Alexander in the open – Angry Alexander

Over the summer Peter stayed faithful to Alexander whilst he worked at college He became close
friends with Brian and Jamie as he helped his two friends through their breakups.
They lived in the house harmoniously, cooking, biking and working out together.

Jay worked for Alexander’s agent Blair over the summer, he loved his job but Blair was a shit of a
human being, he set Jay up to be attacked as a way to aid his seduction. Jay has a new
boyfriend called Mike who went through the same thing with Blair.

Alexander made his movie with Eric, Eric was a total let down as Alexander’s assistant and the two
are yet to speak since Eric was fired. Alexander did his tell all television interview and then escaped on vacation with Peter.

The guys are all heading back to the house and about to face the fallout.


After a rough patch at the airport Peter and I had a good journey back from St Lucia. We get a cab
back to the house and I’m feeling very loving towards Peter again. Any feelings for Jay are firmly
pressed down. I know Peter is right for me for right now.

“Oh I do not want to turn my phone on. I’m tempted to get a new number just for you guys.” I say.

“That might be a good idea.” Peter says.

We pay the driver and take our luggage inside.

“Home.” I say.

Peter drops his bags and kisses me, picking me up off the floor.

We call out but no one seems to be home.

I kiss Peter passionately and drop to my knees.

“Oh baby.” Peter groans

I don’t care that he’s sweaty from travel, I drink in his smell as I undo his fly.

I slowly circle the head of his cock with my tongue and begin to lick his length.

“Baby that’s so good but the others could be back any time.” Peter says.

I ignore him and continue slowly. He’s beautifully stiff.

I moan as I take in what I can. Loving that I’m with my man in my house, in my mouth.

As I pick up speed he holds my head to fuck my mouth.

“You love my big cock. Take it baby, take my big cock.” Peter keeps up a commentary.

It’s all true, I suck hard and let him dictate the pace.

“Show me you love it, show me your hard cock.”Peter demands.

I struggle with the fly on my shorts with one hand as I’m pumping his dick with the other, sucking his head.

“Baby I love you. Love what you’re doing, feels so good baby, so good.” Peter groans.

I get my fly open and pull out my dick, I’m as hard as Peter imagined, so turned on.

“That’s right, you’re so big for me, fuck this feels crazy good, so fucking good, mmmmmmmm.” Peter moans and ups the pace pumping my face.

I let him fully take control until he shoots his first couple of shots in my mouth before finishing all over my tshirt.

I giggle as he pulls me up.

“Messy boy.” Peter giggles.

Peter stands behind me kissing my neck and jerking me off right there in the middle of the kitchen. It’s so hot. I turn my head to kiss him properly, moaning low into his mouth.

“You’re the best baby.” I say as I fuck my cock in his hand.

“I’m so lucky, two big cocks to play with.” Peter whispers in my ear stroking me and bringing me close.

I cum hard has he bites my neck.

We clean up quickly and drag our butts upstairs to shower together.

“I guess we need to do laundry.” I sigh.

“You do laundry I’ll order dinner. We can get groceries tomorrow.” Peter says.

I see Jay has already put my summer clothes away for me clean and left my bag in my dressing room.
I gather up the clothes we just discarded and add them to Peters laundry.

When I get downstairs Jamie and Brian are discussing dinner options with Peter. It’s nice, they look
and sound like family.

I put on the first load of clothes and join them.

“Is Eric back?” I ask.

“He has been here a couple of days but he hasn’t spoken to any of us really.” Brian says rolling his

“How about Jay?” Peter asks.

“He’s out with Mike. They’ll be here soon.” says Jamie.

“Mike?” I ask confused.

“His new boyfriend. They worked together over the summer, he goes to school near here.” Brian explains.

“The guy who tormented him all summer?” I asked.

‘That’s the one. They’re a thing now.” Brian says.

I did not expect that. But it’s good, easier to leave him alone if he has a boyfriend.

Jay and Mike arrive with Eric close behind.

Eric scowls when he sees me and starts to walk away, he turns back, his face white with anger.

“How could you leave me stranded homeless in a country where I didn’t speak the language?” Eric screams in my face.

Before I can get a word in he carries on.

“I thought we were friends and you cancelled my hotel room and left me with no way of getting
home. I could not believe you could be so mean.” Eric shouts.

