Peter’s perfect summer part 5

My boyfriend is really hot. He looks especially hot freshly fucked and panting next to me. I love him like crazy. I honestly feel like the luckiest man alive. He’s not the easiest guy to be around, he can be cold and difficult and a pain in the ass but the good makes up for that a million times over.

We’re at the theater ready to see another play. He leads us up a lot of stairs to the smaller studio space and it is tiny, smaller than yesterday.

“How did we end up here?” I ask.

“I did some research, and prof gave me some tips and I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy about this one.” Alexander says.

“I enjoyed yesterdays, these places are just not what I expected.” I say.

“Hey the tickets were really cheap, honestly everything we see this week will come to less than what we paid to see that musical on Broadway.” Alexander says.

“You bargain hunter.” I say kissing his cheek.

It’s again benched seating, this time sit where you like. We grab seats in the front for the leg room. It fills up and it’s really snug again. Love being close to Alexander.

I recognise both the lead actors straight away from TV. One I have had a thing for forever and Alexander totally knows. The play is really intense and I kind of forget it’ the hot TV actor and get totally immersed in the story. I can see why Alexander says this is what he wants to do. I can see him doing it. I can’t see him happy long term doing big movies.

Afterwards we head downstairs to the bar and get a drink. Roll on February when we can both drink legally at home.

“I get it now babe. I see why you want this.” I say.

“Thanks. I knew you would. You could study here maybe?” Alexander asks.

“I’d look into it if it came to that.” I say.

“You’re not keen?” Alexander asks.

“Right now it’s jumping the gun. But I wanted to stay on where I am for my masters if I get in. After that I’d be open to it.” I say.

“Okay. I just get carried away when I’m excited.” I say.

“Oh my god. There he is.” I say as the actor I like walks into the bar.

“You’re blushing baby.” Alexander says rubbing his thumb over my cheek.

“Hey, Sandy right.” The actor Tom says.

“Alexander and this is my boyfriend Peter.” Alexander says and we all shake hands.

“You were so good, really intense.” I say stuttering a little trying to get the words out.

“Thanks, can I get you guys a drink?” Tom asks.

“Sure, thanks.” Alexander says.

Tom is great and really funny to talk with and he’s very flirty. He’s always touching us and throwing compliments.

The three of us drink a lot, laugh and chat until it’s almost closing.

“My place is close, want to come back?” Tom asks.

I choke on my drink.

“Sounds good.” Says Alexander.

“You okay?” Tom asks me.

“Just a bit surprised someone like you wants to spend more time with someone like me.” I say honestly, I’m somewhat drunk.

“Says the most attractive man in the room with the hot movie star boyfriend. Everyone into guys in this room wants to have sex with you.” Tom says laughing at me.

“My man has no clue how hot he is.” Alexander says.

“Come to mine let me show you just how sexy you are.” Tom says to me boldly.

I just look at Alexander.

“It’s good with me.” Alexander says.

“I’ll go piss let you ladies chat.” Tom says.

“You used to be so sure of your hotness. Your confidence drew me too you. Why don’t you expect people to want you anymore?” Alexander asks.

“I don’t know. All those knockbacks from you. Do you want to fuck around with Tom?” I ask grinning.

“Yes. He’s hot, I know you think he’s hot and he’ll be discrete.” Alexander says.

I smile and sigh.

“What’s up?” Alexander asks.

“I really want to but I worry that it’ll mess things up.” I say.

“As long as you don’t run off with him it’ll be fine. We’re much stronger now, we know what we have to lose.” Alexander says.

“Okay let’s do him.” I say grinning not quite believing it.

Tom comes back over, we grin and nod and walk out together.

His place really is close by, it’s pretty fancy inside.

“Wow it’s um.” I say unsure how to describe it.

“It’s wanky, over the top. It came this way, I’m just here for 3 months, not my taste at all but being able to walk to work makes it perfect.” Tom says.

I laugh.

