Alexander in the open part 5 – Explosive Alexander

I wake up as Peter leaves for work. Going to bed after a fight sucks.

He doesn’t even say goodbye as he heads out the door.

I take a long shower and get ready to face the day.

Jay, Jamie and Eric are in the kitchen eating breakfast.

“Hey guys, any plans today?” I ask.

“I am going to be super lazy, last day before classes, no work, no chores, I am going to eat and
sleep.” Says Jamie with a grin.

“There is an exhibit I’m going to check out. Want to come at about 11?” Jay asks.

“Sure, if someone else does, Eric?” I say.

“Uh no I have a singing lesson today.” Eric replies.

“Cool, hope you like your coach. Do you think Brian would want to come?” I ask.

“He didn’t come back last night, expect he’s at Blondies.” Jay says.

“I’II message him and see if he wants to.” I say.

Jay looks a little puzzled.

“I’m going to put my teapots up in the basement, we’ve not used the shelving in there. I’d
appreciate some help.” I say.

“Okay, that’s not too much effort.” says Jamie.

I grab some damp cloths so we can wipe them down before putting them up.

With the 4 of us it doesn’t take long and they look cute. Not exactly what you’d expect in a house full
of young guys but the house hasn’t got many personal touches outside the guys rooms.

“Thanks, I really like how they look.” I say.

Eric gives me a big hug and jay and Jamie join in.

“We’ve all avoided talking about it but man you were so brave on TV.” Jamie says.

“Yeah, we all know you pretty well and we knew what had happened to you from TV at the time but
seeing you, the Alexander we know talking about it made it really real” Eric says.

“Thanks, I appreciate the support. I’m a bit worried about tomorrow, being back in class but I know
you all have my back.” I say.

We all head back upstairs, Jamie heads to the garden to chill and snooze, Eric heads off to his lesson
leaving Jay and I alone in the kitchen.

“Shall we head to the gallery?” Jay says.

“Brian is going to stay at Blondies all day. So I’ll give it a miss, I’m sorry.” I say.

“Do you not want to see it? I thought you’d like it.” Jay says,

“I do want to see it, I’ll catch it another time.” I say.

“Do you have other plans? I thought we were friends now, your boyfriend is at work, mine is in class
it makes sense to hang out.” Jay says.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. Not when it’s just us.” I say.

“That’s not normal Alexander. He can’t control who you are friends with.” Jay says.

“Is Mike okay with you hanging out with just me? I need to concentrate on Peter right now and if
that means losing you then that’s what it means. He is more important to me.” I say.

“Okay. I’m just sad, we wasted so much time not talking and now that we are close again I don’t
want to lose you but I understand if it’s a him or me situation that he will win.” Jay says.

“Thanks. I don’t want to give him any reason not to trust me and lets be honest we got pretty close
to doing wrong this summer and we are being more affectionate and I could so easily make a
mistake with you. It is better not to put myself in a situation where I’m tempted.” I explain.

“If you are so easily tempted then you are already in big trouble.” Jay says.

I shake my head and walk away. I don’t want to fight with Jay and I don’t want to lead him on either.
We are just friends. He has Mike. I just want things to be right with Peter.

I go up to my room and start re-reading some of the plays for my English class. Before I know it the
whole day has gone. I hear voices so I head downstairs.

Jamie, Brian, Eric and Peter are sat together eating pizza.

I get myself a drink and head back up to my room; no one says a word to me. Clearly I’ve done
something else wrong but I’ve no idea what it can be.

I go back to my reading for a while and then decide to have an early night, my first class is at 9.

Peter wakes me when he comes in and sits on the bed next to where I’m lying.

I look up at him scared of what might come next.

Her doesn’t say anything, just looks at me sadly. Is he waiting for me to say something?

He gets up and goes to the bathroom, the strips off and gets into bed. I guess he’s not leaving me yet.

I’m lying with my back to him and don’t attempt to move. Everything is up to him right now
won’t say or do anything right. I lie there waiting for him to reach out but he doesn’t.

In the morning I wake early, grab my things and shower downstairs so I don’t wake him. I ride in to
college lock up my bike and head to the library before class.

