Jay’s summer diary

Jay’s summer diary.

My name is Jason, I’m known as Jay. I’m 19, gay, poor and I just finished my freshman year. For my summer break I am interning for a Hollywood agent.

It is absolutely the stuff dreams are made of and I have one person to thank, Alexander Emerald. Alexander is my former roommate, former lover and love of my life. Unfortunately he doesn’t know that last part.

We were together, he cheated, I dated three other guys from our friendship group, we almost got back together, I screwed up, he got over it and then worst mistake of my life I rejected him.

And yet he still helped me get this job, and set me up with an amazing free place to live for the summer, he even bought me my clothes for work. He also bought an amazing house near school where I’ll be living for sophomore year at a stupidly low rent. He is the most amazing and generous person.

We had a housewarming at the end of semester and I slept with him. It was incredible, it started out from a game of spin the bottle where he had to kiss me all over and ended in his bed with the sweetest lovemaking.

Of course there were complications, I had a boyfriend I was cheating on. Alexander had, and still has a boyfriend Peter, who is one of my exes. Alexander had a freepass that night and he chose to use it with me. I then had sex with his boyfriend twice and it almost broke them up.

Eric accused me of doing it on purpose, said I did it maliciously to show Alexander what its like when you’re cheated on, to show what its like to have Peter cheat.

It was not like that at all. I never thought Peter was cheating on Alexander because of Alexander telling me they were off the hook. I was horny. Ben was not good in bed, I tried and tried with him but it was always a performance for him, he was never in the moment. Peter and Alexander are both terrific lovers and I really, really wanted great sex.

Still they are still together. Ben and I are broken up and I’ve got 3 months away from them all to recover. Alexander and I have a 10 hour time zone difference so I doubt we’ll even talk much this summer while he works on his movie.

I may not be staring in a movie but this summer I am living the dream. I’m living in the pool house, (which is really a 2 story guest house), of Alexander’s lawyer and business manager, a great couple called John and Mart, they are letting me stay here for free which is incredible.

I’m a paid intern for Alexander’s agent Blair. It really is a dream job and I still can’t believe how easy it was. I’m ready to work hard and when I’m not working at the agency learn as much as I can from Mart and John about their business.

If I want to be in Alexander’s world forever I need a future in it and this summer is my chance to learn about how I can make that happen.

I started work with a breakfast meeting with Blair and his main assistant Sal on Sunday morning. They asked me to keep an eye on social media accounts for a massive list of people on Alexander’s movie. As Alexander is very keen to protect his own identity as long as possible no pictures of him without full zombie makeup are meant to be posted anywhere.

As soon as they left I began the task and Eric, of all people Eric posted a pic of him and Alexander at their hotel. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh I was so panicked. I messaged Blair and I then called Eric without thinking of the cost and absolutely blasted him. Screaming at him to take it down. Asking if he’d even read his contract.

He took the picture down but was a total bitch about it. Blair rang soon after and was pleased with me, and surprised I’d dropped my friend in it. He had spoken to Eric and all was okay.

I messaged Eric to apologize for over reacting but he didn’t reply.

Mart and John had a brunch today. I was pretty tired from working 12 hours 6 days in a row but I still managed to get up early and bake some cookies as my contribution. I’d remembered to buy flowers yesterday and they loved them.

I still feel like I need to do more to pull my weight, even though they have a cook, cleaners and gardener. I love staying with them, they give me my privacy but never make me feel like they need theirs if I hang out with them.

They seem to love having me around, they’re very social and the one thing I can do is turn up to their events and be social and as charming as I can.

Most the people they invite are from the film industry so I’m out of my depth for much of the conversation but try and stay engaged with conversation. One of the guys who introduces himself as a producer is flirting with me quite a lot. I’ve never gone for older guys and he must be twice my age but I gently flirt back. Enjoying the attention.

Later I drive out to the beach and enjoy the sights and the warm sun. It was a good day off even if it was just the one day.

I had a date this week. Blair asked me to go out with the son of a client. His name is Marlon and he’s 19 too. Despite being over 18 he still has to spend some time in the summers with his Dad in order for his tuition to be paid.

We had a really great night. We had a nice dinner then went back to his place to play games. It was nice to do something so low key. We talked for hours and hours about men. Was nice to get some perspective from someone who hasn’t been a part of the drama.

Unfortunately we are not attracted to each other at all. And I’m not going to get into anything with someone I don’t 100% want to be with. No hookups. Nothing casual.

