The gymnast

I’m Colin. Yes it’s not a great name and I’m just not cool enough to pull off Col, even if that’s how I introduce myself.
I’m a gymnast so I’ve massive rippling muscles, I’m carved marble but very, very flexible. I’m also barely 5 foot 4. Which makes it hard to find a boyfriend and I’m a boyfriend kind of guy. I want to wake up to the same face every day.

I train 7 hours most days, 4 in the morning and 3 in the evening 5 days a week, Wednesday is a half day and I have Sunday off. In between I coach the recreational and young team kids, attend sponsor events, local school and clubs. 2 or 3 days a week I train at the national Center, the rest at my home club.

It is not the easiest life, but I’d never complain as I love the sport so much. I love flying through the air, I love the precision every piece requires, I love pushing my body to its limits and I love the applause. It’s the best sport in the world and I’m up there competing with the best.

My body looks great if you don’t get too close and see the scars from surgery, the bruises from falling and my calloused hands. On a really bad day I’ll be bruised on the insides of my upper arms and the skin will be ripped from my palms making self love way too painful.

I live alone in a small house in a small town. I don’t have many options for sex. I long for a boyfriend but a regular hookup would be good right now. The best opportunities I have for sex are competitions, they all have a banquet at the end and it’s impossible not to find someone willing. If I’ve had the bad luck not to make finals there are opportunities with other unlucky souls.

Today is Sunday, my day off. I need some. I’m terminally horny. Today everything is making me hard. So I’m flicking through multiple pick up apps. I send out a few messages. One guy seems promising and we arrange to meet in a coffee place on the high street.

I’m early so order and grab a table and start reading the newspaper the tables previous occupant discarded. It’s a warm day I’m wearing slimfit denim shorts, a short sleeve shirt open over a tight white tshirt. My broad shoulders and bulky muscles make clothes shopping difficult, given I’m short. But when the outfit is right my body looks awesome.

I see the guy come in, he looks worried. Before I can stand up he’s stood behind me rubbing my shoulders and arms.

“Wow these are more spectacular than your pics, I can’t believe you’re real.” He says.

“Hi, I’m Colin and thanks.” I say giving him a smile.

He squeezes me shoulder once more, turns red, I look at him hard. He’s cum in his shorts. Shit. He bolts from the cafe. I stand to try and stop him going. But he runs off down the street.

Damn. I go back to the paper. Then try my phone, see if I have any other matches or if anyone new is around.

“Cute pic but I know he doesn’t look like that anymore.”

I look up to see who had spoken. It was the barista, the really cute barista.

“You’ve been there?” I ask.

“No, my friend nearly did, saw him in here and realised the pic was 20 years old so stood him up. You can do better.” The Barista says.

“Thanks, but we’re not exactly overflowing with options here, are we?” I say.

“Hahaha, no. I finish in an hour, maybe I could save you from a random. I mean, you’re really hot, I’d really like to fool around with you.” The barista says.

“Really? I’d love to, you’re really cute. I’m Colin.” I say.

“Garrick.” He says.

We shake hands, I give my address and head home to get ready. Utterly delighted.

I shower clean up and change my bedsheets.
I get dressed again and wait nervously.

Garrick is cute, about 19 or 20, 5’9, short sandy hair, slim, not muscular. When you see big muscles all the time a change is welcome.

He knocks shortly and I let him in.

“Do you want a drink.” I ask nervously.

“No, I’m good.” Garrick replies.

I lean in and kiss him, we both know why we’re here.

He kisses me back and it’s good, firm, with intent.

I grab his hand and we run upstairs to my bedroom.

We kiss and touch and tub at our clothes we’re soon nude.

We are such opposites, me short and muscular and hairless, him tall and lean and hairy.

My cock is a bit on the small side, his is a surprise a full 8 inch pipe.

“Wow.” I gasp.

He pushes me on to the bed and we resume kissing, he’s running his hands over my ass. I roll on top of him and he explores further running his fingers over my crack, pulling my round muscular mounds apart.

“You have one hot ass.” Garrick says.

“Do what you will with it.” I grin before resuming kissing his chest, teasing his cute nips.

He starts to delve further probing at my hole with his lubed up finger, teasing me running his finger over it before pushing a little,it soon pops in and he’s finger fucking me good. Pushing in a second digit he works me hard, prepping me for his big dick.

We’re face to face on our side, his fingers still prepping my hole. I turn my attention to his big cock. He’s hard and I trace his veins with my fingertips, run my thumb over his head spreading his glistening precum around.

