Peter’s summer recap

A week of sheer bliss is ahead. A week in St Lucia with my boyfriend in a beach bungalow with private plunge pool. Now those are the perks of dating a movie star that I like.

Its been a difficult summer, seeing Alexander hardly at all, going days without even seeing him on facetime was awfully difficult. But I think it made us stronger. Staying faithful was a breeze, I had offers but they were easy to resist.

Okay Brian and I jerked off together a couple of times but we didn’t touch each other.

I like Brian a lot. He asked me to help him work out in the house gym as he was too embarrassed to use the one at school and he was a great little student. Jamie joined us often and we shared cooking between the three of us so we ate pretty well, with a few disasters, none of us are chefs.

Between working out at home, cycling everywhere and taking some longer bike rides with Jamie and Brian on weekends I’ve really increased my fitness, not that I was out of shape before, I wasn’t. I’m just fitter now and I love it. It’ll be annoying to be back to study and homework in a couple of weeks.

The three of us really bonded and I’m so pleased they are both staying at the house, they’re both loyal to Alexander without question. I hope Eric being in the house doesn’t create too much conflict. Before this summer Eric was the guy I was closest to after Alexander, now I just think he’s a shit.

Jay really stepped up this summer, from what I hear he really shone at the agency. He certainly helped out and was so efficient when Alexander needed his help. He didn’t complain at all, despite already working very long hours. Unlike Eric who whined and moaned to all of us and did nothing but take Alexander’s money until my man wised up and fired his ass.

My job at school went well and I’ve picked up an assistant job a couple of hours a week during semester. I hope I can fit it in okay. Other than missing Alexander like crazy its been a good summer.

Yesterday was a crazy day, Alexander filmed his big TV interview. He opened up about his Mom which had me and Jay in floods of tears in the audience. We’ve both long since stopped asking about his past, so it was weird hearing things for the first time in the studio. We knew he’d been through a lot but hearing it all in one go was hard. Its not surprising he had a few blips this year, he’s been so fucking strong.

Jay and I took really good care of him last night. It was amazing and sexy and so intense. So different from the last time the 3 of us were together, we’ve all grown up so much in the last year. I was actually glad to share with Jay, I needed help to make sure Alexander knew just how much he is loved and desired.

Now we’re escaping on a dream vacation. The interview will air while we are here and we hope the media will be on to something else by the time we get back.

When we arrive check in at the hotel is smooth and they drive us and our bags to our bungalow in a golf cart. We’re in their most remote bungalow, its a little round the bend from the main beach so we practically have a private piece of sand as well as pool.

We’re told about the butler service that we can order breakfast, lunch and snacks to be delivered to the room so we can avoid the main dining areas unless we want dinner. We tip the guy and are finally alone.

We drop our bags, I head to get beers from the minibar and Alexander strips off in the middle of the room and heads straight for the outdoor shower.

Fuck he’s hot. I can’t help but get super hard watching him under the spray. I take a long draw from my drink then strip off and join him.

We make out under the spray, he’s so passionate, so intense. I’m gasping for breath in moments. He makes me feel so amazing.

“I’m glad we’re finally alone.” Alexander gasps.

“I’m glad too.” I say moving in to kiss him harder.

He runs his hand through my hair and down over my body.

“You look so amazing. I love how strong your legs are now.” Alexander says as l blush under the water.

“I love you so much baby.” I say holding him close.

We’re kissing and touching and getting over heated.

“Can I take you here.” Alexander whispers in my ear, standing behind me, kissing my ear and neck, pressing his cock against my crack.

I let out a whimper.

“Is that a yes?” Alexander asks, rubbing himself between my cheeks,his arms round my chest pulling me close as possible.

“Oh god, please baby, please.” I beg.

His arms slip from my chest, and he’s kneeling between my legs furiously tonguing my hole. All I can do is moan. The anticipation is driving me as wild has his tongue is.

