The Gymnast 2

Three months after meeting Drew and I are going strong. We told national staff about us early on and no one had a problem with it as long as we’re fully professional. When I train at the national centre I stay over with Drew waking next to him is my dream come true.

The final trial for the european championships are coming up and so workouts are harder and I’m exhausted most evenings. I try and be the best boyfriend I can on Sundays. Drew is also super career orientated and often spends the evenings studying medical journals, reading new research papers, writing his own. So being too tired to do much after dinner is not as much of an issue as I worried it might be.

I wake on sunday morning and look at the stunning man beside me and silently squeal in excitement. I can never believe he’s mine. Sometimes I feel like he only likes me for my muscles, not to drool over but to feel and manipulate and write about. I don’t really care I just know he wants me here. I have never been this happy.

I kiss him awake and move my hand over his nice dick.  He’s around average size but knows what he’s doing.

“Someone horny?” Drew asks.

“You by the feel of it. Want me?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, sunday boneday.” Drew says laughing.

I straddle him, grinding my arse against his dick and massaging his chest. He grabs my hands and pulls me forward to kiss him. He doesn’t like to kiss much, so I love it when he initiates it and take full advantage.

“Ride me little one.” He murmurs in my ear.

“You ready?” I ask.

“Always for you.” He replies, rubbing his finger along my crack and probing a little at my hole. I relax and he pushes his finger in with ease, I’m such a slut on sundays.

He lubes us both and I slowly start to sit on him. I love showing off my balance and control as he lies beneath me. He groans and smiles as he fills me right up and I begin to ride. He lets me do all the work and I work up a sweat pleasuring his stick. He bucks up into me as he cums. I love it, his smile makes me feel so amazing.

I life myself off and he stands up and throws me where he wants me, then drags me in the opposite direction. He loves that he can throw me around. The only time being small is an advantage. When he’s finished positioning me I throw my legs up, he puts them on his shoulders best he can and pushes back in and fucks me hard.

I bring myself off and he grins at me as my load shoots everywhere, fuck a weeks’ worth really makes a huge mess. He pulls out and ensures any bare bits of skin are covered.  We ditched condoms a month ago and I’m really enjoying the closeness. Being bareback is something I never risked before as I never had a real relationship. I love that he trusts me.

We lie on the bed next to each other panting. I fucking love sundays. I lean over and steal a kiss. I know better than to try for two.

“Shower?” I ask.

Drew nods and smiles. The shower here is pitiful and we do what we can. It really is the worst thing about the cottage. The rest of the week we use the showers in the locker room.

I go downstairs and make breakfast and Drew puts coffee on. When it’s ready I wrap myself around Drew from behind and kiss his cheek. He shrugs away and sits down to eat and I join him.

I try not to let the lack of affection get to me. The first night we were together we spent an age cuddling on his couch so it was a surprise to find out that wasn’t something he enjoyed. I guess he spends all his time touching other people that he prefers his body to himself the rest of the time.

“If I make the team I’ll have to stay in my room during the pre-competition camp.” I say.

“Sure. Even sunday?” Drew asks.

“Yeah, trials are monday and wednesday and we’ll have a week and a bit here training together and then travel out. You’re coming though so I guess you knew that.” I say.

“Yeah. It’ll suck to be with you every day and not every night.” Drew says.

“Yeah, I’ll miss your face in the morning.” I say.

“I won’t miss your morning breath.” Drew says laughing.

I punch him lightly on the arm.

We head out for a walk, taking pictures of birds and flowers and chatting about nothing much. The weather is good so we lunch outside a pub.

“You sure you want all that?” Drew asks indicating my plate.

“Fuck yes, it’s mostly veg anyway.” I say digging in to my piled up sunday roast. I watch what I eat obsessively, I have to, it’s my job to be in peak physical shape. I know how much is on my plate and wanted to just enjoy it.

The look on Drew’s face has me putting my fork down.

“I always have a big meal on a Sunday, I look forward to it.” I grumble.

“Look I want what’s best for you.” Drew says.

“I’m not dumb. I know what I can and can’t eat.” I say and pick my fork back up.

Drew doesn’t talk to me the rest of the meal.

When we get back to the cottage he looks me up and down.

“Maybe you should see the nutritionist this week.” Drew says.

“I see one every month. I’m at competition weight.” I say lightly not wanting a fight over something so ridiculous.

