a hot gay room mate with a mighty fine 9inch cock that he knew how to use as a precision tool in my ass. College was awesome.

When I got back to the room Alexander was on his bed flicking through the course catalogue. I started to ask normal get to know you questions and he started to get annoyed. The atmosphere switched from sexy to ice cold.

“Where are you from.”

“All over”

“What do your parents do?”

“Nothing of note”

I asked about his family, high school, getting snappier and snappier answers.

“Do you know what your major will be?” I finally tried.

“Uggggh just stop with the questions. Let’s go eat and maybe you’ll find someone else to interrogate .”

I had no idea why he was being so rude, he didn’t even try and ask me anything. Was I just a plaything?


College was meant to be another fresh start, I just wanted to be me. Not the actor kid, not the orphan kid, just Alexander. But he just won’t stop with the questions and my avoiding them is making things awkward.

I suggest we head to the dining hall and that maybe he’ll find more people. He doesn’t look happy but agrees.

The food is awful, I need to go shopping for snacks and stuff for the room. Freshmen were not allowed cars on campus so I needed to befriend some older people.

Our table soon filled up and Jay was busy chatting to loads of people, he was so cute when it wasn’t me being given the third degree. He was openly chatting about his football player ex and asking about everyone else’s status.

Two of the guys were sophomores and they lived on our corridor, result. Felix was tiny, he had a tight shirt that showed definition despite his small size. His jet black hair was spiked high and he was camp as a row of tents. Not usually my type but somehow I found him kind of attractive. His room mate Jamie was a beanpole, skinny like jay and oh so straight.

“Uh, sorry to ask for a favour after like 5minutes but do either of you have a car? I really need to go shopping soon”

“Sure, tomorrow or do you have orientation stuff booked?” Felix said.

“Not til late afternoon for me. Jay what about you?”

“Same, ive the tour late afternoon” Jay said, cheering up. I guess he’d been a bit quiet as I’d flirted with Felix.
His big smile gave me a bit of a stir.

We all swapped numbers then headed back to our room.

We had a hall meeting shortly, Jay was so keen, he had a notebook and wanted to get there early. I asked him to save me a seat. Early is not my thing.

The common room was packed. None of the guys were as cute as Jay, I was a little disappointed at the high level of meh guys. Jay had saved me a space on a table at the back. He was chatting away with others, but squeezed my leg when I’d sat down. I grabbed his hand as the talk began, there was definite movement in his shorts.

Given his calendar and his talk at dinner about his ex I figured he wouldn’t mind being this open and I really didn’t care about anyone else’s reaction.

On the way back we knocked on Felix door and arranged to meet at 11am to go shopping. I kissed his cheek, brushing my hand over his stomach as I thanked him again. Jay stomped ahead to our room.

He was laid on his bed with an adorable scowl on his face.

“Scoot over” I said climbing on beside him, I leaned in and whispered
“Kiss me hot stuff”.


Dinner was fun until Alexander started flirting with Felix, I was surprised he wanted me included in the shopping trip, I thought I’d lost him already.

Then he held my hand through the dorm meeting like it was a normal everyday thing, I’ve no idea what was said in that meeting, I was starring at my hand in his and practically planning the wedding. In a few hours I felt closer to him than I had to my ex in 6 months.

Then he was back flirting with Felix like I wasn’t there. Arrrrgh at his hot cold nature.
I headed to the room and flopped down on my bed.

I was trying to work out what his deal was, if I wanted to pursue this despite the mood swings, wondering if he’d give an explanation, was he just toying with me until he got Felix? Though I’m pretty sure he could have Felix right now in the corridor.

I Ignored him when he came in, he was stripping off and I averted my eyes, my cock clearly didn’t know I was giving him the cold shoulder as the sound of him undressing had me at full attention.

“Scoot over” he said climbing on beside me, he whispers in my ear

“Kiss me hot stuff”

The weak willed horndog in me pulled him into a ferocious kiss, he was pulling at my clothes, I quickly wriggled out of them and resumed making out skin on hot skin.

