Alexander Sophomore Spring 8

On Sunday evening Peter and I take his Mom to the airport and say our goodbyes. I’m sad to see her go but ready to get back to normal life at home. Everyone is back from their trips, Jay has moved back to the middle floor, as has Brian. So we’re full again.

Brian persuaded Blondie to move into Aaron and Peters apartment for the rest of semester, given Aaron’s dad is picking up the tab we figure he’s less likely to wreck the place. So the apartment is empty again, it’ll probably stay that way for a bit although Barley and Patrick have said they’d like to move in at the end of semester which is good with me.

When we get back everyone is sat around together. I’ve not had time to talk to anyone really it’s been all go with moving everyone round.

“So how were auditions Eric, did you book anything?” I ask.

“Yeah I had an offer for rep in California but I’ve also been invited to audition for a national tour.” Eric says sounding a bit down.

“Wow, congratulations. What does Blair say?” I ask.

“To try for the tour and I will audition, just to meet the producers but I wouldn’t be able to take it. “ Eric says sadly.

“You could take a year off. I know you’d love to do it. Is it a good part?” I ask.

“Small part plus ensemble. I’d love to do it but my Mom says no, she wants me to finish school first.  I kind of agree. The other job I’m not sure if it’s viable, but a couple of others got the offer, if we can find a place to live together cheap enough then I might do it. But Blair isn’t keen on the company. Said I might as well go and work in the office and go to castings and meetings. But I don’t want to when I can’t keep the momentum going. I feel like maybe I should take the summer off, my Mom could always use me at work.” Eric says.

“I like that option.” Harry says.

I can sense Peter is restless for us to be alone. He’s rubbing my arm and keeps looking at me. Two nights apart when he’s going through so much hasn’t been a good start to our relationship.

“Well I’m sure your professors will have an opinion. Hope you can work it out okay. We have the play festival in a couple of weeks too, maybe something will come from that.” I say and stand up.

Peter practically flies up the stairs.

“I missed you so much.” Peter says.

“We were together most of today.” I say.

“Not the same as waking up together. I have missed sleeping in this bed so much, I didn’t really sleep the other night.” Peter says.

“I noticed, you were a wriggler extreme.” I say.

“I’m so tired. No psychos in the house, my man naked, I am going to sleep so well.” Peter says.

“Cutie.” I say kissing him and pulling off his clothes.

“I love you baby. Thanks for being here for me.” Peter says kissing me.

“I need to shower I’m all gross from today. Joining me?” I ask.

“I’m sorry I’m half dead. Be fast.” Peter says.

I wash off the grime of the day. It has been a crazy few days. I am so glad we’re back to normality now. I’m looking forward to being in the normal routine of classes and homework. I wonder how Peter and I will fit each other in. I’m going to be super busy the next 2 weeks and feel like we’re already taking each other a bit for granted and not like this is something new at all.

Maybe I’m just over thinking it. I mean we haven’t had that much time together really. Maybe I want it to go wrong. Nah, I’m really going to try, I don’t want to waste our time. I can be a good boyfriend and so can Peter. We’ll be fine. I push down all the niggles that I’ve not had time to think about while dealing with Brian and Blondie and the moves and Peter’s parent’s divorce.

Back in the room Peter is already asleep. I spoon in behind him and rest a hand on his shoulder, he reaches to pull my arms tight round him. I feel him relax further and I fall quickly to sleep too.

Peter wakes me early, shaking his wet hair all over me and jumping on me.

“Hey, someone is way too awake this early.” I complain.

“Come on, you can’t tell me you’re not fucking horny too.” Peter grins kneeling by my head with his hard cock.

“You after something?” I ask looking up grinning at him.

“Please.” Peter grins back.

“What about me?” I say pulling back the covers to let my own morning wood out.

“Looks good baby.” Peter says and dives down onto me.

Everything feels so good, he tastes so good and he is making me feel amazing. Neither of us can last very long. We take the time to make out some before getting ready for the day.

“Car, bike or walk?” I ask over coffee.

