Angsty Alexander goes to college part 5


Thanksgiving arrived, I was planning to eat Chinese, watch movies and laze all break. My work was done, we still had a week of classes before the exam period but I planned to give my brain a break too.

The dorm was eerily quiet with almost everyone gone. I thought the floor was empty I’d not seen or heard anyone last night.

I was coming back from a long shower when Jay walked bang into me.
He was sobbing and my grudge melted slightly, I held him.

“What’s up and why are you not at home?”

“I couldn’t afford to fly both now and Christmas and Christmas is the the longer break. And I broke up with Peter, I can’t talk to you about that.”

“It’s Thanksgiving, let’s put everything aside for the day. I’m going for Chinese in an hour, I’d love for you to join me.”

He nodded.

He didn’t talk in the cab and was quiet whilst we were seated. We were shown a small circle booth. I was glad we’d be sat side by side.

He looked so down I drew him into a hug, then Mamma Cat appeared and I got up to hug her.
“Sandy is this your boyfriend?”
“Alas no, he’s just a friend from school.”

“You’re hungry?”

“Starving, 2 hungry boys needing a Mamma Cat feast”

“I’ll do that, 2 hungry growing boys, you’ll be so full you’ll need new jeans”

I laughed and thanked her.

“Do you come here a lot, she seems to know you well, she called you Sandy.”

“Mamma Cat and her husband catered a film I did out here. My Mom was so strict about what I ate I’d skip meals and was getting too thin. We had to re-shoot scenes due to my stomach growls! So Mamma Cat devised a plan, instead of me eating at craft services, policed by my mom She made me a lunch box and would show it to my Mom for approval every day.
The top layer would be raw veggies, maybe grilled chicken or tofu but hidden underneath would be egg rolls, pizza or meatloaf. Every day, veggies to please mom and junk to please me. I worked long hours for a kid and my Moms strict diet was a nightmare.”

“That’s the first story about being a kid you’ve told me.”

I bit my tongue to stop me snapping about him dropping me after finding out who I was.

“I don’t like lying to people so it’s easier not to reveal anything, just in case.”

“How did you hide it in high school?”

“I didn’t exactly. We chose a small place near Seattle, the school was small and I grew a lot between my last movie and starting high school. People stopped asking about it or forgot. Also I think a lot of the parents remembered the hard time my Dad and I had after my Mom and so they helped us have a quiet life.”

I stopped as fancy looking mocktails arrived.

“Or maybe I was old news, I wasn’t working and there were other former child stars making big asses of themselves. Boy goes to school is hardly newsworthy”

Mamma Cat kept the food coming, I loved it all. After a while Jay started to dig in too. We talked about classes and finals and sports and films, avoiding anything personal.
As dessert came out I asked for all the leftovers to be boxed and ordered some more dishes to take out.

Mamma Cat came back.

“The take out, you want what you ordered or Mamma Cat special?”
“All your food is special”
“2 lunches, 2 dinners for 2?”
“Yes please, thanks”

“So what happened with Peter? I’ve seen you around, you looked happy.”
Jay gave a big sigh.
“He wanted my blessing for him to be with Aaron all break. Eric agreed, he’s desperate to keep Aaron, but I said he had to choose. I told him when I was there it was fine but not alone without me. He chose Aaron.”

“He’s an idiot. But do you want him back?”

“I hate saying this to you but I do and I think I was too hasty, they have history and it might get it out their system.”

“I so don’t want to say this as you deserve better but call him, ask him how he’d feel about giving his blessing to you fucking about with me all break. Not that it’s an option, just ask him. He might see things your way.”

“I don’t do mind games, but I’ve nothing to lose”

He stepped out to make the call while I paid up and picked up the food. I wished Mamma Cat a happy Thanksgiving and said I’d be back after finals.

We got a cab back and Jay was silent again. I let him be.

“Can I store this in your fridge?”

“Sure, you don’t have one?”

“Are you fucking with me?”


“Have you seen the room you condemned me to”

“You volunteered”

I looked at him shaking my head, did he really believe that?

“Sorry I said I’d let it go for the day. How was the call?”

“No answer I left a message, it was easier that way”

“I was going to go to a movie, but we could watch one of yours, given its freezing out.”

“Sure, I’d like that”

We watched an action film, or he did, I watched him. I might hold a strong grudge but I still wasn’t over him, I wanted to run my hands through his dark hair, which was getting longer and oh so sexy. I wanted to hold his skinny frame close and kiss his lips off.

I tried to concentrate on the film to stop getting boned up.

