Angsty Alexander goes to college part 11


Watching Alexander walk away is heartbreaking. I’m trying so hard not to run after him and beg him to be my boyfriend.

I love him like crazy. I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who turns me on so much just by being in the room.

But I’d finally admitted to myself that I could never really trust him, I’d never get inside his head, never know what he’s thinking or feeling.

I felt bad for using the Peter situation as an excuse. But it was the last straw for me. That Alexander could claim to love me whilst fucking the guy who treated me so badly was something I couldn’t comprehend. I can’t separate love and sex so easily, being with Blondie at new year reinforced that. Although the situation did give me breathing space from Alexander which turned into a blessing.

I went back to the dorm and took a long shower, surprised I didn’t need to cry.

The next evening Eric dragged me along to a meeting about the musical, the crew were being formed and I’d agreed to join. The cast would be helping out too so there were lots of people to meet. Eric introduced me to a few. It was fun, it was great meeting people who didn’t know my recent dramas.

A group of us went to dinner after and although it felt ridiculously soon I swapped numbers with one guy, Ben. He was a theater major and had a big part in the show. He was hot, similar height and build to Alexander but was as dark as Alexander was blonde. He had a great body, a dancer so his muscles were not bulky but beautiful. A serious crush was forming.

Thinking of him dancing was getting me all kinds of hot. Eric was going back with Brian so I had the room to myself.
I stripped off, grabbed lube and a dildo, it had been a good while since I’d fucked myself, I’d been spoilt by Peter and Alexanders beautiful big dicks.

I put all thought of my exes out of my head as I fingered myself and thought of Ben the guy I’d just met.
I slowly inserted the toy into my hole, groaning out loud at the sensation. I was imagining Ben naked, imagining what his cock would look like, what it would feel like, I was playing with abandon. I’d not made time to jerk off other than quickly in the shower for ages and it felt great. I pumped myself and groaned as if it was the hottest guy in the world filling me up.

As I came I flashed back to my threesome with Peter and Alexander. Of course I then felt guilt for thinking of them.

I checked my phone, Ben had messaged me already, he wanted to meet for a late lunch the next day.

I called him straight back.

“Hey” I said.

“Hey” Ben replied.

“It was great meeting you today.” I said.

“I liked meeting you too. Can you do tomorrow at 4? I’m juggling 3 shows with classes so only get odd times free.” Ben said.

“I can do 4, looking forward to it. With you being so busy do you still have energy for guys?” I ask cheekily.

“I have a lot of energy for the right guy. And you absolutely are the right guy.” Ben said, shocking and exciting me with his forwardness.

“Getting ahead of yourself.” I said with a laugh.

“I don’t have lots of free time for the chase. I like you, I want to get us started.” Ben tells me and I totally swoon.

“I like the sound of that.” I said hanging up.

I lay back and played with myself again, not thinking of anyone but Ben this time. I had very sweet dreams.


For a few weeks I don’t know that anything is wrong with Alexander. I behave a bit badly carrying on with randoms and we carry on avoiding each other. We had a couple of classes together but I skip his study group.

The Eric calls me and invites me for dinner.

“Whats going on with Alexander? Is he okay?” Eric asks.

“I think so, I don’t really see him often. I figured he’s with Jay or at the gym.” I say.

“Jay rejected him. They’re done for good. No one has really seen him since, he’s avoiding me and doesn’t take my calls.” Eric explains.

“Jay rejected him? After all that? I had no idea. A couple of weeks ago I told Alexander I wanted more than just benefits, he turned me down for Jay and I’ve avoided him since.” I said, a little worried.

“You thought you had a shot?” Eric asked.

I shrugged.

“I’ll ask him to go work out or something low key. He’s probably just embarrassed. So how is Jay doing?” I ask curious that he threw away the guy he said he wanted for life.

“Usual Jay had a new boyfriend within days. Ben, he’s a theater major, they met through the musical. Jay is crewing.” Eric explains.

“I’m sure they’re well suited, Jay loves the drama. How are you and Brian doing?” I ask.

“Great, thanks, between him and class and rehearsals I don’t have much free time.” Eric tells me.

“Glad you could fit me in.” I laugh.

“I had a night off, Brian is writing a paper and Alexander wont talk to me, you were the backup.” Eric grins.