“How was I to know you planned to come back? You disappeared for days, leaving your work
unfinished; you didn’t turn up for the flight to LA. What was I supposed to do, spend $200 a night on
a room that you might need one day? I paid you a fortune, you could afford a room or stayed in the crew lodgings.” I say as calmly as I can.

I can see Peter, Jay and Brian all looking angry themselves and Mike looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Jamie has already left the room.

“You stopped paying me with no warning.” Eric says.

“Oh come on. You didn’t do your job, Jay had to pick up your work on top of his own. You didn’t
really expect Alexander to keep paying you and paying for your room when you didn’t do the job ”
Brian hisses.

“Not your business Brian.” Eric spits.

“You took major advantage Eric. You cannot feel hard done by, Alexander should have fired you
weeks earlier. You know it was his own money not the movie that was paying for your room and
salary once you finished filming.” Peter says biting back his anger.

“He left me stranded. He could have told me not to come back.” Eric says.

“I did tell you. In the email where I fired you. But honestly when you didn’t sort out our flights and
didn’t turn up at the airport I thought you had already quit. I really did not want to let you go but
you did none of the tasks I set, nothing, it’s not like it was a lot that I needed you to do. If you didn’t
like it you could have quit. Or better still not taken the job so I could have hired someone else.” I say

“I don’t know why you’re all ganging up on me. You should have treated me better then I might have stuck around. You were such a diva asshole I couldn’t stand it. Eric says.

“You were the diva. Thought you were above being an assistant, thought I should give you money like I was your sugar daddy or something. I feel like you conned me.” I shout breaking my calm resolve.

Eric just walks out.

I cannot deal with him right now and let him go.

“I’m not wanting to add to the drama but we need to talk urgently, with Mart too.” Jay says.

“Can it wait until after dinner?” I ask.

“Okay.” Jay says looking annoyed.

I’m puzzled at what Jay might have to say that involves Mart. Maybe some fallout from the
interview. I wanted tonight to be relaxed. I wasn’t planning on switching on my phone until
tomorrow or checking emails. I was hoping for a nice night with my friends. Eric ruined that already
and now Jay is worrying me.

Eric stays in his room, Jamie comes back out to eat. Peter tries to get to know Mike but I just can’t be bothered. Jay described him as an asshole before, I’m not going to support him in another destructive relationship.

I push my food around, I’m too stressed and annoyed to eat. I rinse my plate and make to go upstairs.

“Alexander wait. We really need to talk.” Jay says “Brian, Jamie can you leave us to it?”

“Sure.” Jamie says and he and Brian leave us.

“Uh I don’t get it. What’s going on? Why is Mike here if the others can’t stay?” I ask.

“Mike is part of what I need to tell you. I want him here.” Jay says.

“Whatever, tonight is ruined anyway.” I say.

Jay props his iPad on the table and calls Mart and John.

“Hey boys.” Mart says.

“Hi Mart.” I say coldly.

Peter gives me a confused look. I shrug.

“So am I suing someone or what?” I finally ask.

“You know I was attacked this summer.” Jay says.

I nod, even more confused.

“Mike was too, exact same way. Blair rescued him too. It was all setup by Blair part of his seduction technique.” Jay says.

“You had sex with Blair?” I ask feeling sick.

Mike and Jay nod.

“Sal had been planning to start her own agency for a while. When Jay told us about this we helped her move faster. She’s all set up. We have the paperwork ready for you to sign with her and to terminate with Blair.” Mart says.

“No.” I say.

“You can’t stay with him. Not after what he did to me.” Jay says.

“It’s business. I love Sal but she is not going to be my agent. Mart you better not be charging me for this work. I didn’t ask for it, you’ve seriously overstepped.” I say.

“Blair is clearly close to having a scandal. You don’t want to be associated with that.” Mart says.

“Come on, married Hollywood agent fucks interns. It’s hardly out the ordinary.” I say.

“Babe are you sure, he had Jay attacked, that’s really fucked up.” Peter says.

“Come on Alexander be sensible. You should not stay with Blair. Jay is one of your closet friends.” Mart says.

“It’s business, not personal. I thought you’d understand that Mart. Mike did Blair do anything as an agent that wasn’t in my careers best interests this summer?” I ask, very, very angry.

“No. But what he did to me and Jay was wrong.” Mike says.

“You fucked a married guy, that’s wrong too. Why should I believe you Mike? How do I know you didn’t make it up to seduce Jay yourself.” I spit.

