Alexander in the open 13 – Jamie’s Birthday

On Friday I rush home from college to get ready for the party. I shower and change and try and get the kitchen and main room ready. We’ve moved the garden table and chairs inside to make enough places for everyone to sit down.

We’re all setting the table, opening wine and doing last minute tiding before the caterers arrive. Felix has been icing the cake for ages and a load of cupcakes for tomorrow. He’s done an amazing job.

The caterers arrive and a couple of Eric’s friends arrive to be waiters for the evening. We’re all a bit frazzled by the time Jamie’s girl Annie and her friends arrive.

Everyone sit’s down and we begin the evening. Jamie loves every minute. He literally beams all night long. The food is great, well the first course was after that I don’t remember too much as I’d had so much to drink.

We finish dessert and a fruit and cheese course is being brought round. We’ve moved from champagne to wine to port. We’re getting louder and louder.

Felix jumps up to give a toast.

“To my bestest friend Jamie, the best, best friend in the world. You rescued me freshman year and became the best roommate in the world. Even though you have deserted me this year, you are still the best of men to me. I adore you and will forever. Happy Birthday Jamie.”

“To Jamie.” We all shout and drink.

Felix turns to his friend and gives him a big kiss, Jamie doesn’t squirm away he kisses back hard. Everyone is laughing. Jamie’s date Annie proclaims it hot and her girlfriends are all giggling too.

That’s the first positive reaction from the girls, they have been a bit quiet all night, they’ve been the low point of the evening, a few of us have tried to get to know them but they’re all hard work.

The waiters clear the table and we ask them to join us for the whiskeys and brandies, tomorrow is going to be interesting.

In the small hours the girls get to get a cab home, Annie leaves too, not looking good for Jamie.

“Felix either Peter or Jay’s bed will be free.” I say.

“Can I try the apartment? I was wondering if Jamie and I could move in there next semester.” Felix slurs.

“Yesh team Jamie and Felix ride again.” Jamie shouts.

“Actually Peter and I were hoping to move in there.” Jay springs on me.

That sobers me for a moment.

“Uh we were going to ask too, it is not working out for Blondie where he is.” Brian says.

“Oh my god do you all hate my house? I’m sorry the apartment is not available now but yes next semester Felix or Blondie that’s fine just fight it out between yourselves.” I slur.

“Felix and I can share Brian’s room if Jay will swap.” Jamie says.

“Done.” I shout.

We carry on talking and drinking. I’m almost asleep at the table when I try and stand to go to bed.

I kiss Jamie on the cheek.

“Happy late birthday, love you, sorry about the ladies. They were boring anyway.” I say.

“Yup she was sooooo dull. I got you guys.” Jamie grins and kisses my cheek.

“Mine.” Felix shouts and kisses Jamie’s cheek.

“I’ve missed seeing you two have fun together. We need more drunkard dinners.” I say.

I head outside and before I make it to the garage steps Peter is behind me.

“Were you going to tell me you’d moved out?” Peter asks.

“No.” I say.

“I know you wanted me to back off but is this necessary?” Peter asks.

“I can’t be around you and him. It’s just too hard, I thought I was ready. I’m not. Peter please just let me go.” I say, I’m a drunken sobbing mess.

“Baby. Please.” Peter says pulling my arm.

“No! No, no, no.” I shout pushing him away and running away.

I don’t make it to the air mattress just sleep on the floor, I wake freezing and feeling shit. I pee, throw up and go back to sleep.

When I wake I shower and head to the house. People will be arriving soon. I clear up the best I can and start putting together the brunch stuff.

Jay comes in and starts helping me. We don’t talk but it’s almost like before we got together, we work well together and it’s great. Nice even, normal.

Brian and Eric start getting the games sorted and create a few areas for people to use for playing.

People start arriving, the games are all out, food is on the kitchen counter and we’ve jugs of cocktails ready. It looks awesome. Jamie, Grey and Felix come in and are delighted.

“Thanks for your help.” I say to Jay.

“It’s for Jamie.” Jay says.

I nod and make myself coffee.

“Wait Alexander, can we talk? Downstairs?” Jay says.

“Okay.” I say confused.

