Angsty Alexander goes to college part 7


Reading week before finals went well. Blondie, Eric, Jay and I studied together a lot and cheered each other on.

The weekend we stopped studying around 4, and poured a few drinks and began to chat.

“You know I’ve not been called a fag or homo or even noticed any looks of disgust since being here.” Said Eric .

“I was worried, high school was shit, I was in the closet, I was already the fat brainiac I didn’t need to give then any more fodder for bullying.

Also, this sounds stupid but I didn’t think I was gay. I knew I didn’t fancy girls and I always fantasied about guys when jerking off but I thought gay men were all the flaming type. I didn’t know normal guys could be gay.

Then I met you guys and it all clicked. That’s why I always went on about you guys helping me come out, just by being normal, hot nerdy guys who were gay, you helped me so much.” Mused Blondie.

I went over to kiss him, he jumped up and we had a hug, with the other 2 joining in.

“I’m forgetting guys for a bit” said Eric “I’m trying out for the musical next semester. You guys should too or think about being crew or front of house.”

“That’s a great idea, I’d love to help with lighting or scenery. I didn’t know you performed.” I looked at Eric differently, he was usually so shy.

“Middle school I was badly bullied, nerd, red head, I was a band geek too. My Mom was terrified that I wouldn’t make it through high school so got me in to a performing arts school, my trumpet playing got me in. It was great, no team sports, I could do dance classes to fill the PE requirement and it helped me get in here as not many of the kids were as academic as me so my classes were small and I was easily top of my class. I played band in musicals the first 2 years then tried out junior and senior year, I loved it.”

“I’m in” said Jay “Blondie, you too?”

“Yup, a good way to meet more gays, I mean guys.”

The week of exams passed without incident. We put party invites on all the doors, I gave the last of the vodka to Felix and Jamie who were on punch duty. Only 2 bottles left, Clifford had found it, he spent finals week drunk and spewing. Our cell was worse than ever. On the plus side I was pretty sure Clifford wouldn’t be back after break.

We’d shopped for snacks, decorations, paper plates and napkins and were feeling excited.

On the last exam day the guys had film in the morning but I had math in the afternoon.
I felt prepared so I spent the morning Christmas shopping.

My exam went well and when I got to the dorm the party was in full swing.

I dumped my books, checked my email. The news was good the house sale had gone through quickly without a hitch as I was a cash buyer. I was meeting with Sal and a contractor she knew (or was related to I didn’t know which) Sunday. So I had 2 things to celebrate. I looked round Clifford was already gone, 3 things to celebrate.

I went to the common room and grabbed some punch and went looking for the guys. I found Jamie and Emma and we had a big chat while dancing. They both said they were relieved I was looking happier. I told them I was sorry if had them worried. I asked them to my room, I gave them a big envelope.

“You guys really saved my life this year. I cannot thank you enough.”

They opened the envelope to find bunches of gift cards for local places.
I also gave Emma some earrings and Jamie a wallet as his was a disaster.
They hugged me and complained it was too much.

“Believe me I can afford it and you two deserve it.”

They were heading off to spend the night at Emma’s as her roommate had already left.

I drank more punch and danced with abandon until the early hours. As the party thinned out I looked for my guys.
They were sat with 2 guys from the floor I didn’t know.

“This is Harry and Bobbie, they’re gay boys toooooo” slurred Jay.

Harry was hot, he had long dark hair tucked behind his ears, pale skin with lots of dark stubble, he looked like he might be quite built. I was in lust, how had I never noticed him before?

Bobby was wiry, dark brown skin, short dreadlocks and a huge smile.

“Are you a couple? You’re both so hot.” I was a bit tipsy too.

“Roommates with benefits.”

“Lucky, my roommate in an ogre who thinks I should blow his stinky cock because I’m gay.”

“You should never have left me.”

I ignored Jay, he was wasted.

“How have I not met you guys?”

“We were a bit intimidated by your openness, you were the cool gay posse. We took a few weeks to work out each other was gay so weren’t telling the world right off. Not that you guys shout it out but the hand holding kind of gave it away.”