“I am driving your car.” Peter sas grinning.

“You missed it? Your car is pretty sweet.” I say.

“My car is a bit tainted. My Mom said I should keep it though.” Peter says.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to bring you down.” I say.

“You didn’t. Honestly babe just having you talking to me makes me so happy.” Peter says.

“You need to remember I’m just a normal guy. I can’t cope with this weird praise.” I say as we head out the door.

Peter pulls me to him and kisses me quickly.

“I’m crazy about you and I’m going to tell you, lots. Get used to it.” Peter says.

I’m pretty uncomfortable that things with Peter are going to be unequal. I worry all the way to class.

At lunch I run into Felix. It is warmer than usual and so we sit outside.

“How was the end of break?” I ask.

“Good, really good. Thanks for taking Jamie out that day. And uh for the night before. I don’t think he’ll ever be the play around type, not often anyway but seeing him with you made me both super turned on and super jealous. I don’t want to lose him, he’s everything to me and I realized how much I mean to him too. We’re in a much better place now.” Felix says in a surprising stream of honestly.

“I was so scared being with him. He’s so new and we’ve been such good friends.” I say laughing.

“You know we’re totally without any straight friends now.” Felix says.

“I know, I’m shit at keeping up with people I was in study groups with when we don’t have classes together. Maybe we should watch some sport or some shit.” I say.

“That is so not happening. I can appreciate the uniforms but the rest of it, yawn.” Felix says.

“What about swimming? Easy to understand and speedos.” I say.

“And we’ll find hetro friends there?” Felix laughs and punches my arm.

“I never had many friends so having as many as I have right now feels enough even if it’s not exactly a diverse group.” I say.

“I guess you’ve dropped Blondie again. What a fucking psycho.” Felix says.

“Who told you?” I ask.

“Eric and Brian came over yesterday. Fuck man that was mental.” Felix says.

“So much for my house being my haven. I’m glad Brian and Eric are hanging out again.” I say.

“I think Harry is being a bit too possessive. Harry doesn’t like me so coming to see me and Jamie is an easy escape.” Felix says.

“Ugh hope no more breakups are coming our way. It’s so hard on everyone. I doubt we’ll see much of Bobbie now even though we met him and Harry at the same time.” I say.

“Jamie and I see him around. You’re too close to Eric for him to be comfortable yet.” Felix says.

“I guess.” I say.

“Any parties coming up?” Felix asks.

“No. I’m pretty busy right now. Maybe after the play festival?” I say.

“Cool. I’ll come up with an excuse. Um are Barley and Patrick taking the apartment?” Felix asks.

“They are thinking about it.” I say.

“Please consider letting me and Jamie take it. We both want to live out but everywhere we have seen has been out of our price range and we don’t want to risk dodgy roommates.” Felix says.

“Sure. I should have thought of you before. I wasn’t sure how well you two were doing though.” I say.

“Rock solid now.” Felix says as we head back to class.

I finish before Peter and head over to the drama department to work with Eric on our pieces. We’re both pretty happy with where we are and decide not to go overboard on rehearsing. Which will give me more time to reconnect with Peter properly.

The three of us head home together and Peter and I head straight for our room.

“You okay?” I ask, Peter has been quiet all the way home.

“I dunno. Feeling a bit down I guess. It’s not you don’t worry. Do you have much homework? Could we go downstairs and workout before dinner?” Peter asks.

“That sounds good. Can we snuggle first?” I ask.

“I might not get up again.” Peter says but pulls me into his arms anyway.

“You are so sexy.” I say kissing him with passion.

“Are you trying to give me a different type of workout?” Peter asks and pushes me onto the bed.

“No, no, I could do with lifting too.” I say.

“My love wants to keep in good shape for me.” Peter says as we nuzzle together.

“Maybe, you’re looking so good I feel a bit inadequate.” I say.

“I love the way you look, I liked you skinny, and I like you bulky. I’d still love you if you got fat.” Peter says kissing my stomach and chest.

“You would not, you’d be chasing me out for runs and wrestling me into the gym.” I say.

