Alexander Sophomore Spring 6

“Are you going to go?” I ask Peter.

“I don’t know.” Peter says.

“Do you need me to go with you?” I ask.

“Dad asked that I go alone.” Peter says looking down.

“Maybe you should. We’ll put us on hold until we’re back at school.” I say.

“Yeah. You should have some fun.” Peter says.

“Will you be okay?” I ask.

“I want to stay with you. I’m just getting you back and I want to spend time with you, even if you’re off fooling around with other guys.” Peter says.

“Stay here a few days, go home Thursday, that gives us 2 more nights to party, we need to celebrate your freedom. And if your parents are at work better to see them on the weekend.” I say.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to go at all. I uh, I’ve not really been talking to my Dad. I kind of blame him for all of this. If he hadn’t talked Aarons Dad into letting him go back to school and room with me instead of in the dorm none of this would have happened.” Peter says.

“I guess he wants to apologize properly.” I say.

“By punishing me more, cutting short my vacation and keeping me away from you. No fuck him. I’m staying with you. We’ll go back Friday like we planned and move me home.” Peter says grumpily.

“You need to make peace with your dad babe and you can’t punish your Mom, she’s been on your side a long time.” I say.

“I just can’t right now. I’m afraid I might say something I regret, I need some space to work through everything. I need some time with you.” Peter says.

“I’m here baby. Go call your Mom, or I can if you like. They’re obviously worried about you. I bet they just need to see for themselves that you’re okay.” I say.

“Okay I’ll call her.” Peter says.

I lie down and go back to sleep. Peter comes back in a few minutes later and snuggles up to me, I turn so he can lie on my chest. We both sigh, content.

As I wake I realize Peter is too, as he hears my breathing change he begins licking my nipple and kissing my chest.

“Hey baby.” I say stroking his hair.

“I love waking up on you. You are very comfy,” Peter says squeezing me hard.

“Are you saying I got fat?” I ask.

“You’re all muscle right now babe, fucking hot. I love you so much. You make me so happy.” Peter says.

“You’re so sweet. How did it go with your Mom last night?” I ask.

“I’ll go back Thursday, my parents are going to come out to me at school Friday. Then you’ll be back on Saturday and we’ll be just us again.” Peter says.

“That sounds good.” I say.

“You should have fun. Do whatever, whoever and we’ll be us when you get back. I’m not pushing you away, I know you need a bit of time, I promise not to be sulky or jealous.” Peter says.

“Thanks Baby. I just need you to stay honest with me. There’s no rush, if you need more time once your head settles take it I won’t be mad. You can tell me anything, I’ll be here.” I say.

“I love you so, so, so, so, much.” Peter says kissing me with every so.

I’m relieved I have a couple more days to get my head round everything. I can see he loves me, the way he is looking at me and talking to me I know that right now he means everything he is saying. I know I can trust him this time. I am still feeling like I want to play around though. I need a break from relationships but I can’t let him down now.

I pull him on top of me fully to feel him the way I love it so much. He wriggles a bit making sure I feel it.

“You’re so cute.” I say.

“All yours.” Peter says.

“Shall we get up before it gets dark again?” I ask.

“No. It’s my evil plan, tell you to go fuck around then keep you here trapped.” Peter says kissing me hard. I grab his wrists and roll on top of him.

“I seem to have foiled your plan.” I say kissing his nose.

“You’re still here.” He says grinning wildly.

I get up and he tries to pull me down. But I survive, pull on some shorts and head over to the pool.

Most the guys are there, just tanning or splashing about.

Brian is lying alone on one of the daybeds. I go and lie next to him.

“Sorry for leaving you so long. How did it go? Are you okay?” I ask.

Peter quickly snuggles in behind me and we all squeeze together.

“It’s done. All over. He was more concerned about the apartment and where he’ll live next year and having to pay for things in Paris. He didn’t seem bothered about losing me at all.” Brian says.

“I’m sorry. I really thought you two had connected this time.” I say hugging him tight.

“Me too. I was so relaxed with him, I was so excited by everything. But we want different things and I realised while I love being his boyfriend I don’t like him.” Brian says.

