Peter’s Perfect summer part 2

The alarm goes at 3.45am we’ve barely had 3 hours sleep. Alexander rolls out of bed into the bathroom. I grab some clothes for him and help him dress when he comes back out.

“See you later. I love you.” I say and kiss him quickly.

“Love you too baby.” Alexander says and is out the door with a minute to spare.

I fall back into bed and sleep for 2 hours before forcing myself up to watch Alexander on TV. He looks so cute on TV, I can’t believe he’s mine. It is so weird watching him be Sandy Green. He calls me when he’s done.

“I’m going straight to the radio station and then to a hotel for press interviews.” Alexander says.

“Did you eat breakfast?” I ask.

“I had a banana. I will have another in a minute, promise. I’ll be finished by 6 and I made dinner reservations for 8.” Alexander says.

“Okay I’ll see you later. Call me again if you get time. Love you.” I say.

“Love you too baby.” Alexander says.

I get ready for the day and head out. I grab a breakfast sandwich and start doing the tourist thing. I enjoy it but miss Alexander already. I decide to hit the shops and buy some underwear for the both of us. I rarely get to buy Alexander anything, I hope to change that a bit this trip.

I stop to pick up snacks and drinks for the room too. I know there will be food on hand at Alexander’s interviews but I know he’ll think he doesn’t like it and won’t ask for what he wants. He can be a total pain and difficult to look after at times. I know his life has been so different to mine, he’s so independent and so useless at the same time.

I still, still get a kick out of doing things for him though. I love the look of relief on his face when something is taken care of. Aww I just love him and need him to be happy.

I’ve had a weird year. Alexander and I couldn’t find our groove after our summer apart and I had difficulties with my dad which I think took my focus off Alexander. I looked for quick fixes instead of giving him proper attention. Then without him I was a mess. I hated every day that we were apart. I thought I had a chance when he and Casey imploded but I pushed too fast, I was so mad at myself for that.

Best thing I ever did was to ask him back on spring break. Having his support made my parent’s divorce a lot easier to face. That and my Mom handling it really well. I don’t talk to my dad. He hasn’t made that much effort, just sends me money which hurts.

That my mom and Alexander kept their relationship going the whole time we were apart really made me realise how much faith she had in me, in us. It made getting over the Aaron thing easier. To be fair I’m probably not over that, I am just totally disassociated from it and don’t think about it ever.

I turn the TV on to distract myself and Alexander comes bursting through the door.

“Hug me baby, need you right now.” Alexander says.

I stand up and cross the room to scoop him up. I throw him on the bed and climb straight on top of him and smother his face with kisses.

“Why is your hair all wet?” I ask.

“I showered there to save time. Need you baby.” Alexander says.

I don’t waste any time undoing his clothes and getting him naked. He is so beautiful. So easy to get aroused with him in the room. We kiss a few minutes and he pulls my top off.

“Bad day?” I ask.

“I fucking missed you. I had to say the same thing a million times I didn’t have much fun and I have to do it all again tomorrow.” Alexander complains.

“You want me to come with you tomorrow? I don’t mind hanging about.” I ask.

“I can’t ask that. I can ask you to eat my ass.” Alexander giggles.

“On my mind already baby.” I say rolling him onto his stomach and kissing him all the way down his back.

I kneed his ass with my hands and lick his crack before diving right in. For once Alexander really lets go, he whimpers and moans quietly at first then a little louder.

“Just fuck me now. Please baby. I need your big dick.” Alexander says looking back at me.

I hop out of my jeans and try not to fall over in my speed to get out of them.

“You want me baby?” I say standing over him.

He just looks up and smiles. I love how he looks, excited but vulnerable. He’s pretty much let me take the lead since we got back together so it makes me feel really good that he has been demanding since we got here. He must have missed me. I’m glad he’s over whatever was holding him back.

I pull him to the edge of the bed end enter him slowly. I keep it slow, the way he loves and his face turns to bliss he is so adorable when he’s happy. As I lean forward to kiss him he groans and grabs by neck, not letting me move away.

I keep going slowly until I can’t anymore and pound away. I watch his body react, his face change and I savour every moment of his joy.

Afterwards I lie next to him stroking his hair and ready to relax.

“Come on we have to get cleaned up for dinner.” Alexander says jumping up and heading to the bathroom.

I wipe myself down and get dressed.

“What’s the big deal?” I ask.

“I booked this a bit ago, come on it’s not far.” Alexander says.

We walk hand in hand for a few minutes and arrive at the restaurant Marea, it doesn’t look too fancy from the outside but wow they treated us well once inside. I half wince half marvelled at the prices. I didn’t want to spoil the evening mentioning budget but I know we’ll have to have a talk some time.

We share a bunch of appetizers noticing portions are small, oysters, clams, sardine and octopus and move on to Dover sole and swordfish. We share everything. I’m reminded of our date after we broke up last year and smile to myself.

Alexander is being quiet.