“Why is it so hot in here?” I stood up as the credits started to roll and instinctively pulled off my sweater and shirt.

“Shit you’re ripped”

I suddenly felt self conscious and pulled my shirt free of my sweater to put it back on.

“Sorry, it’s easy to forget we’re not friends any more being back in this room. I was getting too comfortable. Thanks for keeping me company at Mamma Cats and for the movie, text me when you’re ready to lunch tomorrow”

I grabbed my sweater and squeezed his shoulder.

“You used to kiss everyone goodbye”

“I kissed my friends” I said abruptly.

He looked so sad, I hadn’t meant to sound harsh but it was getting harder for me to put things aside, especially as he was acting like it was all my choice.

“Please stay. No need for us both to be alone. Wait, why are you here alone, why didn’t you go home?”

“I don’t have another place to go, I thought you knew that.”

“I had no idea. But surely you could have stayed with high school friends?”

“I don’t do well round families. Believe it or not that cell I live in is less depressing than a friends Mom trying to not show their pity for the orphan boy. And I’ve not exactly kept in touch with anyone. I wasn’t planning on ever going back and wanted the fresh start here.”

He stood and hugged me, I let him for a second, for a moment I needed it, then I pushed away.

“I don’t want your pity either. I’m sorry, I’m really not good company today”

He started smiling.

“Let’s start again, new rules. Off the table families, your past, our past, your room, Peter, self pity, pity and bananas”


“I hate them”

“I didn’t know, I thought I knew all your food quirks.”

“Quirks, me. Mr I won’t eat anything in the dining hall but fruit or yoghurt and only if it’s got no sugar in and tastes like concrete.”

“Eat a lot of concrete do you?”

We were laughing and hugging and I chucked my clothes back down and sat on his bed.

“You were right, it’s too hot” and he stripped to his underwear.

I stood and followed and then bounced onto his bed.

“My stomach is sooooo full” I leaned back rubbing it.

“Stop drawing attention to your fit body, I’ll be at attention soon and it’ll get awkward.”

“Uh you’re showing off your sexy body, posing in those boxer briefs” I reached out to ping the waistband.

We were lying face to face and the effort it took not to give in and kiss him was taking all my energy.

I sat up quickly.

“Another movie?”


As soon as he put it on he sat back on the bed, back to the wall, legs straight out. I lay down and rested my head in his lap. He stroked my hair and I didn’t stop him. I dozed through the movie, enjoying him playing with my hair and trying to forget the pain he’d caused me. He kissed my ear when the movie ended and I woke up. Sitting up he hugged me and kissed me lightly on the mouth.

“I wanted to kiss you since I bumped into you this morning”

“It’s not a good idea Jay. I’d love to but I’m not going to take advantage when you’re vulnerable”

“It’s not taking advantage if I want it”

“It is and you know it, I’m not going to be another rebound for you.”

“Will you stay though, no kisses or anything”

“No. I’ve loved spending the day with you but I need some space now”

“You’ve had almost 2 months of space”

“Jay, its off the table”

“I’m sorry, I’ve missed you and I don’t want today to end.”

“Do you still have my number?”

“I still have your number”

“Then use it sometime, don’t forget about me.”

I stood up and gathered my clothes.

“Lunch tomorrow, you can’t stand me up or I’ll starve.”

I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

I held my breath until I was in my room.

I slept late, at 12 I texted Jay about lunch and headed to shower. When I got back I saw He’d read it but not replied. By one my stomach was growling I texted again, grabbed a cereal bar and got my gym bag ready, might as well work out if he’s still sleeping.

I stop by his room but can hear raised voices before I knock, it’s Peter pleading with him. I go to the bathroom then stop by his room again and this time it’s the makeup sex I can hear. Guess starving it is.

The gym is pretty quiet, I work out hard. My adorable physics lab TF Will is there, wow his body is good under the tweed. I enjoy watching him between sets. He’s seriously hot and I suppose off limits.
I can’t help but head to the showers a minute after he leaves. Might as well try and get an eyeful.

An eyeful I got. He was standing, posing under the spray and watched me looking.

“Alexander, come scrub my back”

I giggled and moved closer, we soaped each other knowing we were unlikely to be interrupted.
He was cut, his biceps were works of art, his abs were more defined than mine, I ran my tongue over them. His dick was 6 inches, cut, fully hard ,a gorgeous head. I licked my lips.

“Back to mine? My roommates are all away. It’ll be safer, more private”

I nodded. A good fuck was what I needed to cleanse me of Jay at least temporarily and this guy was an Adonis.

We got in his car and arrived at his block, it was a high rise not too far from school.