“You’ll be okay. You survived without him before and you will again.” I say.

“We still love you.” Peter says leaning over and kissing Brian.

Brian nuzzles into my chest while Peter cuddles up to my back. Feels great.

“Are you three starting something already?” Felix asks.

“Shut up. These 2 went through breakups today, they’re allowed to snuggle without it leading to more.” I say.

“I want more, always.” Peter whispers.

“Our going away party ended up super lame, we need to sex things up a bit. Felix fantastic party games tonight.” Felix says.

“We kind of thought partying here would be good tonight. We’ll go for supplies.” Barley says.

“Sounds good to me, don’t know that we need Felix games though. I’ll get you some cash.” I say crawling out from between the guys.

I run into Jamie outside my room.

“You okay?” I ask as he looks a bit gloomy.

“Kind of. The whole sun and partying has already gotten a bit old for me but Felix isn’t wanting to do much else.” Jamie says.

“We can do something tomorrow if you like. If I can wake up after whatever your boyfriend has planned for tonight.” I say.

I hand Patrick some cash.

“Do you need any help?” I ask.

“No, we’re fine.” Patrick says.

“Want to go for a walk?” I ask Jamie.

He nods.

“What’s really up?” I ask.

“Felix wants us to open things up a bit. Just at parties or some threeways. I think he’s bored of me.” Jamie says.

“Shit everyone is having a hard time. And you don’t want to be open because you don’t like other guys and Felix doesn’t mean threesomes with girls?” I ask.

“Exactly. I don’t even want to publically be kissing other guys during his games. Its fine if it’s you or Jay or Peter but it would be weird with anyone else and I would not be at all comfortable doing anything else. But I don’t want to offend Felix, by not joining in.” Jamie says.

“Maybe you need to come up with food poisoning. But really you should tell him. You’re clearly not okay with him doing stuff with anyone else. Don’t go along with it just to keep him.” I say.

“Yeah I guess I’ve seen enough of your and Felix relationship implosions to know that doesn’t work. It sucks. I really like him when we’re alone but public Felix is a lot of work.” Jamie admits.

“I love the two of you together and hope you can work things out but you shouldn’t force it just because you went on a limb for this.” I say.

“I think that’s it. I feel like I have to make it work with him because it was such a big deal and I would hate to lose him as a friend.” Jamie says.

“Well we haven’t got round to converting your room into a study yet so it’s yours if you need it.” I say.

“Thanks. Sorry to be so down on our vacation.” Jamie says.

“I’s not just you. Peter has been going through all the Aaron stuff and Brian has broken up with Blondie.” I say.

“Much drinking is needed.” Jamie says.

“Then you can’t pretend to be ill.” I say.

“True. Okay I’ll go and talk to him now.” Jamie says smiling.

We start to walk back and just chat about nothing much. It’s weird how all my friends seem to be doing badly right now. At least Barley and Patrick are solid.

I watch Felix and Jamie head to their room then look down at Peter and Brian, they’re asleep cuddled together. Jamie is alone so I go and sit with him.

“How’s things?” I ask.

“Okay, a bit bored. Sucks being single.” Jay says.

“Yeah I guess staying in and drinking here is shit for you.” I say.

“Exactly. I want to get out and flirt and have fun like the other night at the club. I’m more than happy to come home alone.” Jay says.

“I’m happy to come out with you, Brian will need to come too though.” I say.

“And Peter.” Jay says.

I shrug.

“I thought you were full on now.” Jay says.

“I get this week to fuck around.” I say.

“And you want to? I never saw you as that type.” Jay says.

“Probably because I mostly did when we weren’t speaking.” I say.

“But not since people know who you are.” Jay says.

“Some, when the trio was over.” I say.

“It’s so easy for you.” Jay says.

“Please you are the guy that almost always has a boyfriend. Yeah I can find hook-ups easily but even then it doesn’t always happen, like with Marc and Grey. With you no one wants to just fuck you, everyone wants you to be theirs and they always chose you over me.” I say.

“Not really. Nothing has worked out since Ben and that was a joke.” Jay says.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you needed. I could never get it right for you.” I say.