We go down to the basement. I open the windows as I’m feeling a bit trapped.

“Peter still asleep?” I ask.

“Yeah. Look I’m really sorry. I’ve been awful just like you said. I don’t know why I always take it out on you when things are wrong in my life. I’m truly sorry. Also I’m sorry I haven’t paid you back yet. Please don’t make me move out. Can I pay you back weekly or something?” Jay says.

“I don’t understand. You saved almost everything you earnt this summer. You sold your bag from Blair. I know you’ve shopped more than last year but nothing extreme. Have you developed a coke or gambling habit?” I ask utterly confused.

“No, nothing like that you know me better than that. My Mom has access to my statements, it was always part of our agreement in me coming away to school to show I was responsible, she has access to my grades, my cell bill and I have to add her on social media.” Jay says.

“Wow that’s extreme.” I say.

“It’s not that unusual. I’d have gone along with pretty much anything to go here.” Jay says.

“Okay but what has that got to do with where you money has gone. She can’t have just taken it.” I say.

“She practically did. She had a bunch of emergencies that have cleaned me out, her car broke down and I leant her the money for the repair bill. She lost her phone, her computer died. She’s really struggled since Dad left, he’s never stayed away this long before, she said she was done with him but I think she was waiting for him to come back and sort her out. She cleared me out. I’m down to like 200 bucks.” Jay says.

“And now she’s stopped asking?” I ask.

“No, every time John and Mart put something in or Blair pays me for a job she’s on the phone with another problem. Within hours. I swear she’s constantly checking my balance.” Jay says.

“And you can’t say no?” I ask.

“She’s my Mom, she supported me getting in here, she co-signed my loan last year which she is always guilting me about. I love my Mom, we have always been close. I never expected her to expect me to support her financially, not while I’m in school.” Jay says.

“Does Peter know?” I ask.

“No. I like Peter, I do. He’s a bit fantasy isn’t he? I didn’t want to complicate things with him with reality.” Jay says.

“Peter is a great listener and practical. He’s a really great guy. Doesn’t always remember to keep his cock in his pants but mostly he’s amazing. You’re stupid not to trust him with this.” I say.

“Maybe. It’s all new. He and I still have trust issues. I know he is pining for you. I don’t want to give him another reason to drop me. I’m hoping he’ll win you back for us.” Jay says.

“You really are waiting on prince charming just like your Mom. If you wanted me back you wouldn’t be so fucking vile.” I say.

“I know. I know. Peter told me your theory about what happened and you were right. I’ve been so embarrassed since he told me what you said I’ve been lashing out at you for making me look even weaker to Peter.” Jay says.

“I don’t know what you want from me. I gave you everything I had and you threw it all away. I’m sorry you and your Mom are having difficulties and you’re broke. You could have told me sooner I would have helped, you know that. You could have told John and Mart. You could have set up another bank account for them and Blair to pay money into. There are loads of solutions that don’t include treating me like shit.” I say annoyed.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you before. I was going to when it started but I didn’t want to ask for money after you’d been so amazing getting me the job and everything. I’d felt so good that I was finally able to buy clothes and things for myself for the first time in ages. When I agreed to join your relationship I felt equal to you for once but within a week I was broke and it just made that gap so wide again. So I started testing you again. I needed you to fight for me, to rescue me but you didn’t and I lost it.” Jay says.

“I don’t have anything else to say. I’m not ready to forgive your behaviour. I’m not ever going to be your boyfriend again. I’m not your friend. I am not going to give you any money to fund your Mom. I’ll forgive the money I leant you for the flight and you can continue to live here rent free but only if you start behaving like a decent human to everyone.” I say.

“You won’t help me at all? Maybe groceries?” Jay asks.

“No, get a job, get a loan, ask Peter he’s your boyfriend not me.” I say.

“You said I could always come to you.” Jay says “I’m coming to you, I’m desperate.”

“I’m sorry. If you’d come to me before it would have been different but you have been an utter asshole. Right now I’m glad you’re suffering. I hope you have to drop out.” I say feeling awful and not really meaning it but unable to be the better man.

Jay leaves the room.

I take a nap on the couch, hoping I’ll feel more in the party mood when I wake up.