I have a full day of classes, nothing difficult, mostly course outlines but I have some reading and
homework from some so I head to the library again to get it done. I’m in a total daze and have no idea if my revealed celebrity is making an impact, I barely think about it, I’m so consumed by thoughts of Peter.
I settle at a table and check my phone. I’ve not had any calls or messages
from anyone at home. I stay until 9 and head home. No one is around.

Thursdays are my food responsibility days, I make sandwiches and put together the bagged lunches
for the morning and make a pasta dish that can just needs to go in the oven when I get home. I’d
rather get things done when no one is around if they’re not talking to me; makes it less awkward.

I can hear voices on the middle floor so someone is in, when I get upstairs Peter isn’t in our room.

I have a class with Peter tomorrow, will he sit with me? Will he talk to me tonight? Am I giving him the silent treatment, is it mutual? My head is killing so I go to bed; I’ve not said a word all day.
I lie in the dark not able to sleep, I’m trying so hard to push all thoughts out of my head but it all
churns and churns.

At some point I must have drifted off as I wake when Peter gets in to bed. I want to reach out and
hold him, to give in and beg him to talk but I can’t.

In the early hours we wake tightly wrapped together. I smile as I open my eyes, happy our bodies
have decided to make up for us. I look at him, he smiles too and squeezes me tighter and kisses me hard, then it’s like he remembers where he is and he untangles himself from me.

“No.” I cry out in despair unable to stop myself but he pulls away and rolls over.

“I’m sorry. I can’t forgive you yet. I’m working on it, I really am. I know you forgave me and I will get there but I can’t just yet.” Peter says.

“Forgive me for what? I’m waiting on you.” I say.

“For fucking Jay. I know Mike has already forgiven him and you forgave me for the same but I just need more time I’m sorry.” Peter says.

“When did I fuck Jay?” I ask.

“What? Friday and Monday. Mike told me Jay confessed. I wish you had it might have been easier than this silence.” Peter says.

“The last time I had any sexual contact with Jay you were in the room because you asked him to have a threesome with us after my interview. Other than that he kissed my neck saturday and we hugged monday after he listened to me worrying about our relationship.” I say bitterly.

“Mike told me, Jay confessed. I will forgive you stop lying.” Peter says.

“I will kill that guy when I see him. He is not welcome here ever again Jays boyfriend or not. How dare he lie about me to you. And why the fuck did you take his word for it and not talk to me.” I say angrier than I’ve ever felt.

“Are you serious?” Peter says.

“Did you even speak to Jay?” I ask.

“Jay isn’t talking to me, I thought he was embarrassed.” Peter says.

“I can’t believe you trust Mike and not me. I fucking hate that guy. How dare he try and break us up.” I shout.

“I believed him, he said he almost caught you, that’s why Jay confessed.” Peter says.

“No, no, no. I’m sorting this right now.” I shout.

I don’t care if its 4am I run down the stairs and open Jay’s door the room is empty, I open Peter’s room door and Jay and Mike are in bed. I shake Jay awake. Peter bursts in behind me more sense than me he took the time to pull on some shorts.

“Tell Peter we haven’t slept together since May.” I say.

“What the fuck, why are you waking us up?” Jay grumbles.

“Because your boyfriend is a lying shit. Well done Mike great job, Peter and I are over. Now get the fuck out of his bed and out of my house you are never to come here again.” I shout in his face, pulling him out of bed.

I run out of the room and up the stairs I get inside my room and shut the door. I don’t know if I’m more mad at Mike for lying or Peter for not trusting me.

My emotions catch up with me, realizing that it’s over with Peter I crawl into bed and sob my heart out.

Eric comes in and sits on the bed.

“Sorry for waking you.” I say.

“Believe me none of us are mad at you for that. Don’t be too hard on Peter. Jamie and I overheard what Mike said to him and he was believable, really believable. I’m sorry for believing it. I know you’d never cheat on Peter. I know Jay wouldn’t accept being your bit on the side. Yet I still believed him. I’m sorry.” Eric says.

“It’s okay, you and I have not been that kind to each other recently. I understand why you might not trust me. Peter has no reason to doubt me though.” I say.

We hug and he heads off back to bed.

Peter comes in I look at him through my tears I don’t know what to feel, what to do.
I sit up and he sits next to me crying, his head in his hands.

