Angsty Alexander goes to college part 6


After returning from a night of sex I slept a while then headed to the shower, I ran into Eric and Blondie on the way back.

“Oh good, I was going to call. Get dressed and come to my room, my Mom sent me back with tonnes of leftovers, we’re going to play video games and stuff ourselves.”

“Did you see his Instagram of the food? Bro it looked amazing. Be quick else it’ll be gone.” said Eric

I laughed as my stomach growled.
“2 minutes”

I pulled on some clean shorts, it was still boiling in the dorm.
Might as well show off this body a little, even if I am going to be spending the day with guys who are taken.

“How come you guys are back early?”

“Flights were cheaper, Eric’s Mom had to go away, we met at the airport and shared a cab”

We played games and ate.

“So Brian dumped me this morning.”

“I’m sorry babe, you okay? I know you were expecting it.”

“Yeah, I can concentrate on finals now and not be waiting for the axe to drop.”

“We can go out looking for guys together in the new year. I need a boyfriend too.”

“No more pinning for Jay?”

“No, we had a nice thanksgiving day together but he blew me off for Peter yesterday.”

“Peter came back already? Shit Aaron will be mad.”

“How were you okay with them this weekend?”

“It’s better than always being pestered to have threesomes and foursomes which I don’t want. I thought they should just get rid of the tension, plus I owe Peter for the room swap so it was my thank-you.”

“You owe Peter, fuck, if he gets a weekend of sex with his ex what are you getting Alexander?”

Blondie was getting mad on my behalf, I rubbed his arms and back to try and calm him.

“Ahh surely Jay will have taken care of that.”

“Yesterday was the first time Jay has spoken to me since the swap. I don’t recall you or Aaron speaking to me since that day, or for the month before come to think of it.”

“I’m sorry, I get so wrapped up in Aaron I forget the world exists, between him and class I don’t have much time. Blondie and I have classes together so it’s easier. I wasn’t icing you out, I had no idea the others were until you blew up and Blondie filled me in.”

“If you weren’t icing him out why did you go along with screwing him over the room?”

“He wasn’t screwed over, he offered.”

“He didn’t fucking offer. Why would he offer to move into your tiny room with the ogre Clifford? No one would do that.”

“Aaron said he called him, he said he was happy for Peter and Jay and it was easiest if he moved out.”

“And you believed that. You thought Alexander would call Aaron about it, Aaron and not Jay or Peter who he was actually friends with. He didn’t even know about Jay and Peter being together. He thought he still had a shot getting back with Jay. There is no way he would have fucking volunteered to leave the guy he loves to make you and Aaron happy. Man up and admit you screwed him over.”

“Shhh, babe don’t stress it, it’s done.”

Eric looked stunned.

“Fucks sake Eric if you looked outside your love nest for one minute you might have seen how depressed Alexander was, I was so worried.”

“Oh come on, even if he didn’t volunteer he was never getting Jay back after you 2 fucked around. If anyone screwed anyone over it was you two screwing over Jay.”

“I’m so sick of Saint Jay getting a free pass. He didn’t give a shit about Alexander. Oh I know we had hours of ‘Alexander won’t commit’ bullshit but it was just attention seeking drama. Look how fast he moved on to Felix.”

“You still screwed him over, you knew they loved each other but couldn’t resist getting some too.”

“You weren’t there at the diner after the party. I was telling them how they were my role models as a gay couple and thanking them for making coming out easier. Jay just dismissed It said they weren’t a couple and flirted with Peter and Felix. I knew how hurt Alexander was, I just wanted to thank him for being a great friend and I wanted to cheer him up. So I blew him in the shower.”

I was crying, half from the bad memories and half from what a great friend Blondie was, he had just shown I hadn’t gone mad. He hugged me close and wiped my tears, I wiped his.

“I really had no idea Jay would see it as a big deal. I thought he’d been getting some on the side too. I was devastated that I played a part in their break up but I know Jay holds just as much blame as me and Alexander.”

“I’m sorry about the rooms. I had no idea no one even asked you. It’s not like you to go along with something you don’t want to do. Why didn’t you say no?”

“What choice did I have? Peter and Jay were together, sure I could have insisted they take the small room but I didn’t want you guys to have a reason to shut me out again. Of course you did anyway. Eric I’m not mad at you, at least you thanked me.”