I do feel better and head upstairs to join in the party. The house if full of guys playing everywhere. Loads of Jamie and Felix friends are here along with our joint friends.

I make myself useful making more drinks, adding more beers to the coolers and replenishing the food.

I find Jamie and give him a hug and check everything is okay.

“I have beers and my friends and we are nerding it up all day. It’s all fine, relax.” Jamie says.

“Okay. You look like you’re having fun. It’s great that so many people are here.” I say.

“Yeah I’m a bit surprised but it’s awesome.” Jamie says.

I leave him to it and am about to head back downstairs, out the way when Peter catches my arm. My heart sinks, I can see he’s mad, I know he’s about to shout at me about Jay. I shake him off and go outside instead.

It’s freezing. I sit on the deck and shiver not really sure what to do. I thought I had a handle on this breakup. I need to get my party head on.

Eric comes out and hands me a spiked coffee.

“Have some party spirit.” Eric says.

“Cheers. Are you having a break?” I ask.

“Yeah. Just finished playing a game I still don’t understand. Some of Jamie’s friends are cute though. Felix has plans for us all later.” Eric says.

“Everyone?” I ask.

“Nah the gayboys. He’s cleared it with Jamie. You up for some fun now you’re single?” Eric asks.

“Yeah for sure. We the only single gays?” I ask.

“Marc is here too and who knows if all Jamie’s friends are straight.” Eric says.

“Cool. Are you actually single? Are Harry and Bobbie okay with you being with others?” I ask.

“Yeah I’m free to be with whoever. They are just my couple with benefit’s.” Eric laughs.

“Thanks for the other night and today. I’ve needed you, I’m really glad we’re friends again.” I say.

“No problem, I’m glad we’re friends too. I signed my contract for the movie I’m really excited. Might get to hang up my dancing shoes for a bit.” Eric says.

“But you like working in the club?” I ask.

“Yeah the dancing if fun and meeting loads of guys. But I have to market myself which opens me to loads of comments and I need to be nice to the creepier guys because they tip loads. I’m getting a lot of offers for more than dancing and it’s just so seedy. Still a booker has told me he’d put me on in other clubs and bars if I quit.” Eric says.

“Can you afford to quit now, given you know you’ll have money coming for the movie and you’ll get the rest of your zombie payment in May.” I say.

“I could. But I feel like I want more in reserve. Plus I don’t want to burn any bridges, if I’m going to be an actor I’ll need jobs like this when I’m not working. You know night jobs that I can pick up and put down.” Eric says.

“I get it. If ever you’re having a bad night call me on your break and I’ll come down. I might be a major wimp but I don’t look it.” I say.

“Thanks, I’d really like that, plus they are always bugging me to bring you in.” Eric says.

“Okay well Friday for sure then.” I say.

“Come on let’s go and join the fun. We might find some of Jamie’s friends like us more than the games.” Eric says pulling me up and dragging me inside.

I get a text from Paul to say he’s picked up an injury at the game so won’t make it. He’s sleeping with an ice machine and can I please videochat tomorrow. I’m sad he won’t make it but maybe it’s a good thing not to introduce him to my friends.

I settle down to play with a group of guys I don’t really know. We’re having a lot of fun. I’m totally clueless but picking things up with help from the very cute guy next to me Casey. He’s not that tall maybe 5’6 or so, quite small but muscular, more bulky than Eric, big guns for his size. The bluest eyes and very short mid brown hair.

We have a fair bit of hand touching as we move pieces around and I can’t tell how much is him wanting the game to move more smoothly and how much is him flirting. I am flirting. We laugh a lot together and are soon lost in our own world of conversation about classes and the gym and his hobbies. He’s an interesting guy, a great distraction.

Felix stands on a chair and starts shouting.

“Gay boys this is your 1 hour warning. In the basement for x rated games in one hour, be ready. Straight boys I am really sorry that there are no girls here. But we always happy to help out the curious.” Felix says before jumping down and heading off to shower.

I excuse myself from the game and head down to the basement and find towels and supplies. I move the couches round to make more space then head upstairs to get drinks. Peter comes over to give me some help and I’m kind of wary.