Marlon is a music major, he composes and plays piano, guitar, bassoon and a bunch of other things. He wants to compose for movies which is another reason he puts up with his Dad.

I suggested he plays at a dinner John and Mart were having. I explained loads of movie types would be there. He came to the house a few days before to meet the guys and try the piano out. Of course Mart and John love him and are delighted with the idea.

The next day I go into work super early. Blair as usual is in when I arrive. I take a coffee through to him and he invites me to sit down. I’ve been here a few weeks but we’d spoken much, I mostly dealt with Sal and the other assistants.

“I really like your work effort Jay. Sal reports all good things. You’ve been super on the social media monitoring and I hear from my friend that you’ve been keeping Marlon entertained although not in a romantic way.” Blair says encouragingly.

“I love working here. Its hard work and lots of hours but I am learning so much and meeting so many people. Marlon is becoming a really great friend too, which helps keep me sane with Alexander and Eric away.” I say.

“I’ll be seeing you tonight at dinner?” Blair asks.

“Yes, its why I’m in so early today.” I say.

“Here take this.” Blair says

He’s pulled Louis Vuitton messenger bag out of a cupboard behind his desk.

“I can’t take that.” I say shocked.

“Don’t worry I didn’t pay for it, these things go into gift bags at events and someone re-gifts to me. The college book bag you are using is decidedly scruffy. I take it Alexander bought you new clothes and didn’t think about accessories.” Blair says.

I look embarrassed feeling like a charity case.

“Yeah I didn’t think my bag would matter.” I say.

“It doesn’t to me but when you are running errands people will take you more seriously with that one unfortunately we’re in a shallow town. Keep up the great work and thanks for the coffee.” Blair said and I left to go back to my desk.

I google my new bag. Grigori MM, heh it says MM, I giggle to myself.

Holy shit its over $2000. I best look after it, then I can sell it if I need to.

At 5 Blair comes out and asks if he can have a lift to dinner with me. I agree immediatly.

The other interns start asking why I’m going to dinner with Blair. I explain he’s coming to dinner with John and Mart not me specifically, I just live there too.

I can see walls of resentment going up. They already distrust me as I don’t have traditional Hollywood ambitions and I don’t go to the clubs that they go to.

I wouldn’t mind going to the clubs with them but they are way too expensive for me. I need to save as much as I can this summer. I know my parents won’t be able to help out at all and much as I know he’d be happy to I can’t let Alexander pay my way for me for everything.

Blair comes back in freshly changed and showered. We set off together.

“My car is in for a service, its being dropped at your place later. So thanks for taking me tonight.” Blair says.

“No problem.” I say.

“You’re not mixing with the other interns much.” Blair says.

“No, we don’t have much in common and its kind of hard to explain how I’m in the job when I don’t share their ambitions or connections. Plus my budget is a bit tight for socializing.” I say in a rush a bit embarrassed, then worried he thinks I’m complaining about my pay.

“Its not that you don’t pay me enough. You’re very generous but I will need to make what I earn last until next summer.” I say in a rush.

“So the reason I hired you is the reason you don’t fit in. Hmmm I may have to rethink my strategy.” Blair says.

“Why did you hire me?” I ask.

“Because Alexander recommended you and I trust his opinion. Also you don’t have ambitions to be a scriptwriter or actor or director.” Blair says.

“Ahh no. Though I do see myself doing something like John or Mart, or even you.” I admit.

“I’m sure you will.” Blair says.

We pull up at the house. I get Blair a drink then excuse myself to shower and change.

Dinner is okay. Marlon is a real hit, in between sets he has loads of people talking to him. Its awesome for him.

The guy I was flirting with at brunch the other week is in and he’s a bit of a creeper, keeps touching me, grabbing my ass a few times. He’s getting pretty drunk so I keep trying to avoid him.

I head outside with a few people for drinks in the evening air. Marlon joins me and we’re chatting and joking. Blair comes over to talk to him and I head to my place to use the bathroom.

The creeper stops me on the way. Starts telling me I’m a tease, how I want him really, he’s pushing himself on me and trying to undo my jeans telling me what he wants to do to me. I push him away and try and get away. He’s much stronger than me and has me pinned to the wall, his forearm against my neck.

I am terrified. I try and call out for Marlon. The creep punches me in the face. I’m in shock no idea what to do. He’s really hurting me and the more I struggle the worse it gets. Tears are rolling down my face as he undoes my fly and starts to move my jeans down. I’m sobbing and saying no over and over.