“We fucked the first day, Alexander said ‘you like guys’ then fucked me, was awesome.”

“Jay, we just met these guys.” I +was a bit shocked.

“But you’re not sharing a room now?”
I shook my head, Blondie was on edge and Eric looked uncomfortable.

Oblivious Jay rambled on
“He left me, I came back to the room, all his stuff was gone.”

“Truth or dare” said Eric cutting Jay off. “No more drinks for Jay.”
The music was off and we were the only ones left. Blondie was tipping the punch remains into one bowl and brought it over with more cups.

“Might be a bit strong who knows who poured what in”

“You okay?” I whispered to Blondie.
“Yeah, you know he pisses me off.”
“Finals are over I will talk to him tomorrow, he’s too drunk tonight.”

Blondie kissed me, Jay got pouty.

Eric decided to get us started.

“Truth or dare, if you really can’t do it then drink but we reserve the right to berate you all night”

“Blondie, truth or dare?”


“Who do you think of most when jerking your thick meat?”

“Can you tell we’re all gay yet? Its still Brian mostly, sometimes Alexander, especially if he’s blown me recently.”

“You guys are still doing that?” Asked Jay “No benefits for Jay.”

Blondie rolled his eyes.

“Keep calm, I’ll put him to bed soon if he doesn’t shut up.”



“How big is your dong”

“About 8 hard, it’s a big manly meat”

“Bet it’s not as thick as Blondies ” giggled Eric.

“Alexander, truth or dare?”


“I hear your meat is legendary, I dare you to show us, fully hard”

I grinned and unzipped my jeans, taking them off, I was a little excited but no where near hard.
I reached for Jays hand and pushed it into my briefs.
“Help me out Jay”

It took no time at all, he pulled me out and I was fully 9 from the warmth of his hand, he barely needed to rub me.

Harry was looking pretty lustful.

I attempted to tuck it away.

Feeling daring I looked at Jay.

“Truth or dare Jay.”


“I dare you to kiss, Bobby for a minute”

“I thought you were going to say kiss you.”

“I nearly did.”

He kissed Bobby. It was hot.

Bobby looked at me.


“Best sex you ever had?”

“The first time with Jay, it was just really hot, he has a great ass, very welcoming and he wails like a banshee.”

“You two really did it straight away?”

“Yeah, what can I say, we are two hot horny gay teenagers.”

The game forgotten everyone talked on their best times.

Jay was sleeping in my lap. We were drinking and telling sexy tales, turning each other on.

Harry told a particularly good story about a threesome he had with 2 swimmers at the gym.
Blondie looked close to messing his boxers.

“Okay someone has to get me off, I’m way too turned on here.”

“Come on then.”

I gently moved Jay to the floor and knelt in front of Blondie, pulled off his underwear and took him in, licking and stroking him, he slapped it around my face then pushed back into my mouth.

“Want me to return the favor?”

“I’m good, Harry looks like he needs some help though.”

Blondie went to town and I enjoyed the show.

Bobby and Eric began sucking each other too, it was all really hot.
Sobered by the oral we filled some trash bags and opened the windows. We’d sort the rest tomorrow.

Harry offered to help me with getting Jay to bed. I didn’t need the help but I did fancy Harry so let him. We laid Jay on my bed. I fished my phone out and asked for Harry’s number.

“I’d really like to get to know you more. Can we go on a date in the new year?”

“I’d like that, but are you going to be fucking your ex roommate all night?”

“You’ll be fucking your current roommate.”

“I’m sure I will.”

He kissed me, it was very sexy.

“I’ll hold you to that date.”

I grinned.

I undressed Jay, chucked our clothes on Clifford’s bed, and got into bed nude.

“You made me touch your dick” said Jay sleepily.

“My dick missed you, it wanted to feel you, I’m drunk, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not sorry, I loved it, my ass misses you.”

“I miss your ass.”

“I miss you Alexander, so much.”

“How drunk are you Jay?” I rub my cock against his ass a little.

“I’m pretty drunk Alexander, very drunk, but I know what I’m doing, know what I want.”

“I want you too but…I can’t Jay, I find you so sexy but we’re a disaster.”

