Alexander in the Open part 6 – Alexander makes a change

Friday morning I wake feeling happy and settled. Peter is kissing me and pressing his cock against my ass. I turn my head to receive his kisses.

“Good morning my love.” I say.

“Mmmmm” Peter murmurs into my neck kissing me, rubbing against me.

“You started without me.” I say, pushing my ass back.

“You look too good, not my fault you were slow to wake up.” Peter says.

He pulls me so we’re face to face,morning breath be dammed we’re kissing and he’s grinding into me. I love it and join in with his passion.

We meld into each other, tasting and grinding, kissing and touching. I can not get enough of him and him me. When we release its a big mess. He rolls off me giggling.

“Come on let’s go shower.” Peter says.

I check the time.

“Nope, I am going to enjoy the feel of your sticky cum a while longer, I don’t have class until 11.” I say.

“Shit neither do I.” Peter laughs.

“You are so in trouble for waking me up early.” I say.

“Shut up you loved it.” Peter says kissing me more.

“We could have taken our time.” I counter.

We lay together content for a few minutes.

“I’m not picking a fight but was I being paranoid about Jay or was I right to be worried?” Peter says

“Bit of both I suppose if I’m truly honest. I came close to doing something when I was in LA this summer but he stopped it. I was being overly affectionate, I had been so lonely and he was back to his old self. No better than that he was really impressive with his job and how he was with people. But nothing happened other than kissing that I told you about. was the three-way an issue? Did I pay him too much attention and not enough to you?” I ask.
“No, no, no, that was hot, I loved it if I had been unhappy I would have done something. And anyway
you get a total free pass for that night we needed to show you that you were loved.” Peter says.

“Thanks. Jay and I have been affectionate recently, more so than I am with anyone else and I do
think about him sometimes, but I won’t go there. I promise. I told him if it came down to it and I had
to lose him as a friend to keep you that I would.” I explain.

“I don’t want you to lose him as a friend. I just get a bit jealous the way you two relate to each other sometimes. It’s different to how we are.” Peter explains.

“I know. But mostly Jay and I do stuff together as friends. With you, you’re my boyfriend and I want to do things for you, to make you happy, not with you to get them done.” I say.

“Okay. Sorry to bring things down when we’re doing so much better. I am really glad you decided to take
control and you decided to keep me even though I was an idiot.” Peter says.

“We both want this and we just needed to push away the obstacles and get on with it. Do I have anything to worry about with you and Vincent?” I ask.

“No. I have really, really enjoyed being with him but I that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy us, I do, I really, really do and I love you and I don’t want to spend any other time with him.” Peter says.

“Thanks. I wasn’t really worried just thought I should check. You were worth fighting for.” I say.

We snuggle and kiss and eventually get up and go to school.

Early Saturday morning we head to the airport. Once on the plane I panic.

“Are your parents mad at me for lying about who I am when we met?” I ask.

“No. I told them before I went to LA for the interview and they were a bit worried that it might cause too much distraction in school. After they were just concerned about you.” Peter says

“I didn’t even think really. I didn’t speak to anyone about it. I didn’t speak to any of our friends who we don’t live with. I didn’t really think at all, I’ve been quite selfish.” I say.

“It’s no ones business. You’re Alexander to us and your friends will make less of a deal of it if you
do.” Peter says.

“I guess. And I’m being arrogant to think they might all have seen it anyway.” I say.

“Oh they all did. Everyone messaged me or Jay about it. No one is mad at you for not telling them.”
Peter says.

I relax and we soon arrive. Peter’s Dad is waiting for us at the airport.
I ask if we can go via a florist and we pick out some flowers for Peters Mom.

As soon as our welcome hugs are over I apologize for hiding who I was when we first met. They shake it off and I relax.

They are having a party that evening and Peter’s Parents want to go to the farmers market to buy food and things. We’re happy to go with them. Peter points out lots of places that were important to him growing up.

We walk round the stalls together holding hands and having a normal day. Its weird for me being
with a family doing family things. Nice, but weird.

The weekend goes well until Monday morning. We’re having breakfast together

“Aaron and his parents are coming to dinner tonight.” Peter’s Mom says.

“That sounds like a spectacularly bad idea.” Says Peter.

“They’re coming. We ran into them recently and they were very impressed when we told them about your summer work and great grades. Aaron will be re-enrolling in January and they want him to see how well you are doing.” Peters Dad says.