He was kissing my chest and stroking my cock both movements so gentle, I was moaning loud which was making him smile, he made me feel electric. He moved back up to kiss me again, long slow kisses, exploring each other, dancing with our tongues. It was the opposite of our earlier fuck. It made me feel like I was his first choice.

He was stroking me lightly, looking down at my leaky cock when we stopped kissing for air. He took my hand and placed it on my cock, his own twitching as I took myself in hand.

It was my turn to discover his body with my mouth, I kissed his pecs, rolled my tongue round his nipples and down the ripples of his lightly muscled abs, he put my hand back on my cock so I kept stroking as I continued down, running my mouth over his trimmed pubes and smelling his manliness, I lapped at his balls then took his cock into my mouth, savouring the taste and bobbed up and down as his groans urged me on. I took his full load, swallowed and then kissed him, he moved down to finish me in his mouth, I was so, so, so close I lasted only moments before shooting 4, 5, 6 shots into his mouth.

“Al, Al, oh god Alllllll” I screamed as my orgasm took over.

My, cock slipped from his mouth and rather than kiss me he stood, eyes of ice, wiping cum from his lips”

“I’m Alexander, not Al, not Alex, not Sasha, not Xander. AL-EX-ANDER”

He turned from me and climbed into his own bed pulling his covers over his head.

My eyes filled with tears, how could he be so angry about a moment of passion. I pulled on my shorts and headed to shower. Under the hot water I let the tears fall.
I was a bundle of confusion. I was scared how fast I was falling for a clearly unsuitable guy. How could I live with him for the rest of the year and how could I resist his next advance?
Would I want to?


I woke feeling better, I felt a small niggle of remorse for my anger at Jays sex cries but he won’t call me Al again, well unless he wants it really rough.

Jay was still sleeping, his covers half off exposing that beautiful skinny body that turned me on so much. I enjoyed the view for a moment.

It was 10.30 so I hurriedly dressed and leaned over to kiss Jay awake.

“Come on sleepy we need to go shopping” I smoothed his beautiful dark hair from his confused eyes.

He dressed as I brushed my teeth at the room sink, he bumbled over to join me.

We called on Felix and he and Jamie led us to the car. On the drive I suggested we bought them dinner off campus later to say thanks.
The car ride was fun, a lot of innuendo from Felix about what Jay and I had been up to and he and Jamie gave us lots of tips about school.

We split into pairs and agreed meet up in the electronics department when done as they’d be heading there to try out some games.

I grabbed a cart, Jay was being quiet still. I didn’t want to apologise but did need him back on side so right in the homeware section I stopped and pulled him into a hug, kissed his nose. He giggled.

“We’re in public”
“So, you have a cute nose, I’m sure everyone is jealous”
“You have cute lips”

He kissed me. I grinned, he giggled. It was cute, ice melted.

I found a microwave and a rug, our tile floor was freezing this morning.

“Hey should we get beanbag chairs or just some cushions?”

Jay shrugged, he’d gone quiet again since I’d started loading up the cart.
“Shit man you bought the Tv, fridge, Xbox, and a kick ass did collection, today it’s all is on me, you’ve more than covered your share”

His shoulders visibly relaxed and he squeezed my arm.


Whoooooop kissing in the store was so amazing, it did feel like we were a normal couple out shopping for our home together. It was amazing picking things out together. I suddenly snapped out of dreamland when I started to price up what he was picking out.

My family are not well off, I’m very lucky I got great financial aid and I have outside scholarships but I don’t have much money for extras. I know study will be hard from the start so hope I don’t need to get a job during the semester. I worked all summer at a country club and hoped to again during breaks.

When he assured me today was his contribution I was able to relax and go back into daydream mode. I was still a little wary of being heartbroken but decided to enjoy the good times to the max for now.
After picking up cushions, pillows, some plastic plates and bowls.