We have a nice evening catching up and gossiping. I’m glad the Aaron drama is behind us and we’re friends again.

Back in the room Jay is there for once, I wonder if he has the room bugged to know when I’m not around.

“Hey, hows things?” I ask.

“Fine.” Alexander replies sounding anything but.

“I’m sorry for being such a dick since you rejected me.” I said, feeling remorse.

“Its fine, its good you’ve been seeing other guys. You’re in college, you should be having fun.” Alexander replies.

“You should be having fun too buddy.” I say.

Alexander shrugs and wrinkles his nose.

“I’m okay.” Alexander says quietly.

“Want to work out after classes tomorrow?” I ask.

“Sure I planned to go anyway.” He replied with a small smile.

I pause not sure if I should let him know I know about Jay.

“I saw Eric tonight, can you call him, he’s worried he’s not seen you recently.” I say, softly, letting him know I know.

“Yeah, I will sometime, I just don’t feel like seeing any of those guys right now.” He says.

I looked at my big strong room mate looking so vulnerable and wonder what happened, where that confidence went. How could I have missed that he was so unhappy.

I sat down on his bed and pulled him into a hug. He surprised me kissing my neck and started tugging at my clothes.

“Really?” I ask.

“Don’t you want me?” Alexander says.

I was confused but horny. I wanted him but didn’t want to take advantage.

We stood and pulled off each others tops and took off our jeans. We held each other, kissing in our underpants and socks.
I was so hard but no movement from Alexander. I kissed him harder, biting at his lips and caressing his back.
Alexander responded nibbling at my neck, kissing my chest.

He knelt before me, lowered my underwear and let my cock spring free, he took my head in his mouth, sucking then licking at my shaft, lapping my balls.

“Mmmmm you’re so good” I groan out.

He alternates between sucking, taking me deep in his throat and lightly teasing me with his tongue, its an exquisite torture, I feel light headed and he pushes me down on the bed continuing his task.

“Oh fuck man, so good, so, so, good.” I cry not wanting it to ever, ever stop.

He looks up at me cheekily and it drives me wild, I put my hands under his pits and pull him up onto the bed, I kiss him hard as I finish on his chest.

“Fuck man, you’re amazing, amazing.” I say.

We kiss, harder and harder, I’m back to his neck, his nipples, he moans and I carry on.
He nuzzles into my neck and I move my hand down but he pushes it away.

“I’m good” Alexander says.

“What do you mean you’re good, we’re not even started on you yet.” I/ say, a bit annoyed.

“I’m fine, I don’t need anything more.” Alexander says quietly.

I run my hands over him again.

“The moments gone, I’m good, please Peter.” Alexander pleads with me.

“Fucks sake, if you’re not into it stop. I can take care of myself. I don’t need a pity suck.” I shout, angrier than I mean to be.
“I was into it, I fucking loved it, I’m sorry I can’t show you how much. I’m sorry I’m not ready to go at all times like you.” Alexander shouts back just as angry.

“I’m sorry for wanting to make you feel good.” I say still grumpy. I can’t seem to stop saying mean things, though I feel like a dick immediately.

“You made me feel amazing Peter. I’ve been so lonely, I loved having your affection, I just wanted to feel close to someone. I’m sorry if you feel used.” Alexander says softly, he’s so sad. My anger is gone and I just hold him close.

We snuggle up, him on my chest, it feels great, really great. Even though he’s bigger than me he feels smaller in my arms tonight, I want to make everything right for him. I wish I knew how.


When Jay rejected me I just felt numb, I could not feel anything at all. I was a zombie again. Sleep, class, study, workout and repeat and repeat. I felt so humiliated and so angry about the time I’d wasted on Jay. I’m sure he never loved me, he just loved having me hanging on. I was angry I’d lost my chance with Peter for Jay. I couldn’t face Eric or Jamie. I didn’t want to talk about it. I just wanted to forget Jay ever existed.

After 2 weeks of numbness Peter started talking to me again. I just wanted to feel something, maybe I should have tried a random guy but Peter was there and I went for it. I felt alive for a few moment and I let myself go. Of course I was still so closed off that my body wouldn’t co-operate. I loved sleeping in his arms.

I left for the day before he woke, I couldn’t face his pity. I was ready to accept reality, I was alone, my parents, Jay, Blondie, they were all lost to me. I had to move on.