Once we’re downstairs I decide to risk finding out his mood.

“You mad at me?” I ask.

“No, well maybe. I don’t like that you upset Jay.” Peter says.

“I’m not sorry. Did he tell you everything?” I ask.

“I don’t know. He said you are still threatening to kick him out.” Peter says.

“I think us not talking about Jay is a good idea.” I say.

“Sure but you can’t keep threatening him like that. You know I’ll go too.” Peter says.

“Maybe that’d be best for me, then at least I could live in my own home. Anyway I only told him he has to leave in May. Before then it’s up to him. If he stops being so fucking awful to me then it’ll be okay.” I say.

“I’ll try and keep him in line.” Peter says.

“Who will keep you in line?” I ask grinning.

“Oh, if only you would baby.” Peter says.

We’re sat on the couch and I want to kiss him, to hold him close. I stand up and head upstairs abruptly.

I head up my room to use the bathroom to get ready. Not that I’ll be doing anything.

I grab a few more bottles and a stack of cups on my way down. The others are all already there, mostly in their underwear. I strip off and sit with Blondie and Brian. Then Casey walks in and sit’s next to me.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yes, really.” Casey replies.

“Good.” I say.

“I’m glad you think so.” Casey says, his eyes are sparking. We both grin, a lot. He strips off and he looks really good. He’s quite tanned, no hair other than his pit’s, delicious looking nipples and his ass is amazing, perfect bubble.

“There are a few new guys here tonight so I think a few gentle questions to start Load up your drinks, you do have to down it if you won’t answer. Lets get to know each other before moving on to more daring physical fun.” Felix says wiggling his ass, letting his nice cock flop all over the place.

Grey is laughing like mad at his new boyfriend.

“You best start us off Felix.” I say.

“Easy best sex ever. Let’s start with your cute new friend.” Felix says.

“Hi I’m Casey I guess I’m new here. My best time was in the shower at the gym, he was hot and muscular and hung.” Casey says laughing.

“My best time was this spring, I was feeling horny for the first time in ages and Peter and I had so, so much fun. I have never cum so much. Then we became boyfriends, best sex, best day.” I say.

Peter grins at me.

“I’m taking a drink.” Brian says.

“Wow, I am insulted.” Blondie says. “But so am I.”

“Pathetic. Mine was the other week with Grey over Alexander’s car in the garage. Sorry A.” Felix says grinning.

“Eeeewwwwwwwwe.” I say.

“Ditto what Felix said.” Says Grey.

“My first time with Alexander, I have never had a guy’s tongue in my ass so fast.” Jay says looking at me. I can’t help but grin back forgetting everything for a minute.

“Is that Peter?” Casey whispers.

“No, the blonde one.” I say.

“The time Alexander described is one of mine but I think our first time bareback in the outdoor shower on vacation was my best ever.” Peter says.

“Have you been with anyone else here?” Casey asks.

“Just oral.” I say.

He nods but looks a little put off. I hope he’s not that judgemental.

“This summer in Germany Eric fucked me while Bobbie was riding me. Best day ever.” Harry says.

“Oh that was good but my fave is the first time you did me solo.” Eric says to Harry.

Harry kisses Eric on the neck then mouth. I’m pretty shocked.

“And mine is rolling round flip flopping with Eric. Sorry Harry, I love us every time but being a bit naughty makes it more memorable.” Bobbie says grinning.

“Wow you are all so incestuous. I’ve no idea what Alexander and Grey have gotten me into.” Marc, Greys friend who I tried to pick up online says.

“So whats yours?” I ask him.

“I hope it is yet to come. Nothing has been stand out yet.” Marc says.

“Drink.” Shouts Felix.

Marc laughs and complies.

“So from the good to the bad, worst breakup. Lets start with Marc and go the other way.” Felix says.

“I’ve not had a proper relationship yet, still looking.” Marc says.

“Drink. And we can totally find you someone.” Felix says.

“Nothing bad yet.” Harry says taking a drink.

“Aaron that was a fucking nightmare.” Eric says throwing a look at Peter.

“Hey I apologized a million times for my part in that.” Peter says throwing his hands up.