“You okay baby? You’re pretty quiet.” I say.

“I had to talk all damn day. My jaw hurts from fake laughing.” Alexander says grumpily but with a smile.

“I guess I best just tell you about my day then.” I say.

Alexander looks up and gives me a huge smile, totally unexpected. He is far happier than I expected. I relax and chatter away not worrying about whether Alexander talks much or not.

We choose to skip dessert and head out. We take a walk in the park before going back to our room.

“Hey sexy I got you something.” I say when we get back. Throwing the shopping bag at him.

“Oh these are cute, some for you, some for me?” Alexander asks and I nod.

He hugs me close.

“Thanks baby.” Alexander says kissing me gently.

“I got you some snacks and things for tomorrow too.” I say.

“Thanks. I didn’t like lunch today. I just asked for chicken and green salad but it was weird chicken. I am so, so tired. Later start tomorrow but another 2 days of this both films tomorrow I might get mixed up.” Alexander says.

“You’ll be fine. I like it that you come home horny. You’ve not been initiating much recently.” I say.

“My sex drive has been in overdrive the last couple of months, I’m horny all the damn time. I knew yours was lower for once so let you lead so I didn’t get rejected.” Alexander says.

“I’m good now.” I say.

“I know. I love you baby.” Alexander says.

I hug him close and we kiss. He snuggles onto my chest for a change and I don’t complain. I love feeling like his protector. He kisses my chest softly until he drops off. I lie awake holding him just enjoying it for a while before sleeping.

Ugh the alarm going off is not the one. Alexander hits the bathroom and again I sort his clothes and things for the day. I hope he doesn’t feel like I’m babying him.

“You sure you don’t want me there today?” I ask.

“I’m sure. I will see you later. Thanks for your help and the snacks you make everything better for me.” Alexander says kissing me goodbye.

I fall back asleep again. My alarm wakes me and I find the radio station Alexander will be on this morning and listen to him chatter as I get dressed.

Just as I’m heading out Jay calls. He and Alexander haven’t spoken since the Patrick incident, I find it a relief to be honest. It’s is a shame as they had become good friends again and now Jay is working for Sal it makes things difficult. I expected Alexander to be more professional about things but he won’t budge.

Of everyone Jay believing Alexander cheated on me wasn’t exactly a stretch given how Alexander and I treated Jay which makes Alexander’s lack of forgiveness surprising.

“Hey Jay what is it?” I ask.

“There is a change of plan for tomorrow morning. I need you to tell Alexander and make sure he..” Jay begins.

“No Jay stop. You need to tell him yourself, if he can’t answer the phone email or something. I’m keeping out of any business arrangements.” I say.

“Come on you know he won’t even read my emails.” Jay whines.

“You’re usually good at this stuff. Get a new email with a generic from Sal’s office or something as the name.” I grumble.

“Come on. Do you know how embarrassing this is for me? I look like a total idiot not being able to contact my own client.” Jay says.

“He’s not your client. Or if he is no one has told him. He won’t budge, he isn’t talking to any of you guys, just me and Eric. It isn’t just you. It’s his choice I can’t influence it.” I say.

“You love it that he isn’t friends with me anymore. Makes you his whole world.” Jay says bitterly.

“Stop being bitter. You’ve moved away anyway. Your friendship would have fizzled out anyway.” I say.

“Fuck off Peter. I’m sorry for asking for help but I’ll remember next time you need help with him.” Jay says and hangs up.

After that I’m not in the mood for anything much. I put my headphones in and go for a run. I worry I’m being a dick for not passing on Jay’s messages but he and Alexander need to work out how to work together. I worry what affect it could have on Alexander’s career down the road, if he’ll miss out on opportunities.

I run and run then head back to the hotel, I’m still feeling antsy so I go for a swim. The hotel pool is quiet and I enjoy pushing myself. I take a really long shower and try and start my day over. I head to the museums and wander aimlessly inside not taking much in.

I’m beginning to worry this trip is really going to suck if Alexander is this busy every day. I need to start planning more stuff to do, maybe meeting some people. I’m sat outside in the sunshine when Alexander calls.

“Hey baby. There’s this dinner thing tonight, will you come? I’d really like you to.” Alexander says.

“Of course baby. Do I need to dress fancy? Do I need to bring you clothes?” I ask.

“Yeah need to wear a jacket. It’s at 7 I’ll be back in 5minutes to get ready I’m in a cab now.” Alexander says.

“Okay I’m in the park you’ll probably beat me back.” I say.

I jog back to the room and get changed. I’m glad Alexander made us pack fancy clothes and that he hung everything up when we got here.

“So what’s tonight about?” I ask.

“Some of the producers of the comedy are in town and are taking us to dinner.” Alexander says.

“Okay I promise to be charming.” I say.

“And as dinner is on them tonight and we’ll eat at the Zombie party tomorrow, you can divide last night’s bill in 3 and stop worrying about budget.” Alexander says.

