Alexander Sophomore Spring 5

We’re all ready to party. We’ve all been drinking and we’re dressed in very little as we head out to the club.

It’s pretty crowded but doesn’t take too long to get inside.

“Holy shit!” Shouts Jay pointing at a sign.

“Shit!” I say. Max is hosting tonight.

“We’ll have to be nice, or I will.” I say to Jay, he nods back.

Peter comes up behind me and hugs me and then pulls me to go and dance. I follow gladly. We dance and dance and kiss a little. Things seem less tense between us after a day apart. He signals he’s going to the bathroom and I look round for the others. I can’t see anyone. I move to the bar which is raised up and as I’m looking round I catch the eye of Max at his table. He smiles and I mile back.

I head over towards him. Security waves me straight to him. We hug.

“I’m sorry for landing you in it.” I say.

“I’m sorry for the whole thing, I didn’t know you knew nothing at all about it.” Max says.

“But the follow ups were pretty scary.” I say.

“Yeah not my idea. What are you doing here?” Max asks.

“I’m on spring break, we’ve a house not too far. Why are you here, I thought you’d stopped doing these club things.” I say.

“I was in the area promoting my show and am fitting a few things in, the show people like me doing them and the idea of me reaching to the gay audience. I’m going back to LA tomorrow then up to Canada for my next film.” Max says.

I message Peter to let him know where I am.

“Sounds good. I’m sorry for not calling, it was so weird, I was just back with Jay and leaving Blair. And I was pretty mad at you. I’m sorry because you were really great letting me and the guys hang out and everything. I guess I was rude and I’m sorry.” I say.

“It’s all good, don’t sweat it. You and Jay still on?” Max asks

“Nah. He’s here somewhere. We’re still close friends.” I say.

We look out on the dancefloor and see Jay grinding with Peter.

“My 2 exes.” I laugh.

“You’re looking great.” Max says.

“You too, great tan.” I say.

“I have to go do my thing. Wait here for me?” Max asks.

I nod. I don’t like losing friends and sorting things with Max feels good. I don’t think he’s a bad guy just a bit dumb and fame hungry.

I look round for Peter again but don’t see him and so I message him again. We’re both being so hot and cold with each other. I’m still so apprehensive about getting back with him. I do want him, so, so badly but I’m just so scared. Max is a nice distraction.

“Hey, I have one more to do then we can get out of here.” Max says.

I smile and nod, why not.

“Max can we get some pictures, Sandy too if that’s okay.” A promoter asks.

We pose a little together, then I kiss his cheek. He grins at me and we kiss properly. It’s hot, I forget the photographer for a minute. Then pull away grinning.

“Why did we never do this before?” Max asks pnce the photo taking is over.

“I wasn’t interested and I had no idea you were.” I say.

“Uh we were naked together every day in my pool, it was obvious I was in to you.” Max says.

“I had no clue, I thought we were friends hanging out.” I say.

“You are adorably clueless.” Max says kissing my head.

Max and I catch up on the movies we’ve done and the parts he’s been going for. It’s loud but we manage a shouty kind of conversation. He heads off to his next appearance and I do one last look out for Peter. I try calling him but no luck. I spot Barley and Patrick and head over to them, they’re pretty wasted, we dance for a few minutes. I tell them I’ll be staying out tonight but I doubt they hear.

I head back to Max, at least he wants to hang out.

“Want to go?” Max asks.

“It’s not like you can dance here without being mobbed.” I say.

“Come on let’s go to mine.” Max says.

I try Peter one last time then follow Max out the back exit to his waiting car service.

His hotel isn’t far from the house. We get out the car and he leads me through towards a bungalow in the grounds.

“Wow, fancy.” I say.

“I refused to stay in the main hotel when spring break is in full flow. Don’t want to be running into your sort all day and hearing you fuck and puke all night.” Max jokes.

“You don’t want to hear me fuck tonight?” I ask coyly. I’m actually intrigued at the idea of fucking Max. I didn’t ever see him that way but he is hot and I am really horny.