” I think we’re going to mess up a lot of sheets and I couldn’t bring any extras, I flew straight in from my summer job in Europe. That’s why I wasn’t in touch about the room, I just got all the mail from college 2 days before coming home, I had a PO box in Bucharest but mail forwarding took forever”

“Why couldn’t your parents just open it and read it over the phone?”

“Hey do you like the cotton or flannel better?”

I couldn’t believe it, he opens up a smidge then clams right up when I ask an easy question.
We move onto the food department, we pick up milk, water, fruit, cereal, microwave popcorn and protein bars. Then he adds a heap of instant noodles.

” I know they’re shit but the dining hall is not looking promising, anything else you need?”

“Uh, maybe we’ll need more condoms”

He kisses me.
“Yup and a tonne of lube”


On the way back to school we ate at a drive-through.
With the 4 of us it took 2 trips to get all our shopping upstairs, Jay and I spent some time arranging everything, we had about 2 hours before our scheduled tour.

I started to strip off sweaty after all the mornings activities. Jay did the same and I stood back and admired his body. He caught me looking and blushed, though he was clearly checking me out too.

We walked down to the shower I stopped to shave at the sinks. As I was walking to a stall Jay pulled me into his, I liked that feisty Jay had reappeared.

We were washing each other and making out. Both stiff and enjoying the feel of hands and mouths.

“Do you want to finish this here or in bed”

“Bed, I want to feel you inside me again and we’ve no condoms here”

We rinsed off and ran back to the room.

Once inside the door we dropped our towels and resumed making out. No one kissed like Jay, I loved the feel of his lips, his tongue, his teeth as they nibbled at me.

I lay him on the bed and headed straight for his ass with my mouth.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have showered”
“I think you’ll have me sweaty again soon”

I licked at his crack then sent my tongue in to probe at his hole, spreading his cheeks with my hands. He again chucked condoms and lube at my head. His hole was responding to my probing tongue and he was moaning loudly.

“Come on I need your dick in me. Please. Please fuck me. Noooooow”

I giggled and continued teasing, opening him with my fingers and delighting at how welcome they were, I rolled on a condom and lubed up.

I slid in with one push, he squealed. As I rested a moment he began to move his hips.
“Mmmmmm love your big dick”

He started stroking himself for me, I leaned in for a kiss then started gently pushing my cock in and out in long lengths, he was pushing up to meet me and moaning in complete pleasure, his cock was dripping onto his belly. I picked up the pace and he smiled and groaned, begging for me to go deeper and harder.

Picking it up another level I started to slam myself into him giving as much force as I could face to face. I enjoyed watching him too much to turn him over and i was getting close, he arched his back and shot, his hot hole closed tightly around my dick and with 2 more strokes I joined his orgasm.

Panting I fell onto his chest and he kissed all over my face.

I lifted up to lick up some of his cum, then used my towel to clean us both off.

He cracked the window, our room smelt of manly, manly sex.

Then the questioning started up again and I had to grit my teeth, why wasn’t what we had so far enough for him?

“Jay, please, we’ve just had a great time in bed. Don’t spoil it with another inquisition, we’ll be rooming all year. I’m not big on sharing minor shit for no reason. Come on we have to get to the tour”

We dressed in a hurry and headed out for our tour.


Ugh The Iceman is back, I’ve no idea how to deal with it one minute he’s all warm and caring and loving and the next ice. I don’t know how to melt him or how to stop him freezing again.

As we walked across campus to join our tour group I reached out for Alexander’s hand and he squeezed mine back no problem.

We soon became friendly with two guys in our tour group, Aaron and Peter. Peter was tall and blonde much like Alexander. Aaron was much smaller with dark brown hair and heavy stubble. Aaron and Peter seemed very close they said they were room mates and had been high school together, they dated for awhile but split and have both moved on.

We invited them to join us for dinner at the end of the tour.
Six of us crammed into Felix’s car. Alexander pulled me on to his lap and held me close. I wriggled and tried to get him hot. He kissed my neck, it was sweet and amazing.