Drew has been prone to these bouts of control and pickiness. I just try and ignore them, my self-esteem is high enough that I don’t let it get to me or let him get away with too much. I know he’s annoyed I’ll not be staying here for a few weeks and let him get his annoyance out without taking the bait.

Drew spends the rest of the afternoon and evening working. I stretch in front of the TV watching nothing in particular. I’m actually really happy with my body right now, I look and feel good. I have a few niggles but nothing serious, my strength and endurance are pretty great and I know I’m ready to peak for Euros.

I go upstairs and pack my stuff ready for the morning. It’s hard not to just fuck off out of there when Drew is in this sort of mood but I stick it out despite the strained atmosphere.

I pull up a chair next to Drew.

“I need to go to bed soon. Do you have much more to do?” I ask gently.

“Yeah, you go ahead I’ll be right there.” Drew says.

My heart lifts as his mood is clearly back to normal.

I get ready for bed, lie down and mentally run through the week ahead, what I need to do and what I want to achieve. I feel ready, excited even.

Drew comes in from the bathroom and flops down next to me. I wait for him to speak. I doubt he’d apologise but I can hope.

“You tired?” Drew asks.

“No, early start though.” I say.

He rolls close to me and starts nuzzling at me and running his hands over me. I laugh and feel him up.

“So you were watching porn not working?” I ask.

“NO! I just saw you lying there, looking good.” Drew says.

I take that as his apology.

He carries on feeling me, he moves his hands to my arse again I move them away.

“Come on we need to make up properly.” Drew says moving his hands back, parting my cheeks.

I push him away onto his back and go down on him, licking and teasing his cock and sucking on his balls. He groans a little and lets things continue at my pace for a few minutes before he grabs my cheeks and face fucks me good.

We cuddle for a minute which makes me feel good before he moves away to sleep.

In the morning I head over to my room early and unpack before breakfast.

The trial goes really well, I come first just ahead of Brent. We rib each other a little over our scores as he beat me on a few events.

Later that evening a group of us hang out in Brent’s room playing on his ps4. At some point he goes to the bathroom and when he comes back he sits on the floor leaning against my legs. I don’t stop him, I like it, I don’t really think much of it, we’ve been friends for so long and we’re both in relationships.

Eventually we all head off to bed. A few minutes after I get into bed Brent comes knocking at the door.

“Hey, what’s up?” I ask.

“Can I come in for a bit?” Brent asks.

“Sure. You okay?” I ask.

Brent comes in and lies on the bed with me.

“Yeah, I’ve missed you. I hoped we’d get to chat tonight, I never see you anymore.” Brent says.

“Sorry I have been in a Drew bubble. I’ve missed you too. What’s going on in your world?” I ask.

“Not a lot, training, training, training. Today was cool, us oldies coming out on top.” Brent says.

“Yeah, I am in the shape of my life. You look great too, hard work paying off.” I say.

“It sure is. How are things with Drew? It is nice to see you happy.” Brent asks.

“It’s going well. The next few weeks will be weird as I need to stay here if I make the team. We’re used to a couple of nights together a week now.” I say.

“We are totally on the team, we’ve done great all year. I bet you’re missing evening cuddles. I know you, snuggling for days.” Brent says.

“Bet you’re missing Sarah being here fulltime. How do you normally cope?” I ask, deflecting.

“We’re used to it. Make the most of the time we do have. She spends time with friends and has her hobbies and we facetime. But to be honest I don’t see us lasting much longer. She’s pushing for a ring and that is never going to happen.” Brent says.

“Getting married would be a huge mistake. Who knows what we’ll be like when we retire.” I say.

“Exactly. She’s basically the only girlfriend I’ve ever had, I do love her but it’s not like I’ve ever had time to look for anyone else.” Brent says.

“You find time for a lot of someone elses. Including me.” I say.

“Not as much of you as I’d like.” Brent says snuggling closer.

We talk a little while longer. Feels really good to catch up, I really have neglected him the last 3 months.

“Can I stay?” Brent asks.

“No, I have really liked tonight but Drew wouldn’t like it.” I say.

“Okay. See you tomorrow, want to stretch before breakfast?” Brent asks.

“Yeah that’d be good. Meet you downstairs. Tonight has been really nice.” I say and kiss Brent on the ear.

He turns and gives me a long hard hug and then heads off.

I’m asleep before he’s out the door.

The next day we’re busy with training and reviewing the routines from the day before. I have a session with Drew at the end of the day too which I look forward to.