“Oh, I want to hear everything.” He says, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards him. He hesitates a moment before kissing me. He’s not great, a little too eager.

He unlocks the gate and we walk through, he has a small plunge pool. I kick off my shoes, pull off my shorts and jump in splashing Max completely. He laughs and heads inside. I wait in the pool, cooling off.

Max returns nude. He sits on the edge of the pool and lights up a blunt. I get out and join him. We catch up properly and chill and kiss some more. We jump back in the pool and start getting heavier with each other.

“You are so sexy.” I say.

“Why didn’t you notice before?” Max asks.

“I noticed.” I say and kiss him a bit more, running my hands over his muscles.

“What changed?” Max asks.

“Does it matter? Can we just have fun?” I ask, lifting him out the water to the side and sucking his dick.

“Oh fuck. Let’s go inside.” Max says.

I look up. ”You want me to stop?” I tease.

“Inside, now.” Max says trying to pull me out the water.

We mess around and I fuck him through the night until we have to stop so he can get ready for the airport. It’s fun, no pressure, no expectations.

“Maybe I’ll see you this summer.” I say.

“Maybe? Maybe? After that I’m still a maybe?” Max jokes.

“It would be good to see you again when I’m in LA. That better?” I ask.

“It would be amazing. I hope it’s not too long away.” Max says.

“6 weeks or so.” I say.

“Too long.” Max says kissing me a little.

“I’m sure you’ve lots of options to fill the time.” I say.

“You really underestimate how hot you are and how good a fuck.” Max says.

“Well I’m glad to know you are an option when I’m in town. I had fun.” I say and pull on my shorts and shoes.

“Thanks Alexander, for letting me back in. I’ll not pull any more stupid shit I swear.” Max says.

“I know.” I say and kiss him goodbye.

I run back to the house and collapse into my bed. No sign of Peter again.

After too little sleep I wake bursting to pee. Before sleeping again I check my phone. There are a bunch of messages from Peter and Brian. I let them know I’m here and fall back asleep.

Peter comes in waking me a few minutes later.

“Let me sleep.” I say and screw my eyes up tight.

“You stink. Go shower and come to the pool.” Peter says.

“Fuck off I’m sleeping.” I grumble.

“What is going on with you?” Peter says.

“I went out, now I’m sleeping. You were fine ditching me again last night. Why can’t you just leave me alone and let me sleep now?” I grumble more. I know I’m being a whiney bitch but I can’t help it, I’m tired.

“Fine we’ll talk later.” Peter says and leaves.

I sleep the afternoon away. Wake eat and get ready to go out. I go and find Barley and Patrick to see what they’re doing.

“We’re just heading to another bar. Want to come?” Barley asks.

“If I’m not a gooseberry.” I say.

“Nah of course not and you know we’ll tell you to fuck off if we need time alone.” Patrick says.

I smile.

“Anyone else coming?” I ask.

“Maybe Grey and his guys. But I’m not sure.” Barley says.

“I’ll go check.” Patrick says and he heads off.

“Are you okay? Peter was worried.” Barley says quietly.

“I told you guys I was going with Max and I messaged Peter loads. I’m good, if I have to do this I might as well party.” I say.

“Oh a vacation is such a chore.” Barley teases.

“I feel like a bit of a prisoner. I just need to let loose some more.” I say.

“Your ego, you don’t know that anyone will recognise you or hassle you. Honestly everyone is too drunk to care. The worst will be a bunch of girls flirting thing they can turn you.” Barley says.

“I just don’t like those type of crowds. I don’t care about a few pictures.” I say.

Patrick comes back with Jay.

“Grey and his guys are off to a party with some guys from their school. Jay is joining us though.” Patrick says.

I grimace.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“A bar further out. Cab should be here soon.” Barley says.

“Are you okay with me coming?” Jay asks quietly.

“If you’re out with me you’re not in bed with Peter.” I say icily.

“Is that what you really think?” Jay says as we walk to the cab.

“He’s not been in my bed the last 2 nights.” I say.

“You’re not exactly welcoming him back.” Jay says.

We get in the car and the four of us just talk about the night ahead.