Felix was telling us how his first room mate was a total bigot and Jamie’s was totally psycho.

“It started out not too bad, labelling things, accusing me of stealing. Then he started hiding and jumping out on me, not straight away but like an hour into homework, it got worse and worse. One day I came back to my sheets and clothes shredded and a soaking bed. He got kicked out of school and Felix jumped at the chance to move in.”

“So how about you two, did you arrange to share like Peter and Aaron?” Asked Felix.

“We just met” I replied.

“Wow so you really hit it off straight away!”

I looked at Alexander we both laughed and I blushed.

“We were fucking before we’d even been introduced” Alexander said, his eyes dancing.
I didn’t know if my pride or embarrassment would win, I was grinning, cringing and blushing.

“You look so sexy” whispered Alexander and I blushed some more.

“You make a really hot couple” said Peter and the others nodded.

“We’re not a couple” said Alexander.

My heart plummeted, I know we just met, but the hand holding and public kissing made me think the talk to confirm our status wasn’t necessary. Still his hand was squeezing my thigh under the table, there was hope.

“How about you Peter, Aaron are you single” asked Felix.

“Yes, we had a thing but we’re much better as friends”

“With benefits” said Aaron

“Arrrrgh I’m surrounded by gays again. I will never find a girlfriend if all the girls think I’m gay. ” exclaimed Jamie.

“Three dates and a BJ” said Alexander


“By the end of next week I’ll have found you 3 dates, with girls, you can veto if you find them hideous and I guarantee you’ll get your dick wet. If none put out I’ll suck you myself.”

We all laughed in disbelief. Jamie isn’t unattractive but Alexander is yet to speak to a girl on campus.

Felix and Jamie carried on with tales of their freshman year and had us laughing loads. I noticed Peter and Alexander whispering to each other, I bristled. Peter is way hotter than me, much more Alexander’s league than me. Still Alexander’s hand was rubbing further and further up my thigh.


I saw Jay was hurt when I said we weren’t a couple, I squeezed his leg. I really like him, we’re having an amazing time and he’s by far the best kisser I’ve ever kissed. But it’s been less than 2 days and I want to keep my options open at least for now.

Peter is stunning, and I’m pretty sure the admiration is mutual. Aaron seems kind of possessive though. As Felix and Jamie carried on with their tales I leaned in.

“You look really hot tonight”

“You too, are you 2 really not a couple? You looked close earlier, holding hands”

“We just met yesterday. He’s amazing in bed but it’s too soon to be tied to one guy. Are you and Aaron really over?”

“Yeah, we’ve both had boyfriends since, but it’s easy to fuck each other whilst we’re single”

“If you ever fancy a change….”

Jay had noticed our whispering and was beginning to pout, I squeezed further up his thigh. I hated the needy insecure side to him, I like the bold feisty side, unless he was begging for cock, then the neediness is okay, I chuckled to myself.

I pulled Jay into my lap again for the drive back, hugging him close, nuzzling his neck, he leaned back to kiss me.

We all headed up to our room to play Xbox games, around midnight we called it a night. I kissed everyone on the cheek and whispered to Peter to call me.

There was one more day of orientation activities before classes began and jet lag was kicking my ass I was dead on my feet.

As soon as the door closed Jay was kissing me passionately.

I tugged at his tshirt and we were soon down to our underwear. The kissing was so insanely good. I loved his passion, how he used his tongue, how he made me feel.

“You are the best kisser, no one ever kissed me as much as you, I love it”

“I love kissing you”

I kissed his chest lingering on his large dark nipples. He tugged down his boxer briefs and pulled at mine, pushing me onto the bed. His cock was pulsing at my belly and leaving a trail as he thrust against me. He didn’t break the kiss, running his hands through my hair he moaned as I kissed his neck, he knelt up and held our cocks together for a moment rubbing them together gently then diving back to my lips.