Just then he goes flying into the pool and Blair is holding me.

“Lets get you inside, is that your place?” Blair points to the guesthouse and ushers me in, his arm around me.

Blair sits me down and finds a washcloth, he cleans my face, telling me everything is alright. I’m still in total shock. Unable to speak. So, so grateful to Blair for saving me.

Marlon comes by looking for me. Blair lets him in and asks him to stay with me while he gets me a drink.

Marlon holds me and tells me the creep has gone. He was shouting bad things about me and John told him to get out. Mart made sure he left the property.

Blair comes back in and gives me a glass of brandy. I down it without question.

He hugs me closely and mutters about the creep never working again.

“Marlon can you stay with Jay tonight? I need to get going. Jay if you need some time off that’s fine.” Blair says.

“Of course I’ll stay.” Marlon says and follows Blair out for a few minutes.

“Shit Jay that drunk dude attacked you?” Marlon asks shocked.

“Yes, he punched me and was holding me against the wall trying to get my jeans down.” I say feeling terrified all over again.

“I’m sorry man. Are you going to tell the police?” Marlon asks.

I shake my head.

“Okay. If you’re sure.” Marlon says.

Mart comes and taps on the window, Marlon lets him in.

“I’m so sorry Jay. Are you okay? If I’d known what he did I would have called the police not thrown him out.” Mart says.

“Its okay, I feel better knowing he isn’t here.” I say.

“Do you want me to file for a restraining order?” Mart asks.

“No, I’d rather he didn’t know more about me than he does. He can’t get in here or at work. I’ll be fine. Just as long as he doesn’t do the same or worse to someone else.” I say.

“He hasn’t got that sort of reputation as far as I know. I’d never have invited him if he had. This isn’t excusing him but his long term partner died recently and he’s been drinking a lot.” Mart says.

I nod.

That night Marlon sleeps curled around me and I hug him close wishing he were one of my college friends.

At work the next day Sal calls me in to her office as soon as I get in. She hugs me tight and suddenly pulls away.

“Shit are you okay being touched?” Sal asks.

“Yes, don’t worry. A hug from a friend is what I needed.” I say honestly.

“Well if you feel unwell or unhappy let me know and head off.” Sal says.

“I’d rather be busy.” I say.

Later I’m sorting through Blair’s mail. Wanting an excuse to go and see him. His knight in shining armor routine has left me with a huge crush. When he took me to my room it felt like we briefly had a moment. Plus he gave me the expensive bag yesterday.

I sigh and try and snap myself out of my daydream.

I take the weekend off. Marlon and I hang out a lot at his place. He isn’t really that social a guy, prefers to be working on his music. He has a studio at his dads place and I listen to him working. Its just what I need.

Monday morning my phone wakes me really, really early. Its Peter.

“I’m worried about Alexander. I think he’s run out of his meds, do you know how he can get some more? I have his doctors details.” Peter says.

“Uh I’ll ask Sal. Why hasn’t Eric sorted it? This is the sort of thing he should be managing.” I ask.

“Strictly between us Eric is doing fuck all. He’s gone off for 5 days to meet up with Harry and Bobbie. I asked Alexander why he wasn’t coming home if he had 5 days off and he said he didn’t have 5 days, he’s lucky if he gets 5 hours for sleep. It sounds like its crazy for him out there. Night shoots, early shoots, hours getting in and out of his prosthesis. He doesn’t know which way is up. Oh Jay I’m scared he sounds like he’s really slipping.” Peter says.

“Thanks for calling Peter. I will sort it all. Don’t worry, we will make sure he gets what he needs, I’ll get it all sorted and call you later. What time do you finish work?” I say trying to calm him down while trying not to get too worked up myself.

I head in to the office early. I print out Alexanders call sheets for the past 2 weeks. Its not pretty. I try and find the instructions Sal gave to Eric when he was starting as Alexander’s assistant and its all straightforward he should have flagged all this ages ago.

I try messaging him on every contact I have for him but he doesn’t come back to me.

As soon as Sal arrives I grab the papers and follow her in to her office.

“How can Alexander get his prescription filled when he’s on set?” I ask.

“Good morning Jay. You’re keen.” Sal says.

“Yeah I’m worried about Alexander. I came in to try and catch you early.” I say.

“Eric has his prescription and instructions on which pharmacy to use and how to pay.” Sal says.