Peter grips my hand under the table.

“That sounds a bit mean. There was nothing wrong with Aaron’s grades and he’s been working sort of. I don’t think I’m some shining example, I mean you are only going to hear the good stuff about me.” Peter says.

“We are so proud of you and I don’t care how embarrassed you are, we are going to show you off. You have grown up so much this year. You are being financially responsible; you are doing so well in school, maintaining a healthy relationship and still remember to call me each week. Barbara did not believe it was possible.” Peters mom says.

“Mom it’s not just the showing off that I’m uncomfortable with. I did some pretty awful things to Alexander last year and whilst I hold all responsibility I was heavily influenced by Aaron. I don’t want Alexander to have to spend time with him. I’m so ashamed of how I behaved but I have moved on and spending time with Aaron will just remind me how awful I was.” Peter says.

I kiss his cheek, so proud of him standing up for himself and for me.

“I’m sorry that the evening may be difficult for the pair of you. However you and Aaron were good friends once and however much we all dislike him and the influence he held on you I would not want to see him to head down a path that he cannot recover from. Right now he is causing his parents a lot of anguish and they are very close to cutting ties with him. We need to show them that it is possible to turn things around like you have. We have to try, we owe them that much.” Peters Dad says quietly and firmly.

“We owe them jack shit. It’s because I cut all ties with Aaron that I was able to turn things around. Aaron was blackmailing me. He tried to ruin my life, Alexanders life and others. I will never ever spend time with him and you can’t make Alexander.” Peter shouts.

I squeeze his hand not sure what else I can do or say. I would hate for Peter to fall out with his parents but equally I do not want to see Aaron ever again.

Peter looks at me and I see how scared he is. He needs me.

“We cannot cancel now. And I don’t want to. I expect you to be here.” Peters Dad says sternly.

“I think we had better go home early.” Peter says.

“If you leave I’m cutting you off. You can not be this selfish.” Peters Dad says. Shocking us all. Peters Mom is teary and clearly torn between father and son.

“That is fine Dad, I can pay my own way. Alexander is more important to me than money.” Peter says quietly and gets up from the table.

We head up to his room. I call round the airlines for a flight while Peter packs our things.

I eventually find two seats and book them, wincing at the cost.

“It’s all going to be okay baby. I promise.” I say hugging him tightly.

“I know my love. I hate running away but I can’t deal with this right now.” Peter says.

“Call a cab to the airport?” I ask.

“Let’s ask if Mom will take us. How long do we have?” Peter asks.

“An hour or so.” I say.

Peter’s Mom is still a bit teary but agrees to give us a ride.

“Thank you for a lovely weekend.” I say.

“Please come back soon. I’m sorry it’s ending so soon but Peter’s dad will not cancel tonight.” She

“I’m sorry Mom. I just can’t do it, not even for you. He’s over reacting too.” Peter says hugging her again.

His Dad has gone out somewhere. I feel bad that we have disappointed him but I am glad Peter has stood our ground.

On the plane we have to sit apart and I’m glad it’s a short flight. As soon as we get off the plane I pull Peter to the side and hold him.

Back at home it’s quiet. As we head to our room Jay’s door is open and he’s crying on his bed. Peter nods at me, takes my bag from me and kisses my cheek.

I go in and sit on Jay’s bed.

“What’s up honey?” I ask rubbing his back.

He just sobs on, not able to speak yet.

He’s curled in a ball, I slip off my shoes and curl myself around him. Holding him, trying to take away
his pain.

Peter comes back down and sits on the bed. I know he needs me too, he’s feeling rejected by his Dad and mulling over what happened last year. Peter lies down behind me, wrapping his arm around both me and Jay. I can feel him crying too. My two men being so unhappy upsets me greatly.

Eventually their sobs subside. I wriggle out from between them and get a washcloth to wipe their faces.
“Come on group therapy time. Jay you go first.” I say with a grin.

We’re sat in a row on the edge of Jay’s bed, me in the middle. Jay looks at me and kisses me hard. Peter tenses a little. I squeeze Peters thigh but don’t push Jay away. When Jay finally pulls away I kiss Peter, gently, letting him know I’m his. I feel him relax and turn back to Jay.

“That might make you feel better but it’s not really on.” I say gently.