We’re both giving murmurs of pleasure, I’m so ready. I grab a condom, suck him a little before covering him up and lower myself on to his huge cock slowly.

“Ahhhhh you fill me so good.” I moan as I adjust to him, I’ve only worked him about half way in. I adjust and get more in.
He is grinning like crazy as I begin to lift myself up, slowly fucking myself on his pole. He feels amazing, it has been far too long, I’m tight but relaxed, I’m loving it. I pick up speed and he starts bucking upwards and I know he’s wanting to take control.

We switch up I’m face down, ass up and willing, he pushes back in I let out a long low moan as he fills me, before pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in, he’s taking me hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, so good.” I cry out.

He just grunts his reply, not letting up at all. Fuck I needed a pounding, I’m surprised at his power and stamina, he looks like he’d blow over in the wind.

He rolls me on my back, I lift my knees high and wide, he resumes the pounding and I start jerking off, my hand is pretty rough but I’m so turned on I don’t care. I watch his face dripping with sweat, his grunts getting louder.

“Of fuck you’re so good, feels so good, I’m coming, arrrrrrrrrrrgh.” He screams as he collapses on top of me.

I hold him a minute, rubbing his back and kissing his neck. I’m bucking up a little. He pulls out and lies beside me stroking my cock.

“Cum for me muscle man, cum for me, show me what you’ve got.” He murmurs as he tugs at my little dick. I love watching my cock in his big hand and I’m soon shooting jets all over myself.

I kiss him and thank him over and over.

“Oh wow, that was great. Today turned out way better than expected.” I say.

“You are so hot, I can’t believe this happened but I have to go my second job starts soon and my boyfriend will be wondering where I am.” Garrick says hurrying into his clothes and out the door.


Wednesday I travel to Slovakia for a World Cup meet with my team mate Brent, our coaches and a judge. Brent and I share a room. It’s an individual event meet and we’re doing 3 events each, floor vault and high bar for him, pommel, rings and parallel bars for me.

I love meets, I love working out with guys from all over. I love seeing what they’re working on.

In the training gym I’m stretching out and a French guy Amin who I’ve been with a few times comes over to help me. We work each other over well. I’m not turned on, it’s work, even if he is cute and I know that he has a coke can in his shorts.

Amin heads back to his team and I start warming up pommel.

Brent comes over grinning, all my team mates know I’m gay, so does my club coach but I’m not exactly out to the national staff.

“You been checking on the girls?” I ask.

“Girls, guys, you know me.” Brent laughs.

“I know you.” I say.

“You and Amin official yet?” Brent asks.

“No, I think we’re still a 3 or 4 times a year thing.” I say resigned to it.

“He likes you, he’s always watching you.” Brent says.

“It could never work while we’re still competing.” I say.

Everything goes well over the next few days, we make 2 finals each. I get 4th on rings and second on pbars so I’m happy, always good get a medal and prize money. Brent wins floor and high bar so is on cloud 9.
Brent and I eventually get out of drug testing and head up to shower and change. We toss a coin for the room tonight, I win, whoop. We head down to the group meal in one of the hotel ballrooms.

I find Amin quickly and we sit together holding hands under the table. My french is shite and his english is not great but we always manage. I run my hands over this thigh as he’s eating. They are massive. He’s a vault specialist and so powerful.

“You’re my dessert.” I whisper in his ear.

He grins. We do a super fast circuit of the party thanking the local officials and greeting guys we know, congratulating medalists. Every moment is torture.

In the elevator to my room he pounces on me. We kiss passionately running our hands everywhere. I’m annoyed the trip is so short.

I’m so nervous that it takes three goes to get the door open. He’s rubbing himself against my ass, I’m not sure if I’m struggling on purpose or not.

We get in the room and we’re kissing and kissing and kissing.

“I don’t ave long. My team go tonight.” Amil says.

I nod and pull off his clothes. Pretty disappointed we won’t be waking up together. Still I’ll make the most of it.

He buries his tongue in my ass, everything is on fast forward but he’s so fucking talented down there that I’m very relaxed and enjoying it big time.

I feel him lining up his thick dick and groan as he pushes in. It’s good but over far to quickly. He shrugs as he pulls out and sucks my throbbing dick. I hold his head and fuck his face, lasting not much longer than he did.

“You’re too hot.” I say kissing his chest.

“I want more, this is not enough.” Amil says holding me close.