“Well done for yesterday. How are you feeling today?” Drew asks.

“Good, my ankle is a little sore today though, I had a rough fall in training.” I say.

“Feels okay, you’ll be fine for tomorrow. Can you stay over tonight?” Drew asks.

“No I need to be here really. Wednesday night though, do you want to double with Brent and Sarah? We have Thursday morning off whether I make the team or not.”

“Sounds good. I miss you.” Drew says.

“I miss you too. Maybe I can come over for half an hour after dinner.” I say.

“I’d really like that.” Drew says.

I head off and track Brent down.

“You want to come to dinner with me and Drew on Wednesday, bring Sarah?” I ask.

“Sure, real date and all that?” Brent asks.

“Yeah. We do need to make time for each other, we’ve been friends too long for me to ditch you for a guy,” I say.

“Hey we all have to prioritise in this game. I’m not mad at you. Man we need to take the younger guys out too. So many coming up this year and next and I know them all but not well enough. Let’s do a group thing Saturday night, movie and dinner nothing strenuous.” Brent says.

“Sure we’ll ask them after tomorrows comp.” I say.

“Okay, let’s go eat, I’m starving.” Brent says.

After dinner I slip out to see Drew. I give him a quick hug and kiss, I need it even if he doesn’t. To my surprise he pulls me close again as I pull away and kisses me hard.

“Wow, you really missed me.” I say.

“Yeah I really did.” Drew says.

“I’ll stay away more.” I grin.

“Don’t you dare. You ready for tomorrow?” Drew asks.

“Yeah, I’ve done okay at all the trials and other events that are considered. But it depends on the strategy. I know I’m in great shape and can help the team win a medal and can make a few finals but they might want to test some of the younger guys before worlds or the specialists. I don’t know.” I say.

“But you’re confident?” Drew asks.

“I’m confident I’ll have a good comp tomorrow, which is all I can control.” I say.

“I’m sure you’ll do well, you’ve looked good when I’ve seen you.” Drew says.

“Thanks. Did you have a good day?” I ask.

“Yeah, really good day. You lot are mostly in good shape but the girls are pretty beat up right now, some interesting rehab going on.” Drew says.

“Yeah they’ve had some shit luck. I hate that our injuries make your job more interesting.” I say.

“I know, sorry. Keeping you all in good shape is fun too.” Drew says.

“I have fun whenever you work me.” I say.

“Ugh I wish I could work you naked more.” Drew says.

“Soon, well not soon but November, December.” I say.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Drew says.

“I have to get back.” I say.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Drew says and I head back.

I drop in on Brent, his room is full of guys again. I squeeze in and watch. They are all so competitive it gets pretty heated. Everyone heads off for an early night though. Tomorrow means a lot to everyone. I linger for a moment.

“All the best tomorrow, go smash it.” I say.

“Yeah we will.” Brent says.

“I hope we both make it.” I say.

“I am counting on it. Do you want to stay over?” Brent asks, we are sat next to each other on his bed, not touching or anything, just casual.

“No, I need a comfy night’s sleep.” I say.

“Meh, I’m not going to stop asking.” Brent says.

“I have a boyfriend. I know it’s unusual and strange for you to comprehend but not everyone cheats.” I say.

“We need to sleep with clear heads. We’ll talk another time.” Brent says.

“Just stop. It’s only since I started with Drew that you’ve decided this stuff. Where were you when I was lonely?” I say and walk out.

I know Brent and know he’s mostly teasing but I need to draw a line. I don’t want anyone overhearing and spreading rumours that could get back to Drew. It is impossible to get much privacy in this place or keep a secret. Brent will always be the guy I first kissed, the guy who helped me cement that I liked guys. But Drew is my future, I am falling for him and I really don’t need anything messing it up.

The final trial goes okay. I take a fall on high bar and come third. Brent wins easily and is on top of the world. The team is announced within an hour. Not officially, we can’t talk about it until the official press release but we both made it.

As the oldest two we spend some time talking with the guys who didn’t make it and the alternates. They’re disappointed but know how tough it is. Most of them can see what they need to work on or where they need to increase difficulty. Duty done we head off to get ready for the evening.

I drive the three of us and we meet Sarah at the restaurant. She looks really nice, we’ve met many times but not for a while. She is clearly crazy about Brent.