“Anyone for pie?”

We ate every last scrap. I was going to have to double my workouts.


I was so excited that Peter came back to me. He was so apologetic. We had masses of makeup sex and it was only when he pulled some food from the fridge I remembered Alexander, I checked my phone and he’d not called or texted so I guessed he’d had a better offer.

After our last class before finals we went over to the suite. I liked Eric a lot but Aaron was more difficult, he liked to keep Peter in reserve and he didnt like us getting serious. He often threatened to take Peter from me but I mostly ignored it.

I was secure with Peter now, we loved each other and told each other often, we were affectionate, had lots of sex. I was very happy.


“We’re having a foursome tonight to celebrate the end of classes” announced Aaron.

“Do I get a say in this?” Asked Eric quietly.

“Eric stop being a drag, if you don’t want Jay up your ass fuck off til we’re finished.”

I tried to make light of it to cheer up Eric.

“Oh come on if Eric and I are having sex he’ll be plowing me with that uncut monster.”

He smiled sadly, I reached out and squeezed his hand.

“I don’t care what you do.”

Aaron and Peter were naked and kissing and as Eric and I approached to join them Aaron pushed me away.


“Peter? Is this what you want?”

He ignored me and threw his legs in the air for Aaron to enter him, bareback.

We’d been tested together but not ditched condoms yet.

Eric was sobbing, I wrapped my arms around him and we grabbed our clothes and left.

He seemed to have stopped crying when we got to my floor.

“No offence Jay, you’re just not my type”

We laughed.

“Right before finals too, the shits.”

“Can I move in to yours? I guess you want Peter gone?”

“Yes, I’ll pack up his stuff tonight and help you move tomorrow.”

“Thanks, I’m going to see Blondie for a bit, will you be okay?”
I nodded and went to my room. I packed up Peter’s stuff he’d not actually moved an awful lot in.
I texted him to collect it and asked that he leave the key when he did and told him to be out when Eric and I came over.

Exhausted I lay on my bed and wept.


Blondie called me and asked me to go to his room, Eric was in a bad way.

I ran down, Eric was starring at the ceiling, dry sobbing, I guess he was out of tears.

“Aaron’s a shit, they’re over, over. Peter and Jay too. One big foursome implosion.”

I sighed and squeezed Eric’s shoulder.

“Is Jay okay?”

“No” sighed Eric

“Is he here, is he alone?”

“Yes, he’s packing up Peters stuff.”

“Should I go, will he speak to me? I don’t know if you’re a better option Blondie.”

“You go, he’ll be more comfortable with you than me.”

“Where’s your roommate?”

“New girlfriend”

“Will Eric stay here tonight then?”

“Yes I think so, let him sort his head out.”

I kissed Blondie hard, he blushed.

“You’re the best friend I ever had, no idea what we’d all do without you.”

I kissed him again, embarrassed that I was thinking with my cock while my friends were hurt I couldn’t resist quietly asking

“Early shower tomorrow?”

“Fuck yeah” he kissed me and slapped my ass.

“Take care Eric, the first breakup is the worst. Call me any time.”

I knocked on Jays door, he let me in and I saw bags were lined up by the door.

I held him close, I hated seeing him sad.

“What can I do?”

He shrugged. And hugged me tight. Crying onto my chest.
He looked up at me, broken.

I wiped some tears away.

“Do you need me to stay tonight?”
He clung to me and I held him, trying to soothe his pain.

After a while he straightened up.

“I can’t believe they did this to us right before finals. I know we’ve not been close recently but will you help me study?”

I laughed.
“Of course, you know I’m a total nerd who loves to study.”

“I don’t want my hard to work to go to waste, kick my ass if I start obsessing and not working. I’m going to ace these finals to spite them.”

I kissed his head.

“I will be a slave driver. I know you’re not in the mood now but we should have a floor party after finals, we’ve barely been in the common room and Ive hardly partied all semester and we still don’t know most the guys on the floor.”

“We are rubbish students, hardly any drinking not nearly enough debauchery, we suck.”

“Oh we suck, it’s the sucking that has stopped the socializing.” I grinned.

He laughed and grabbed my junk.

I moved his hand away, my cock had no idea my friend was vulnerable.