“Well Eric is away so can we do anything from here?” I ask.

“Yes I’ll get the prescription faxed through to the pharmacy. I’ll give you the contact details of someone on set who should be able to go and pick it up if you email and call them.” Sal says.

“Thanks Sal.” I say.

“Anything else?” She says and I pass her the print outs.

“Alexanders not getting much sleep. Peter is worried about him, that he’s not eating as he starts too late and finishes too early.” I say.

“Fucking Eric is meant to do this, Alexander is not asking much of him. Monitor call sheets and make sure there’s a hot meal ordered ready for him finishing. He’s being paid more than you too you know.” Sal says angrier than I’ve seen her.

“Shit. I’ve dropped him in it again.” I say.

“You were right to come to me. Don’t hesitate to do it again.” Sal says.

I head back to my desk and try and arrange to get Alexander’s medication picked up for him. The other interns aren’t in yet, I check the call sheets and the time difference and call Alexander, hoping I’ve got it right and he’s actually got a break.

“Hey Alexander can you talk?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m just on a break. I’m just having lunch before my nap.” He says not sounding too bad.

“What’s going on with Eric? Is he helping you at all?” I ask.

“I don’t know. I never see him. He doesn’t answer emails or messages. I think maybe he doesn’t want to be seen with me or he’s bored now his filming is finished. Which I understand but its annoying.” Alexander says.

“You could fire him and get some real help.” I say.

“I’ll talk to him when he gets back, I don’t want to make things weird.” Alexander says.

“Okay, Sal is getting your prescription faxed to the pharmacy, someone should pick it up for you. Tomorrow your time now I guess. And I’m asking the makeup team to message me when you go to get it taken off at the end of the day so I can make sure room service is ordered and ready when you get back to your room.” I say.

“Oh Jay I should have thought that. Of ringing room service from here. I can do it.” Alexander says.

“Alexander you won’t remember. You know what you’re like.” I say.

“Thanks Jay. I picked the wrong assistant. Blair got the better deal.” Alexander says.

“I love Blair. I mean I love working for Blair.” I say.

“You know he’s married, 3 kids.” Alexander says.

“To a woman?” I ask.

“Yes, everyone is always surprised as she doesn’t like to go out much. I’ve met her and the kids, she’s nice.” Alexander says shocking me.

“Wow. Take care Alexander. Please call me or Peter or Sal if everything is getting too much. Or even if it isn’t. We all miss you and love hearing from you.” I say.

“I love you Jay.” Alexander says sending my heart into overdrive even though I know he means as friends.

“Love you too.” I say to dead air after ending the call.

I throw myself into work and Blair takes more and more notice of me. Calling me in more frequently asking for me to do tasks, rather than going through Sal. It all fuels my crush. I’m sure he’s looking at me with some longing too.

I give myself a mental shake. Married. Kids.

A few weeks later I get a call from Alexander.

“Hey buddy is everything okay?” I ask.

“Um you know there is a strike here next week?” Alexander says.

“Yes, you’re coming here to work and do the publicity shots.” I say, I’m excited to be seeing him.

“Well Eric has gone to Amsterdam and hasn’t sent me my flight confirmation. I asked him like 3 times before he went and he never ever answers messages. I’m being allowed to go on friday so I can have the weekend with Peter, well officially so I’m over jet lag before photos.” Alexander says.

“I don’t have them Alexander. He didn’t book using the company account. I’ll call you back.” I say.

I call our corporate travel booker. She assures me no flight has been booked. I ask if she can go ahead and book while I get the request keyed in. Almost as soon as I hit send she gives me the details.

I call Alexander back.

“He didn’t book them, I have, its not the route you wanted. You get in late friday night. I’ll organize a car for you. Do you want one for the sunday too or will Peter drive you?” I ask.

“Peter will drive. I’m firing Eric.” Alexander says sadly.

“I’ll sort that out too. I can’t wait to see you on sunday. Do you need a hotel?” I ask.

“Can I stay with you? Or rather can you stay in the hotel with me? We can get 2 beds.” Alexander says.

“If that’s okay with Peter I’ll get something booked.” I say.

“See you sunday.” Alexander hangs up.

Cheered up I look up and immediately look down as I realize the others have been listening.

“Was that Sandy Green. He’s coming Sunday” Mike the snottiest intern asks.

“Yes.” I say.

“All client calls should go to Blair or at least Sal.” Clare the usually nicer one says.