He came all over my stomach as he rubbed against me, it felt amazing.

“I’m sorry”
“Are you fucking kidding? That was so hot”

He moved down to suck me, I lasted no time at all and he raised his head to let my cum join his on my body, I pulled him close spreading it between us. He slept on my sticky sweaty chest.
I looked down at him, seriously reconsidering my need to explore elsewhere.

We showered and headed to breakfast, we sat together and after a moment a chubby guy with platinum hair joined us.

“Hi, I’m Gary we’re on the same floor. You guys are gay too, right.”
We nodded.
“I’m so glad, I was worried about college but you two looked so normal holding hands the other night that I told my room mate right after the meeting and he was cool with me.”

“Glad to be of help” said Jay beaming.

“You know we’re so calling you Blondie, you’re adorable and I’m really glad you came over”

As we were talking a lean red head joined us, he looked toned but thin, like he danced or did yoga.

“Hi I’m Eric, is this the official gay table?”

We laughed.

“I was so happy to see you guys in here, I don’t know many people yet and I think it’ll be easier if my first friends are gay too. You are such a hot couple”

“We’re just room mates not a couple” said Jay.

I was a bit surprised to hear it from him, I thought he would want people to think we were together. I wasn’t upset, I’d said the same thing yesterday and nothing had changed.

We talked about which talks we had and arranged to meet at dinner near Peter and Aaron’s suite.

The day passed quickly and soon it was time for dinner we met up with Peter and Aaron and Jamie and Felix so there were eight of us filling out the whole table they talked and talked and talked. Jay was absolutely putting his inquisition skills to the test and he looked so relaxed and happy. It made me hard. At one point I put his hand on my junk, he squeezed playfully.

Jamie again moaned how he’d never find a girl, I reassured him my deal was still in place and he better be working on his charm. The other laughed at me. And whilst I was yet to talk to any girls I didn’t spend years making movies and not know how to charm people.

But tonight I was resisting the charms of Peter and Felix, maybe a bit too much, I was probably brushing them off a bit. So I pretended to be Jay feigning interest in their high school and family stories.

I kissed Aaron and Peter goodnight on the cheek. Eric looked longingly at Aaron but didn’t make a move.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to you doing that” said Jay.
“It’s not just me, maybe it’s just not a Midwest thing”

They all insisted it was just me.

The 6 of us walked back to the dorm, I held hands with Jay but chatted with Felix a lot. I kissed them all including Jamie who actually seemed more at ease than the straight guys.

“Finally alone”

“I think I need to explore what I felt under the table earlier.

I grinned as Jay unzipped me, got on his knees and took me in his talented mouth.
After a few moments i pulled him up.

“I’ve an early class tomorrow and it’s late, 69?”
Jay grinned and we stripped and dived onto his bed. We were both good at taking a lot of cock, I kind of missed his kisses and groans though.

I pulled a ball into my mouth enjoying the feel, enjoying his smell, moving back to his shaft I felt myself losing control and as I began to shoot he joined me gifting a huge load into my mouth.

I set the alarm on my phone and slept tangled up with Jay. The happiest I’d been in 2 years.


Alexander could still run ice cold with no notice. But I was in love, by the end of our first week I knew this was the big one for me. I could see a future together, or rather I couldn’t imagine a future without him. I was glad we didn’t have any classes together as it would have been too much of a distraction.

We stayed friends with the other guys too, on the Friday of the first week of classes Alexander introduced Jamie to Abigail and he had his first of the agreed 3 dates, apparently the BJ was achieved first try, they had gone for a nice meal and romantic walk and she was impressed with the old fashionedness. I was half disappointed it would have been amusing to watch Alexander blow Jamie.

Our first weekend we all studied far too much, we had some meals together and played games but no one seemed to have much free time, we were all nerds organising study groups and getting ahead on reading. We’d all worked way too hard to get in here to fail.

I had a film class with Peter, Aaron, Eric and Blondie, it was fun to have a fun class as a group and we made a great study group agreeing to work together for a paper and to watch the assigned films together.

