Au pair summer

The summer after my first year at uni I decided I needed a live in job. I’d never liked my stepdad and
I hated the small town I grew up in so living at home again was not an option. I looked at hotels,
holiday clubs, pubs, farms, everything but no one was hiring, I was too late applying for most places.

A girl on my course told me she was being an au pair for the summer in France, she’d done it before
and I should try looking locally as people need cheap childcare for the school holidays and families
with boys like sporty guys to keep them entertained.

She was right. I easily secured a position taking care of 3 boys, in a leafy suburb to the south of my
city. The house was huge and I had a nice granny flat to live in with my own facilities, gym membership,
bus pass and £100 a week. Not exactly megabucks but with food, rent and travel covered II’d easily get by.

As soon as exams were over I moved in. The mum Jackie was really welcoming, delighted I could
start immediately and take over the normal school run for the last few weeks of term. She had
interviewed me but I was yet to meet the husband.

On my first day he walked into the kitchen as I was handing the kids their lunches. He was so hot. A
real hot daddy. Late 40s maybe, still had a good head of dark wavy hair, grey at the temples. He
must have been a little over 6 foot. He was wearing a tracksuit and looked to be in amazing shape. I
recognized him as a former footballer, now in charge of the youth program at one of the big clubs.
I stood in the kitchen like a goldfish gawping at him for a good 2 minutes.

I didn’t see Graham, the dad for a few days. Away at a tournament Jackie said. I soon put him out of
my mind. He was married with three kids and my boss for Christ sakes.

The next week he was back and I often did the daily handover to him. I soon found my voice, he was
a nice guy, a bit aloof but normal enough. If I was in the garden with the kids when he got back he’d
join in our games. It was at those times I allowed myself to dream a little. He was so hot running
round with the kids and treated me like a normal bloke not like staff. But still there was an air of
authority about him.

In the kitchen talking to Jackie about the boys day Graham came in and joined the conversation, I
swear he ran his hand over my arse as he was talking to me. The next day the same. I couldn’t help
but beat off all night over it, imagining his hands all over me.

On Friday I’d been asked to babysit while they went out. I went into the main house 15minutes or so
before they had to leave. The boys were already asleep or at least in their rooms. Jackie was upstairs
getting ready and Graham was on the sofa watching tv. He patted the spot next to him and I sat

I was stiff as could be sitting next to him and tried to adjust. He ran his hand down my back and I

“Suck me off. I know you want it, I’ve seen you looking.” Graham said pushing me down to his crotch
with one hand as he unzipped with the other.

His cock was stunning. I’m pretty small so always admire thick meat and it was thick, maybe 7 inches
or so, I couldn’t see the base, beautifully veined and uncut.

I licked my lips and got to work, I just couldn’t pass the chance up. I was terrified we would get
caught but my lust was too strong to stop.

I licked at the veins on his shaft. Wanting to savour every taste.

“Come on boy, I don’t have all night.” Graham says irritably.

I take what I can in my mouth and begin to suck on it, he’s holding my head down and murmuring a
lot of encouragement. His dirty talk drives me wild. I take as much as I can deep in my throat holding
him there. He rubs my back and calls me a good boy. I’m thrilled.

I resume sucking, he tastes amazing, he’s freshly showered but there is still a manliness to his scent. I
devour him. I’m lost in my cocksucking world. His stops pushing my head, and moves to my arse,
spanking me a couple of times. Groaning as he does so.

Oh how I would love a proper spanking from my hot daddy boss. My cock is leaking endlessly at the
thought. His timing is perfect, as soon as we hear his wife’s footsteps on the stairs he shoots his load
into my mouth. In the seconds it takes Jackie to make it into the room he pushes me away, zips
himself up and chucks a cushion in my lap to hide my erection.

“Ready to go dear.” Graham asks Jackie as if nothing has happened.

They go out and I lie down on the sofa for a few minutes, feeling light headed. I resist the urge to
beat off straight away, I don’t want one of the kids catching me.

I gather my thoughts, not sure if it really happened or if it was a daydream. I can still taste his cum, I
know it was real. Fuck.

Over the next two weeks Graham continues to rub or pat my arse casually. I start wearing tighter
shorts or jeans on the days I know he’ll be doing handover. I’m sure his hand is twitching when he
looks at me sometimes.

On Friday I’m going through the weekly grocery order with Jackie, she’s going away for work for a few
days and is worrying. I’m leaning against the counter and I guess my bum is sticking out. Graham
walks in and I’m instantly on edge. He leans next to me looking and the list and pushes his hand
straight down the back of my shorts, he slowly fondles each cheek before withdrawing his hand and
giving me a firm spank.

I bite my lip to prevent me yelping. I don’t dare look at him. He is talking away to Jackie making
suggestions and it is as if I’m not there and nothing has happened.

“My Brother is going to have the boys for the week as I’ve some matches and Jackie is away.”
Graham says.

“So you’d like me to take some days off?” I say.

“Oh could you stay here, I hate the house being empty. Maybe do some cooking and sort out the
kids clothes.” Jackie says.

“Sure of course. Leave me a list.” I say and head back to my room.

Just me and Graham. Oh boy.

I head into the city for the weekend and go drinking with some friends. I’m hit on a fair bit but no
one compares to my hot boss. I sleep on my friend’s sofa and we hang out all day Sunday too,
drinking watching sport. I’m pretty drunk by the time I get back to the house and likely scruffy and

As I walk up the driveway Graham is driving out. He stops the car and opens the window.
“You’re a fucking state. We’ll talk about this tomorrow night. It’s time you had a performance review.
You best be in when I get home.” Graham says with a voice of steel.