“He called for me.” I say giving nothing away.

“Why would he call for you, we’re all more connected than you.” said Emilie, the gossiping bitch of the office.

At that point Sal comes out of her office.

“Jay took a call from Sandy Green without passing it through.” Mike blurts out.

Sal looks at me and smiles.

“Everything okay?” Sal asks.

“No, what paperwork is there for firing Eric?” I ask.

“Oh about time. I’ll sort it.” Sal says.

“Thanks. Eric didn’t book the flights. I’ve done it now and cars. Is it okay to book a hotel through the company? Do we just bill it back to production?” I ask.

“Yes that’s right. Will you be staying with him?” Sal asks will a huge grin giving me a wink. Her back is to the other interns.

I struggle to keep a straight face.

“Yes he asked me to stay.” I say.

“Good. That will make it easier for you to get him to his appointments. Stick with him all week, no need to come in here unless Blair needs to see him.” Sal says.

Sal leaves and I try hard to keep my chuckles on the inside as I stare at the goldfish mouths of my colleagues.

Jay’s visit finally arrives. I collect him from the airport and we check in to the hotel.

He calls Peter to say he’s arrived okay.

“Peter can I snuggle Jay all night?” Alexander suddenly says to Peter handing the phone to me.

“He’s been having nightmares again. Please indulge him. But please don’t have sex with him.” Peter says to me.

“Sure thing. I wouldn’t do that.” I say.

“I promise I did not send him to you unsatisfied. He’s just being playful, there isn’t an issue between us. Don’t let yourself get hurt.” Peter says to me.

I laugh.

“Thanks Peter.” I say handing the phone back to Alexander.

Alexander finishes the call and turns to me and gives me a huge hug.

“Thank-you for sorting everything out for me. I had a great weekend with Peter and it was good to be with Brian and Jamie. I’ve been so lonely.” Alexander says.

“Have you not made friends on set?” I ask.

“Yeah kind of. Just no one I feel close to. I’ve really missed you guys.” Alexander says.

“I missed you too. I’ve made a friend called Marlon, you’ll meet him this week. He’s our age, he’s a musician, he’s super talented. He goes to school too.” I say.

“Is there a romance?” Alexander asks.

“No, just friends. How did Eric react to being fired?” I ask.

“He hasn’t reacted at all. No answer to any messages. He was meant to come on this trip. I’ve no idea what the fuck he’s doing. He’s in Amsterdam with Thijs. I’m sick of funding his travel and him doing fuck all in return. I don’t know why he agreed to the job.” Alexander says.

“To get the part in the movie.” I say.

“Oh. I didn’t think of that. I wouldn’t have made that conditional on the job. I tried to get him a proper on set job but couldn’t because of unions or something.” Alexander says.

“Do you need dinner or can I take off some clothes?” I ask to lighten the mood.

“I’d like to say get your clothes off and we’ll get room service but I am so sick of room service. Is it okay if we go out? Can we go for sushi?” Alexander asks.

“Of course we can.” I say and give him a hug.

We go to a sushi place and Alexander orders way, way too much food.

“I missed sushi.” Alexander says when I raise my eyebrow at his ordering.

“You never have it at school.” I say.

“I know and I’ve missed it.” Alexander says playfully. He’s in a great mood. I love it.

“I missed you heaps. Heaps and heaps.” I say.

“So if Marlon is just a friend, is there a boyfriend you’ve not told me about?” Alexander asks.

“No.” I say.

“Wow. Have you ever been single this long?” Alexander laughs.

“Last summer I was single for ages. I uh had an incident with a guy a few weeks ago which put me off meeting new guys. Plus I’ve decided to not be with anyone I don’t see a long term future with. Plus I have a huge crush on someone.” I say.

“What incident? Are you okay?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just a bit wary you know.” I say.

“So the crush is on?” Alexander asks.

“That is a secret, its totally unrequited. He’s married.” I say.

“Its Blair.” Alexander says.

“Wow what gave it away?” I ask.

“He’s the only married person you know other than Mart and John and I’m pretty sure its not them.” Alexander says.

“He saved me from the guy. Pushed him in the pool. And he’s so nice to me at work but doesn’t really talk to the other interns.” I say.

“Maybe he likes you too. But even if he does he’s married. Maybe we can go out this week. Find you a new crush.” Alexander says.

“I know its hopeless. I want to spend this week with you. I’m your driver slash assistant this week. I promise I won’t flake out like Eric.” I say.