“My worst breakup is the one that just happened. Losing Alexander is the worst thing.” Peter says.

“All my breakups have been awful.” Jay says.

“Drink. And honey you know ours was your worst.” Felix says queening it up.

“I’ve always done the dumping, yes honey I’m drinking.” Grey says.

“Oh mine are always drama. That fucking RA though screwing me out of getting the job for this year, ugh.” Says Felix.

“When Brian dropped me because he wanted more time for study.” Blondie says laughing.

“Oh baby I was worth the second chance. Eric dumping me the minute he got to Europe, after I moved in here and not before. Dick.” Brian says cheerfully smiling at Eric.

“Sorry, you’re too cute to disappoint in person.” Eric says.

“My first boyfriend. He dumped me because I wasn’t giving him enough attention, what with my Dad being terminally ill.” I say bitterly and drink.

“Nothing exciting, I’m drinking.” Says Casey.

I stand up to get more beers from the cooler.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Felix says,

“What?” I ask.

“Come on the whole point of that question was to get the dirt on you three. Why did you dump Peter and Jay?” Felix asks.

“That wasn’t the question.” I say drinking.

“You might as well tell them.” Peter says.

“I ended it as I wasn’t getting any. Not so much as a handjob from either of them.” I say.

“Bullshit, what about when I went away for the weekend? All these guys gave you the house to yourselves.” Jay shouts.

“That was all about Peter. Can we move on? We’ve done the truth part. Time for the dares. Grey as you’re new and need to get to know us, I dare you to kiss everyone in the circle.” I say determined to move off the subject of my failings in front of Casey.

Grey laughs and moves round the circle kissing everyone quickly, ending with Felix who gives him his full passion.

“Casey apparently you are new too. Go have a feel of everyones balls, give them a good weigh.” Grey says.

Casey looks at me and grins. He heads out and has a good rummage. He faces me last.

“Not how I expected things to go.” He says to me.

“I don’t mind.” I say enjoying his touch.

As he sits down I lean in and kiss him, just briefly.

He looks at me and grins and takes my hand.

“Oh boy, I don’t know many names. Uh Brian I dare you to lick Jay’s pit’s.” Casey says.

“How long for?” Brian asks.

“30 seconds each side.” Felix says.

“So you dated Peter and Jay at once, but you ended it?” Casey whispers.

“Yeah, both Peter and I dated Jay in the past, then we got together early in the year and Jay joined us a few weeks ago, out time as a trio, triad, whatever didn’t work out.” I whisper back.

“Are you over it?” Casey asks.

“Yes and no. I could use some help.” I say.

“I can be very helpful.” Casey says.

“You’re not put off?” I ask.

“You’re really hot and you give me the time of day. It would take a lot to put me off.” Casey says.

“You’re really cute. I bet you have options.” I say.

“Jamie said you were charming.” Casey says.

The dares are continuing around us but we’re not paying much attention until.

“Peter I dare you to suck Alexander.” Felix shouts.

I sigh and stand up. My cock is as usual betraying me and growing quickly in anticipation. I pull Peter into a quick kiss before he makes his way slowly down.

“Time doesn’t start until you get to the joystick.” Felix shouts.

Peter doesn’t speed up. When he gets there he’s amazing, lots of tongue, lots of looking up at me.

I gasp a little. When Felix calls time I pull Peter back to his feet and he kisses me.

He kisses me hard backing me up against the wall. It is amazing, I kiss back, lost in his passion before reality hit’s and we pulls apart.

“And that is why we think you’re a liar Alexander. No way Peter could have kept his hands off you for that long.” Felix says as Peter and I sit down.

“He didn’t lie okay. I fucked up, I massively fucked up and now I’ve lost him. He didn’t lie, nothing was his fault.” Peter says angrily.

Jay is scowling. I’m massively annoyed we shouldn’t have to justify anything.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper to Casey.

“More turned on than off.” Casey whispers back and slips his arm around me. Our height difference is quite apparent even sat down. I lean in and kiss him lightly then pull him round and sit behind him, he nestles between my legs and I lean and put my chin on his shoulder and we kiss a little more. It’s nice, feels good. Then I look up and see Peter and Jay watching us.

