Musings (Post Alexander in the open part 9)

Please read part 9 before this if you’re following Alexander in the open.

It’s funny how things turn out. I’d planned out the ‘In the open’ section quite well I thought. Much of what I planned has made it in but the main relationship part not so much.

Peter and Alexander would have their rough patch, get through it, be totally loved up but break up just before Thanksgiving due to Peters ongoing cheating and Jay was to try and step in and be rejected until a romantic reunion at new year.

The hangover from the summer of Alexander’s feelings for Jay got in the way and the trio, which was going to happen ages ago but didn’t, began and ended without it working at all. Alexander is happy to play away now and then but is not good at sharing, Jay is a dick and Peter a blind fool. It was never a good combination.

Meanwhile Brian is very happy to be sharing Blondie. Knowing his place in his triad makes him feel secure and confident. Blondie is delighted to have a second chance with his first love and thrilled that Brian is ready to explore his world.

Alexander is free to spread his wings, he can rebuild his confidence and become the man he needs to be.

I’m off work for a couple of weeks and writing more. I’m not entirely happy with what I’ve done and some of it is feeling a bit laundry list. I’m reworking Freddie completely, trying to write some shorts about a holiday rep (anyone else spend a hellish season in Greece in their youth?) and writing a short around Erics job in the club.

Now I’ve written that down I best get it done.

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