I was in a routine of classes and study and enjoying Alexander in my bed every night. He had a heavier course load than I did so was often up later than I would like studying, I’d get very horny watching him and get impatient for him to come to bed.

The Tuesday the second week I looked at him, my cock was so hard, I lay on my bed nude. He looked up.

“Tease, I’ll be done in about 30mins”
I groaned.

“Study faster”

“You know watching you stroke turns me on”

I’d not really needed to jerk off since we got here as Alexander met my needs but last night I’d fallen asleep waiting for him and tonight my cock was complaining it had been too long.

“Go on, jerk off, I’m not going to be mad, I like to see you happy”
I leaned back and got started, pulling at myself and tugging my head.
Alexander came over for a closer look.

“Oy get back to work nerd boy”

“Even nerd boys need study breaks” he leered at me and I giggled.

“If you’re on a break you can join in”

“Grrr I’m nearly done, honest” he reached for the lube and gently coated my dick before going back to his desk.

I carried on light stroking not wanting to get too close without him.

“I can’t hear you, are you sure you’re having fun.”

I groaned and moaned a response, arching my back and gripping myself tighter as he turned round to check.

A few minutes later he was undressing, I stopped to watch. He’d invited me to swim or work out with him but I was reluctant, I know I turned him on but I still didn’t like exposing my body to anyone else, especially not in places where he might compare me unfavourably to more muscular types.

He came over to the bed.

“How close are you”

“I’m having fun, but it’s better now you’re naked”

He kissed me.

“I love watching you pleasure that pretty cock of yours. Straddle my chest and go to town”

He lay down and I climbed on him, rubbing my ass against his cock a little I resumed jerking off.

“I love it when you’re loud too”

I smiled, I could see the lust in his eyes, I threw my head back, he was rubbing my legs, holding them close to him, I looked at him and felt love and lust and oh so close.

“I’m close”
“Can you touch me too?”

I reached back with my other hand, he was twitching at the touch in a few swift rubs we were coming together. I leaned in for a kiss, he flipped me on my back and kissed me with so much passion. I felt so comfortable, so happy, and as he cuddled me to sleep so loved.


I’d met lots of people through classes and was in several small study groups but I didn’t get as close to anyone as our group of guys. I was probably to blame, I was all business with my study partners and never contributed much to outside conversations and rarely joined them for coffee. I was lucky I was smart and so didn’t get replaced.

I had relaxed, no one had recognised me from my former career and I was opening up more around the guys, I kept quiet about my family, it was still too hard to talk about out loud. Although my Mom and I hadn’t had a good mother son relationship I’d long forgiven her and over the summer when I’d been on set I’d begun to appreciate all she had done for me.

School, sex and working out left little time for anything else, taking a heavy course load meant I didn’t get to as many game nights with the guys as Jay but I had fun when I did and I was happy Jay was happy and with a group of guys I trusted. As a group we didnt seem to be big drinkers or massively in to partying so movies and games suited us all for leisure.

Jamie had started to go out with Emma the second girl I’d set him up with, they made a cute couple and we tried to have dinner or lunch once a week, a few times Jay and I double dated with them for a movie. I know Jay loved those nights especially, the normality of them, holding hands, sharing popcorn, and being the same as every other couple in the theater.

Jay was always very, very loving after date, after a fun night at the movies and pizza afterwords I could see the lust in his eyes, he went straight to the shower after the date and I stripped in anticipation, I was sat on his bed against our cushions watching to when he came in. Seeing him damp in his towel had my cock at attention and he was grinning looking at me.

“Stay there”

I watched him dry off and he started to lube his ass.

“I could do that”

“Stay there”

He approached me, kissed me and rolled a condom on me, climbed on the bed and began to lower himself onto my cock, facing away, as I filled him up, feeling his cheeks grind into me, I sighed.
He turned his head to kiss me and continued to squirm around on my dick, never lifting himself too high, just enjoying the feeling of me being deep inside him.