“Baby I love you. I really don’t care what your body is like as long as you’re happy. Let’s go admire each other sweaty in shorts.” Peter says pulling me off the bed and undoing my jeans.

We work out and Brian comes in to join us.

“How you holding up?” I ask.

“I’m great, I loved them both and I was so happy. But then I wasn’t and as soon as I ended it I realized just how unhappy I’d been. I’m feeling really good now. Just embarrassed about what happened with Ray.” Brian says.

“Don’t feel embarrassed, it wasn’t your fault and it let Peter go into superhero mode which was very sexy.” I say grinning.

“It is like you two were never apart. Look at you working together. You just fit, I’m quite jealous.” Brian says.

“You’ll find someone to fit with. You’re a good guy and looking great too.” I say.

“Happily single for now. Might even look into hook-ups.” Brian says laughing clearly not entirely serious.

“If you want to go to a club this weekend I’d be up for it.” I say.

Peter raises his eyebrows at me.

“I thought you’d be study, study, study this weekend.” Peter says.

“Nah I’ve some time. My classes take work but it’s not like my usual workload and the plays are in shape. I can take a day off.” I say.

“I don’t know if I can. But a night out would be good.” Says Brian.

“Yup I’m in. Saturday night?” Peter asks.

Brian and I nod.

I cook dinner while Peter studies in the kitchen.

“I’m not sure about my boyfriend not being in study mode all the time.” Peter says.

“I was before spring break, I felt constantly behind but I’m a bit more relaxed about it all now. My midterms went well, I’m getting high marks in papers. I’m not taking any of these subjects any further so I don’t care about learning it all.” I say.

“You’ve changed baby.” Peter says.

“You disapprove?” I ask.

“No, I like that you’re more relaxed but I hope you keep up some of your old study habits and don’t distract me.” Peter says.

“I’d never get in the way of your study.” I say.

“I know. Just standing there you distract me.” Peter says.

“Eat.” I say shoving a plate in front of him.

Jay, Eric, Harry and Brian join us to eat and it’s quite a lively dinner.

Jay helps me clean up.

“Are you okay with me and Peter being here?” I ask.

“Yeah, I miss your room but it’s only a few more weeks. I’m not jealous or anything.” Jay says.

“I’m so glad. I’d hate our last few weeks together to be awkward.” I say.

“It’s all good. I’ve one foot in California already, cannot wait to go.” Jay says.

“I’ll miss you. I guess I’ll see you in the summers enough.” I say.

“Yup, I’ll be your agent in no time.” Jay says.

I laugh and head up to my room. I join Peter studying until I can’t keep my eyes open. We need to sort it out so we wind down before we’re totally exhausted. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed everything we’ve been doing so far but I feel like we need to have full sex to properly reconnect.

I kiss Peter on the neck and head to shower. I fall dead asleep as soon as I’m in bed, I don’t even feel Peter come to bed.

The rest of the week is similar, we spend time together but don’t have much loving time, quick head or jerking each other off in the shower. On Saturday we study most of the day until we break to get ready for our night out.

“You look so hot.” I say as Peter gets dressed.

“You too baby.” Peter says kissing me.

“Ready to dance all night long?” I ask.

“Don’t get too tired, I have plans for later.” Peter says.

I kiss him hard and we head downstairs. Jamie and Felix are having a drink with Brian so we join them and wait for Jay. Eric and Harry have decided they’ll take advantage of the empty house for the evening.

Jay is eventually ready, we have a few more drinks then head out. The line is short so we’re quickly inside. It’s busy enough that we can head out to dance.

Jamie gives up quickly and heads to the bar, he finds a ledge to lean against and I join him for a few minutes.

“You okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m happy watching you guys.” Jamie says.

“You and Felix are glued back together.” I say.

“Yeah. You and Peter too. Did you ask Barley about the apartment?” Jamie asks.

“Not yet sorry. You two can live in your old room if you don’t find anywhere. Given Jay will be gone.” I say.

Jamie kisses me full on the mouth.