The evening goes okay. The four of us get on well and the conversation flows easily. I’m jealous of all the casual touches between Sarah and Brent. Not that I’d be entirely comfortable making them with a guy in public, even if my boyfriend was more affectionate.

Still I reach for Drew’s hand under the table while we wait for the bill but he pulls away after a second. We pay and head outside.

“Sarah will drive me back we just want to hang out for a little.” Brent says.

“Okay, drop by when you get back.” I say hugging him and Sarah goodbye.

“Will do.” Brent says.

“Why can’t you stay over tonight? You don’t have training tomorrow morning.” Drew asks once we get in the car.

“I have press first thing. Local news interview and maybe some others. Also I need to be around in case any of the guys need us.” I say.

“Us? You and Brent are closer than we are at times.” Drew says.

“We’ve been friends forever of course we’re close. We are the leaders of the team and we need to be there as part of the team. We maybe shouldn’t have come out tonight but I thought we needed it, us and them.” I say.

“Did you and he ever do anything?” Drew asks.

“Yes.” I say.

“Why did you never tell me?” Drew asks.

“It was just kids experimenting, we were never boyfriends or anything. You are my first real relationship. I really like you, I want to be with you. I know I’m not east to be with. I know I can’t make you my first priority right now, I’d love to but I can’t. I thought you understood.” I say.

“I’m sorry. I just get jealous sometimes. I want you in my life fulltime. It’s hard enough when you’re at home half the week but you being up here and not being in my bed I’m finding really hard to handle.” Drew says.

“I can see that. I wish I could reassure you that it’ll be better soon but I can’t. I love that you’re so dedicated to your job too. There are times when you have to be away with the women’s team and there will be times when I’ll not make a team that you’ll travel with. Hell I know you’re getting calls from professional teams and one day you’ll say yes to one. Right now I need some understanding. I promise I will give you the same when you need it.” I say.

“Thanks. I know, I know how hard you work and how crazy things are I should be lucky you fit me in at all.” Drew says.

“I would be with you all the time if I could. I’m sorry I didn’t make this evening just you and me.” I say.

“Next time.” Drew says.

I kiss him goodnight and he ruffles my hair a little. I’ll take it.

The rest of the week is a blur of media and training and team meetings and getting kitted out. Brent and I don’t spend any more time alone and I barely see Drew.

Saturday night we go out as a team, just for a quiet meal. We’re all eating healthily and it’s low key but good to all be together, 2 of the guys have made the senior team for the first time and we’re trying to make them feel at ease with us. Over the next week we spend a lot of time bonding watching movies and playing games. We set crazy challenges in the gym at the end of practice and soon we’re all like brothers.

We travel over to Belgium and Brent and I each room with one of the new guys. Make things easier for them. I mean they’ve both been on major teams as juniors so it’s not all new but it still takes the stress off if we’re right there to ask questions.

The week goes brilliantly we get team gold which is all we wanted. Brent gets second in the all around and 4 of us pick up individual medals, we’re totally over the moon. After the team win we’re all hugging and kissing each other, coaches and gymnasts. Drew stands off to the side I go over to him but he sends me back and says he has to go prep the ice.

When the last event is done and everyone is getting ready for the banquet I slip down to Drew’s room. He ended up with a room to himself and I’m hoping to take advantage of that for the night.

“Wow you look smart.” I say looking at my usually tracksuited man in a real suit.

“You look good too.” Drew says.

“Can I stay here tonight?” I ask.

“No, I’m sorry but the walls are thin and coaches are next door and I don’t want them to think of me that way.” Drew says.

“We can just sleep. I am exhausted. I miss waking up with you.” I say.

“It’s just one more night. Come on you said you’d support me.” Drew says.

“I know. I will. You’ll sit with me at dinner though?” I ask.

“Of course I will.” Drew says. “Though I want to catch up with the German trainer he was talking about some interesting stuff earlier in the week and I want to hear more.”

“Sure thing. I need to schmooze too.” I say.

We head down together and sit with the whole team to eat before mingling.

“Bet you’re excited for tonight.” Brent whispers.

“Nah I’ve been turned down already.” I say.

“No way. I thought you’d at least be snuggling until dawn.” Brent says.

“I wish, never happens.” I say lightly. “Who have you got your eye on?”

“Uh no one. It sucks when it’s just the guys meet.” Brent says.

“You’re not usually so picky.” I say.

“Well things change. When you realise what you want you stop fucking around. Does Drew treat you okay?” Brent asks.