“I love feeling all of you, and tonight I’m in charge”
“You know I love feisty Jay” I said kissing him long and gently.

I moved my hand to his dick, he moaned appreciatively and rubbed his back to my chest. I felt on fire, I loved being so close to him.

He began to lift and fuck himself more on my dick and I moaned and groaned my pleasure, Jay was usually the louder of us but tonight I let loose, the closeness, Jay taking charge it was very emotional for me as well as physically exciting.

“I’m so close”

“I swear I feel your cock pulsing”

“He began to bring himself off, the sight of him coming had me in ecstasy as I joined him as he ground down on my dick some more.
He lifted himself off me and we kissed for another hour, til our lips were numb.
I was so in love, I hoped he knew.

We’d been at college 4 or 5 weeks and I couldn’t be happier, I was considering telling Jay everything but I was holding back as he had continued to deny we were a couple when people brought it up.

Jay came to the room after class Friday telling me to grab my booze as we were going to Peter and Aaron’s place, their suite mates had all gone home for the weekend and they wanted a party. As much as a party 7 gay guys could have.

My agent Blair had had his assistant Sal drop off a case of beer and half a dozen bottles of vodka when she was visiting family locally, I’d pretended she was my cousin. We filled our backpacks with the beers and a bottle of vodka, we texted Blondie and Eric to bring mixers, Felix was bringing ice.

Felix did a variety of jobs, the library a couple of shifts a week, some tutoring and a pot washing shift in one of the dining halls, he said he couldn’t do more than 1 despite needing the money but it meant he had access to an ice machine.

2 empty coolers were waiting us in the suite living area and we filled them with the ice and drinks. Everyone grabbed a beer and some sort of driving game challenge began. The guys began stripping their shirts and jeans and soon it was an underwear party.

It was fun hanging out with just enough space for us all to be comfortable on the 2 big sofas.
We’d moved on to the vodka and we’re getting a little rowdier.
Felix picked up the empty bottle.

“In true sleepover style, it’s time for spin the bottle”

We all laughed and made a makeshift circle on the floor.

Felix started and laid a sloppy kiss on Jay who kissed Peter who kissed Blondie who kissed Aaron who kissed Eric who kissed me.

“Hmmm how did that work out so neatly! I think it needs to be BJs this time” Felix was pushing our limits.

Eric looked boned up and terrified, Blondie had a big grin as did Peter and Aaron.

“Is this okay?” I whispered to Jay.
“It’s a party, just have fun”

I took that as an okay and started looking more closely at the other guys as we all pulled off our underwear. Most the guys were at least half hard already.

“Okay 45seconds of licking and sucking, if you cum you’re out and your sucker goes again”

Aaron was slurring slightly as he gave the rules.

“If you come because you’re jerking off watching you are a pervert and will have to suck everyone still in for 20seconds as an apology”

We were all laughing.

Blondie was a grower, his meat had looked thick but small when soft but was now showing a very meaty 6inches, he had by far the fattest cock in the room, my own twitched at the sight.

Aaron was the smallest maybe 3.5 inches and he had an enormous bush making it look even smaller, I hoped I wouldn’t have to go rooting for that one.

Eric’s was 6ish not thick but he was the only one uncut so was getting a lot of attention that he was clearly as embarrassed as he was excited, he was red from head to toe.

Peters cock was a little shorter than mine, maybe a bit thicker but a nice 8 inches and he kept his blonde pubes trimmed, his balls were big and delicious looking, the lowest hangers of us all.

Felix was a surprise, he’s a tiny guy maybe only 5’2 or 3 but his cock was a meaty 7 inches that looked enormous on his tiny frame, his pubes were jet black but he only kept a small square above his dick the rest up including his balls were smooth.

Aaron span first and got Eric, Eric looked terrified and then looked like he was concentrating so hard on not coming that he couldn’t relax. He was adorable and it was obviously his first time.