“We’re going to be friends long term and that counts for an awful lot. We’ll keep each other grounded.” Jay says.

Felix and Jamie come back in just as Barley and Patrick get back.

“Change of plans. We saw the barman from the other night and he invited us all to a party.” Patrick says.

I look at the relief on Jamie and Jay’s faces.

“When do we need to be ready?” I ask.

“Couple of hours. It’ll be at a pool.” Barley says.

“We got some drinks for now and breakfast stuff.” Patrick says.

I wake up Peter and Brian. The second I rub Peter’s back he starts getting all affectionate, rubbing and kissing at my legs. I step back feeling a little self-conscious with Brian right there. I’m still not sure how things are with us.

“We’re going to a party in a couple of hours. Thought you might want to wake up and eat.” I say.

“Come help me shower.” Peter says standing up and kissing me more.

“In a minute, I’ll catch you up.” I say kissing his cheek.

“Wow you are so hot and cold with him.” Says Brian as soon as Peter is out of earshot.

“I know. My feelings flip hourly.” I say.

“He doesn’t need that shit right now. Stop tugging him around.” Brian says.

“I’m not setting out to hurt him. I am just finding the whole situation difficult. I’ve no idea if I’m doing the right thing getting back with him.” I say.

“Like I don’t know if dumping Blondie was right.” Brian says.

“Well tonight we can get wasted and forget it all.” I say.

“Yeah. I best go get ready.” Brian says and walks off.

“Did it go okay?” I ask Jamie who is back from talking to Felix.

“For now. He says he’s not bored and he loves me but I’m not sure for how much longer. You know how he flits about. I’ve been one of his longest relationships already.” Jamie says.

“Stop second guessing him and enjoy it. He is crazy about you.” I say.

Jamie heads indoors and I go over to the bedroom. I lie on the mattress waiting for Peter.

“I missed you today.” Peter says wrapped in a towel looking so fucking hot.

“You slept most of it.” I say.

“Not good waking up next to Brian and not you.” Peter says.

“Do you feel I’m messing you about?” I ask.

“No. I said you should be free this week. I just want you every second you’re not hitting up someone else.” Peter grins.

We all head to the party. It’s at a massive house, there is a dj playing and it’s crowded. I get hassled for pictures from the start. Guys and girls trying to touch me and tugging on my clothes. Some not satisfied with pictures keep following me around. I know tonight will suck for me.

Felix is off dancing and I see Jamie looking on unhappy.

“Dancing not your thing?” I ask.

“No, nor is wearing so few clothes to a party. I feel like such a killjoy.” Jamie shouts in my ear.

I get asked for more pictures and some guy keeps filming me. I get separated from Peter trying to shrug him off.

Jamie looks at me and shakes his head.

“I’m going back. This is hell for me. If you see Peter tell him.” I say.

“Wait I’m coming too. Let me tell Felix.” Jamie says.

I see Grey on the way out and ask him to tell Peter where I am.

We walk back along the beach and just enjoy the quiet.

Back at the house we decide to play scrabble and drink.

“It’s not just my boyfriend who can do games.” Jamie says coming in to the room with bottles and shot glasses.

“Oh yeah?” I ask.

“Shot of vodka for double letter score, whiskey for triple letter, tequila for double word and all the three for triple word.” Jamie says.

“Hmm points v puke.” I say laughing.

We start playing and drinking and enjoying ourselves. I love to go out and dance but I hate doing it as Sandy Green. Here with Jamie is perfect, or it would be with the others here too.

“It’s not been like that for you when we’ve been out before.” Jamie says.

“No, sometimes one or two but I’ve not been followed about like that before. I guess I’m not usually places with people I don’t know where there isn’t security somewhere.” I say.

“Or maybe it’s because you are on the gossip sites again for being a slut.” Jamie says grinning.

“What? No.” I say.

Jamie pulls out his phone and shows me.

“How did you find it?” I ask.

“Felix reads this shit.” Jamie says.

“And you waited to tell me because?” I ask.

“You seemed so down earlier I didn’t want to add to it. We have vodka now.” Jamie says raising his glass.

