Thanks and thoughts

Don’t know what’s changed in the last 2 weeks but loads more views than before.

Welcome new people, Welcome back returners and major thanks to those who have stuck with it right through, thanks for reading.

I’m thinking a lot about what next, I’m about done up to the end of semester and am beginning to work on Alexander makes a movie. The poll at the end of 13 has surprised me so far.

No votes for Jay, have I finally killed that off?

I still hear from those who ship Alexander and Jay who want them back together, I’ve always said that at some point they will. Then I go and mess it up when they get close which makes me feel like a liar but the intention for it to happen again is there. Just not for now.

Alexander’s ass.

When I first started the series I’d get a fair bit of mail saying Peter should bottom for Jay, which was never going to happen. I’d kind of forgotten about that until someone added “Get gangbanged” to the poll. I guess I need to think about that in Alexander’s post Peter world.

Casey not Paul.

Little surprised at this because of the suggestions to put Alexander with an athlete come up as often as the ones to put him with his professor.

On other stuff still working on Erics story and the holiday rep but mostly on Alexander while I’m enjoying it. Tried to write part 2 of the gymnast but got totally stuck.

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