I had a meeting with the professor, I was thinking of moving towards= an English concentration. I thought it would be easier to juggle with my career getting back on track and whilst I really enjoyed my math and physics classes they wouldn’t help so much with acting as English and History.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

“No problem, if you can handle it the 2 online course over the summer will help and if you get into the classes I suggest for next semester you’ll be on track. But I thought you didn’t need to be tied to a 4 year time line?” Prof said.

“I’m actually itching to get back to my career. College isn’t working out as I’d planned but I’d feel very disappointed if I didn’t finish, I know from my college fund this was important to my parent too.” I explained.

“What’s wrong with college? Not the time of your life you expected?” Prof asked.

“Hey I didn’t expect the movies.” I laugh. “I love my classes, I really do, I love the papers, the exams, stretching my brain. I hate dorm living, sharing a room, the food. I hate the breaks, everyone going home to family and I have none. But mostly its so hard to build friendships when I have to keep my past secret until I trust someone and then when I explain I risk losing them. I feel like I can’t join in. I’ll always be on the outside.”

It feels weird putting it all out there.

“I have a few Masters students who are working on playscripts, they all have to put their work on. At the one act festival. They are mostly 2 or 3 handers, most of them would appreciate the sort of input you could give. Would you consider it? It would be being involved, without being in a club.” Prof says, surprising me.

“That actually sounds really good. Really good. Its been a long time since I worked on stage, I’d love to. Pass on my number.” I say feeling brighter.

I met Peter at the gym after class, my limbs felt too heavy for lifting so I just ran on the treadmill until Peter was done.
Peter looked amazing in the shower, his definition is incredible now. I took a good long look as he soaped up.
He looked up and gave me a huge grin before looking away again.

“You have killer self control. Or you find me repulsive.” Peter said as we dressed indicating my crotch.

“You look hot as fuck.” I say meaning it.

“Want to grab dinner?” Peter asks.

“Sure.” I say.


Semester continued on. Alexander was still deep in his funk, I was concerned but trying not to get too involved, I didn’t feel strong enough to take on his problems, not that he’d have let me.

Eric was still really worried too, I met with him, Jamie and Emma.

“He’s looking like shit, he won’t talk to me much and if he’s not talking to you guys either…. I’m really worried, he’s just not coping.” said Eric looking stricken.

“He was really down at New year, not just the Jay situation but being alone. He told me how hard he was finding the break from school and now he seems to be deliberately torturing himself through isolation.” Eric continues, wiping away a tear.

“Emma and I have tried. We invite him for lunch, to movies, ask him to drop by but he always has excuses. We’d be taking it personally if we didn’t know he was being the same with you guys. We want to be there for him but its hard. We won’t give up on him but.” started Jamie.

“Its too much of a one way street, we can’t keep this up forever.” Emma finishes.

“Eric are you still going to LA with him for Spring Break?” I ask.

“Yes, its booked.” Eric replies.

“Do you think if I came too we could talk to someone, a real adult who knows him, his agent or someone? Someone who can get him help?” I ask.

“I don’t think his agent is the right person. Let me talk to Sal and see if I can get his Lawyers number, I think they have more of a personal relationship, he saw him and his business manager over break, they’re a couple I think. I’m sure they will help.” Eric says.

“Thanks” I say, glad we’ve got the start of a concrete plan. We knew we’d never get him to the college medical or counseling place, he’s too paranoid about his identity coming out. He needs help from people who already know.

“Its my birthday next week. You’re all invited to dinner at Mamma cats on friday. Please say you’ll be there, not least we need drivers Jamie.” eric laughed.

“Of course I’ll drive, Felix too if its okay for him to come?” Said Jamie.

“Absolutely, I already asked him and Thijs. He’s a lot less scary than last year.” Eric says.

“I will get Alexander there don’t worry. We’ll drive and meet you there. It’ll be easier getting him there if its just us, I’ll carry him if I have to.” I joke.

“I know he’s hard work right now. I’m really glad you guys are hanging on not giving up on him. It helps to share the worry.” I say.

I walk back with Eric, discussing spring break.

“I feel so guilty I havn’t had enough time for him.” Said Eric. “He’s done so much for me, getting me this screen test, the connection to his agent, the job on set. Lets hope the LA plan works.”

“We have to live our own lives. We cannot put ourselves on hold to wait on him.” I say trying to believe it.