I’m just paying attention to Casey, hoping we don’t get picked on again. But Felix of course cannot resist one last try at creating drama.

“Alexander I dare you to eat Jay’s ass.” Felix squeals laughing and clapping. I hate him when he’s like this. He’s been so great recently too.

“Ugh, can’t you see I’m trying to get something started here. You keep putting me with my exes is not cool. Not cool at all.” I say grumpily.

“Are you refusing? Because we can come up with a forfeit of some type.” Felix says.

“I’ll do it.” I say.

I look over at Casey, he’s so cool about all of this, I can’t believe how quickly my crush is growing.

“Are you okay with this?” I whisper to Jay.

“Yeah. Not sure about Peter though.” Jay says and I look at my ex love. He’s looking very unhappy.

I kneel down and pull Jay’s ass up to my face so he’s on his shoulders. I lick at his crack over and over before probing his hole. It’s weird, we’re both enjoying it, a lot. But we hate each other right now. Maybe we need to fuck the anger away.

Felix calls time and I put Jay down.

“He’s ready for whoever wants his ass.” I say and take a long drink.

“You okay?” Casey asks.

“Yeah, was just weird though. I loved him a few weeks ago now I can’t stand him but we still have chemistry. I thought all that was gone.” I say.

“Come on Alexander it’s your go.” Felix shouts.

“Casey I dare you to kiss me.” I say.

“Lame, Lame, Lame.” Felix shouts.

We don’t care and kiss until the complaints get too loud.

“You best shout something out.” I say to Casey.

“Felix I dare you to get your mouth round Peter’s big dick, which should keep you quiet.” Casey says.

I laugh and we go back to making out.

“Shall we get out of here?” I say to Casey.

“Yeah. I’ve kind of enjoyed your discomfort with your exes but I’m ready for some alone time” Casey says.

I hunt round for my jeans and grab the key to my bedroom, I’m not taking Casey to an air mattress.

“Goodnight.” I call out and lead Casey by the hand upstairs.

“Lame, laaaaaaame.” Felix shouts as we leave.

Jamie and the remainder of his friends are playing poker. I give him a kiss goodnight and thank him for the weekend.

“Why did you keep this one hidden from me?” I ask.

“Hee I wanted to set you up ages ago but you told Emma you didn’t want anyone at the time.” Jamie says.

“Thank-you for inviting him, he’s perfect.” I say.

“I owed you. Emma and I didn’t work out but we had a great time for a long time,” Jamie says sadly.

“No chance of a reconciliation?” I ask.

“No, she transferred.” Jamie says.

“I’m sorry man, and that Annie didn’t work out.” I say.

“It’s okay, I like someone new anyway, they’re taken right now but I’m hopeful.” Jamie says.

“You deserve the best.” I say and kiss him again.

Casey kisses the other cheek.

“He’s just my type like you said.” Casey says to Jamie making me grin like mad.

My smile continues as we head up to my room.

“I’m a little disappointed I don’t get to undress you.” I say.

“You like what you see?” Casey asks.

“I really do. A lot. You are really cute. Your ass is perfect.” I say running my hands over it, squeezing each cheek.

“I think we’re going to be a really good fit.” Casey says as he drops to his knees.

“Mmmm that’s so good.” I say running my hand over his shoulders.

After enjoying his mouth and tongue for a good while I scoop him up for the floor and throw him on the bed, kissing him for a few minutes before burying my tongue in his ass.

“Oh, oh yeah, eat me up, eat me.” Casey murmurs.

He’s lovely, so cute, so easy to move around.

“You want me?” I ask.

“Yeah, fuck me, of yeah fuck me.” Casey says quietly looking up at me.

He’s pretty quiet, talkative but quiet. Maybe he’s too used to dorm room sex.

I’m pretty excited and fuck him harder than I normally would before slowing down and enjoying watching him as I push in and out.

“Fuck me harder.” Casey whispers and I obey.

He’s enjoying it, jerking away, hitting himself in the face with his cum which sends me wild and I pull out and cover the rest of him.

“So good, thanks Casey.” I say kissing him all over.

“Amazing. You’re so hot.” Casey says.

