Alexander in the open – Part 2 Apologetic Alexander

I look at Peter and smile.

“You owe Jay an apology.” Peter says.

“What?” I ask.

“For dismissing what he went through and staying with Blair. It’s your choice but you two need to clear the air.” Peter goes on.

“Jay and I will be fine. He’ll understand.” I say.

“No he doesn’t. He can’t understand, he’s very upset about you staying with Blair and utterly distraught that you’re firing Mart and John.” Peter says.

“I have a meeting with the dean of students in an hour. I’ve no time for Jay’s drama.” I say.

“Come on that’s not fair. Hey I’d love it if you weren’t so close but you are and he needs an explanation and to know you care.” Peter says.

I’ve no time for this, Jay will be fine, I’m beginning to wish I’d stayed out.

“Look I need to shower and go. Will you come with me?” I ask.

“Why? What’s the meeting for?” Peter asks.

“Security and stuff. I have to promise not to disrupt the school or something by existing.” I say.

“Okay. I need to pop in to work for a bit too.” Peter says.

“Cool. I want to speak to Prof after.” I say.

We shower together I try my best to be affectionate but there’s something missing. I’m really worried I’m losing him.

The meeting with the Dean is a breeze. He goes on about being delighted I’m here then hits me up for money minutes later. Peter and I are highly amused.

“Some students have already sold lies about me. Is there any way to limit this? I’m not curtailing free speech but the untruths are a bit galling. I don’t want to sue my classmates but I will if the stories continue.” I say thinking of Ben claiming to be my boyfriend.

“I can’t control who talks to the press. However I do not want you bringing legal action against fellow students, if that starts happening your place at the school will be in jeopardy. Perhaps you should fire a warning shot through the school paper. Give them an interview, slip in about the fake stories and impending legal action. It may deter people.” The Dean says.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Peter says.

“Yes I can do that.” I say.

“Good. If you face trouble at all on campus let me know.” The Dean says as we leave.

Outside I hold Peter close.

“Meet you in an hour or so?” Peter asks kissing me goodbye.

I head over to the English department to find prof. He’s in his office. He pulls me into a hug.

“That was one brave interview that you did.” Prof says.

“I’m just glad its over. I never have to think about that stuff again.” I say.

“Okay no more talk of the past. I hear you didn’t do any summer courses.” Prof says.

“No, the movie was too full on, I wish I could have but I couldn’t. Also I’m taking next semester off. I’m really torn about my study. I’m enrolled in your class but the rest of my courses I’m back to Math, its easier to hide in those classes.” I explain.

“I understand. The time off is for another film?” Prof asks.

“Yes, too good to turn down.” I say.

“You’re too smart to drop out. You better come back or I’ll track you down and drag you back.” Prof laughs.

“I’m thinking maybe here isn’t the best place for me. Maybe I should be somewhere more flexible?” I say.

“Stop overthinking things. Academically this is the best place for you. You know that. You’ve excelled here. Go back to your original plan, study what you want to study and forget graduating, forget deciding a major. Learn and enjoy, you can afford to. Stop hiding, I don’t think you possibly can, you’re on the cover of a dozen magazines this week.” Prof says.

“You’re right. I know you are. I’m scared, scared for my boyfriend and housemates. I know it won’t be like when we first met but I worry that they might get some hassle. The less noticeable I am the less hassle they’ll get.” I say.

“They will be fine. Any trouble they can call campus security and if students hassle any of you they’ll be disciplined. No one wants you to deal with any shit.” Prof says and I not.

“On an unrelated note do you know any law professors who might be or know an entertainment lawyer, I’ve fallen out with mine.” I admit.

“I do, let me call someone now, if they’re in I’ll introduce you now.” Prof says.

I step out as he makes the call and call Peter.

“I miss you.” I say.
“I should think so. Its been 45minutes.” Peter laughs.

“I’ll be a bit longer, is that okay?” I ask.

“Yes, I actually have to stay here all day now, can you pick me up at 5?” Peter asks.

“Can you pop out before I go?” I ask.

“Of course baby, call me when.” Peter says and we hang up.

“We’re in luck. Come on lets go see her now.” Prof says coming out of his office.

We walk across campus together its quiet and so I relax.

He introduces me to the law professor and its clear they’re more than friends.
I’m happy my friend has someone ands it instantly makes me trust her more.

“If its just contract work I’d b happy to for it for you. If you genuinely need litigation then I’ve old classmates I could pass you on to.” She says.

“Just contract stuff for now. I may need to leave my agent at some point and that might be trickier.” I say.