“I know, I just worry. You do too.” Eric says.

“What is Brian doing for Spring break?” I ask.

“Studying. I know, I know, spring break is after exams but he wants to get a start on his term papers and ahead on his reading.” Eric says. “He’s looking forward to it.” Eric rolls his eyes.

“He and Alexander are so similar in some ways. I’m glad you have someone.” I say.

“Anyone on your horizon?” Eric asks.

“No, I have a rotation of fuck buddies, nothing serious, no expectations. I love him you know.” I admit.

“I thought you might be waiting on Alexander, please don’t end up like him. Waiting on someone who is never going to be yours.” Eric says.

“I won’t wait forever. I don’t even know if he’s have me but I’m not in the right place to start something while I feel this way.” I say, its the truth, I’m enjoying sex but I’m not attracted to anyone for any emotional attachment.

“At least he’s not offering me the future then ripping it away.” I say.

“You know he feels no guilt about that. Jay is not the guy I thought he was.” Eric says.

“I’ll stop feeling guilty about treating him badly then.” I say with a laugh.

“You’re long past that. Alexander told me about the blackmail and Aarons dad called me too. You could have been stronger but I understand you were in a very hard place.” Eric says.

“Thanks, I should have warned you off Aaron at the start.” I say.

“No, I loved him, I had my first love. It might have ended badly but it made me stronger and taught me a lot. My relationship with Brian is better because of it.” Eric says.

“You’re one hell of a guy. Brian is very lucky.” I say. “I hear Aaron is going to Blondies for Spring Break, they’re training their boys together or something.”

“Wow. Never thought of those two being friends.” Eric said.

“It was you, apparently Blondie contacted Aaron at your suggestion.” I say.

“Hmm. Oh well. I can’t say I miss either of them.” Eric says. “I’ll send you Sal’s details and see you friday.”

We kiss goodbye.

I feel so much lighter knowing its not just down to me to help Alexander. I know the others will help too and I know they care about me too.

The following week I put my plan to get Alexander to Erics birthday into action.

“Hey Alexander can I borrow your car on friday? I need to go shopping” I say.

“Sure, the keys are in my desk. Dont forget the garage fob.” Alexander says, making part one a breeze.

He’s on his bed, nose in a book looking crazy cute. I sit next to him and give him a hug, rubbing his arms and back I realise how much weight he’s lost.

“You’re getting all skinny.” I say.

“Tired of the muscles, too much work.” Alexander replies.

“I was talking to Eric, would it be okay if I came with you guys to LA for spring break?” I ask.

He looks up at me and beams. A full Alexander smile with those perfect teeth. Its been a long time since I’ve seen him actually look happy.

“I would really love that. Can I buy your ticket, we’re going first class.” He says sounding so excited, I actually feel a tear forming.

“How about you pay the upgrade charge. My parents have given me a pretty nice allowance for spring break, I think my Mom talked to Aarons dad recently and my parents are so happy with how I’m doing in comparison.” I say.

Alexander puts his book aside, straddles me and kisses me full on the mouth. I sit there surprised for a second.

“Shit, do you have a boyfriend?” Alexander says.

“No, no don’t worry. I’m seeing some guys but nothing serious.” I say. I kiss him gently back.

“Mmmm I’ve missed affection.” He says kissing me all over my face, then finding my lips again and kissing me hard.

He stops suddenly and pulls back.

“I’m still not, um, shit, I’m so embarrassed. Um, I’m still not getting horny, at all, ever. It wasn’t you a few weeks ago. I’ve, um, I’ve no sex drive at all right now.” He says and buries his head in my shoulder.

I rub his back and hold him, stroke his hair and try kissing his cheek. I wish I could kiss away his pain.

“We’re getting you to the doctor in LA. Promise me you’ll let me take you.” I say, still holding him, hugging him tightly.

“Thank-you. I know I need some help. I just can’t go here, you know.” He says quietly, his tears are flowing and wetting my.

“I know. I hate seeing you like this, its just a little while longer.” I say stroking him, wondering if I’m doing the right thing, will the delay hurt him too much? I’m so scared.

I kiss away his tears and he heads to the bathroom to clean up.

I message Eric to let him know we’re turning a corner.

On Erics birthday I head to Alexander’s house and get the car. I park up, head up to the room, fortunately Alexander is there.
I start riffling through his closet, tossing clothes at him.