He stands and moves me so I’m able to lean on the wall for support.

“You ready baby?” Alexander asks.

“Mmm coo” Is all I can manage.

Slowly he pushes in with his big wet cock. I’m relaxed and excited at the same time. Its a beautiful day, blue sunny skies above, our private slice of heaven.

He works in to me slowly and I groan so lowly. Alexander is breathing in my ear, holding my hips and holding himself in place. He feels incredible, so incredible,I turn my head to kiss him and he gently begins to rock a little, just small movements, running his hands over me again. My cock is bursting, he feels amazing,I’m almost overcome with emotion at how far we’ve come together.

He increases the depth of his strokes and everything is too much, I’m shooting my load like crazy. It must have been the same for him,as soon as I tense I feel him do the same,I love knowing he’s shooting his hot load into me.

“You’re too fucking hot.” Alexander cries out.

He’s holding me close to his chest as I cry a little. The emotion of the past 2 days gets to me.

We walk inside and find towels. Once dry we lie down on the bed.

“That was amazing.” I say.

“Why the tears, did I hurt you?” Alexander says looking worried.

I brush my face off.

“No babe it felt amazing, you are incredible. You’ve turned me into an emotional sap.” I say.

“Your turn to be the crybaby.” He says laughing, referring to his visit earlier in the summer when he cried just seeing me.

We gently make out for a while then explore our bungalow. Its great. Lots of space. An amazing view of the ocean. We walk out onto the sand holding hands.

There are a couple of hammocks and some lounge chairs and umbrellas.

“I’m starving.” Says Alexander.

I grin, it still makes me smile when he remembers that food exists after the worry he put me through at the beginning of the year.

“Shall we see if we can get burgers at the snack place? Its a while before dinner starts.” I say.

Alexander grins at me and tugs me out the door. We sit at the counter of the snack bar, Alexander gets fish which we watch them grilling outside and I get a burger,we both have beers, loving the lower drinking age here.

We chat with the barman for a good while. Its Alexanders last full day of freedom, the interview goes out tomorrow at home, and he’s making the most of being able to chat to people.

Later we go to the main bar and chat with other couples while drinking. I can tell Alexander is loving being a regular guy again after his summer work.

“You’re having fun.” I say.

“Yeah. its nice not to have 20 people wanting my time and no call time tomorrow means I can sleep when I feel like it.” Alexander says with a big smile.

“I might not let you sleep all you want.” I say grinning and rubbing my crotch.

“I can’t wait for you to take me later.” Says Alexander.

I grin like mad. Back at the room Alexander heads to the bathroom and I lie on the hammock with a book watching the sun go down. It is so relaxing.

Alexander walks out nude.

“Wow.” I say.

“I’m not wearing clothes unless we’re in public this week.” Alexander declares.”

“I won’t object to that.” I say “Don’t forget sunscreen though.”

“I’m ordering breakfast for 10 tomorrow, is that too early?” Alexander asks.

“No that sounds good. I want you to rest and relax this week but I do want us to spend lots of awake time together. You can’t know how much I missed you.” I say.

“I’ve some idea.” Alexander says. He walks back inside to make the breakfast call.

“Change of plan. We’re going on a snorkeling trip tomorrow. We leave at 8, breakfast served on route.” Alexander comes back in to tell me.

“So much for no wake up call.” I say.

“Is it okay?” Alexander asks.

“Of course it is. I’ll love it.” I say.

Alexander tries to climb in the hammock with me but just tips me out, actually that could have been deliberate.

“Early night?” Alexander asks.

I nod and head to the bed dropping my shorts on the floor and jumping on top of Alexander covering him in kisses. I make love to him slowly,the way he loves it. We sleep until our wakeup call.

Alexander makes coffee at the small pot in out room and we get ready for the day while gulping it down.

We’re taken on a mini bus with other guests to a jetty we’re given flippers and masks and taken to various spots around the island. We have a terrific day,see loads of fish and bits of coral. We get on well with the rest of the group and head to the bar with them when we get back.