We sit on the sofa together with another drink and I suddenly feel awkward. Alexander puts his arm round me and squeezes some reassurance. I don’t know why I’m nervous, they want me, and they’re hot.

Tom leans in and kisses me, putting his hand across my stomach through the buttons on my shirt. He leaves his hand there as he moves to kiss Alexander. Alexander kisses him back more aggressively but keeps his arm tightly around my back for reassurance.

Alexander moves back and kisses my neck.

“You okay baby?” Alexander whispers in my ear.

I nod and kiss Tom to show I’m okay, he’s been unbuttoning my shirt and running his hands over my chest. As we kiss Alexander gets his dick out which surprises me. Hot.

“Bedroom?” Tom asks.

We follow him though. We stand next to the bed kissing and undressing each other taking everything slowly.

Tom is shorter than Alexander and I but his chest is so broad, his pecs larger, he is amazing under his clothes. I can’t quite believe my luck, that I’m in the middle of two really hot guys and they both seem focused on me.

I try and get out of my head and just go for it. I’m turned on, Tom is so hot and Alexander being excited makes me happy. But honestly I’d rather be with just Alexander, I’m so wary after the Jay situation. Still he has always given me what I wanted that I can do this for him.

I pull Alexander to me and kiss him passionately. Tom is standing close rubbing both our backs, kissing our necks. I turn to him and run my hands everywhere, Alexander move behind me and kisses my back, moving up.

“I want to see you with him.” Alexander whispers in my ear.

I reach my hand back to feel Alexander, he grabs my hand and squeezes it tight.

I push Tom onto the bed and get things moving.

“You want this don’t you?” I say putting Tom’s hand on my dick.

“Of course I fucking do. You are so hot.” Tom says aggressively.

Tom moves to suck my cock and Alexander’s tongue is between Tom’s cheeks. I just look at the two of them and begin to really enjoy myself.

Once I let go I feel so good, so sexy and so desired. Tom is doing an amazing job on my cock, I run my hands over his face as his tongue is making me feel so fucking good swirling around my head.

“Fuck, fuck that’s so good.” I groan.

Alexander pops up from behind Tom making me smile, grinning at me. I reach out to him so he can grab my hand again. I need to stay connected to him.

Tom kneels back up and we kiss again, stroking each other, grinding close with Alexander hugging behind us. Alexander rolls a condom onto me as I finger Tom a little.

“Fuck I need this, fuck you are so hot, fuck me, fuck me now.” Tom growls at me and fuck it’s hot.

I push Tom around a little putting him where I want him. He’s on all fours and I just push his head down as I begin to ease in slowly. Alexander is behind me kissing my neck and rubbing my shoulders, he’s being so loving, making me feel good, that this is all okay, not okay, amazing.

I slowly begin to move in Tom, he is not quiet, not at all. He’s gruff and loud and appreciative. He really, really wants it. I start to move more aggressively and he’s pushing back to match me, I lean back to kiss Alexander then turn back and push Tom’s head back down. He growls at me as I slam into him hard, grabbing his hips and not holding back.

“Man you feel good.” I say not letting up.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck, fuck, so good.” Tom grunts back.

Alexander has moved to lie next to us, watching, enjoying himself. We lock eyes and he gives the hottest smile. I know all is well and he’s having fun too.

I slow down for a while and enjoy all Tom has. Alexander leans in and kisses Tom a little.

“Flip over.” I say pulling out.

Tom moves quickly, his cock is about 5inches, thick and uncut, and super hard which excites me. I pull him to the edge of the bed and move his ankles to my shoulders as I push back in. Tom is giving me looks of pure lust.

Alexander kisses Tom and strokes his dick as I pump away. My man looking so hot gets me really close and I slow for a few minutes.

“You two are too fucking hot.” Tom groans as he pushes Alexander’s hair out of his face and kisses him.

I do feel a little jealous. I reach down to touch Alexander, I just rub his calf. He looks over for a second and it calms me.

