Peter’s perfect summer 3

Another alarm, another crazy early start.

“I’ll pack up, check us out and move the bags.” I say.

“Yeah, are you meeting the others before me?” Alexander asks.

“Yes I’m meeting them at the next hotel, we’ll take the Mom’s for hair and manicures and Eric and I will meet you at the stylist.” I say.

“Okay. I’ll call when I’m done. I hate that I have this extra show. I wanted the morning with you.” Alexander says sounding tired and annoyed.” Alexander says.

“I’m sorry I feel like my Mom is crashing our time.” I say.

“No, no, she isn’t I am so glad she is here. I can’t wait to show you both off tonight. I just thought we’d have more alone time together.” Alexander says.

“We’ll have time in London.” I say.

“I know. I love you. See you later.” Alexander says, kisses me and is gone.

I slowly pack up our stuff and get ready for the day. I snooze for a bit and watch for Alexander on TV but his spot doesn’t come on before I need to leave.

I checkout on the TV then get a cab to the next hotel, luckily they let me check in early. I head up, unpack, send our clothes to hotel laundry and wait to hear from Mom or Eric.

Eric and his Mom arrive first with mine arriving just as they’re checking in.

I hug my Mom and explain where Alexander is. Everyone washes up and we settle our Moms at the salon before heading to pick up our suits.

Alexander is already there, stood in a shirt and underwear I just stand and grin.

“It’s not a Risky Business remake.” Eric says laughing.

We soon get fitted and all sorted with what we need. Alexander and I are going to be matching, I love it.

We drop our suits back at the hotel then head to a coffee place near where the Moms are.

“So why isn’t Harry here?” I ask Eric.

“You know why. We’re done.” Eric says.

“I didn’t know. I thought he was living at the house for the summer.” I say.

“Man you two really did miss out on all the end of year gossip.” Eric says.

“We were busy together and I hate everyone but you two.” Alexander says.

“That didn’t help. We had an end of term party and Harry got jealous, even though he was fucking more people. It was weird for a few days then he just packed up and left.” Eric says.

“You didn’t tell us, we’ve talked loads.” Alexander says.

“Yeah I was in a funk and thought he might change his mind. Then I came to my senses and realized I didn’t want him back.” Eric says.

“Well I’m sorry but we’re not going to tone it down for you. We’re still super loved up.” I say.

“I can see that and I’m so happy for you. No need to tone it down for me.” Eric says smiling.

Alexander grins and kisses my cheek.

“So Harry won’t be living with us next semester?” I ask.

“I guess not.” Eric says shrugging.

“You ready to become a superstar?” I ask Eric.

“Ha I have a tiny part. I’m really glad I got to come today and to bring my Mom. She is super excited.” Eric says.

“I’m glad she’s here keeping my Mom company.” I say

“Oh my Mom is excited to hang out with her. I think they’ll get on great.” Eric says.

“How is summer camp going?” I ask.

“It is so not like camp. It’s cool, the kids are mostly pretty focused and some are talented. I don’t like how nice people are to the ones who are shit though.” Eric says.

“So you’re the mean one?” I ask laughing.

“Nah, I just nod and give corrections but so many of them have never been told they should try something else it’s embarrassing.” Eric says.

“Nice paycheck though.” Alexander says.

“Yup.” Eric says.

“You getting on okay with Brian?” I ask.

“Yeah and Jamie is in the house for the summer. He and Felix use the apartment when Felix visits though.” Eric says.

Alexanders face is like thunder.

“Are you ever going to talk to Brian and Jamie again?” Eric asks Alexander.

“No. Those guys are gone from my life.” Alexander says.

“But you and Brian were getting so close.” Eric says.

“Yeah, I supported him through his breakup. We dealt with the psycho Ray situation and saved all his stuff. I let him move in and out of the apartment, losing money on rent. And he hears one rumor about me and cuts me off without ever checking in on me. He is dead to me.” Alexander says.

“Shit when you put it like that.” Eric says quietly.

“Were you and Brian getting back together?” I ask.

“No, we talked about it when Harry left but I said I needed time. It would clearly be too awkward to stay friends with you and date him. I want someone new anyway. Actually I just want to fuck around a bit.” Eric says.

Eric’s Mom calls and we go down the street to meet them.

“Wow Mom you look fantastic.” I say.

“You too Mom.” Eric says.

“You both look terrific, we’re going to look so good tonight. Do you think we can get someone at the hotel to take a picture of all of us dressed up?” Alexander asks.

“I’m sure someone will before we go.” Eric’s Mom says.

We head back and get dressed. We are able to get some pictures taken and Eric and Alexander go on ahead as they have to do some pre red carpet press.