We talk through my options and fees and everything is promising. She working in an LA firm for 10 years but burnt out and came back to school ended up loving it. She still does some work and is happy to take me on.

“Thank you so much, you’re making things so easy for me. I’ll send your details to my agent. Thanks again. And you two make a great couple.” I say.

They blush.

I head over to the physics building to find Peter.

He looks so cute hard at work, I stand and watch him for a few minutes before letting him know I’m here.

We kiss quickly and suddenly things feel normal again. Maybe going about our lives is all we need.

I massage his shoulders as he works for a few minutes, enjoying how they feel, not wanting to leave.

“I love this but I need to work, I’m sorry baby.” Peter says.

I kiss his cheek and head home.

In my room I call John.

“John I’m sorry for being so rude. I felt ambushed and out of control. I shouldn’t have brought up the past like I did.” I say.

“I wanted to take you in. I expected you to come and live with us. Mart and I promised your Dad we would look out for you. I think he expected you to live with us too, that’s why he didn’t look for anyone else. When Mart said it was too big a conflict that it might hurt us professionally, that it left us too open if you were to complain about money mismanagement I went along with it. I love Mart and I wasn’t brave enough to object. You were always so mature, I thought it would be fine. I never dreamed you’d cut us off like you did. And when you let us back in I never dreamed that you held so much resentment. I really am sorry for any pain you have been through because of my weakness.” John says.

“Thank you. It means the world to know I was wanted.” I say.

“I’m sorry, so sorry you felt so alone. Please don’t cut me out again.” John says.

“I won’t. I was just lashing out. But I really don’t feel like I can trust Mart right now. I’ve arranged new legal advice, someone here at school.” I say.

“Good. I like to hear you’re making adult decisions. And what about replacing me?” John asks.

“Blair suggested Marlon’s step dad. But now I’m calmer I’d like to stay with you. I read so many horror stories of embezzlement last night that I can’t imagine trusting any one new. If you are okay with me leaving Mart I would like to stay.” I say.

“My dear boy of course. Mart will understand, he and I are not on best terms right now so I’m certainly not going to insist you stay with him. You’ve set us both thinking hard. Don’t blame yourself, we will get through it.” John says.

“I’m sorry you’re having trouble. How are Sal’s plans going?” I ask.

“Great, she’s all set up and has a few clients. She’s going to do great.” John says.

“I know she will. Right now she’s not right for me, I need someone established to help me get established again.” I say.

“You’re right, I know. It has to be your choice we jumped the gun.” John says.

“John I’m glad we’ve talked. I’m glad you’re not mad at me. I hope you and Mart work things out.” I say.

“Keep in touch boy. Please try and forgive Mart, he is sorry for how things worked out.” John says.

“I can’t talk with him yet, I’m sorry.” I say.

Ugh today will be all apologies and awkward talks. Eric next we have to clear the air for the house to work.
I knock on his door.

“Hey Eric can we talk?” I ask.

“Sure come on in.” Eric says.

“I’m sorry you felt I left you stranded, I’m sorry for not firing you in person.” I say.

“Its okay. I’m sorry for being a shit assistant. I really didn’t realise you would actually need me to do anything.” Eric says.

“Why did you never come and hang out on set once you wrapped?” I ask.

“I was embarrassed. I wanted to be seen as an actor. I should have gone home once I wrapped but I wanted to travel. Once I heard Harry and Bobbie’s plans I figured you’d be okay with me joining them. You’re usually generous I thought you’d be happy to pay for my trips.” Eric says.

“I might have been, but not that way. Hey you’d have saved the taxes if you’d just asked for the money. I needed an assistant. I didn’t need much but my health still isn’t as good as it could be and I struggle and get overwhelmed. I felt taken advantage of.” I say.

“I’m sorry. I understand. The movie went to my head. That and Bobbie turning me down I was all over the place this summer. I dumped Brian by email and didn’t check that account again all summer. I didn’t see any of your requests until this week. I am so embarrassed.” Eric explains.

“So you only just found out you were fired?” I laugh.

“Oh I worked that one out, Sal left voicemail.” Eric says.

“So we’ll be okay?” I ask.

“Yes. I don’t want to not be friends.” Eric says.

We hug and I feel so relieved. I can forgive my friend no long term harm done.

“What do you think about the Blair situation? Will you be looking for a different agent? Did you meet any at the play festival?” I ask.

“I’m not in a position to choose. Blair is happy to keep me on even if I don’t work again for a while. He wants to work with me long term. What he did to Jay and Mike is shitty, really shitty and I feel bad but I want to stay with him.” Eric says.

“I feel the same. I’m awful for saying it but you staying too makes me look less bad.” I laugh.