“Disaster, yes. We could still have one hot drunk fuck ”

He turned, held my head and kissed me like the first time. His tongue was exploring. It was feisty Jay back in charge. I moved him on top of me, our cocks pressed together.

He began kissing my pecs and abs, tracing my new muscles.

“I loved your chest before.”

“You don’t like the change?”

“I love it, I’m so hard for you. It’s like being with someone new you’ve changed so much. Last time I didn’t get to explore you much.”

“Too busy being demanding.”

“You loved it.”

“I did. You’ve shaved, all over”

“You don’t like it?”

“I liked you manly, I liked your chest hair it was hot.”

I licked down his now smooth body, hoping I hadn’t hurt his feelings.

He was grinning.

“You missed me too.”

I held him close and he drifted off.
I watched him sleep for a while.

I eventually slept.

I woke to Jay sucking my dick, I enjoyed for a second the pulled myself together.

“Jay, no.”

“Seriously, your dick was loving it.”

“Jay I can’t.”

I got out of bed and checked my phone. Blondie had left a message to not worry about clean up it was done.
I messaged him and Eric to ask if they could join me for lunch at 1, it was already almost 12.

“Jay will you join us for lunch at Mamma Cats?”

“Yes please, oh my god her takeout was amazing.”

“Thanks for sharing”

“You never called.”

“I texted, I know you read it but you didn’t reply. I came by but your make up sex was so loud I left you to it.”

“I never got your texts.”

“Did you get my love note?”

“No, when?”

“After the threesome.”


“Did Peter often delete your messages and throw out your mail?”

“Don’t be jealous.”

“Is there another explanation?”

“You didn’t send the texts or note.”

I scrolled up my phone to show the messages.

“Network glitch maybe.”

I gave up, I didn’t think he cared at all.




We headed to the bathroom it was pretty quiet. We showered separately but Jay was not quiet or subtle jacking off. I left him to it.

I knocked for everyone just before 1. I had their Xmas gifts in my bag, I was excited feeling like Santa.

We were seated in a big booth, it was busy but Mamma Cat took her time to greet us and catch up. And told us she was bringing a feast.

Blondie looked a little worried.
“It’s on me, it’s a thank you for being terrific.”

“Thank you for all coming today.

I have 3 things items on my agenda. First up presents.

Second. I bought a house near school, it’s being remodeled. I’d like to take you over after lunch as I hope you’ll live there with me sophomore year onwards, don’t freak out I guarantee it will not cost more than the dorms.”

They were excited asking where it was what it was like. We ate and talked and enjoyed.

“What’s third on the agenda?” Asked Eric.

“Oh boy. It’s the big one. Eric I don’t know you as well as these 2 but I think I can trust you.”

“Of course you can.“

“Eric I appreciate you have been a good friend. Blondie, babe I love you so much, you’re my best ever friend and I’m sorry that I’ve held this back. I really hope ,you don’t hate me for keeping secrets from you.”

“You know I love you whatever.”

“Peter and Jay already know this, they found out by accident and have been great at keeping it quiet. I hope you’ll understand that it’s because they knew my secret I felt I couldn’t confront them about what happened with the rooms.”

“Alexander you’re talking in riddles.”said Jay.

“Did you 2 have sex last night?” asked Blondie.

“No, but not from lack of trying on my part.” said Jay

“If you get back together without talking it all out I’m going to disown you. Alexander for fucks sake man up.”

“Thanks for derailing things. I will, today. Jay after the house visit you and me all cards on table okay?”


“Until I was 14 I was an actor, I did soaps, commercials, Broadway and then movies. I made a lot of films for a kid. I quit to go to high school, and I used a different name. I don’t talk about my family as I’ve lost both my parents. I don’t talk about my past as I didn’t want to get caught in a lie about a fake one. I wanted a normal college life and you guys are helping me have that. I’d really appreciate if you could let it continue. But I can’t call you guys my friends, my best friends if you don’t know who I am, who I was.”

“Wait, who are you?”

“He was Sandy Green” said Jay rubbing my back.

Eric and Blondie sat stunned.