“I wish you were the type to fuck a friend in crisis.”

“Jay, don’t.”

“Dammit you’re a gentleman, I love and hate you for it.”

“I love and hate you too. Hey the night is young we can hit a gay bar and find you a random.”

He punched me in the arm.

“I don’t do randoms.”

“Hmmm that is not the picture you painted of your summer fucking at the country club.”

“I’ve grown up, I prefer sex in a relationship now.”

“From the guy who was grinding me over there before he’d even introduced himself.”

“Ahh but in my head from the moment you wiggled your ass we were married and growing old together.”

“I wish you’d told me then what was in your head.”

“You’d have run.”

“Nah, I was crazy about you, might have taken me 3 days not 3 seconds to get there.”

“I know” he leaned in and gently kissed me.

“I’m supposed to be helping you through today’s breakup up not rehashing ours.”

I stood up.

“I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be back. No crying while I’m gone.”

He nodded.

I pissed and then stuck my head under a cold shower, shaking my hair dry. I gave myself and my dick a talking to. Reminded myself that Jay wasn’t good for me.

He was in bed when I got back, I stripped to my underwear and got in with him.

“This isn’t a come on. My underwear is staying on. I’m going to spoon you because you need to be held tonight, not because I want to bone you. If you do feel my hard cock pressing against you I’m sorry I can’t help it, he has a mind of his own.”

“What if your bone excites my cock and I need to jerk off so I can sleep.”

The mention of him jerking off had me rolling away to safety making sure we had no contact for a moment.

“Go do it in the shower or send me out the room. Do I need to give you a few minutes?”

“No, I’m comfy” he nuzzled up against me and I wrapped my arms round his chest.

My cock was behaving despite the skin to skin contact and I relaxed.
After a few minutes he started wriggling, I loosened my grip, on his chest. I knew he was hard, I pulled away again.

“I’ll go, this is too difficult”

“No, please stay. I won’t do anything.”

“Jay, I know you’ll never sleep with that hard on. This is a bad idea, you’re upset and not thinking.”

I got out of bed, leaned over to kiss him goodnight.

“Call me tomorrow, I’ll need to know you’re okay.”

“Alexander please don’t go.”

I walked away.

I hardly slept, at 7 Blondie texted me.

I smiled.

“Oh yes”

I went to the urinal peed and cleaned my teeth. Only one shower was running.

“Blondie” I called out.

“Come in big boy”

I did, I kissed him good morning and soaped him up, enjoying his chunky body. I loved the softness of his belly. His fat never bothered me, he’d become my best friend and I loved him as he was. It didn’t hurt that he had a tasty fat cock too.

I got on my knees and took in what I could, I licked and sucked his shaft, enjoying the big head, I took him deep and enjoyed how he filled my throat.
I looked up and the delight in his face turned me on more, I sucked his balls in turn, rolling them round my mouth. When I took his shaft again he gifted me his load grunting and moaning.

I stood up shakily and he was down on me in seconds, gripping my shaft and teasing my head, I thrust into his mouth, it was over so fast.

We finished washing off the stepped out, he ran his hand over my abs and moaned.

“We need to fuck sometime, I want more time with your body.”

“I’d love that. As long as it doesn’t mess up our friendship. How’s Eric doing?”

“Surprisingly okay. I think he’s relieved. He hated how he changed to fit in with Aaron. How’s Jay?”

“Still a horny bugger. Don’t worry I didn’t do anything.”

“Phew I cannot deal with that again.”

“Thanks. We’re going to have a floor party after exams before you head home.”

“Great, we suck at partying”

I knocked on Jays door on the way back.

“I’m sorry it’s early, just needed to see you’re okay”
“In a towel?”

I grinned.

“Want to breakfast together before hitting the books?”

“Yes to breakfast but then I have to help Eric move.”

The four of us had breakfast then went and got Eric’s stuff. No sign of Peter or Aaron but Peters stuff was gone when we got back.

Later that day I pulled Jay aside.

“Do you think Peter told Aaron about me?”

“No, we talked about it but he said while he thought you and he would always be rivals not friends he’d never use it to hurt you.”


“I’m not saying he’ll never blackmail or manipulate you with it but he won’t just spill.”

I decided not to worry too much, as badly as Peter had treated Jay he hadn’t sold me out so far.

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