“Glad I can help with one thing.” Eric says.

“Can you come to a house meeting at 6?” I ask.

“Sure. About time I cleared the air with the others.” Eric says.

I head to Jay next, he’s in the kitchen eating lunch.

“Hey Jay.” I say.

“Hey.” Jay replies.

“I’m sorry I upset you over Blair. I hope you don’t feel I chose him over you. I hate what he did to you guys.” I say.

“I don’t understand. If he does it to anyone else, if other people put it together and there is a scandal or he gets charged with assault and people find out you knew and did nothing, you’ll be pulled down with him.” Jay says.

“I don’t think there is an agent who hasn’t been part of some scandal or another.” I say.

“Sal, it would help her to have you on her books.” Jay says.

“But she won’t be able to get me what I need right now. I’ll consider leaving Blair after my next movie and if Sal is doing well and wants me I’d consider her but I need to speak to the big agencies too see if they want me.” I say.

“I feel like you don’t respect me. I never thought you’d put your career ahead of my feeling.” Jay says.

“Are you saying I’ll lose you if I stay with Blair?” I ask.

“Yes.” Jay says so quietly I barely hear him.

“And Eric?” I ask.

“That’s different he doesn’t have choices like you do.” Jay says.

“I’m sorry its come to this. I never thought you’d make me choose between you and my career, when we’re not even together.” I say.

“I’m not asking you to give up your career. I’m worried for you if you stay with him.” Jay says.

“Can you make a house meeting at 6?” I say and walk out before he can answer.

I lie on my bed and cry, I was all sorted with what I was doing and Jay turns it on his head. Fuck.

I get the car and pickup Peter, we’ve still not been grocery shopping so we pick up pizzas and salads for dinner to have during the house meeting. I’ve messaged Brian and Jamie and they’re free.

“What’s up baby, you were okay earlier.” Peter says.

“I talked with John and I’m staying with him. I cleared the air with Eric and we’re good but when I tried the same with Jay it went to shit.” I say.

“Did you fight?” Peter asks.

“No but he admitted I’ll lose him as a friend if I stay with Blair.” I say.

“I’m not surprised. What will you do?” Peter asks.

“I don’t know. I thought Jay and I were finally friends. Honestly I just don’t want to deal right now.” I say.

“Do you want me to talk to him?” Peter asks.

“No. I know I’m not leaving Blair, at least not yet. Let jay see if he can live with his choice.” I say.

“Well that’ll make home pleasant” Peter says rolling his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I made up with Eric at least.” I say.

We head into the house with the food and call the others to eat.

“Jamie, Brian and I have been living pretty harmoniously all summer and we hope that continues. We suggest we do group groceries and take turns to make bagged lunches and dinners to save costs. Who is in?” Peter asks.

Everyone but Eric nods.

“I’d rather not. I know I won’t be home for dinner most days. I’m happy to go in on milk and coffee and the like but not the rest, I can’t commit to regular cooking either.” Eric says.

“Sure okay.” I say.

“As long as you don’t eat everyones stuff.” Jamie says.

“I won’t. Honestly I know from Ben that the course is really full on with rehearsals a lot. Alexander its like play festival week all the time.” Eric says.

“That’s true.” says Jay.

We all talk budget and compare timetables to work out who does what when. Its easier than I thought.

“I’m off tomorrow to see my parents before classes begin, so don’t get groceries for me for a couple of days.” Jamie says.

“A lot of the guys are back and with Jamie away it makes it easier. Um we were wondering if we could have a sex party before classes start. Here, like we did before summer, the end part anyway not lots of people.” Brian says stumbling over his words.

“I’m outta here.” says Jamie heading to his room.

“I guess so unless anyone objects. Only people we trust and no phones or cameras.” I say.

“None of us would want pictures.” Jay says.

“Who is coming?” I ask.

“Usual Felix, Harry, Bobbie. If no one minds Blondie and his friend from home.” Brian says.

“Not the guys he lives with?” Peter asks.

“No!” says Brian quickly.

“Mike too.” says Jay.

I roll my eyes.

“Get used to him, he’ll be here a lot.” says Jay.

We discuss times and booze, my stocks are depleted.

“I’ll ask Robbie and Dan.” I say “They moved in right? I’ve not seen them.”

“Yes we helped them in a few days ago, cool guys.” Brian says.

“Eric can you ask them? We can drive tomorrow as we’re going for groceries anyway.” I say.

“Sure.” Eric says.

“Phew you’ve made up.” Brian says.

“Yes, its just me and Jay causing the friction now.” I sigh.

