So the 3 top answers on the what should I do poll were

Continue as is.

Skip to after college.

and the user submitted

Need to see Alexander and Peter together.

So the plan at the moment is to do what I wanted which was the summer of the boys travelling together. It’ll be from Peter’s point of view. It is a LOT of Alexander and Peter happy together so if you hate them best skip it.

Not sure if I’ll post all parts at once or wait until it’s all done like I did with the previous summer, depends how this weekend goes I think.

Thanks for reading and for checking in. Do keep sending in comments, even the ones that tell me to stop are helpful.


4 thoughts on “Decision

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading the series so far! Personally, I’d love to see a summer from Peter’s point of view. I’m also glad that they’re back together. Alexander doesn’t appear to truly connect with anyone but Peter, and for some reason I really dislike Jay.

    The only real critique I have is that I think you need to spell check and proof read your work more stringently.

    Keep up the awesome work.


    1. It’s changed since yesterday! Had been stable for a while. Take a year out has popped up ahead. I did end it temporarily but reopened it as people are still reading the last few chapters. Thanks for reading, Sam


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