I push Tom’s legs a little more apart and slam, slam, slam into him. His cries double in volume and he’s soon shooting rope after rope as Alexander squeezes ever drop out of him. It’s such a hot sight that I cum suddenly.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” I cry.

Alexander grins at me and Tom licks his lips.

Tom meets my gaze and we both turn to Alexander. I pull out and dive down onto my boyfriend’s dick, Tom joins me and with lick and suck at my man until he’s cumming with great force. I cover him in a big hug and kiss him hard.

The three of us lie back together sharing a few more kisses.

“That was so fun.” Alexander says.

“You two are incredible. I can’t believe you were so up for it.” Tom says.

“Peter has had a crush on you forever.” Alexander says.

“Thanks babe.” I say swatting his arm and rolling my eyes.

“Well I wanted you the moment I saw you sat there, that your boyfriend gave me an in was perfect luck.” Tom says.

“Ugh you better not steal my man, I do not like this mutual lovefest.” Alexander says.

“Always love you best baby.” I say and kiss him.

“I know.” Alexander says kissing me back.

“Ugh my turn to puke. You two are shockingly loved up.” Tom says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well you are super sexy and I’m not saying he can do better but your boyfriend has a hit movie out and is like the man of the moment in Hollywood, he’s linked to every upcoming big role. We actors are a fickle lot and he could have anyone right now.” Tom says.

“Well it’s all rumours, I’m not getting any offers, I’ve not had a meeting or audition in almost a year.” Alexander says.

“For real?” Tom asks.

“I’m staying in school so my schedule is limited but yeah I was hoping I’d get something for this summer, not a lead but a cameo in something you know but nothing. I’ve nothing for next summer. I’m a total pariah.” Alexander says quietly.

“Mate you need a new agent.” Tom says.

“I just got one. Ah I want to do what you did tonight, these new works that are on here are amazing.” Alexander says.

“Yeah we’re lucky to have subsidised theaters taking risks. Have to do the telly stuff to be able to afford this though.” Tom says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well we get equity minimum which is not a lot in a small theater. Worth it for the art and all that and the occasional Broadway transfer. Feeds the soul, doesn’t pay the rent.” Tom says.

“That’s not a problem for Alexander, he’s all the money he needs. Could you ask your agent to talk to him, just casually?” I ask.

“Sure, give me your number and I’ll get him to give you a call.” Tom says.

Tom grabs his phone from his jeans pocket on the floor and hands it to Alexander to put his number in.

“Now I can send you nudes.” Tom says grinning.

“No, you should send them to me.” I say.

“Oy I’m the only nude you’re going to be seeing after tonight.” Alexander says.

“That’s good with me.” I say and kiss him all over, Tom joins in and Alexander wriggles between us, loving it.

“Thanks for a great night Tom.” I say sitting up and fishing about for my clothes.

“Stay.” Tom says.

“We need to get back. Lot’s on tomorrow.” I lie.

“It was great, call me if you’re in town again.” Tom says.

“You should come to the premier party, it’ll be just starting when you finish.” Alexander says.

“Sure, test me the details.” Tom says.

He calls us a cab and we head back to our hotel.

In the cab I snuggle up to Alexander so happy, I loved tonight but I love just us more.

“You’re amazing baby.” Alexander says.

“We survived it okay?” I ask.

“You were so fucking hot, all in control once we got going. I loved it.” Alexander says.

“I was terrified it would be like with Jay and I’d upset you but you didn’t seem to want to be too involved.” I say.

“I really wanted to watch. Was that okay?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah. Let’s not deconstruct it too much. We did it, it was fun and now it’s just us.” I say.

“No regrets but I like just us too.” Alexander says.

I sigh content that he is happy and we didn’t fuck everything up.

“Did I overstep on the agent thing?” I ask.

“No. I’m really glad you did that, made me seem less pushy with you asking. I wanted to from the moment he approached us in the bar.” Alexander admits.