“Yay!” Alexander shouts and kisses me on the cheek.

We head back to the hotel. Its not late but Alexander is tired from travel and switching timezones again.

We lie on top the bed in our underwear, the air conditioner on its coldest setting.

“I know I’ve been a bit different today. I just spend so much time keeping everything buttoned down. Worrying and worrying people will find out who I am. Well you already know and I trust you. You, Peter, Jamie and Brian. I trust you guys and I just want to relax and have fun when we’re together. I’m sick of being paranoid.” Alexander says.

“I love it when you’re silly. You’re hard to love when you’re the iceman. Silly is much better.” I say.

“Thanks for staying with me. I know its not easy. I know I’m not easy.” Alexander says quietly.

“You are not easy and I can be a dick sometimes. But we forgive each other and love each other.” I say.

“Love you Jay.” Alexander says.

I snuggle on to his chest and he holds me, kissing my head until we sleep.

The next few days are crazy, I’m working harder than ever getting Alexander to all his appointments and trying to keep up with my normal tasks.

Its really nice to spend time with Alexander though. I have really missed him and friends actually feels right for now.

One day at lunch Blair comes in just as I’m telling Alexander more about my crush. I’m hoping like crazy Blair didn’t hear anything. Alexander cannot stop laughing as Blair talks to us.

On Alexander’s last night we’re lead in bed together just cuddling.

Alexander is moping about going back.

“You’ll be back soon for the interview and Peter will be out here too. Most of your scenes are done so you won’t be working so hard. “ I say.

“I know. And if I’m going to have a film career I have to get used to it again.” Alexander says sighing.

“3 more years of college yet.” I say.

“Yeah. We’ll have some fun living together this year. I can’t wait.” Alexander says.

“Are you sure a film career is what you want?” I ask.

“No, I think I’d like to do more stage work and maybe write. But I don’t know if I have what it take.” Alexander says.

“You were great in the play festival. Really great.” I say.

“I loved it, working with the guys it was fun and challenging. I want more of that. But I like movies too, its just this one sucks.” Alexander says.

“You’ll have more options now.” I say.

We snuggle up and he kisses me. I pull back.

“You’re not mine.” I say. I get everything off my chest and we agree friends is all we are. I’m not going to be his backup plan.

We talk and I tell him why I turned him away back in January. Its like he wants me back but I know he loves Peter its a bit strange. I can never work out what’s in his head.

I’m sad when he’s gone. Marlon has gone back to his Moms too so I’m alone again.

Back in the office the others are half cold to me half sucking up. Its weird.

Blair calls me in to his office one afternoon.

“I heard what you said to Alexander and I’m flattered. But 1 I’m married and I don’t like cheating on my wife. 2, I’m your boss and it would be a disaster for me if anyone found out.” Blair says.

“I’m sorry. Its just I felt like we had a moment, after you saved me and even before then you started talking to me more than the others.” I say tailing off.

Blair gave me a look, that melted me right through.

“The thing is one and two don’t negate three.” Blair says.

“Whats three?” I ask, barely getting the words out.

“I’m so into you Jay.” Blair says.

The phone rings before I can throw myself at him and I leave and get on with my work.

I stay late just in case Blair calls me in again. Then Marlon calls asking where I am, we’re meant to be having dinner. I snap myself out of it and go and enjoy the evening.

The next day Blair sends me a message inviting me to dinner. I am beyond giddy for the day. Mike one of the other interns starts giving me a hard time and dumping loads of shit jobs on me.

After an annoying errand to the mail room I slip off to the showers and get ready for my evening. I’ve started keeping a change of clothes in my car since Alexander’s visit as we’d often go straight out.

At 6 Blair comes by my desk and asks if I’m ready. I nod dumbstruck, its early for him to be leaving.

He drives me to his place.

“Wait, isn’t your family home?” I say.

“No,they live out of the city, I stay here a couple of nights a week and use it for entertaining.” Blair says.

“Its really beautiful.” I say, meaning it. Its a lovely Spanish style home with a great pool.

“Lets swim before dinner.” Blair says.

“I don’t have” I begin.

“No need.” Blair says stripping nude quickly and diving in. His body is in good shape for an older guy.

I strip off and join him,swimming a few laps before he pulls me into his arms. His hot mouth meets mine and from then on I am not in control.

We move from the pool to the loungers and he’s all over me, his hands and mouth are everywhere and I am not protesting at all. Its hot.