Who is Sandy dating??? Then pictures of me here kissing and hugging Max, Jay and Peter are splashed across the site.

“None of the above.” I say laughing.

“You may as well be back with Peter, after tonight there is no way you’ll be able to pick up anyone here.” Jamie says.

“You could let me fuck Felix. We’ll call it a threesome but I’ll leave you alone.” I joke.

“Well that’s an offer.” Jamie says laughing.

“At least you’d know I wasn’t after stealing your man.” I say.

“I wouldn’t stand a chance against you.” Jamie says.

“Rubbish. You’re cute and smart and have way more patience with Felix than I’d ever have. I kind of liked him when we first met but he’s too difficult for more than one night.” I say.

“I don’t mind his bitchiness, it stops when we’re alone. And he’s not so demanding with me. I think as we were friends so long he knew what he was getting.” Jamie says.

We keep up the game, drink a lot and start getting sillier and sillier with our words.

“Hey I meant it about the threesome, I’d love to be in bed with you guys sometime.” I say.

“That would be so hot.” Jamie says surprising me despite our drunk state.

“Are you getting hard imagining me fucking your man?” I ask.

Jamie flashes a grin at me. I lean forward and put my hand on his crotch. He is definitely not soft.

“What happened not fancying men.” I say.

“Maybe Felix has opened my eyes a bit or at least my cock has come round.” Jamie says laughing as he leans forward and kisses me.

Peter and Felix are standing at the door watching us.

“Looks like we came back just in time.” Felix says grinning.

Peter comes over behind me and kisses my neck making me shiver.

Jay and Brian follow them in.

“That party was shit” Brian says.

“Because you go to so many.” I say.

“Ha. It was though. Looks like you two had the right idea.” Brian says.

“You didn’t find any hot guys?” I ask Brian and Jay.

“We figured the hottest guys are right here.” Says Jay smiling.

“They were getting started without us.” Felix says kissing Jamie and looking up at me. I grin back and shrug.

“Ugh is this going to be some couples thing?” Asks Jay.

“Come here honey.” I say and pull him onto my lap. I kiss him then grab Brian and kiss him too.

“Hey.” Peter says and kisses me himself, running his hands through my hair.

I look at my friends, this is going to be something. I stand up and kiss Jamie again and when I stand up Felix jumps up on me, I hold him under his ass and he wraps his legs round my waist as we kiss.

“Let me go get supplies.” I say putting Felix down.

Peter follows me out.

“This okay with you?” I ask.

“Uh yeah, we’ve not done this together in forever. My fault.” Peter says.

“I can’t wait to watch you. It’ll be so hot.” I say and we stop and kiss.

“I’ll get towels and you get condoms, try my bag.” Peter says.

I go on my mission. On the way back Patrick and Barley come in.

“That is a lot of rubbers.” Patrick says.

“Lots of cocks need covering.” I say.

“You guys partying here? Sorry that one blew, we saw you getting hassle but couldn’t get through the crowd.” Barley says.

“Jamie and I bailed straight away, came here and got drunk, the others are back and everyone is horny. Come join us.” I say.

Barley looks at Patrick and shrugs. Patrick looks more excited. I step in and kiss them both.

“Come on, you can always leave if you think we’re all rank.” I say.

“Okay, let’s go.” Barley says and Patrick gives a huge grin.

The room is a mass of making out. Jamie is looking on, a bit scared.

“You okay?” I ask.

“Yeah it’s hot but I just find it a bit weird how you’re all so comfortable in front of each other.” Jamie says.

“Want another drink?” I ask.

Jamie nods and I pour for him.

“Let’s sit down, get you relaxed.” I say.

He smiles at me and I take his hand and we find space on a couch.

Peter is with Felix and Brian and Jay is with Patrick and Barley.

“Can I kiss you?” I ask Jamie stroking his face.

“Yes. Uh I’d really like that.” Jamie says quietly, he seems a lot more sober than we were half an hour ago.

We gently make out. He’s so tentative but so sexy. It’s weird Jamie has been my most consistent friend, we’re not always close but we always make time for each other. I never thought I’d be in this position.