“Nothing new there.” says Eric laughing.

We clear up and Peter and I head upstairs.

“Are you okay with the party? We don’t have to do anything. I didn’t plan to.” I say.

“Would you be okay if I skipped it?” Peter asks.
“Of course, we could go out just us.” I say.

“No, I mean that would be nice. I saw Vincent today and he’s keen to do something before school starts.” Peter says.

“You were the one who said we shouldn’t be open, why stay faithful all summer to be open now we‘re finally backing the same city?” I say annoyed this has come up so soon.

“I fucked up last time. But I still have needs you can’t fulfill. If we make new rules I promise I won’t mess up. I really need this.” Peter says.

My heart breaks a little at my inadequacy. But I know I won’t stop him, I was all for it before.

“Okay, what are the new rules?” I say.

“I go outside when I need to. You know who I am with, where I am.” Peter says.

“Of course. Can we limit how often?” I ask.

“Okay but I don’t want it to be regular. If you think its too often you can veto.” Peter says.

“Okay. Anything else?” I ask.

“You should be open when I am but you can’t have sex with Jay.” Peter says.

“He hates me right now and has Mike so he wouldn’t anyway.” I say.

“You’ll make up soon and if everyone is swinging he’ll probably be with people other than Mike. Remember our first party?” Peter says.

“Yeah. We’ll have to start using condoms again.” I say.

“I guess so. Are you okay?” Peter asks.

“Yeah, I think so. I’m a little sad that you need this already, I guess its been ages its just we were apart so long.” I say.

“I’m sorry baby. Tonight it’s you and me though. Let me go shower.” Peter says.

I stretch out on the bed and try and get in the mood. I’ve actually been hornier than ever since we got back from our trip. I want him all the time. I’m soon naked and hard and waiting for him impatiently.

I stroke myself a little thinking about Peter, my worries start to melt away as I play with myself. I hold my big dick up at full height and watch a drop of precum form at my slit.

“Tasty.” Peter says walking back in.

I give him a big grin.

“You going to fuck me hard with that big cock? Fuck me raw?” Peter says coming closer then leaning in and licking the tip of my cock.

I grin and smile.

Peter drops his towel and crawls onto our bed on all fours, he takes me in his mouth and I let all my worries evaporate.

I watch his head bob up and down and sigh.

“Hey you promised me that ass.” I say.

Peter wiggles not letting go of my dick. I wriggle out from under him and move behind him, god I love our massive bed.

I lube his hole and rub my cock up and down his crack, pausing by his hole before moving away.

I slap his ass a couple of times and he groans at the sting. I line up with his hole and push in, he’s pretty welcoming given my lack of warmup.

Peter moans loudly his pleasure as I push further in.

“Give it to me.” Peter cries.

I pause my hands on his hips.

“You like how that feels baby? Have I filled you up?” I say, remaining still.

“Oh baby you have no idea. No idea. I can feel everything. Babe I love you so much.” Peter gasps.
I begin to pump away, picking up speed quickly. Peter is so vocal tonight urging me on, however hard I’m slamming in to him he’s pushing back more. I grip him tight and thrust and thrust.
I slow right down, leaning forward to kiss his neck, he turns to kiss my mouth and I pump away again, fast shallow thrusts.

I move back to give him a proper deep fucking.

“I’m cumming,baby I’m arrrrrrrrrrrgh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Peter screams.

I pull out.

“No, don’t stop.” Peter says.

I turn him over and we kiss again deeply. I’m rubbing my cock against his stomach and enjoying the feel so much.

Peter reaches down to move me back to his hole.

“Really?” I ask.

“I said don’t stop.” Peter grins.

“You feel so good.” I say.

“I need you inside me. Give me it all baby.” Peter groans moving his ankles to my shoulders and welcoming me back in deep.

I take it slower this time, enjoying watching Peters reactions. He’s still hard and again bucking up to force me in deeper. I speed up again. Enjoying the sensation of his bare ass. Our eyes lock and we both shoot, I’m sending my spunk as deep in him as I can. His is shooting in the air between us, its intense and we don’t want it to end.

I collapse forward and my mouth falls on his kissing him deeply letting him know everything that’s in me, all my love, all my pain, I’m giving him everything. I know he feels it all.

2 thoughts on “Alexander in the open – Part 2 Apologetic Alexander

  1. why is it that just because peter needs something different than alexander, that alexander should be be free to explore also? doesnt add up and makes no sense. they deserve to fuck up their lives…ugh.


  2. ugh!! peter needs his beating fron vincent and alexander agrees. so fucking lame. im just about to give up on this story.


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