Then its not, I don’t know I zone out. He’s fucking me and its painful its way too soon.

“Stop, please stop, it hurts.” I say.

“I’m sorry, you got me so excited.” Blair says.

I help him finish but its awkward.

Once its done we shower and he serves up dinner that is all ready plated up in the fridge. I try and be charming over dinner. He’s still my boss and I’ve a few weeks left to work with him. I wonder if he expects more.

He drives me back to the office to get my car and I awkwardly kiss him good night.

The week of Alexander’s interview arrives. Our office is crazy working with the publicist that Alexander has hired to and trying to keep on top of all the other clients. Mike is being a total dick every time someone asks me anything about Sandy.

Blair doesn’t ask me for anything that isn’t work related. I don’t know if I’m insulted or relieved. At least my crush is gone.

I don’t get a chance to see Peter or Alexander the morning they arrive. Alexander has asked that I sit with Peter in the audience. Sal is backstage. The other interns are stuck in the office manning the phones and mad as hell at me as usual.

I slip in next to Peter in the studio audience. We have a while before filming will start.

“Did he not want you to wait backstage?” I ask.

“No, he wants to protect me. He doesn’t want us seen together.” Peter says.

“How is he doing?” I ask.

“Jetlagged as hell and entirely focused on leaving tomorrow.” Peter says.

“Your vacation sounds amazing.” I say.

“I can’t wait. Thanks so much for sorting it all out. He needs a real rest.” Peter says.

“Yeah. Take care of him.” I say.

When the interview is so hard to watch when the interviewer starts asking about his Mom. Peter reaches for my hand and I squeeze his. We are both teary watching him tell all about his Mom and Dad.

We sit in shock.

“Did he ever tell you the full story about his Mom?” Peter asks.

“No, I only knew what I’d seen on tv at the time. I remembered the pictures of him, no one forgets those do they but I didn’t know he was actually there in the room.” I say.

“He never told me. He’s been so strong. I don’t know how he gets through the day never mind all the shit we put him through.” Peter says wiping back more tears.

“I know. He is incredible.” I say.

“He’ll need us both tonight. Please.” Peter says squeezing my hand.

“If he wants me.” I say.

Sal comes out and leads us through to him.

Peter steps forward first and holds him tight. I throw my arms round both of them.

They have a room at the airport for the night so they can get away first thing. I drive us out there.

It is one hell of a night. Alexander doesn’t want to talk about the interview at all,all he wants is a lot of loving from me and Peter.

I can’t help but think back to our first threeway. It was the first time Alexander told me he loved me then it all went to shit. Last time I ended up with Peter, this time Alexander and Peter will leave together.

So much for me only being with people I see a future with. Blair was married and I’m now with a couple who are stronger than ever.

Once they leave in the morning I head back to Mart and Johns. I’ve Alexanders bag from the summer to take back to school for him. I pull out the laundry and give it to our housekeeper along with some flowers I picked up on the way back.

In the office its not too bad. Calm before the storm, the interview goes out tomorrow.

Peter texts me to say they’ve arrived and will be switching off for the week. I’m very jealous but very happy for them.

I stay late as usual, trying to get all my work done. I’ve only a few days left and want to tie up as much as I can. Mike is the only other intern left when Blair calls me in to his office.

“What did you think of the interview?” Blair asks.

“It was intense, really intense. He never, ever talks about his Mom so it was weird seeing him talk to a stranger about it.” I say.

“I think he’s going to blow up after this. His story will resonate with people. Everyone is going to want a piece of him. Do you really think he wants to stay at college?” Blair asks.

“Yes. No one is a bigger nerd than Alexander. He loves classes and writing papers and taking exams, he is an academic machine.” I say laughing.

“Shame. Would you consider trying to persuade him to take time off to capitalize on this?” Blair asks.

“I’m sorry but no. I know how much learning means to him. And he needs us, me, Peter, the other guys at the house we are his family now and he needs to be around us.” I say determined.

“I thought you’d say that. I hear you’ll be working with John next summer.” Blair says.

“Yes or Mart, we’ve not worked it out yet.” I say.

“A shame you’ve done well here. I know Eric didn’t work out but if he’s working next summer I’d like one of you guys to be with him. I agree he needs you.” Blair says and I relax that he isn’t mad.

I return to my desk.

“Bit late for his morning BJ.” Mike says.

“Uh no, I don’t do that. I would never.” I say affronted.