Soon Patrick comes over to join us and Jamie seems to relax. As Patrick kisses me Felix leans in and claims some time with his boyfriend. I pull away from Patrick and watch Peter and Brian. I don’t feel any jealousy. I’m happy and horny.

Jay and Barley are really into each other. I’m a bit surprised, Barley not being Jay’s usual type of guy. He’s clearly very turned on and having fun.

Jamie turns back to me and we resume kissing with Patrick kissing my neck.

“I want you to.” Jamie whispers to me.

“Are you sure? Have you before?” I ask quietly.

Jamie laughs and nods.

“Felix says if I can be gay for him he can be vers for me.” Jamie says.

“Are you sure you’re not just really drunk?” I ask.

“I am very drunk but I know what I’m asking.” Jamie whispers.

“Wow.” I say.

We carry on making out, Patrick too. We slowly undress Jamie and then ourselves.

I go down to Jamie’s ass and he carries on kissing Patrick. It’s so hot. I take a break a moment and look at the other guys. Barley and Jay are fucking slowly, Jay looks amazing all skinny and tanned. Pater and Brian are getting ready to spit roast Felix who is going crazy already.

I turn my attention back to Jamie. I’ve not been this nervous since my first time. I take a long time playing with him, teasing him, he feels more relaxed than I expected and starts begging me. So, so hot.

I take everything slowly, he feels amazing and looks so happy. Patrick alternates between kissing us, watching and jerking Jamie’s cock. The three of us seem to gel really well. It still feels a bit like a dream. I never, ever thought I’d have a night with Jamie.

Jamie cums taking me by surprise, making me feel absolutely amazing. I kiss him so much then Felix comes over.

“That was so hot babe.” Felix says and dives in to make out with his man.

“Let’s go outside.” Patrick says.

Jay and Barley are still going and Brian and Peter are enjoying each other. I push in and kiss Peter quickly then follow Patrick out to the pool.

“You’re so hot.” Patrick says.

“You’re pretty great too. Fabulous kissed, Barley is lucky.” I say.

“I’m lucky to have him. But I want you now.” Patrick says.

“What happened to you two being totally monogamous?” I ask.

“The weather, the opportunity, the hot guys, I don’t know we’re just exploring for a week. You’re not complaining are you? You didn’t cum yet and I have a mighty fine ass.” Patrick says.

I giggle and run my hands over it.

He chucks a condom and some foils of lube at me.

“No hanging about.” I say.

“I think I’ve been patient enough, come here and fuck me.” Patrick says kissing me.

It’s fast and hard and so much fun.

We head back in to see the others. Everyone is just sat around drinking and talking quietly. Peter looks up when we walk in and smiles almost shyly. He gets up and comes over to me and we walk to our room. Grey and Marc and their boyfriends are just coming back, totally wasted. We say hello and laugh at their state, not that I was much better earlier.

We shower together quietly, kissing a little but mostly washing each other gently.

“You okay?” I ask when we get into bed.

“Yeah, I missed you when you went outside. I wanted to watch you.” Peter says quietly.

“I’m sorry. I think Patrick didn’t want to be watched. He was fun. Did you have a good time?” I ask.

“Yes! I really did. I didn’t think I’d join in but it felt good. I’ve missed all the guys. And now we’re in bed together and that makes it perfect. Are you ready to be mine?” Peter asks quietly.

“I think so. I’m going to come back with you on Thursday.” I say.

“You don’t have to.” Peter says.

“I want to. I don’t want you going through anything else alone.” I say.

“I love you so much.” Peter says and snuggles up on my chest.

I make an effort to get up in the morning and go and find Jamie.

“Hey. You okay after last night?” I ask.

“A bit hungover but not too bad. I’m fine with what we did don’t worry.” Jamie says.

“I’m glad. Want to hire bikes and go somewhere or something?” I ask.

“Yeah biking sounds good.” Jamie says.

“I’ll just go tell Peter, he’s still sleeping.” I say.

Peter is fast asleep and I don’t want to wake him so I leave him a note. I stop and look at him for a moment after gathering my stuff. I am ready to be his, I think I am. I can’t let him down now, he needs me.

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