Eric span Felix, he looked kind of terrified some more faced with such a meaty cock, Felix told him to relax and take it slowly, after about 20seconds that’s what he did and when he’d finished I was sure he’d enjoyed his first taste of cock.

Felix span Blondie and went to town trying to take the thick meat in his small mouth, it was clear his efforts were appreciated. Blondie span Peter and looked as nervous as Eric had but was soon slurping with gusto, Peter had been leaking the most already and it looked like he tasted good.

Peter span Jay, I kissed him quickly, marking my territory? Peter clearly did a great job and Jays moans brought my cock back to full size.

Jay span Felix who pushed him down and gave up his load, I was surprised he hadn’t lasted, but know too well how good Jay is down there.

Jay span Aaron and had to go hunting in the bush.
Aaron span Jay straight back but didn’t get the reaction Peter had.

Jay span me and was gentle, kissing more than sucking, giving me a chance to stay in the game.

I span Eric who shot his load about 10seconds in, clearly with Felix out the pressure was off.

I span Blondie who tasted delicious, I was very turned on my his thick meat, as the timer went he pulled me back and pushed me down, shooting his huge load in my mouth and down my front.

The others roared, I was flattered. I span Jay and teased him as he did to me.
He span Peter who fucked his face and came hard pulling out to show off his thick jets, it was very sexy.

Jay span Aaron again and I was kind of turned off, maybe just jealous but I was soft, as Aaron started to cum Jay joined him, bringing himself off. It was hot but I was obviously disappointed.

All the guys offered to help me finish but I declined as i was now soft and not really in the mood.

Eric and Aaron were making out on the sofa, it was cute. We carried on talking into the night and finished up the beer. Jay had his arm round me as we sat and whispered

“We were the only ones to make anyone cum”

My mood lightened as I listened to everyone’s stories and I snuggled closer to Jay.

Eric and Aaron had moved to the bedroom and well I think we heard Eric losing his cherry that night. As they got louder Felix suggested we head to a diner for breakfast as it was already 6am.

We dressed looking a right mess we headed to the 24hour place not too far from school it was freezing on the walk and it woke us all up a bit.
Jay sat with Felix and I was between Peter and Blondie on the other side.

We talked about it being Eric’s first blowjob and how cute it was.

“He wasn’t the only one who had his first time”

We all starred at Blondie.

“Did you mind it being so public?”

“Nah I love all you guys, you have all made coming out so easy for me. I was so scared college would be like high school which was hell as the fat smart kid, I could never have come out and have them add fag to the insults.
Here it’s been easy, no one cares. It helps having our prom king couple on the floor, no one would mess with you guys, you’re so together”

I laughed “Prom kings?”

“You know the popular couple, the hottest guys on the floor, the ones we look up to. I’d have voted for you”

“It’s nice of you to say, but we’re really not a couple. I’m glad we helped you with coming out. I’m not sure how given you were so upfront when you met us” said Jay.

I tried to laugh with the others but my heart was ice, I was feeling doubly rejected.

The waitress came by I ordered a coffee suddenly not hungry, the others ordered pancakes and bacon or omelets.


As usual he said nothing when I denied we were a couple. I’m so tired of his iceman shit. I started flirting with Peter and Felix, showing Alexander I had options.

We showered separately after getting back to the dorm, I was asleep before Alexander got back into the room I was so tired.

When I woke I realized he was already gone, and his bed had been slept in for the first time.

My cock was hard, I reached down reliving some of the previous nights fun. I’d loved looking at all our friends cocks and tasting so many. My head was sore though from the drinking, I got up to get some pills then headed to the bathroom.

Only one shower was running, above its noise I was sure I heard Alexander moan. Maybe he was reliving last night too.

I walked by the shower stall and casually looked through the crack in the curtain.
Alexander was moaning because Blondie was sucking him off and jerking his fat cock.

I was rooted to the spot, he caught my eye through the gap, I saw his look of panic and just ran.

Give it to me

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