“I know. I’m sorry Peter. I’m just feeling very sorry for myself. I went to see Mike yesterday and he confessed to so many lies. He never wanted me, he just wanted a way to get to you. I’m just feeling shit about myself. That I fell for his lies, that I believed the worst of Blair, that however strongly I resolve to hold out for the right guy I’m still so easy.” Jay says,

“You’ll find someone. You just need to take your time.” Peter says.

“I’m not sure I will. I’m pretty frightened about meeting guys now, after Mike’s lies, the disaster with Blair, being attacked. I need to be single, I know that but it’s so hard. I hate being alone.” Jay says.

“I hate that Mike’s lies mean you didn’t work through Blair and the attack properly. I guess they’re both hitting you quite hard right now. I’m sorry we weren’t there for you.” I say.

“We are now though. I love you Jay, I’m so sorry for hurting you last year. My behavior was dreadful, unforgivable. I deceived you from the start just like Mike did. I’m here for you whatever you need. I know I can’t truly make things up to you but I’d like to try.” Peter says.

“What brought that on?” Jay asks.

“Being at home. My Dad organized a dinner with Aaron and his family, we left early rather than go. He’s pretty mad at me.” Peter says.

“Wow. I’m sorry that’s rough. I’m glad you’re both here. Jamie went on a date on Saturday and it seems to be lasting 3 days, he messaged me, he is alive. Brian is at Blondies and Eric is with Ben. They are practicing for an audition to become gogo dancers at a new club.” Jay smirks then falls about laughing.

“What’s so funny? It would be good for Eric, he’s pretty shy given he wants to be an actor.” I say.

“Yeah having old men feeling your ass all night is just the way to overcome shyness.” Peter says grinning too.

“Stop being mean. He has to buy a lot of stuff for his course and pay for extra voice lessons and I fired him which made his Mom cut him off so he’s broke.” I say feeling a bit guilty.

“Pfft you were paying him way, way more than I was being paid and he had no expenses as you were paying those. I’ll never have any sympathy for him spending everything chasing cock all over Europe.” Jay says.

“You are so sexy when you’re mad.” I can’ stop myself saying, biting my lip and waiting for Peter’s reaction.

“He is. Man you are both so sexy.” Peter says.

“Mutual appreciation, I’ll never meet anyone as hot as you two. Cannot believe I had and lost both of you. I am so careless.” Jay says.

“Well if you ever feel like sharing our bed our door is always open.” Peter says shocking me.

“Uh I thought Jay was off limits.” I say.

“He is for you on your own. But if we are both there it’s okay.” Peter says.

“But only if it doesn’t mess with your head. You’re pretty mixed up right now and my boyfriend is very charming. ” I say.

“It’s okay you can disagree with your charming man, if he spoke out of turn. I can handle it.” Jay says.

“Are you kidding. If it was up to me you’d move into our room full time and we’d be a trio. But I know you’re the monogamous one true love type.” I say.

“Maybe I need to change that.” Jay says.

I look at Peter, I can’t read his face. I don’t know if he’s mad at me or amused.

“Could you cope with sharing me full time?” Peter asks me.

“I don’t know. Would you be okay sharing me?” I ask back.

“I already do, you were never 100 percent mine. Jay, would you be okay with my going outside when I need to?” Peter asks.

I can’t believe we’re actually talking about this. Could it really happen? Is Peter bored of me? Is he testing me?Fuck I am so turned on.

“Yes, if you are okay with Alexander and I having alone time when you do.” Jay says.

“Are you two for real?” I ask.

“I am. I’m already in love with you, I was in love with Peter once and he’s so much more of a man than he was then that I’m certain I’d fall quickly again.” Jay says honestly.

“And you are already in love with both of us. I’m obviously deeply in love with you and could easily love Jay, so easily if I let myself.” Peter says.

“What about needing time to sort your head out, to get over Mike to learn what you want?” I ask Jay.

“I want you. I’m happy to share. More than happy, I’d love it. When you’re in iceman mode Peter will be there for me and me for him. I don’t see a downside here.” Jay says forcefully.

“I’m the same. I want this. No more being jealous of you two being domestic or worrying about Jay’s expectations when you spoil him shopping. When you need space Jay will be there for me. When I need to go outside Jay will be there for you. You’ll be there to ride us both on our studies. And when you are off making movies it will be so much easier to cope with Jay by my side.” Peter says.

“I don’t want to hurt you Peter. I love our relationship, I love you so much. I don’t want you to feel like you are not enough for me. You are.” I say.

“I do know that. I am secure in us. Admitting that this is what you crave won’t hurt me.” Peter says.