The evening is so fun. I love seeing Alexander in film star mode. He looks so hot and he’s so polite talking to people and stopping for pictures. Some people take pictures of us together which is fun and a bit scary too.

The movie is hilarious. Both Alexander and Eric are great. It’s just as good as the first one, maybe better. I think it’ll be a huge summer hit.

Once the movie is over Alexander gets a lot of congrats from people as we leave. I can tell he’s really happy. A limo is waiting to take us on to the party.

“Wasn’t he good!” I whisper to my Mom.

“I’m a very proud mother in law tonight.” Mom whispers back.

The party is crazy, a hotel ballroom has been transformed into a disaster zone and the waiters are all zombies and the food all looks like brains. Every now and then they stop serving food and drinks and act out a scene or perform a song. It is so cool.

I hang out with the Mom’s as Eric and Alexander catch up with people.

“Eric was so good. Are you braced for him leaving college?” I ask Eric’s Mom.

“He will stay in school. I am insisting on that, especially as he’s getting such good training. If something big comes off and he takes a semester out, well I will deal with it but I want to see him graduate. He’s much too smart not to.” Eric’s Mom says.

“Will Alexander stay in school?” My Mom asks.

“I really hope so. It was hit and miss whether he’d do last semester. He’s really, really smart. Smartest guy I ever met and that is saying something at our school.” I say.

“Oh honey you’re smart too, your grade have been exceptional, especially considering all you went through this year.” My Mom says.

“Thanks Mom. You have to say that. My grades are as good as they are because I have learnt so many study techniques from Alexander. For a guy who didn’t go to school until he was fourteen he has the best study habits.” I say.

“We’re lucky you guys met him. The opportunities he has given Eric are incredible.” Eric’s Mom says.

“Eric is talented though. He might have got there on his own.” I say.

“It would have been a lot harder. I’m excited to see what they do and what you do Peter. You and Brian doing research and making breakthroughs. All you boys have a bright future.” Eric’s Mom says.

“I hope so.” I say.

Alexander comes over and introduces us to some of the other actors. They’re all nice, Mom and I get kind of star struck with some of them.

A DJ comes in and we all dance Moms included. We have a great time until the early hours. Exhausted we head back to the hotel.

“Finally got my superstar to myself.” I say to Alexander as we lie in bed together.

“I’m just Alexander to you my love.” Alexander says.

“You’re my Alexander.” I say and am rewarded with his kisses.

He pulls my arms tightly around him as we sleep. He’s pretty restless and I worry about him. He’s prone to nightmares when he sleeps alone but is usually fine when he’s with me. Of course I get no sleep while he’s fidgeting and I’m worrying.

He starts to shake and sweat so I gently wake him up.

“Baby I’m here. You’re okay.” I murmur into his ear, rubbing his arms.

He nestles up to me and turns to kiss me. We make out gently for a few minutes and he falls back to sleep calmly. I worry a while longer then sleep myself.

We sleep in a while then go to meet the others for brunch.

Alexander looks like shit. I expect I do too. Mom looks at us concerned but doesn’t say anything.

We order and Alexander just asks for coffee. I order extra hoping he’ll eat some of it if not now later.

I put a croissant in front of him and he smiles at me and squeezes my leg. He barely picks at it. I’m running the evening through my head wondering what could have happened to upset him.

After brunch we go to a couple of exhibitions. Alexander puts on the charm with the Moms but he barely talks to me. I ask Eric if anything happened last night but he says no.

We have show tickets for the evening, none of us are hungry for dinner so we decide to chill for a bit in our rooms before going back out. I tell Alexander to go and nap while I spend some time with my mom. He doesn’t disagree. I kiss his cheek and he hugs me hard.

“Thank you for including me.” My mom says when we get to her room.

“It was Alexander’s idea. He feels really close to you and wanted to share his big night with you.” I say.

“Is he okay?” Mom asks.

“He’s pretty tired, he’s had super early starts all week doing tv and radio and spent days doing interviews. It was the same when he was in LA I think so he’s getting a bit burnt out.” I say.

“And he has the same the rest of the trip?” Mom asks.

“We have 2 days off in London at the start then a quick zip round mainland Europe which will be full on for him I think. Then we have another week in London before we go to Australia and we have a couple of weeks off there at the end.” I say.

“Well you make sure you take care of him and make sure you both call me often.” Mom says.

“We will. I promise.” I say.

“Have you heard from your father?” Mom asks.

“No, he’s upped my allowance and put in a bigger lump at the start of the summer but he hasn’t called or anything.” I say.

“He’s moved in with that woman. They’ve bought somewhere together. I don’t yet know how he paid for it which is worrying. I’m fine financially, don’t worry and I won’t dispute the amounts he’s paying to you. It’s just his dishonesty that drags out the divorce settlement.” Mom says.