The bar is quite quiet with an older gay crowd. Barley is greeted by a barman, apparently they met the night before. No one asks for id as we order. The four of us sit at a table and chat and drink.

“How did you remember where he worked? You guys were wasted last night.” I say.

Patrick raises his eyebrows.

“Really, thought you only had eyes for each other. Was it good?” I ask.

“So, so good. We’d not had a threeway in forever.” Barley says.

“It was perfect but not to be repeated.” Patrick says.

I swiftly change the subject.

“What are you 2 doing after graduation? I know you had some interviews is anything firm yet?” I ask Patrick and Barley.

“We’ve both had some luck. One of the places I volunteer at has enough funding to pay me for a part time position and I’ll be doing my masters at school.” Barley says.

“And my last internship has offered me a fulltime position.” Patrick says.

“That’s so cool. So you’re staying in town. I’m so glad for me.” I say laughing.

“Have you an apartment?” Jay asks.

“You should live in mine.” I say.

“What about Brian?” Patrick asks.

“He and Bondie are on the rocks.” I say.

“Shit you guys really do suck at relationships.” Barley laughs.

“Guilty.” I say.

“We can’t all find mr right, right now, however much some of us want to.” Says Jay.

A round of drinks lands on our table.

“From those guys.” The barman says.

We raise our glasses and smile. Through the night we get a lot of drinks bought for us and a lot of guys stop by to talk about my interview from the summer. It’s all really positive and nice, not a hassle, people say their thing and move on.

We get pretty wasted again.

We decide to get a cab as far as the beach and go for a walk. Barley and Patrick head off quite quickly. Jay takes my hand and we walk more slowly.

“I didn’t have sex with Peter.” Jay says.

“But you kissed him and danced with him and slept in the same bed.” I say.

“You’re treating him pretty badly. He needed to talk.” Jay says.

“He’s done this before. When we all broke up, we had an amazing date and he told me how much he loved me and he’d do anything to put things right. But he stayed with you. Until he actually picks up the phone and tells Aaron it’s over I won’t believe it will happen.” I say.

“He cheated on me with you?” Jay asks.

“Yes and I cheated on you with him.” I say.

“When?” Jay asks, more soft than angry.

“A couple of weeks after I got back, you and I had had a fight at lunch. After class Peter and I made out in the bathroom. It was stupid and I regretted it. He told me he was dating Aaron after.” I say.

“Maybe you deserve each other.” Jay says.

“You certainly don’t deserve someone as shit as me. I’m sorry I treated you badly.” I say.

“I’m surprised. You seemed to be trying really hard to make us work.” Jay says.

“I was. I really, really was. It was a stupid slip, a stupid moment when I was angry with you and I wanted to feel wanted.” I say.

“I’m not mad at you. We’ll stay friends. Just do better in your next relationship, whether it’s with Peter or someone else. Why did you sleep with Max?” Jay asks.

“He’s hot. We both apologised. You were grinding with Peter and I was jealous and drunk and horny and needed something no strings.” I say.

“You were jealous? You are making Peter crazy with insecurity.” Jay says.

“Yes I was jealous. I was jealous of you kissing the other night too. Fuck I lost Peter to you, I begged and begged him to choose me and he didn’t. Now I’ve agreed I’ll give it another shot when he’s done with Aaron and he still chooses you over me. I am terrified of falling for him again.” I say angrily.

“I’m sorry for taking his side. I didn’t realise me and Peter flirting would be a problem for you. I should have. We all expect you to be bulletproof.” Jay says and hugs me close.

“I don’t know why. You saw me breakdown last year, last summer you helped when I wasn’t coping on set. You know how weak I am.” I say quietly.

“I’m sorry. I know you have struggled. But Peter really needs us right now. He can’t just call Aaron and end it, they likely will never speak again. You need to give him a break if you are serious about getting back together.” Jay says and kisses my cheek.

“I know. I know he needs support right now. I owe him so much but I’m finding it hard to be there for him right now.” I say.

We speed up to catch the others and head back to the house.