“Perfect I love you.” Jamie says and I can’t help but grin like crazy.

I head back out to dance and Jay heads over to Jamie. I dance with Felix for a while as Peter is with Brian. We all have a great time. We get hit on a fair bit, Brian and Jay don’t seem too taken with anyone. After a few hours when my legs are tiring I pull Peter close.

“Wanna go home and get naked?” I ask grinding against him.

He practically pulls my arm from its socket as he pulls me towards the door.  I wave goodbye to Jamie as we go past.

The cold night air hits us outside and we decide to get a cab. We hold hands as we sit, we don’t talk just keep looking at each other. I’m excited, we had a good normal night. Peter seems to be coping really well with everything going on in his life. I need to watch out for him, make sure he isn’t bottling it all up but I don’t think he is. He’s a little quieter and less sure of himself but overall he seems to be showing himself to be incredibly strong. For the first time since we got back together I realise just how lucky I am to be with such a great guy.

I feel a rush of guilt for being such an ass about it. I’ve been acting like I’ve been doing him some big favour taking him back, like it was some big inconvenience. I feel like an utter shit. He is way too good for me. I know he’s messed up in the past but I have not treated him well. I didn’t step up as a friend and get him away from Aaron sooner or even check in at all for months. I used him when I was with Jay to make myself feel desired. I’ve been awful and I feel so ashamed.

When we get to the house I kiss my man on the cheek and slip my arm round his waist as we walk in to the house.

“You’re really special to me. You are an amazing guy. I’m sorry for not treating you like it.” I say.

Peter looks at me all kinds of confused.

“Come on silly, let’s go to bed.” Peter says not acknowledging my confession.

I push him on the bed and start the kissing, I’m awash with passion and pin him underneath me and don’t let up. I pull him to his feel and pull off his clothes.

“You two baby.” Peter says undressing me.

“You’re so fucking hot.” I say.

“I’m a sweaty mess.” Peter says laughing as my mouth goes back on the attack.

“Just the way I like it.” I say as I push him back down again, I life his feet and bring them to my mouth. I watch him squirm a little below and work my kisses up his legs to his hips, and on to his belly and chest. I spend a long time nibbling at his nipples and enjoy his squirms and moans. He is constantly rubbing my arms, my back, my ass.

As I bring my tongue to his armpit he wriggles away.

“No?” I ask.

“Oh fuck yes.” He says giving me access again.

When I reach his mouth again he rolls us over so he’s on top and bites at my neck. I can’t help but groan.

I swing back on top of him and head down to his ass.

“I’m all sweaty baby.” Peter groans.

I look at him for a second and grin before licking at his crack and teasing him. I lick away, probing more and more, I look up catching my breath and enjoy the sight of him lightly stroking himself.

“You having fun?” I ask before putting my tongue to better use.

Peter groans some more and I feel so good making him feel good.

I begin to finger him a little and he pulls me back up for more kissing.

“Can I fuck you now?” I ask.

“I’m too close baby.” Peter says.

Trying not to be disappointed I move my hand to join his on his throbbing cock and almost straight away he tenses and shoots his load, thick hot streams of cum shoot up over us both. I kiss him deeply as he finishes.

“Love you baby.” Peter says.

“So fucking hot.” I say. I lick up some of the mess then use some to lube my own cock which is pulsing at the sight of my sexy man covered in cum.

Peter laughs at me and helps me finish too, recovering his torso as I can’t hold back.

“You are way too sexy to be real.” I say kissing him. I reach for my t-shirt to clean us both up.

Peter kisses my cheek at the top of my head.

“Want to carry on in the shower?” I ask.

“I’m done in baby, I’m sorry.” Peter says and nuzzles against me.

I lie back and let him sleep on my chest. Happy and unhappy at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Alexander Sophomore Spring 8

  1. Peter is my favorite character, and he and Alexander will do okay for a while. But Alexander can’t stay in a relationship very long. Also, I feel like the story would kind of end if Alex got into a long term committed relationship that was stable. I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.


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