“Just take care Mom. I wish you were taking the time off work. So you wouldn’t have to see him.” I say.

“Well I love my job, I love my firm. I can’t see your dad’s relationship lasting, especially as they now have Aaron living with them.” Mom says.

“Ugh.” Is all I can muster.

“Well you don’t have to see them. I’ll understand if you come home less often. It was lovely to have you for 2 weeks but I know you missed Alexander no end.” Mom says.

“I miss you too when I’m away. It’s been lovely to have some proper time together.” I say.

“It has but you barely went out when we were home. I’m really okay with you growing up and growing away from me. It means my job is done.” Mom says.

“I still need you. Alexander and I are doing so well right now but I’m always messing it up. He might get fed up with me forever one day.” I say sadly.

“Try harder. He’s been so good for you. I don’t want to push you into marriage so young but I can see you two growing old together.” Mom says.

“Even though he’s from a different world?” I ask.

“You’ll be his rock. He needs someone to come home to, you’ll be his safe haven.” Mom says.

“I hope so. I don’t know Mom I just love him and I can’t see my future without him.” I say.

“Just remember that.” Mom says.

We talk about the movie and my trip then I leave her to change and go and wake up Alexander.

“You feeling better?” I ask when I wake him up.

“Not really. I’m so tired. Sorry for being grumpy.” Alexander says.

“Sleep on the plane tomorrow and we have 2 days off. If you want to sleep for 48 hours then that’s what we’ll do.” I say.

“Thanks baby. I love the idea of just chilling with you but I don’t want to waste time.” Alexander says.

“We can go to Europe together another time. You have to take care of yourself. This schedule is really hard on you. We need to work in an afternoon nap for you if you’re filming morning and night.” I say.

“It’s not that easy. But yeah this was too much.” Alexander says.

“Come on lets go fuck in the shower.” I say.

“You know me so well.” Alexander says.

“You’re my man.” I say and pull him off the bed.

In the shower he’s all over me and begging for it. I’m not about to deny him even though we’re short on time.

“Fuck you feel amazing.” I say.

“I need you baby.” Alexander groans.

We all enjoy the show, it’s loud enough to keep Alexander awake. He’s still a bit subdued but I put it down to tiredness. He’s being very affectionate, holding hands or leaning on me, a few kisses when he can. I stop worrying so much and just enjoy myself.

Back at the hotel we say goodbye to the others as we have an early flight.

In our room Alexander is still being quiet.

“You really tired baby or is something wrong?” I ask.

“I’m tired but feeling pretty shitty too.” Alexander says.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“I love you more than anything.” Alexander says.

“Good.” I say and lie down on the bed.

Alexander lies next to me.

“I need to tell you before we leave on our trip. So you can change your mind about coming.” Alexander says.

“Baby I love you. I really want to spend the summer with you. Nothing will change that.” I say.

“I messed up.” Alexander says.

“What do you mean? When?” I ask.

“At the end of semester.” Alexander says quietly.

My stomach drops and I’m speechless for a moment. Things were so good at the end of semester. I can’t even think of when he had time to mess up or anyone he could have done anything with.

“Just tell me baby.” I say.

6 thoughts on “Peter’s perfect summer 3

  1. Me again, the guy who likes Peter. This has been nice, and a much different pacing of writing than the others. Way less drama heh. Since I know the rollercoaster will be back eventually, I’ll just say this again 😛 I always felt that intimacy wise, Alex and Peter were best at that. Not sex, but intimacy. Like, when Peter came back from his rough sexual encounters with others and Alex patched him up. And how Peter always makes sure he’s not forgetting to eat and stuff. Those two are really great in the caring for each other department. I do think they still need to worry less about things and just communicate more openly with each other. But it does look like a bit of that is coming up.


      1. Hehe, cool, well I’m glad. 🙂 But I do feel like this is the calm before the storm where after summer its like “Whoopsie, Peter’s car crashed on his way to meet Alex. Oh darn, he died.” and now back to Alex’s regularly scheduled drama. 😛


  2. NO!!! let it be drugs dont break them up come on this roller coaster isnt fair anymore I was happy once they got back together and they should be together forever…also Jay I never liked from the start I think he is evil I would like to really know what exactly happened to Alexander and also what happened to Peter during his relationship with Aaron and what kind of sex he does enjoy with him and that football player.


    1. Awww you guys always think the worst 😉
      I have written and trashed chapters on Aaron and Peter in highschool and Peter’s encounters with Vincent. For now its up to your imagination.
      Peter and Aaron’s most recent relationship might come out in parts during these summer chapters but I’m not sure.


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