“Of course. I really like him.” I say.

“He never kisses you hello or hugs you when you do well. You get more affection from the postman.” Brent says.

“It’s just his way. It’s no big deal. There are other ways he shows he cares.” I say.

“He’s not good enough for you. I’m not saying you should be with me but fuck, look at how Amin looks at you. He was there with a hug every time you hit and you were there for him. He appreciates you.” Brent says moving us over to the French guys.

We all hug and kiss hello and offer congrats and battle the language barrier to express joy at each other’s skills this week. Amin pulls me aside.

“We go to my room?” Amin asks.

I shake my head.

“My boyfriend is here.” I say nodding towards Drew.

“He is lucky man.” Amin says sadly. My heart flutters a little and we share a long hug and I kiss his cheek once more.

I look up and Drew is looking over.

“Heh maybe some jealousy will do him good.” Brent says in a low tone.

“He’s a good guy. Stop making an issue where there isn’t one. Accept that I’m happy.” I say.

“I would if you were.” Brent says and walks away.

I go up to bed not feeling in the party mood any more. We leave early the next day and I go home for the first time in weeks.

It feels weird to have Monday off and not to be spending my free day with Drew but I’ll be training at home all week.

On Saturday after my second training session I drive up to Drew’s place. We make up for lost time with a lot of fucking that night and all day Sunday. Feels so great to be back together again. My training will be lighter for a couple of weeks so I might have some energy and I feel excited to make more time for Drew.

On Monday I train with the national staff. Brent is there and a few of the juniors. It’s pretty easy to get through our programs quickly with so few guys around. I stop to talk to the coaches about what I need to be working on and plans for the year. Once done I head down to Drew’s treatment room.

I open the door and he and Brent are on the floor fighting.

“Stop you fucking idiots.” I shout trying to pull them apart. They are both considerably taller than me so I have no hope.

“What’s going on?” I ask as they finally part.

“He came on to me.” Brent says.

“Don’t lie to me.” I say.

“It’s true Colin. I don’t lie to you. You know that. I was here for treatment I got hard as I sometimes do and he asked if I was going to have Sarah take care of it. I explained Sarah and I were over and he suggested I go over to his place tonight.” Brent says.

“You and Sarah are over? When? Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask.

“He tells you a bunch of shit and that is what you focus on?” Drew says.

“I suggested he come over with you later so we could hang out and commiserate with him and he took it the wrong way. I don’t want to touch his dick.” Drew says.

“So why did you fight back?” I ask.

“Because he was doing it to break us up. Now he’s single he wants you back.” Drew says.

“He always wants me that isn’t new. He knows I don’t want him and that I’m with you.” I say.

“So he comes on to you regularly and you never told me? So I wouldn’t stop your cosy sleepovers?” Drew shouts.

“I didn’t tell you because I can handle it. You have nothing to worry about. Brent is it possible you got the wrong end of the stick?” I ask.

He nods at me sadly.

“I’m sorry about Sarah. We’ll talk tomorrow but I have to be with Drew tonight. Are you okay? Physically I mean, do you need anything?” I ask.

“I’ll be fine. I’m sorry for causing a fuss.” Brent says quietly and leaves.

“I am so mad at you.” I say to Drew.

“I’m furious with you. Don’t ever hide shit like that from me.” Drew says.

“Do you want me to come over tonight or am I going to get the silent treatment?” I ask.

“I’m sorry Colin I just can’t do this. I really like you but I’ve been offered a job by a football club. The money is too much to turn down. I’m leaving and there is no way we can continue.” Drew says knocking the wind out of me.

“Okay I understand. I’ll come and collect my stuff.” I say.

He nods and we walk in silence to his cottage. I gather up my things and as I’m about to leave I turn to him.

“Why did you fight Brent if you were dumping me anyway?” I ask.

“I hate that guy. He has been on my case about the way I treat you for weeks and him hitting me was the excuse to unleash on him. I’m sorry. I’ll apologise to him later.” Drew says.

I nod and head over to my room. I drop my stuff and go and crawl into Brent’s bed.

“When did you break up with Sarah?” I ask letting him hold me.

“The night of our double date.” Brent says.

“Really. You seemed so together that night. I was jealous of all the affection you shared.” I say.

“When I saw you and Drew shared none I knew he wasn’t right for you and I also knew if I was with Sarah I wouldn’t get my shot. I love you Colin.” Brent says and pulls me closer.

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