“Come on its Erics birthday we’re going out to dinner.” I say

“I can’t face them all.” says Alexander

“You are not letting Eric down, I wont’t have it. H wants you there.” I say, determined, changing my own clothes into something smarter.

I look at Alexander as he changes, shocked at just how much his body has changed in such a short time. But I’m pleased he’s not put up too much of a fight.

We chat on the drive.

“The house looks really good, I had a quick look round. I hope you don’t mind.” I say.

“Of course not, its going to be your home too. I should have sorted you a key already. Do you want to spend the weekend there after this? I have a few things there, inflatable mattress, clothes.” Alexander says.

“That would be great. We could work on our Physics paper too.” I say.

“Sounds good.” Alexander says.

“Even though we live together we’ve not seen each other much recently. It would be nice to catch up properly and make spring break plans.” I say.

We arrive at Mamma Cats and park. Alexander has another big smile on his face. When we get out he gives me a big kiss.

“Thank-you for getting me here.” Alexander says.

I smile and we walk in holding hands.

We’re directed to a long table everyone is already here. We kiss Eric and sit down.
Harry, Bobbie, Felix, Thijs, Jamie, Emma, Brian and Jay make up the group along with a few of Erics friends from the musical, meaning for once Emma isnt the only girl.

Unfortunately we’re sat too close to Jay for my liking. Even worse, he’s launched into some tale about how romantic his boyfriend is. I guess I should be thankful that the boyfriend isn’t here too.

As Jay drones on Alexander leaves the table. I worry for a moment but see he’s talking to some of the staff, so guess he’s sorting out something for them meal or payment.

“Jay, shut the fuck up. You might be able to move on at the drop of a hat but not everyone is so lucky. Its my birthday, I want you here, I want Alexander here. Stop trying to make his night awkward.” Eric steams into Jay.

I give Eric a big grin.

Alexander is sitting back down and I give his hand a squeeze.

“Its not my fault I’m blissfully happy and others are miserable.” Says Jay, completely out of character, something that Felix might say. Alexander to his credit doesn’t even blush.

“I’ve arranged a feast meal, if there are any particular dishes anyone wants let the waitstaff know.” Says Alexander.

“Um we’re not all on the same budget.” Says Felix.

“Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Its all taken care of. Peter and I didn’t have time to shop for a gift and we thought Eric would prefer this, as it means you can all relax and not worry about the cost.” Alexander continues.

Before anyone else can comment.

“Thank-you Alexander, Peter its perfect, exactly what I wanted.” Eric pipes up killing any discussion.

I whisper in Alexanders ear “Not like you to be flash with money.”

“You’re going halves.” He giggles in mine.

“Alexander I’ve been offered a great summer job near campus, any chance I could live at your place for the summer?” Asks Jamie.

“Of course! Peter will be too if he gets his internship. It’ll be less lonely for him. You may have to put up with his stream of sluts though.” Alexander grins.

“Ahem, they’re not sluts. And anyway I can be discreet.” I say.

“If anyone hears of any well paid summer jobs please let me know. I’ve applied for loads.” says Jay.

“Blair wants a summer intern. He told me to let him know if I knew anyone, he’s keen on a college student without aspirations to be in the business.” Alexander says. “Get Sals details from Eric and send her your resume.”

“Thanks, but I doubt I can afford LA living and still save enough for my contribution for college costs.” Jay replies.

“Mart and John have a poolhouse, they would love to have you stay. Though you’d get dragged to a lot of dinners for them to show you off to their friends.” Alexander continues. I cannot believe he is being so helpful to Jay of all people.

“Thank-you.” says Jay, clearly humbled.

I exchange shrugs with Eric.

“So Felix and rooomie romance going on with Thijs?” Asks Harry changing the subject.

“No, we are both the bottom. Neither of us can stay up for the topping.” says Thijs totally unembarrassed.

Raised eyebrows all around as Felix giggles.

“Bad luck, we’re all pretty vers here so you shouldn’t need to look far if you need some.” Harry says.

“I’ve been doing okay. But it is good to know my hot friends would be hot in my bed.” says Thijs with a smile.

“We’ve not had a group thing in ages.” says Bobbie.

“La la la not listening.” laughs Jamie.