Oh boy.

Monday I potter about the house and garden working through the list of chores.

In the afternoon I take time to shave everything, just in case. I’m so horny waiting for Graham to
come home. Since I sucked him off he hasn’t asked for anything else just feels my bum whenever he
can. I want him so much.

I’m in the main house watching TV waiting when Graham gets back.

He pings a jockstrap at me and tells me to get changed. It’s a Timoteo, a bright blue colour he
definitely bought it for me; it is not something he picked up at work.

I put it on. My little dick is upright. I look back and I think my ass looks good. I fold up my clothes and
sit back down waiting.

He’s changed into jeans and is bare chested when he comes back in.
“Stand up.” Graham orders.

I do. He motions for me to move into the middle of the room and walks around me taking in every
inch of me.

“I was gone five minutes and you’ve already made a mess.” Graham says indicating the wet patch
I’ve made.

I hang my head. Shamed, excited.

“Hands on your head, move your legs further apart and stick is out a little.” Graham begins.
I tremble with every word, trying to get everything right.

“Very good. Bend a little more, that’s is legs wider.” Graham’s orders continue.

I should feel like a piece of meat but I feel like the most special boy in the world.

“Bend right over and spread those cheeks.” Graham continues.

All the time he has just been walking in circles round me not touching me at all.

“Very good. Stand up. So far you have been an excellent employee. You have spent a little more time
than you should have checking me out and you have been flaunting that ass of yours trying to tempt
me in front of my wife. I was going to let that bad behaviour slide as the rest of your work was
good.” Graham says to me in a gentle but firm tone.

My ass twitches involuntarily, anticipating what may come. I have wanted to explore this side of
myself for so long but have never dared voice it. I love that Graham knows what I need. He knows I’ll
do anything for him too. I know he knows.

“On Sunday you returned to the house looking like a tramp and smelling like one. What if we had
had friends or family visiting? What would they have thought of us hiring a tramp to look after the
boys? We would have been humiliated. You must think about how you look, how you present
yourself is a reflection on me.” Graham says his tone still soft but so frightening.

“I’m so sorry. It will not happen again Sir.” I say softly, scared of doing the wrong thing.

“I should think so. But that is three strikes so you need disciplining.” Graham says finally touching
me, running his fingers down one cheek, then gripping it hard.

“Yes Sir.” I say.

“Stand facing the wall. Closer. Come on boy, toes to the wall.” Graham orders.

I shuffle close to the wall.

“Put your fingertips on the wall.” Graham says.

Confused I comply.

Graham lifts each of my fingers in turn and places a coin between them and the wall. When all ten
fingers are done he spreads my fingers so they are far enough apart to be a little uncomfortable.

He runs his hands gently over my back and my arse.

“You need to work out more often boy. We include a gym membership in your benefits. I expect you
to use it.” Graham whispers so, so quietly in my ear.

“Lean your head forward.” Graham says.

He places a ping pong ball between my nose and the wall.

“Stay like that boy. Focus. Focus on what you have done and what I need you to do. If any of the
objects drop I will be very disappointed. Focus.” Graham says.

It is so hard to focus when my dick is straining and leaking. For once I’m glad it’s small so it doesn’t
stop me from staying close to the wall.

The time ticks by and it becomes easier and easier to focus on Graham. I cannot disappoint him
again. I must stop tempting him. I must take better care of myself and be an asset to him.

Tonight is not what I expected. It is so much more. I am so lucky.

My left hand begins to cramp and I squirm uncomfortably trying to focus, trying to ignore this
discomfort. I don’t know where Graham is, if he stayed in the room or left.

Oh hell my nose is itching. Please don’t need to sneeze. Focus, focus on pleasing Graham. If I do this
he’ll like me more. It will prove I am better than my mistakes.

Focus, focus.

It’s so hard and I’m so close to giving up, my hand aches my nose is uncomfortable and sweating.
Shit my fingers are getting sweaty too. Focus. Breathe.

Just when I think I’m going to drop everything with a clatter Graham approaches and removes the
ball and each coin in turn, slowly, not letting me relax yet.

When the last coin is taken he pulls me away from the wall into his arms. He rubs my upper arms
and kisses the top of my head.

“Good boy. Very good boy.” Graham says, all the time he’s rubbing me, holding me, reassuring me.

His massaging of my arms is expert. He’s making me feel great and I start to breathe more regularly.

“You are a very good boy. I’m happy that you won’t lose focus that your image and actions reflect on
me.” Graham says.

“I will always remember Sir. I won’t let you down again.” I say.

“On your knees for your reward.” Graham says as he unzips his fly.

I grin and kneel before him hungry for his magnificent cock.

“Take your time tonight boy.” Graham says.

I do as he suggests, licking and tasting all of him, making his length shiny with my spit, tracing every
vein with my tongue. Sucking on each ball in turn. Before taking what I can into my mouth.

“Good boy, good boy.” Graham says as he gives my head some guidance.

His is the biggest, tastiest cock I have encountered. I’m sad that this is only the second time I’ve been
allowed to take it in my mouth. I shoot my load almost unaware as he pushes my head to take him
deeper. When he finishes I lick every drop.

“Tomorrow I leave at 7 I expect my breakfast and coffee on the table in good time. I will be back at
6.30 and expect dinner to be ready. If my plans change I will call.” Graham says once he’s tucked

“Yes Sir.”

“Tomorrow we will work on your problem with flaunting yourself.”

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