A wave of love flows through me and my anger and despair disappear.

I hold Peter close to me,stroking him, calming him. He looks up broken.

“I will not let that shit win. You are mine and I am not letting you go.” I say with as much steel as I can find.

I wipe his face with my hand and move in with a kiss, I am not gentle, I push his lips apart with my tongue and give him all my passion.

“I want you so badly.” I say pushing him onto his back and pulling his shorts off.

I look at him laid on the bed, vulnerable.

He’s looking at me unsure but aroused.

I stand between his legs pull him so he’s sitting up and guide his mouth to my cock. I begin to fuck his face a week of no action and I’m shooting in no time. He licks me clean, my cock stays hard as if nothing had happened. I push him back down and lie next to him kissing him passionately again, tasting myself on his lips. I grab lube from the nightstand and begin to finger his ass as I continue to kiss him he doesn’t protest but kisses back and groans as I probe inside him.

I sit up and roll him over, I need to be inside him. I pull hiss ass up kneel between his legs and line my cock up with his beautiful hole. As I push in I groan as loudly as he does. Slowly I push deeper and deeper.

“I need it all, more, give me more.” Peter groans and gasps.

As I wait I rub his back then move my hands to his nipples, teasing and pulling on them.

“I fucking love you Alexander.” Peter groans as I begin to slam into him.

He feels so good I’ve missed him so much.

I slam and slam over and over, he groans and grunts and mutters harder over and over.

We moves him onto his back and I roll his ass high so I’m pushing straight down into him. I slow for a moment to get some kisses, making sure everything is okay.
“Love you baby.” I whisper into his mouth and he kisses me back harder.

I move back push his legs and begin slamming into him again. We keep eye contact and finally we feel like one, its incredible as he comes bucking up against me crying out shooting his load all over himself. I pull out and join him, covering his torso. He pulls me on top of him and into a deep kiss.

“I’m sorry baby, so, so sorry.” Peter says before kissing me more.

“I want to forget it all .” I say.

“Thanks for taking the lead I needed that, it was so good. I have missed you so much.” Peter says.

“I missed you too. I only want you, only you. I didn’t want to talk any more or fight I just needed to show you.” I say.

“I loved it, I loved you being back in control. I needed that too. You are all mine, I’m all yours.” Peter rolls on top of me kissing all over my face.

“We best shower and get to class. Sorry for ruining your sleep. I can’t believe what a dick Mike is. Was jay okay?” I ask.

“He went with Mike.” Peter says.

“Shit, really?” I say.

“Who cares? If he wants to be that stupid its none of our business.” Peter says.

“Yeah.” I says snuggling tighter into Peters arms not wanting to get up.

We eventually do struggle out of bed and shower together. Feeling closer than ever wash each other gently and kiss so, so much.

“Lets drive as we’re late.” I say.

Our first class is together and we hold hands under the bench, I don’t want to let him go. We kiss in the hallway after and I’m sure someone calls out fag but Peter says he didn’t hear it.

We arrange to meet for lunch and go our separate ways.

Jamie joins us for lunch outside.

“I never did the bag lunch thing before.” I say.

“Ugh you and I only went to school for 4 years life. How did you survive high school cafeteria food when you barely ate any dorm food?” Jamie asks

“My high school had nice food. Well it had a good salad bar and I ate tuna or chicken and salad for every meal for 5 years.” I say laughing as I realized the truth.

“There are a bunch of people taking your picture babe.” Peter says.

“Do I look okay?” I say giggling.

“I got called a fag today.” Says Jamie.

“Really, I think we did too. I never had any hassle here for that before.” I say.

“Other than Felix original roommate I never did either, certainly not when out and about.” Jamie says.

“I’m sorry, I guess it’s my fault. I announce I’m gay on TV people know you live with me. It’s fucking repulsive thaough.” I say.

“As long as its only name calling we’ll be okay.” Peter says.

“But even that is too much. It’s not us 3 I worry about, hell Jamie is straight anyway. But Eric, Brian and Jay are more sensitive and lets be frank not likely to do well in a fight.” I say.

“It won’t come to that.” Peter says.