“Brian, what sort of birthday treat to you have in store for Eric?” Asks Felix.

“He’ll be well loved tonight. If I can still move after all this food.” Brian laughs rubbing his stomach.

It was cute seeing the usually super serious guy all relaxed.

“Would you like some group action though?” Asked Bobbie.

“Maybe.” said Eric. “Depends whats on offer, or rather who?”

“Well I can’t see Jay being allowed out. Harry and Bobbie are clearly gagging for some variety, me and Thijs, you two.” began Felix.

“Big dicked blonde are you in?” Felix asks.

“No, sorry we have plans.” I say to save Alexander, though I wouldn’t mind joining them.

“No, no, no, we can’t do it without our two big, big guys.” said Eric.

“Ah if Eric and Brian are not in we can still have a four way, your room or ours?” Asks Thijs.

“Thank-you” whispers Alexander in my ear “But you should join if you want to, we can go to the house another weekend.”

“Are you two a thing now?” Asks Felix in our direction.

“No. Peter has a stream of pretties and I remain dusty on the shelf.” Alexander says.

“Then you need a good orgy, come join us.” said Thijs.

“I’d love to plow your ass Thijs but tonight isn’t good for me.” Said Alexander “I do recommend my roommate though, he has a magnificent cock. He was going to be helping me with something tonight but I can manage.”

I look at him conflicted.

“Go have fun, I’d be there if I could you know that.” Alexander says quietly, rubbing my thigh.

“Eric, Brian are you back in, if I am?” I ask.

They look at each other and nod.

The group rounded up some tip money, not letting Alexander pay for everything and we made to leave.

As we headed for the door Mamma Cat grabbed Jays arm.

“Why are you not looking after him, he dosent look well.” she says to an agitated Jay.

I intervene.

“We know he’s not doing well. We’re taking him to LA for spring break and I’m taking him to the doctors out there. He won’t go here.” I say.

“He has to eat, you make sure he eats, give him food and he’ll eat it. He was like this before you know, as a little boy. Make him eat.” Mamma Cat lectures us.

Jay is nodding.

“He ate well tonight.” I say.

“Watch him tonight, he may get sick after such rich food. Make sure you bring him back soon, I want to see him looking strong again.” She says and hugs us both. We leave promising to do better.

“He told me about when he was a kid, I think he only told me half the story.” says Jay as we walk to the cars.

“He’s a mess.” I say and walk off not wanting to share with Jay.

“Are you sure about me going with the guys?” I ask Alexander.

“Of course, how else will I hear all about it. We’re roommates, I dont control your sex life, I can’t even contribute right now. Hey where are you going to do this?” Alexander says.

“I don’t know, their floor common room I guess.” I say.

“Tell the others to hang on a minute, I have an idea.” says Alexander.

I walk over to the others telling them to wait for Alexander. He’s on his phone and then checks the trunk of his car then walks over to us.

“Its not fancy but adjoining rooms at the Hilton near campus, that’ll give you 4 beds and privacy.” Alexander says grinning.

“Its too much.” says Eric.

“Nonsense, i’ve not been the best friend of late, I know this doesn’t make up for it but hopefully its a start. I really hope you have a super night.” Alexander explains, grinning.

He walks over to me.

“Theres some bottles in the trunk we missed the other week. Take my car, here my credit card everything is pre paid, with a buffer for room service or whatever. Your name is on the reservation along with mine. Have fun, you deserve a night free of worry.” Alexander says.

I give him a huge hug and kiss.


I admit I’m jealous as I watch the guys pile into the cars and drive off. I’d love to join them, I need a good fuck.
Alexander and I get into the back of Jamie’s car for the ride back.

“Thank-you for the offer to help me get a job with Blair. That was really nice of you.” I say.

“No problem. I’m happy to help.” said Alexander.

“You’re so nice to all of us, we really appreciate it. Though we’d like to see you more.” Said Emma.

“Tonight sure beat canteen food, and I’ve scored the leftovers.” said Jamie.

“Why didnt you join the guys?” I ask “Surprised you let Peter go.”

“Peter and I are just roommates and not in the way you and I were roommate who were madly in love. Peter sees other guys, we’ve not fooled around in ages.” Alexander says surprising me.

“That kiss looked like more than just roommates.” I said, suddenly feeling bitter.