An older couple invite us to join them for dinner and to my surprise Alexander agrees. We head back to our bungalow to wash up and change.

“Don’t you want to watch the interview?” I ask.

“I want to forget it ever happened.” Alexander shrugs.

“Are you sure, don’t you want to know what they cut. How they edit it?” I push.

“No. I’ve said what I said. Nothing I can do now. Someone will brief me on what happened next week. This week its me and you in paradise having the best time.” Alexander says firmly closing the subject.

“Okay.” I say a bit worried but not wanting it to ruin our week.

We enjoy dinner in one of the formal restaurants. We’re both really hungry after the active day.

The couple who invited us are really nice, they have kids our age and so were asking us loads about college and we ask about their jobs and family. Its fun. We talk and drink late into the night.

On leaving we head to the bar for a nightcap before heading to bed. There is a TV on the bar and its on a news channel. Alexander’s picture pops on screen as a kid and now. We run from the bar back to the safety of our bungalow.

“Its okay people won’t have seen it and our room is pretty remote.” I say.

Alexander nods but looks so sad.

“Come on baby, lets have a drunken plunge in our pool.” I say tugging at his hand.

He grins pulling off his clothes and running outside. We sit together and make out, splash each other and try and relax. I fetch all the drinks from the mini bar and we get totally drunk.

We get into bed a wrinkled as prunes and have no energy to do anything but cuddle.

We sleep late and when we eventually wake have a lovely lazy 69, teasing and tasting each other for as long as we can.

“I love you.” I say, staring at Alexander.

“Good.” He says cheekily.

I head out to get us some food and bring it back, I arrange for a late afternoon snack from the butler so we don’t have to go to any of the restaurants this evening.

We laze away the afternoon in the nude, in the hammock or plunge pool. Alexander not wanting to venture away from the privacy of the room. I’m not going to push it.

That night as it gets dark I look at his beautiful face and worry.

“Lets go for a walk on the beach, we’ll stay close to here.” I suggest.

“Okay, only if its quiet.” Alexander says.

I look out and there really is no one about.

“Come on, I need some romance.” I say.

We walk up and down,holding hands not talking. I lie down and pull him on top of me for a quick kiss. He’s a bit reluctant at first.

“There’s no one here and so what if there is and they take a picture. You’re not ashamed of me.” I say.

“You’re right. I love you and I don’t care who knows.” Alexander says and kisses me passionately.

We head back to the room and just cuddle together listening to music,kissing now and then.

The next day Alexander seems a bit brighter we eat breakfast outside on the loungers enjoying the early morning cool breeze.

“Do you mind if I go for a run?” I ask.

“I’ll come, just let this go down.” Alexander says.

I grin. We grab shorts and sneakers and run down the shoreline together. Despite not working out this summer Alexander is still in great shape, his film was pretty physical I guess.

When we get back we lie panting on the sand next to each other getting soaked and covered in wet sand. We’re a mess.

Alexander pulls off his footwear and t-shirt and runs into the sea, I follow quickly. We swim out together and look back to the hotel. The beach is still pretty quiet,most people seem to use the pool. We splash about and have fun.

Soon Alexander is kissing me and feeling in my shorts.

“Come on babe its quiet but not deserted.” I say.

Alexander pouts playfully and I grab at his shorts, pushing my hands in the back to feel his butt and pull him to me for a big kiss.

“Love your ass.” I say.

“Always all yours.” Alexander says and kisses my nose before swimming back.

The tension of yesterday is gone and although Alexander won’t go to the other public areas I don’t feel quite so hemmed in. Ahh how can I feel cooped up when he is with me.

The following day Alexander wants to play pirates on the beach, so we do. He’s crazy, we’re chasing each other, wrestling for the treasure of a shell or a stone. We are having so much fun. I love rolling round in the sand with him. It is so sexy.