“Really? I did.” Mike says.

“What?” I say shocked.

Mike looks to check Blair’s door is shut.

“For the first month I was here. I had a thing for him, he knew and he’s have me suck him off every few days. He didn’t force me, I wanted to. Then it stopped. I figured he replaced me with you.” Mike said, finally sounding like a human.

“Is that why you’ve been such a dick to me?” I ask.

“No. I’m mentally a 12 year old, I have a crush on you and so treat you like shit. I’m sorry. You have just been so superior, not coming out with us. Working way too hard but not trying to kiss ass to get your screenplay seen.” Mike says.

“I don’t have a screenplay. I don’t want to be an actor or director. I’ve told you guys this. I never come out as we work crazy hours and I can’t afford to. I need to do a good job because I need the money for food and rent at school. I need the reference from this. I don’t have connected parents who can call someone and get me in somewhere else.” I rant at him.

“I get it. I do. We are all just intimidated by you and you’re sexy as hell.” Mike says.

I blush and take a good look at him. He’s cute, shame he’s been so obnoxious.

“I did have sex with Blair, but not here, at his place. You still have a crush on me? Want to get dinner?” I say.

“I’m sorry. Yes and yes lets go.” Mike says.

Dinner is great, when he’s not being a dick Mike is good fun. He’s smart and focused and sexy. I also find out he goes to school in the same city as I do, crazy.

“Come back to mine?” I ask.

“Really?” Mike says.

“We’ve a week left. Its not like it’ll cause work issues.” I say.

“Cool.” Mike says.

As soon as we get to my room we are all over each other. He’s a really great kisser, I love how he tastes I want to kiss all night. We pull each others clothes off and we’re down to underwear in no time. He’s skinny like me, small brown nipples a bit of body hair, really hairy legs, neatly trimmed pubes.

I run my tongue all over his chest he’s a bit sweaty from the work day but I don’t mind. I want to taste his cock its pretty, 6 inches with a big deep pink head. I run my tongue round the ridge before popping the head into my mouth.

“Fuck yeah, I’ve wanted this all summer.” Mike says groaning.

I’m enjoying myself when Mike decides to take over. Wow he’s good. He sucks on my nuts in turn then oh boy he’s good with his throat.

We move so we can 69 and both suck away. It feels great, he tastes great. Its so good.

We lie back laughing.

“I did not expect today to end like that.” I say.

“I wanted it to.” Mike says.

“Well my crush on Blair is absolutely buried. What a waste of a summer.” I say.

“Well you hardly could have known. I was such a douche to you.” Mike says.

“You were. Blair was so nice to me, he saved me from being attacked too he was my superhero.” I say.

“Me too. That is so weird. At the start of the summer this guy attacked me at a party my Dad was throwing, Blair threw him in the pool before it got too far.” Mike says.

“That is exactly what happened to me. He threw him in the pool. Did he give you 3 reasons?” I say feeling awfully taken advantage of.

“Yes. Shit.” Mike says.

“It’s not like he had to try so hard.” I say.

“I know. He’s a fucking agent, he can get loads of cock if he wants.” Mike says.

“Do you think he did the same to the girls?” I ask.

“Maybe. Clare’s Mom is married to a big money producer. I doubt he would risk anything with her and Emilie would not be able to keep it quiet.” Mike says.

“Are you okay if I tell Mart and John? I can’t control Alexander but I feel like he shouldn’t stay with Blair if he does this all the time.” I say.

“No its good with me. What a fucking jerk.” Mike says.

We get dressed and head into the house.

Mart is livid.

“The sneaky snake. I always recommend him. I’ll call Sal. Time we pushed ahead right John?” Mart says.

“Yes, earlier than we’d like but if he did this with you Mike, given your Dad is a client. He’s close to having a scandal.” John says.

“Whats the plan?” I ask.

“You two are sworn to secrecy.” Mart says.

We nod. Despite not getting on with Mike all summer I trust him now and not just because I want him.

“We’ve been looking at setting Sal up on her own.” Mart continues.

“Wow, she deserves it.” I say.

Sal arrives and Mike and I leave them to it.

“Can I see you when you’re back at school?” I ask Mike.

“I hope so. I don’t want this to be a last minute summer thing. I want this to be the start.” Mike says.

We kiss and sleep content.

4 thoughts on “Jay’s summer diary

  1. At least jay is finally back to normal. He and mike make a nice couple hope we see more of him.


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