“Jay other than when I was with you, I’ve been single for nearly 2 years, you can’t be mad at me for enjoying some affection where I can get it.” Alexander says.

“If you’re desperate you should have gone to the orgy.” I say.

“I’m not into it. That last 2 threesomes I’ve had the other 2 guys got together. A guy can only take so much rejection.” Alexander says sadly.

“There is a guy in one of my classes I think you might like.” Says Emma “Want me to set you up?”

“Thanks Emma, maybe after spring break.” Alexander says.

“Okay, I won’t forget. I owe you.” Emma laughs.

“Jay what are your spring break plans?” Alexander asks me.

“Ben has summer stock auditions, I was going to tag along.” I say.

“If its okay with him you should come to LA with us, if Blair wants to interview you. And you can meet Mart and John. You can share with Eric, I’ll pay for your flight, you’ll just need money for meals.” Alexander suggests.

“Seriously? You’d do that for me even now?” I say, astonished that he can still be so nice to me.

“You’re a better man than me.” says Jamie.

“Alexander is always generous when he can be.” says Emma.
“Thank-you. I need to talk to Ben but I think it’ll be a yes.” I say.

“Not to be pushy but can you let me know tomorrow as I’m booking Peters flight then. Here I’ll mail you Sal’s details now. I’ll come in with you and we can call her, she’ll still be at work. ” Alexander says.

“That sounds great. Honestly Alexander you’re going way overboard. I’m grateful believe me.” I say.

We get to the dorm and say goodnight to Jamie and Emma.

Up in my room I fire up my laptop to send my resume while Alexander makes the call. As he’s talking he gives me a thumbs up and I see Sal has replied with an interview date already. Alexander passes me the phone.

“Hi Jay, I’m Sal, Blair’s assistant. I like your resume, I can see you’ve been a hard worker, country club people can be a nightmare.” Sal begins.

I laugh and reply “Some were highly strung.”

“I need you to understand the job will not be glamourus, it is not a shortcut to getting an audiotion, a screenplay read or a directing gig. You will be making coffee, fetching food and dry cleaning you will be juggling a hundred tasks. We like to think we’re a bit nice than the devil wears prada but its not so far off the mark at times. We need someone who will get their head down and work.” Sal lectures.

“I can work hard. I’ve no aspirations in the entertainment business. Thank-you so much for the interview.“ I say.

“Good I don’t want you to waste our time. See you soon.” Sal ends the call.

“Wow” She’s a forcefield.” I say.

“She is. She likes you, I can tell. She also said she’d keep an ear out in case any one needs a house sitter for the summer so you’d have a bit more privacy than being with Mart and John.” Alexander says.

“There’s just one problem. What do I tell Ben. I can’t tell him I found out through you as he wouldn’t believe Alexander from Seattle would know a Hollywood agent. I can’t say he’s Eric’s as Eric is still at the bottom he wouldn’t be able to pull such strings. I dont want to expose you, and I dont want to lie.” I say worried.

“Welcome to my world.” Alexander laughs.

I look at him, understanding far better what he must have gone through last year.

“Be non-committal. Tell him a contact of Eric’s is interviewing you and don’t tell him its an entertainment agency.” Alexander suggests.

“That could work.” I say.

I check my phone, Ben is on his way.

“ I don’t know how to thank you. This is huge for me. I thought once I got in here I’d do an mba or head to law school then go to new york to make my fortune. I know it was stupid, I would never fit in in one of those high pressure firms. I’d never even thought about Hollywood. I’d really like to meet Mart and John, I think the sort of work they do could be something to aim for.” I say, thinking out loud.

“I think you’ll be great at whatever you settle on.” Alexander says, looking at me in his way, melting me.

“Ben is on his way. Why don’t you stay, we could have our own group thing.” I say before I can stop myself.

“Go to hell Jay, just go to hell.” Alexander says in his scary ice man voice before walking out.


On the drive we stopped at a drug store for supplies, everyone was in high spirits. We checked in to the hotel no problem, they didn’t bat an eye at the group of guys.

We found the rooms and propped open the doors, the rooms actually had large double doors between then, rather than the usual single so it felt a lot more open than we were expecting.

Most the guys hit the showers, Brian and I were looking round and he decided to order up some porn on the tv, it was cringy and not sexy but gave us a laugh and the noises added to the atmosphere. I went in search of ice and then got the drinks poured before getting a shower myself.