“He wouldn’t do that.” Jay says.
“This is not up for discussion. I’m not leaving Blair. Jay I’m deeply sorry about what happened and that I may have been the cause but this is business. And quite frankly you don’t get a say in my career,that goes for you Mike and John.” I say curtly.

Peter squeezes my hand, he’s looking at me oddly.

“Come on Alexander you can’t make this decision on a business only basis.” Mart says.

“Fuck you. When my dad is dying you can drag me away from him to court and for hours of meetings because business comes first but now, now it’s okay to not be all business?” I shout, I’m out of control.

“I wanted what was best for you.” Mart says.

“It was not best to arrange for a seventeen year old child who has lost his parents to live alone, it’s about the worst option.” I say, I’m calm now, the ice man is back and mad as hell.

“We couldn’t have you going in to foster care, you know that, not with your profile.” Mart says.

“It was just a year, we could have found a guardian. I could have stayed with you guys but for all your talk of us being family we’re not. We have a business relationship. Had, had a business relationship. I’ve no need for a lawyer right now so I don’t need to keep you on retainer. John consider this notice to terminate our relationship too.” I say, all ice.

John moves into view, he’s crying.

“I understand. Let me know when you’ve selected someone new, I’ll prepare an exit pack for them, don’t worry it’ll be all business.” John says, his voice cracking as he sobs at the end.

“Thanks John, I’m sorry it’s come to this, I know you always did a great job for me.” I say.

I end the call.

“Wasn’t that a bit hasty, those guys have done a great job for you.” Peter says.

“No. Mart way, way overstepped. As if I’d go to a rookie agent. If I change agents I’ll do some research, shop around. Not blindly go into some deal set up behind my back.” I say.

“But John didn’t do anything.” Peter says “If you’re all business why fire him?”

“I don’t trust him any more. Since the interview I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened when Dad was sick, I’ve not let myself before and it’s only now that I see just how fucked up my situation was.” I say.

“They have been so good to me. You have to reconsider.” Jay says.

“Fuck off Jay. Why wasn’t Eric in this conversation, Blair is his agent too. Or is it just my career you feel you should control?” I say.

I head upstairs. I’m still really angry with everyone. Even Peter, I feel like he’s not being supportive.

I get on my laptop ready to deal with the last week, I feel shit anyway might as well get all the crap dealt with in one day.

Peter comes in and starts rubbing my shoulders and then kisses my neck, I shake him off.

“Not now babe.”I say.

“Come one I just want to make you feel better.” Peter says.

“Then support me instead of siding against me.” I snap.

“Come on you’re being so impulsive.” Peter says frustrated.

“Can you sleep in your room tonight. I need some space.” I say, I can’t even look at him.

“No, we’ve had months apart, I don’t want to be away from you for a second. Especially when you’re so upset.” Peter says.

I lose it, I grab my laptop and car keys and head off. I pull into a coffee place and use their wifi to book a hotel room. I need space away from Peter, Jay, Eric. My house, my safe haven is so toxic right now. Huh maybe I have become a diva.

I head to the hotel, fire my laptop back up and put a call through to Blair.

“Know any good investment guys?” I ask.

“You’re leaving John, are you sure?” Blair says.

“He and Mart want me to fire you and sign with Sal.” I say.

“Ahh I knew she was making plans, I did not think you were a target. I’ll think on the money guys, you should go with someone on your coast. Too many crooks out here.” Blair says.

“Thanks. I’m going to call my publicist next, what’s the reception been?” I ask.

“You really switched off all week? Oh boy. You got big ratings, it’s been replayed over and over. You’re in every magazine. It’s been big. You have a lot of requests, I take it it’ll be no to everything.” Blair says.

“Yeah sorry, school only until we promote zombie 2.” I say.

“Okay. I do have one major offer I want you to consider. It actually came in before the interview went out. You remember that comedy you read for?” Blair asks.

“Sure, that was a great script, what happened?” I ask.

“The star they lined up had a big meltdown, jail, rehab and so the money dried up. They’re trying again, offering you the lead not the part you read for. It’s not the best money but I remember you liked the script.” Blair says.

“When are they filming?” I ask.

“January, you’d have to take a semester off.” Blair says.

“I need to think. I really, really liked that script. If you’d said May I’d be there no question.” I sigh.

“No go, they’ve lined up major names for the parents. Timeframe is stone.” Blair pushes.

“When do you need to know? I need to talk to Peter.” I say.

“You don’t have long. I’ve already stalled due to your vacation.” Blair says.