I kiss him sadly and then watch him leave.

I lie on top my bed not wanting to move, not wanting to clean his smell from me. I set my alarm and pack my bags ready for the early start then just lie back on the bed and think. I’m planning to retire after the Olympics in two years, before if I don’t make the team. I know Amil is planning the same. It’s a long time to wait, I like him but I don’t think he’s Mr forever.

Brent comes in drunk.
“I struck out.” Brent exclaims.

“Seriously? I though you had some safe bets here.” I say.

“Yup, but they found out about each other.” Brent slurs.

“I’m sorry buddy.” I say.

“Well you have a post sex glow, I saw the French bus leave so knew the coast was clear. You okay?” Brent asks.

“Yeah. I just wish I had someone. You striking out tonight is irrelevant you have a girlfriend at home. This is all I get. A few empty hookups and the odd hour with Amil. It sucks.” I complain.

“I’m sorry. You deserve someone. You’re a great guy. And because you’re a great guy you’ll help me out? Please?” Brent say.

He’s nude and hard and flashing puppy dog eyes.

“I’m tired.” I say.

“I just need a few kisses, I’ll do the rest.” Brent says.

I shrug and he lies next to me. I push his hair out of his eyes and he kisses me. I have flashbacks to our first kiss, Brent and I have known each other since we were 9. He was the first guy I jerked off with when we were 13, we traded blow jobs at 15 and then he met his long term girlfriend and backed off. I wasn’t left heartbroken, we were just horny teens fooling around and experimenting. I’d never had a crush on him and we were great friends now. We hadn’t done anything in a year or so.

I snap back to the present, he’s half jerking off half bucking against my stomach. I kiss him and rub his arms. I reach to rub his balls.

“You’re always so good to me.” Brent says between grunts.

His load shoots across me.

We kiss a while.

“Why did we never work out?” Brent asks.

“What? You met Sarah.” I say.

“No before that. I thought we might become more than we were, I was crazy about you.” Brent admits.

“We were just kids messing about.” I say.

“So you never felt that way?” Brent asks.

“I don’t know. It never came up. I liked what we had but understood when it stopped.” I say.

“I met Sarah, I cheat all the time but I love her.” Brent says before falling asleep on me.

The alarm is way to early. We shower together to save time and head down to meet the others.

I’m feeling rough, gymnasts always have aches and pains but my shoulder is feeling extra sore and uncomfortable. I tell my coach on the flight. He tells me to go straight to central tomorrow to see the team doctor and physiotherapist.

It was a sore shoulder that changed my life.

The team doc gave me the once over and sent me to straight to physio saying it was nothing serious.

I’d heard about the new guy but not met him, he’d not been able to come to the comp as he was so new travel hadn’t been arranged.

I walked in to the treatment room and my heart stopped. He was beautiful, really beautiful.

He introduced himself as Drew. We talked through my current issue and my past injuries. We discussed some exercises to do and what my limitations would be in training this week. Then I stripped off for treatment.

I struggled to relax with his hands working every muscle in my body. He kept quiet the whole time but I could hear him breathing when he moved close.

My cock was hard and leaking like crazy. When I sat up there was no way to hide it. I just pretended it wasn’t out the ordinary. We worked though some exercises and the more he pressed his body to mine the more excited I got, I realised he was just as excited, he couldn’t hide anything in his sweatpants.

“Do you need help with your own tension?” I finally breathed.

He nodded, checking his watch and locking the door.

I sank to my knees, pulled his cock out the waistband of his sweatpants and sucked him straight in, in just a few sucks he came. We switched places and I lasted even less.

“Do you want to go to a movie tonight?” He asked me.

I nodded dumbstruck.

“I’m not usually so unprofessional.” He says.

“I’m not complaining.” I say suddenly finding my voice.

We arrange a time and place. I head back to the gym to do some conditioning before the meet debrief with the coaching staff.

The movie is fun, we hold hands. After we head to his place, a cottage in the grounds of the national centre.

We cuddle up on the couch and drink tea. I feel more comfortable with him than I ever have with anyone ever.

I start kissing him and feeling him up. He pulls away a bit.

“I just got out of a long term relationship, it’s why I’m here a live in job was ideal. I really, really like you but I need to take things slow.” Drew says.

“But this morning?” I say.
“Was impulsive.” Drew cuts in.

“I really like you. I’ll go slow for you. I think this is the start of something really special. We have forever.”

Give it to me

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