“How many roommates?”

“4 others, 2 straight, 1 bi, 1 gay, it’s a 4 bed and the straight guys share so who knows how straight they are.”

We stated making out again and moved through to his room and quickly undressed each other.

“Are you okay with this?”
“Are you kidding you’re so hot, I’m so horny for you. Are you okay? You’ve more to lose.”
“You’re one of the smartest in the class, you don’t need to fuck me for grades.”
“Only one more lab to go”
“Exactly and your project is already graded.”
”Did I get an A?”
“You’ll have to wait.”

We were taking it in turn to discover each other’s bodies, I loved running my tongue over ever curve, every ridge. His strong arms fascinated me.

“How do you fit these monsters into your nerdy professor tweed.”

“My jackets were custom made, my grandfather is a tailor, the tweed is his little joke.”
“You look hot in it, and out of it.”

He grinned and went back to licking and teasing me.

We were both raging hard. I began to finger his fine ass.

“Slow down, I get so little action here I need to last.”

“Don’t you usually pick up at the gym? You’re so hot.”

“I have to be careful, I shouldn’t pick up undergrads, my fellow postgrads are neurotic and faculty too wary. I’ve no time to socialize outside of school. I don’t want to risk being on pickup apps as my students would see.”

I nodded and began to insert my dick. I leaned in for a kiss, bending him in two. Like me he was pretty flexible, not just a muscle monster. As I plunged in and out I enjoyed watching his muscles glisten as he sweated. He should be off limits and I was so turned on, plowing my masculine TF, despite going slow I was super close. He was stroking himself and as usual that sent me wild, I began to shoot, flooding the condom. I pulled out and bent to suck his dick, easily taking it all he was right behind me giving a great load.

I lay next to him sated. We kissed some more and I guess I nodded off.

He woke me and asked if I wanted some food, I nodded, pulled on my gym shorts and followed him in to the kitchen.

In the living area they had a floor to ceiling window with a great view of the park.

“I’d love to fuck you here looking out the window.”

“I’ve not done it out here.”

“Ever caught your roommates at it here?”

“I rarely see them.”

We ate sandwiches and talked about not a lot. I was horny watching him eat. I put his hand on my shorts.

“Ah youth”

“Please you’re what 24?”

“Just turned 25”

I felt at his groin.

“Your dick feels young and hard. At least let me blow you by the window.”

He disappeared, coming back with a towel, condoms and lube.
“You’ve worn me down, I like the idea of you fucking me whilst I look at nature, even if it is dark. Might as well take advantage of having the place to myself.”

He laid out the towel and got on all fours.

“Come and get me big boy”

I laughed.
“Just like that, eh, no preliminaries, you just want my big cock.” I teased.

“Yes I want your big cock, slamming in my ass, now.”

I lubed us up and took aim.
Sliding myself fully in, he yelped and groaned.
“So fucking big”

I pulled out very very slowly until just my head was in then began to bang him.
A few minutes in I was adding more lube and the door opened. I hoped it wasn’t a straight roommate. I kept up the pounding.

The roommate smiled at me, dropped his bags and sat down on the sofa, fishing out his hardening cock.

I couldn’t believe I had my dick in a total fox and was being watched, it was a total fantasy come true for me. I picked up the pace, not taking my eyes off the cock being jerked off. It was a solid 7 inches uncut, lots of foreskin hiding the head, then he pushed it out purple and glistening.
I realized the loudest groans were my own.

I was tingling all over, my balls were grumbling volcanoes.

As I got closer I beckoned the roommate to come nearer. He began jerking Will with his other hand and started shooting his own thick ropes onto Will’s back, that set me off and Will too, he tightened around my dick forcing the cum out as his own shot on the towel.

“You’re back early”

“So glad , that was hot guys, scorching.”

We laughed.

The roommate picked up his bag and headed for his room, the two of us headed to the shower.
“Did you enjoy being watched.”
He looked a bit embarrassed.

“I’ve had a bit of a crush on that roommate, I’ve jerked off over the thought of him more than once and now he’s actually cum all over me. It was heaven.”

“Can I sleep here? It’s late to be walking back”


We climbed into his king bed, it smelt of our earlier sex and we fell asleep, limbs tangled.
I woke early to an empty bed, I dressed and gathered my stuff.

I heard noises coming from the roommates room, the door was ajar, I took a look.

The two of them were enjoying a 69. Hey I’m the thanksgiving matchmaker first Jay and Peter reunite now these two have got it on. I figured my TF would no longer be going without.

I walked back to the dorm as the sun came up.

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