I pin him down and steal a kiss. He pulls away and goes inside.

“Whats up?” I ask.

“I don’t know. I just wanted to play. I never got to play as a kid. I thought we were just having fun.” Alexander says.

“We’re not 8.” I say more sharply than I should.

“I’m sorry. I want to have fun. I don’t want to be cool iceman Alexander all the time. I need to let loose.” Alexander says.

“Well you’re sexy when you let loose and I want to show you how you make me feel.” I say.

Alexander shuts himself in the bedroom.

I shower outside then head to the bar. I’m not having an argument over a kiss. He knows it was fucking hot rolling around together.

I take some food back later, hoping he will have cooled down.

“I’m sorry I ruined our day.” Alexander says as soon as I walk in.

“It’s fine.” I say wanting to draw a line.

“Lets go skinny dipping tonight.” Alexander says with a grin.

“You’re on.” I say.

We eat the food I brought back and hang out in the hammocks resting.

Late when its dark we head back to the beach it’s deserted. We pull off our shorts and run into the water holding hands. Its great to be so free. We make out in the water kissing and grinning at each other. So excited.

Alexander tries to suck me but takes in too much sea water. We fall about laughing even though he is coughing away. I hold him close once he calms down and kiss his salty lips.

“I’m crazy about you. You were worth waiting for this summer.” I say

“It was way too long to be apart. Let’s never do that again.” Alexander says.

“Yeah no more nights apart.” I say.

We head back,enjoying the freedom. We scoop up our shorts and wonder back in the nude. We make love in the outdoor shower again. Everything is good.

Over the last day Alexander’s tension returns. I know he is worried about going home.

I leave him sleeping on the final morning and head up to the business center. I buy 30minutes internet time and see what is being said about Alexander to be prepared for our return.

The usual gossip sites have pieces on him coming out and the pictures of him covered in his Moms blood are everywhere again. There doesn’t seem to be any speculation about where he is or anything. So I think we’ll be left alone.

There are other stories though. Classmates from college have told their stories though thankfully none from our circle of friends. I see one with a picture of Alexander and Ben at the play festival, Ben is trying to suggest he is the mystery boyfriend. Ha!

I head back to the room, Alexander is dressed and has packed.

“According to the magazines Ben is your boyfriend.” I say with glee.

Alexander falls about laughing.

“If that is the worst of it then I’ll survive.” Alexander says.

“Are you sure he’s not your secret lover?” I ask laughing.

“I hope not Jay said he was rubbish in bed. I’ll not publicly deny it though. He’s a good cover for you.” Alexander says.

“Maybe I want to tell the world you’re mine.” I say.

“No.” Alexander says the old iceman that Jay talked of is in front of me and it’s a shock how fast his mood changed.

“I was kidding.” I say.

Alexander blanks me, a bell boy arrives with a gold cart. We load up our bags and head to the airport.

Alexander barely talks at the airport. I know he’s going through stuff but I’m not sure I’m cut out for his mood swings.

I love him so much. I stayed faithful all summer and he doesn’t seem to care. We’ve had a mostly amazing week and he’s ruined it for a fucking joke.

“I’m not okay with how you are acting. Stop treating me like this.” I say.

“I’m sorry. I’m worried for you okay. You don’t know what it is like to be hounded.” Alexander says.

“Then tell me. Tell me about your life.” I say.

“I don’t want to. I don’t like talking about it. It bores me. You know the important things. You know me now and that is the me that counts. I love you. I don’t need you changing your opinion of me based on my past.” Alexander says.

“You have to let me in a little.” I say.

“I do. I love you Peter. I let you know how I’m feeling, I even ask you for help. That is as much as I can give. It’s not like you talk about your past either. Now is what counts.” Alexander says.

“Okay. No more hissy fits though.” I say.

“I’ll try. I’m sorry. Its been an amazing week. I’m sad its over. I want it to be just us forever.” Alexander says.

“I love you.” I say.

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