Peter and I have lab together so say goodbye to Jamie and head off together holding hands.

At the end of the day we head to the grocery store on the way home and get salad for dinner and other things we’re out of. Jamie has put dinner in the oven and everyone but Eric is there. I make the salad and we all eat.

“So I had a weird day.” Jay says.

“Did you get called a fag too?” asks Jamie.

“No, I got called a homewrecker.” Jay says throwing a print out on the table.

I take a look, its from a gossip blog. There is a story about me, Peter and Jay. Photos of Peter and I leaving the restaurant on Saturday, claiming we had a public row and I ran out and sought solace in the arms of Jay, an up and coming agent and there is a picture of us hugging in the coffee-shop monday.

“How did they know who you are?” I ask.

“No idea, its not like its a clear picture of me.” Jay says.

“So either someone you know works for the site or took the picture.” Peter says.

We finish eating in silence. All feeling a bit paranoid.

“I’ll call Blair, you could call the publicist team, you know them anyway. See if they know anything?” I say.

“Yeah okay. Are you wanting it corrected or anything?” Jay asks.

“No, a reaction is what they want. Unless you’re bothered by it Peter?” I say.

“It’s fucking hilarious. Especially given last night.” Peter says.

“I am so, so sorry for waking everyone. I was fucking furious.” I say.

“he had it coming, Jay you have the worst taste in guys.” Brian says.

“Thanks,” Peter and I say together.

I call Blair and Jay makes his call.

“Look I think it might be Mike, that intern you were screwing. Jay’s been seeing him. But I thought I’d check if anyone had been asking after Jay, as they named him and called him an agent.” I say.

“Mike was my intern only, nothing, nothing happened with him.” Blair says angry.

“That is not what he says. You had him attacked to rescue him just like you did to Jay in order to seduce him.” I say, knowing it sounds ridiculous and nothing like the Blair I have known for years.

“The kid is a fantasist. I would never do that, I did not set up Jay to be attacked, I would never do something to put him in danger. Jay was a mistake but my feelings were genuine. God no wonder Mart was pushing you to leave me. I’d have left me.” Blair says.

“Shit. I’m sorry for thinking the worst of you.” I say.

“It’s okay, you were annoyed at me for Jay and I don’t blame you. You knew I’d had other affairs, I just kept them out of the workplace before.” Blair says.

“Thanks and I’m sorry. If this is the worst story I face I’m pretty lucky.” I say.

I go back into the kitchen where the others are chatting.

“They didn’t know anything. Did Blair?” Jay asks.

“No, he thinks the same as me that it was Mike who told them who you were.” I say.

“He’s not like that. You’ve had it in for him since the start.” Jay says defensive.

“He lied to Peter. Blair said he lied about him too, Blair didn’t touch him and certainly didn’t set up your attack, Mike was never attacked or if he was Blair didn’t save him.” I say.

“Fuck.” Says Brian.

“And I thought Ben was a low. Geeze Jay.” says Jamie.

Jay looks red and unhappy.

“I don’t think it was him. He couldn’t have taken the pictures.” Jay says.

“But the other stuff was incredibly shitty. He was messing with Blairs firm, and Alexanders career and relationship.” Jamie says calmly.

“I know. It’s just depressing okay, I thought I found someone and he turned out to be psycho.” Jay says heading to his room.

“Go check he’s okay.” Peter says.

“Are you sure?” I say.

“Yes, I need to make the lunches anyway. Just keep your clothes on.” Peter teases me and kisses me.

“Jay can I come in?” I ask.

“Yeah.” He says.

“Are you going to be okay?” I ask.

“Yeah. I feel so stupid.” Jay says.

“What did he say last night?” I ask.

“That he was insecure about our friendship. He blamed me for being so affectionate with you, and for coming on to you on friday. But he was into everyone friday so its hard to know what to believe.” Jay says.

I give him a hug. I’m worried for him but he always rebounds quickly.

“You’ll find someone.” I say.

He nods.

I go up to my room and do my homework until Peter comes in.

We kiss and kiss and kiss.

“I love that I have you back properly.” I say.

“I love it too. Though after last night I am soooooooo tired.” Peter says.

“Me too.” I say.

We sleep snuggled as close as we can get.

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