“Uh can we talk alone?” I say to Peter.

Jay looks at me and smiles a scared little smile.

“We don’t need to. I know all the things you are worried about. Jay is over what I did to him, he needs to learn to trust me more but he’s close. I need to work on trusting Jay that he hasn’t just been trying to steal you, but after our talk the other morning I’m close to being there. You are worried Jay is doing this just to be with you but he just isn’t that manipulative.
I still love you, I’m madly in love with you and I am not tired of you but neither of us is the monogamous type really and your options are so limited because I’m not happy with you just picking guys up but we can’t expect Jay to be there just for sex when you need him because he deserves more.
This is the best solution. I don’t mean to sound cold and logical about it, I fucking love the idea, sexually and romantically. Jay you are a choice for us we both chose you before and we both still want you.” Peter says in a rush panting at the end.

“You both know this would be a dream for me. I love you both so much. But if you both are really serious we need rules.” I say.

Jay relaxes and Peter grins and kisses me.

“Jay moves into our room on a trial basis. If anyone isn’t happy Jay moves out and we go back to being a couple. Can you cope with that Jay?” I ask.

“Yes that’s fair. Anything else?” Jay asks.

“After the trial period if it doesn’t work out we agree not to be in a relationship with one of the others for I don’t know a year, a semester, a good period of time.” I say.

So no one feels pushed out?” Peter asks.

“Yeah, I know for me it would be impossible to get over you two being a couple again and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on either of you.” I say.

“That’s fair too and motivation for us all to keep it working.” Says Jay.

“I know it goes without saying for you two but no one ever, ever sells our story or talks to the press about any aspect of our lives.” I say.

“God Alexander we love you. We would never.” Peter says a little angry.

“That said I’m doing an interview with the school paper this week. I promise not to mention either of you.” I say.

Jay and Peter laugh at me.

“Anything else?” Peter asks when he recovers.

“We probably need to work something out about solo, couple and trio time. But I don’t have any suggestions. I don’t want to be so ridged that I say we have to have one couple night a week each or anything. More we need to be able to say if the balance is off. I know I’ll probably push the two of you together a lot to make sure I’m not hogging one of you and I need you to keep me in check.” I say.

“Yeah we know how generous you are. Uh I also need to talk about sex.” Jay says and stops.

“Go on. If we can’t talk about sex together we need to forget this right now.” Says Peter.

“I know you two are versatile together, and I was with you Peter but that isn’t who I am. I don’t want to throw the balance off but.” Jay falters, struggling to find the words.

“You only want us in your butt, no topping from you.” Peter says.

“Yeah. Is that okay?” Jay says.

“Of course. This is about us all being happy.” I say.

“It’s good with me. I don’t think any of us will ever go unsatisfied.” Peter says

“Will we tell the others?” I ask.

“Brian will know if I move out of the room.” Jay says.

“Oh hell will Eric kick off again if Brian has the big room to himself?” Peter says

“He’ll be fine or he can leave. Brian pays more rent.” I say.

“Is it okay if I tell my Mom? Maybe not that we’re a trio but that I’m back with Alexander?” Jay says.

“Sure. We’ll work something out with parents.” Peter says.

“Let’s get you moved in.” I say to Jay.

We stand up and hug together.

“I really need to call home, I need to clear the air with Dad and reassure Mom. Can you manage without me?” Peter says

I nod.

“I’m sorry Babe We didn’t even start to talk about your problems.” I say.

“It’s fine. I’m feeling pretty fucking awesome right now.” Peter says.

Peter heads downstairs making the call and Jay and I look at each other.

“Is this really okay with you?” I ask still unable to believe it’s real.

“I love the idea. I know we’ve joked before but it really feels right.” Jay says.

“I’m so happy.” I say honestly.

“Now I can kiss you whenever I want to.” Jay says, standing on tip toe and planting a big kiss on me. I laugh and kiss him back.

We gather up his things and start to pack loosely to save trips upstairs. Peter comes up and joins us a little while later and we make quick work of it. I strip the bed and start the laundry while they unpack.

When I get back upstairs they are making out on the unmade bed.

I jump on top of them and join in for a few minutes before chivying them back to work. We make space for Jay’s things in the bathroom and there was already a lot of space in the dressing room.

Jay helps me make the bed and we all collapse onto it together.

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  1. that is the dumbest idea. it just shows that alexander and peter were not in love enough to make it last.


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