“You knew I was mad?” I say.

“I knew you would be but I really wanted to go there. I want to take you to some nice places.” Alexander says.

“I appreciate it and I don’t want to eat in fast food places all the time but we can find a middle ground.” I say.

“I know, I want to go to normal local places too but I want some special nights too. Last night was special right?” Alexander asks.

“Baby it was very special. I loved it, I just worried that you expected those sort of places every night. I know we used to be happy that we could go to nicer places together after we’d been going to cheaper places so much with our friends but last night was a new league. Mostly though it’s because I’m not working this summer and I’m not happy taken money from my dad and I don’t want you paying for everything. But hey if your employers want to take me to a so fancy I need a jacket place then I’m good.” I say.

Alexander just laughs at me.

“Come on it’s too hot to walk in these clothes let’s get a cab.” Alexander says and we head out.

“You look so fucking handsome.” I say when we’re in the cab.

“You too. I can’t wait to see you in really fancy clothes tomorrow.” Alexander says.

I squeeze his hand and we’re there already.

“Holy shit, I’ve read about this place.” I say as we go in. The others are here already so we get seated straight away.

I’m a pretty comfortable guy socially. I’ve been to enough stuffy dinners with my parents over the years and know how to behave but I’m still really intimidated here.

Alexander introduces me to everyone as his boyfriend and they’re all really welcoming. We’re having a tasting menu as a table so I don’t even need to worry about ordering.

The food is crazy good. It’s mostly seafood again so Alexander is delighted. I squeeze his leg under the table and he does the same back. KI don’t think either of us can believe we’re in such a fancy 3 Michelin star place.

The evening is fine, I relax and mostly listen. Occasionally Alexander and I will tell a story about how we got together and other things at school. It’s easy for us to talk about good times and the guys tell us college stories back which is a whole lot easier for me to follow than the business talk.

The meal lasts 3 hours, the others head off to a bar, our age is a good excuse for Alexander and I to leave.

“Shall we walk back?” I ask.

“Yeah I’d like that.” Alexander says. It is still really muggy but we walk anyway.

“You fit right in tonight. You are a great boyfriend. You made it easy for me.” Alexander says.

“Thanks baby. I was pretty intimidated but they were nice people, just really rich I guess. Richer than us.” I say.

“Yup. Are you excited for tomorrow?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah, we get more time together and I get to see your movie. Did Jay get in touch about the schedule change?” I ask casually.

“Sal did. I have another morning show tomorrow so early start. Then we get some time together then we have to do the primping and shit.” Alexander says.

“You ever going to talk to Jay?” I ask.

“No. No I don’t see me talking to any of those guys again.” Alexander says.

“So why forgive me and Eric and not the others?” I ask quietly.

“Let’s talk inside.” Alexander says. We’re almost at the hotel anyway.

In the elevator I kiss him hard, reminding him I love him.

“So I forgave Eric for 2 reasons, 1 he actually said what happened was out of character for me and 2 he was ready to be friends again whether I’d done it or not before the truth came out.” Alexander says.

“So he got a pass for giving you one?” I ask.

“Yeah. Plus he was super professional about it all when we worked together during it, we helped each other use the bad energy to create something good.” Alexander says.

“And me? I know we talked some already but why me not the others I guess.” I fumble with my words.

“The way you lunged at Barley, no one else so much as shouted at him. You were ready to kill. We need to talk about your anger sometime, Barley, Casey and Ray you got pretty physical with them all.” Alexander says.

“They all tried to hurt you.” I say a bit embarrassed.

“And your reaction was fucking hot but scary too.” Alexander says.

“Feeling hot now?” I ask.

“What’s on your mind?” Alexander asks pulling me close for a kiss.

“Your cock in my mouth.” I say kneeling. He’s half hard already and tastes so good.

Alexander rubs my shoulders as I take him in and lets out a few low moans.

“Let me lie down.” Alexander says.

“Feeling light headed?” I ask grinning as Alexander pulls off his pants and lies on the bed.

“If you knew what you were doing to me.” Alexander groans.

I laugh and pull off my jacket and shirt.

“Take your pants off too, I need you naked.” Alexander says.

“You too.” I say.

Once all our clothes are crumpled on the floor I turn back to Alexander’s dick and smile.

I feast on him and enjoy every second. I turn to take him deeper.

“Turn more baby, I want you.” Alexander says.

He starts teasing me and it’s so good but I try and ignore it to concentrate on him but fuck he’s amazing. We enjoy each other and I know Alexander is close. I pull away abruptly and move back up to kiss him. I lie on top of him and rub our dicks together while kissing him. Grinding onto him he groans into my mouth and I push harder.

“Fuck I love you baby.” Alexander groans.

My heart still lifts to hear it, even if it is in the moment of passion.

“Love you loads baby. Fuck, oh fuck.” I cry as we cum hard against each other.

“Stay there baby.” Alexander whispers running his hands over me.

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