The guys had piled condoms and lube around the room and Felix had already rung housekeeping for more towels.

The drinks started to loosen us all and the clothes came off.
Thijs came over to me straight away and started kissing me, telling me how much he admired my cock, he traced the veins in my shaft with his finger.

Harry and Felix were also deep in conversation, that looked to be similar in nature. I could see what Alexander saw in Harry, he was beautiful, really, really hot.

Thijs was as tall as I was but broader, a shock of brown hair on his head, chest and pits, his groin was totally shaved, his cock was maybe 5 inches hard, it looked smaller as he’s a big guy.

I looked at Felix enjoying the sight of his big swinging dick against his tiny frame. I kissed him and then Harry and the Thijs.

Through the doors the other 3 were well ahead of us, Eric being fucked by Bobbie while he was fucking Brian, so, so hot.

I returned to Thijs, we made out and I lay him down to rim him, Harry was doing the same to Felix. My tongue was enjoying exploring this new hole, I was licking his crack and darting my tongue at his hole, teasing him.

“Felix I think we need to get these big cocks ready.” said Thijs.

Felix grinned, soon he was taking as much of Harry in is mouth as he could and Thijs was driving my crazy with his throat and tongue.

“Arrrrrrgh” Thijs cried, coming over my feet. I smiled at him.
“First of many.” Thijs said.

I took him doggy style as Harry took Felix on his back, we moved in the same rhythm, taking our time, I kissed Harry while deep inside Thijs and ran my hands over his back enjoying his hot body. I returned to the task at hand, pumping into Thijs very welcoming ass, so silky a ride, he was loving it, the most vocal of the four of us.

But Felix was the surprise he was grinning in ecstasy from the moment Harry entered him, his dick was twitching about and he was arching and groaning lightly, so, so sexy. I suddenly understood how Jay had been okay with their sex, if your partner is having that much fun each time its bound to be amazing.

I leaned in to kiss Harry again, Thijs was coming again and raising the roof off the hotel with his noise. I pulled out and he kissed me, laid me down and started jerking me off, biting my nipples, making me feel great, I leaned over to kiss Felix and then back to Thijs. Felix was shooting a huge load, his face was flushed and his long orgasm was a real joy to watch.

Suddenly Harry was on me, we rolled around the floor making out, grabbing at each other, until stopping to catch our breath, and take in the sights around us, we slowly stroked each other as we took it all in.

Brian was pounding away in Thijs which surprised me, they both gave us a huge grin, I guess Thijs can go and go.

Felix had joined Bobbie and Eric who were still going.

I looked back at Harry and pushed him down and started wrestling him over the floor, we kissed and tugged at each other and took it in turns to hold the other down, I wanted him in me so badly. Finally he pinned me again and I didn’t fight back. He held me down with one arm as he rolled the condom on with his other hand. He felt amazing inside me, pushing in in one go, sensing the urgency. We only lasted a few moments but it was so satisfying.

The others were finishing up too, we had more drinks and lay around gossiping.

“It was kind of weird not having Jay and Alexander here.” said Eric.

“That Alexander is movie star hot.” said Thijs and Eric and I fell about laughing.

“Porn star hot, you should see his cock.” said Harry.

“Why did he go home?” Asked Brian.

“He’s just not into group things right now.” I said.

“But its not like Jay was coming, we’re all friends here.” said Brian pushing it further.

“Why didn’t you ask Jay to go and get Ben and join us?” I said changing the subject.

“I hate Ben.” said Eric “Brian hates Ben, Harry hates Ben, Felix hates Ben.”

Everyone is nodding agreement.

“I quite like Ben, he has good stories.” said Thijs. “He is up his own ass, but a funny guy.”

We split into beds to sleep, I climbed in with Eric and Brian wanting to give Eric some birthday kisses. Brian and I kissed him head to toe and took turns sucking his dick and kissing him until he shot beautifully. We fell asleep a sticky mess.

I woke first and went to shower as I stepped out the stall Brian came in.

“That was a fun night.” I said.

“Crazy good, my boyfriend was well fucked, he looks so happy sleeping.” said Brian “You will thank Alexander for me, getting us the rooms made it all the more amazing.”

“Of course.” I said, I looked at Brian’s morning wood “I’ll send that boyfriend of yours in.”

Give it to me

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