“I’ll let you know tomorrow. Oh and Blair you ever lay a hand on Jay again I’ll kill you, he’s mine.” I say.

I call my publicist and she takes me through the main things I’ve missed. It’s all quite amusing to me. Great for my career, but college will certainly be different.

I lie on the bed and think. I need to call Peter and let him know where I am. I feel bad and wasteful.

Blair calls me back.

“I had a though on money guys. You know Marlon?” He asks.
“We met. He seemed nice.” I say.

“His stepdad, he’s semi retired but I think he’d be a good bet, or he can recommend someone trustworthy.” Blair says.

“Great. I’m sure Jay can get me his details. Thanks for the tip.” I say.

I call Peter.

“What’s going on baby?” Peter asks.

“I’m in a hotel. The house felt toxic. I’m sorry for pushing you away.” I say.

“Come home baby. Please come home.” Peter says.

“I’ll be home tomorrow. I need to think.” I say.

“Come home now. Now Alexander.” Peter says.

“Tomorrow baby I promise.” I say.

“Alexander if you care about me at all you’ll not make me spend the night without you. If you won’t come home let me come to you.” Peter says.

I hang up and switch off my phone. I know it’s a dick move. I just need space to sort my head out. I know I’m putting my relationship at risk but I can’t give Peter the attention he deserves right now.

I sit writing pro and con lists for making the comedy. It’s not really a question I know I’m doing it. I just need to give up the idea of school. Or at least on a decent schedule. Maybe I need to transfer to somewhere on quarters not semesters.

I fall asleep at some point surrounded by papers, my head spinning.

I wake early and head home.

No one seems to be up. So I head up to my room. Peter is awake on the bed.

“What the fuck Alexander?” He says.

“I’m sorry. I needed some space to think, a lot happened yesterday.” I say.

“I’m your boyfriend, I should be a part of major decisions. Do you value us at all?” Peter says.

“I do. You’re the most important thing in my life. I’m sorry I’m so used to only being able to rely on myself I can’t always let you in.” I admit.

“You have to. I love you but if things stay this difficult I’m going to bail.” Peter says quietly.

I nod. I know last week wasn’t real, we’re back where we were three months ago and it’s going to be hard to get back what we had.

“I’ve been offered a part that I really, really want but it means taking time off school.” I say.

“Now?” Peter asks.

“No, I’ll do this semester then not come back after winter break.” I say.

“Are you asking me or telling me?”Peter asks.

“Telling. I know I should be asking but I really want it and I don’t want to miss the chance.” I say honestly.
“Okay. I would never, ever try and stop you working. I know you’d never interfere with my career and I’m sorry for not being supportive yesterday. I need more from you, I had no idea the resentment you’ve been feeling towards Mart, you need to talk to me. You’ve stopped therapy, you need to talk to me. I was so scared when you hung up last night.” Peter says.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry baby.” I say.

“Shall we make up now?” Peter asks.

I nod and sweep him into my arms.

“I love you so much baby.” I murmur into his hair.

We kiss and remove our clothes.

“You okay with this?” I ask.

“Yes, I need this.” Peter says holding me close.

I kiss him head to toe and suck on his beautiful big cock. He pulls me back to kiss and rolls on top of me.
Nothing feels better to me than his body. He’s probing my mouth with his tongue, taking the full tour. I run my fingers through his hair and buck up against him as he grinds into me.

He’s kissing my ear, running his lips lightly round the edge flicking with his tongue, all the time rubbing my cock with his, moaning as he kisses me.

“Love you so much Peter.” I murmur.

“Know you do baby. Uh this feels right, so good baby, kiss me harder.” Peter says.

I grab his neck and give him all my passion through our lips. Not letting him move for a moment.
He continues to grind me and I can’t take much more, I’m whimpering at every touch, he knows he has me. I’m all his again.

He rolls us so we’re facing each other and rubs us together, I kiss his chest pull on his nipples with me teeth, he’s grunting now, taking me with him as we shoot our first thick rope together followed by 6 or 7 more each.

We lie on our backs panting, holding hands, reconnecting feels great.

One thought on “Alexander in the open – Angry Alexander

  1. sex is not love. sex is emotion, desire and feeling. love is doing what is right for another, possibly at your own detriment. alexander and peter are NOT in love. quite frankly, i dont think alexander is capable of love. giving what has happened to his parents, it is totally understandable that he cant love anyone.


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