I miss Peter, I miss the weight of him on me, I miss how we can switch between being strong and vulnerable with each other depending on our mood. I miss him. I don’t miss how he’s treated me the since we got back from vacation. I don’t miss the confusion of him claiming to want me but staying with Jay. I deserve better. Casey might be better.

Casey sleeps with an arm over my chest. I just lie there all night, looking up at the sky and the changing light. Enjoying sharing my bed with someone I don’t share a past with. I look at him and feel proud, he’s cute and smart and seems to like me.

When Casey wakes he looks all sleepy and cute, he looks up at me.

“Still dreaming.” He says.

“Me too dreaming of you in my bed.” I grin.

Casey squeezes me tight and kisses my chest.

“Feels real.” Casey murmurs.

We make out gently, long slow kisses. I really like this guy. We seem to have the same rhythm.

“This is wonderful but I have to go. I work in the library this afternoon.” Casey says.

“When can I see you again?” I ask. Not wanting to play games.

“Lunch Monday?” He asks.

“Sounds good. Let me show the shower and I’ll go and find your clothes.” I say.

“I wish I could stay longer. I really like you.” Casey says.

“I like you too, hope I’m not being too full on, scaring you off.” I say.

“Not at all. Jamie told me you were a good guy. I’m not scared. I’m not looking for anything casual.” Casey says.

I show Casey the bathroom and head downstairs to find his clothes. Various people are asleep on the couches and floor. I find the clothes in a pile, open the windows, pick up some trash and head upstairs.

Casey is sat on the bed in a towel when I get back upstairs. I chuck him his clothes and watch him getting dressed.

“Can I give you a ride home?” I ask.

“Nah I need the walk to sober up, my place is not far.” Casey says.

We kiss a little and I reluctantly walk him out.

No one is on the ground floor so I set to work cleaning up. When I’m done I head over to the apartment to study.

Paul calls and I explain I’m not up for it. He understands and is nice about it. I hopeful we’ll stay in touch. He’s a fun guy.

Peter comes up.

“Can we study? We have that test this week and I’ve done some work on our project I want you to check.” Peter says.

“Sounds good. How are you feeling?” I ask.

“Like death. You are scarily chipper. That new guy put that smile on your face?” Peter asks.

“I like him. He likes me, he’s smart and cute. I’m feeling pretty lucky today.” I say.

“So it could be more than last night?” Peter asks.

“I hope so. I’m not really in the right place to be starting something but when I delayed starting back up with Jay last year everything went to hell. Casey could be someone special and I don’t want to miss out on the chance.” I say.

“I can’t say I want it to work out. I still want you back. But if he makes you happy then I’m happy for you.” Peter says.

“Thanks. I want you to be happy too.” I say.

Peter just shrugs. We lie on the floor together and quiz each other for the test and work on our project. As we’re finishing up Peter looks as me and away again.

“I’m so tense.” Peter says.

“You’re prepared the test will be a breeze.” I say.

“Not that, you living here on an air mattress, with no furniture. It isn’t right, I’ve pushed you out your relationship and your home.” Peter says.

“Furniture is coming soon. Though I think I’ll be back in the house before it arrives. It’s a bit easier to see you and Jay together now I have someone to think about and I’m not dwelling on what I’ve lost. I thought I was fine but seeing you guys making out, I lost my lunch it was a real jolt. I’m sure I’ll be fine now.” I say.

“I’m sorry. I should never have let you see that.” Peter says.

“No, I gave you my blessing to be together, I can’t make you hide.” I say.

“Well nothing to see any more. I ended it earlier. I should have done it 3 weeks ago. No, I should have done it when he made you cry. I don’t want to be with him. I felt guilty messing up his life and protective of him but I wasn’t falling for him.” Peter says.

“So you came over to hide out with me.” I say

“Busted. But we needed to study too.” Peter says.

“You’re welcome to stay here a few days. It’s not that comfortable but it will give you some space.” I say.

“You’re comfortable.” Peter says, rolling his head onto my stomach.

“One last night. I’ll go back to my room tomorrow.” I say.

“One last night baby.” Peter says, tugging my t-shirt up and kissing my bare skin.

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