“Holy shit, Peter and Jay worked it out on movie night didn’t they? And you hate the attention after what happened with your mom. You had to keep quiet.” Blondie was sniffing back tears.

“What’s up? Are you mad at me?”

“Those images of you covered in blood just came into my head. We had prayers for you in school. Oh hell, the shit this year has been nothing compared to what you’ve been through. I love you so much. I’m not mad at you. I’m so glad you’ve told me.”

“Eric are you okay with it.”

“Christ on a bike, Sandy Green was the first guy to make me cum.”

We all roared with laughter.

A huge fruit and chocolate platter landed on the table.

We started eating again.

“You can open your gifts now. Now you know I’m a rich bastard you won’t moan it’s too much.”

“I did wonder how you could afford a house. Here’s me poor as can be and my bestie is a millionaire, you are aren’t you?”

I shrugged.
“Not all my work was well paid, the later films were and there were all the settlements after mom as well and I sold the house I lived in with Dad.”

“I want to know the full story but I feel like we will need drinks to get through it, and I don’t want to delay your talk with Jay.” Blondie wagged his finger at me.

“You okay Jay?”

“I’m worried you all secretly hate me.”

“To be fair I do, I’ve tried to keep out of it because Alexander wanted it that way. I can see you’ve been a good friend to Eric and for whatever reason Alexander still loves you but it’s hard for me not to see you as a shit.”

“Blondie please, I can fight my own battles, Jay and I will talk, I promise I won’t hold back, I need him to fill in the blanks anyway.”

“Jay you’ve always been great to me and I wouldn’t have got through my breakup with Aaron without you. Blondie has already reamed me out for my part in things and we’re closer than before. Believe me once you and Alexander sort this out Blondie will love you again.”

“Gah you lot are rubbish, arguing when there are gifts.” I started pouting.

They all had iPads and airline tickets.

“So you can all video chat me over break. The tickets are for new year in LA, I hope you can all come, the movie I made this summer is coming out. I’d love you guys to come to a screening and to some parties.”

“Will you do the red carpet?”

“No I’m not going to the premiere as I don’t have that big a part and don’t want to be public. The screening is separate, they do a bunch at the studio for cast and crew. ”

“Dibs on Channing Tatum”

“In your dreams Eric.”

We paid the bill and got a cab to the house.

I showed them round starting in what was going to be my attic room. It just needed decorating and the bathroom redoing, it was a large bedroom with dressing room and bathroom. I loved it it had small dormer windows and several big skylights.

“You can fuck under the stars without getting cold.” Said Jay.

I grinned and kissed him. Blondie glared.
We went down a floor I showed them the three existing bedrooms, bathroom, and the box room I would turn into a second bathroom.

“Do you think you’ll like it?”

“Uh these rooms are huge, we’ll have privacy and 2 bathrooms between 3 is luxury compared to now. Are you sure about the money? I know Jay and I are poor but we don’t need charity we both get good aid and we have scholarships.”

“Look I love you 3. The house is paid for and the renovation is an investment I’m sure I’ll make back when I sell. I’ll take rent from you guys to help cover taxes and utilities. I don’t want you worse off financially than you would be in the dorms and I know you’d be uncomfortable living here free. If you say no I’ll have to live with strangers.”

We went to the ground floor they loved the big kitchen breakfast room , living area and the laundry room.

“No more Koreatown laundry?”

“Hmmm maybe, I’ll have a car so I’ll keep my options open.”
I showed them the dining room we could let as another bedroom as there is a shower room by the laundry.

“The basement needs the most work. I’m putting in a gym and wet room in half and the other half will just be a den, I hope to soundproof. ”

We walked over to the garage apartment and I showed them the plans.
“I’m going to ask Jamie and Emma if they want it. If not I’ll look to let it at full rate. Unless you know of anyone who might want it?”

“Harry and Bobby were cool.”

“I really like Harry, like really, really. I asked him on a date.”

Blondie slapped me on the back so hard I almost fell over.

“If it’s okay with you guys I’ll stay here with Jay to talk. Can you find your way back?”

I kissed them goodbye.

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