Most the guys are around the pool drinking. Including Peter. I smile but don’t sit near him. He and Jay soon head off together, I hope its Jay reporting back and not starting something up. I don’t think they would I’m just always going to be wary, Jay can be so unpredictable and Peter is pretty vulnerable right now.

When they come back Peter sits next to me and asks if we can go and talk. I follow him to our room.

“Are you looking for a way out?” Peter asks once he’s closed the door.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Did you fuck Max so I wouldn’t want you back?” Peter asks.

“No. I don’t think so. I think I fucked Max because he’s hot and wanted me. I was horny and I wanted him.” I say.

“I wasn’t a good enough option?” Peter asks.

“I messaged and called you over and over but you were clearly happier dry humping Jay on the dancefloor than being with me.” I say.

“My phone was dead.” Peter says.

I shrug.

“I know things are not ideal right now. Please can I be in with you tonight? I just need you to hold me. I miss you.” Peter says.

“This was always your room. You just chose not to sleep here.” I say.

“Why are you being so fucking hostile?” Peter asks frustrated.

“I’m sorry.” I say.

We pull the mattresses onto the floor and make a makeshift bed.

I cuddle in behind him and he holds my arms tight.

“I’m sorry I’ve not been there for you. I’ve been a dick.” I say quietly.

“I still love you.” Peter says.

“You’re so sweet.” I say and kiss his neck and ear.

Peter turns to kiss me and we make out, melting in to each other, kissing away the tension and fear. Our bodies are crying out for each other.

“I love you so much baby.” Peter groans as we rub against each other.

“You still want me.” I groan as he grips our cocks together.

“Always baby, always.” Peter moans.

We touch and kiss and tease not letting any space between us. We roll apart a sticky mess. I shakily stand and help Peter up and we stagger into the shower. We wash each other gently, slowly, prolonging the shower.

We dry each other off then settle back into bed.

I trace the marks on his back that have mostly faded, I kiss all of them.

“Almost all gone baby.” I whisper.

“Needed your kisses.” Peter says.

“You need me to look after you.” I say.

“I do. I need my love.” Peter says kissing my hands.

After just an hour or 2 of sleep Brian is banging on our door.

“Get up it’s all kicked off in Paris.” Brian shouts through the door.

We pull on shorts and let him in.

“Blondie called. Your lawyers contacted Aarons Dad’s company lawyer and I guess they got hold of him this morning in Paris and he went mad. He’s taking Aaron to stay with relatives in Turkey. He made Aaron give him every account password first and has taken control of everything. Blondie and Aaron’s Mom are left in Paris alone and its awkward. Blondie is super mad at me.” Brian practically explodes getting it all out.

My phone rings. It’s Mart, I pass it to Peter.

I hug Brian and he cries a little.

“He didn’t care about you or Peter or me, just that things were awkward. He was so cold and rude. Complaining about his expenses. I am so done with him.” Brian cries.

“You’ll find someone better. You’ll be fine. Move back into the house, Blondie can stay until the end of semester.” I say. I’m trying to comfort Brian but all my attention is on Peter who seems to be relaxing.

“It’s all going to be okay.” Peter says to us just as his own phone starts ringing.

Peter goes white and only manages to get out a few words before the call ends.

“That was Aaron’s dad. He was upset I didn’t go to him directly when it first happened but he doesn’t blame me at all. He said he will cover my rent for the rest of semester given Aaron won’t be coming back. He was actually really nice. It was weird.” Peter says.

His phone starts up again.

“Maybe Blondie could take Aarons place if you do split, make it easier on you.” I say.

“I don’t know if he’ll go for it but I can try. I am done with him. I’m going to tell him now.” Brian says and heads out of the room.

I feel really bad for my buddy. I hate that mine and Peter’s issues have spread to his relationship. I thought Brian and Blondie had been doing really well until we got here. I guess I’ve been a really shit friend this semester.

Peter finally hangs up. I move towards him and he falls into my arms.

“It’s all over baby. You’re going to be okay.” I say.

“That was my parents. They want me to go home today.” Peter says.

Give it to me

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