Exhausted we pay the cab driver and head inside. The light is flashing on the room phone and I listen to the messages.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I shout.

“What?” Alexander asks.

“That was the breakfast TV people confirming your car will be here at 5. The interview was moved to today. Its gone 4 now. Go get in the shower I’ll make coffee.” I say.

“I’ll fucking kill Jay.” Alexander growls.

“What clothes do you need?” I ask going into practical mode.

“Something cool, no logos, no stripes, usual.” Alexander says and starts stripping off.

The room has an electric kettle and instant coffee, better than nothing. I fill the kettle and put it on and head out to the vending machine to see if they have any energy drinks.

Back in the room I sort out clothes for Alexander and make coffee for him. As soon as he’s out I head in and shower myself.

When I get out Alexander is impatiently drinking another cup of coffee and going over some notes.

“You okay?” I ask as I get dressed.

“No, yes, just annoyed. Why are you getting dressed?” Alexander asks.

“This is a scheduled us day, I’m coming with you.” I say.

Alexander doesn’t argue, just nods.

I give him a big hug and kiss his cheek.

“I love you baby and you’ll do great and we’ll go eat a massive breakfast somewhere then sleep all naked together.” I say.

“We have a matinee at 3. So it’ll just be a nap. I had today all planned out, we were going swimming then a nice picnic and then the play and then us time and then a club. I’m so frustrated right now I wanted today to be perfect.” Alexander says.

“It will be perfect.” I say trying to calm him down.

Feeling like shit we go and wait for the car.

The TV studio is so close, just the other side of the river, we could have walked and used the cool air to freshen up. Thank goodness we stopped drinking a while back.

The TV people are super nice, the producer doesn’t bat an eyelid that I’m there with Alexander and runs through which slot’s he’ll be in.

“It was a bit of a scramble moving the competition up to today but we just about sorted switching things around.” The producer says as they finish the briefing.

“What happened? Did today’s guest drop out?” I ask.

“No, the request came from your side. We knew Alexander would be in big demand this week and today’s guests were able to switch. We’re just really glad to have you here.” The producer says.

Alexander heads into makeup and I ask if it’s okay if I go and get some air.

I walk outside, I use Alexander’s phone to call Sal.

“Hi Alexander is there a problem?” Sal says.

“It’s Peter. What is going on? Why was the TV thing moved to today?” I ask.

“Alexander asked for it, Jay spent ages working things out and persuading them to change it.” Sal says.

“Come on Alexander did not ask for the change, we got home to the message on the hotel phone an hour ago, he almost missed it, he would never have asked for the change to reduce his vacation, he had things booked for today.” I say as calmly as I can.

“Maybe your boyfriend isn’t telling the truth.” Sal says.

“I trust him completely and you didn’t see how upset he was. Also this is all part of a very meticulously planned publicity campaign are the movie people really going to be happy with the change, the TV ads won’t align with Alexanders appearance now.” I say.

“Shit.” Sal says.

“Just keep Jay away from anything Alexander please. Those two are too volatile together and right now Alexander won’t speak to Jay at all not even for business, he’s far too hurt from everything Jay has done to him this year.” I say.

“I think you’re a bit biased. You guys cheated on him and he lost his relationship.” Sal says.

“We were wrong to do that but it had nothing to do with their breakup. Jay applied to transfer and planned a new life on the opposite coast without telling Alexander until it was a done deal. Jay didn’t find out about our indiscretion until they were long over.” I say suddenly realizing why Alexander won’t forgive Jay.

“Fine I’ll see if someone else can liaise with Alexander.” Sal says.

“He’s been talking about coming to LA after Germany to see you to sort things out, he could do without the extra stress.” I say.

“He doesn’t need to come out here. Like I said I’ll talk to him later and I’ll see if I can make it over for the première.” Sal says.

“Thanks. Tell Jay he best hire a bodyguard if he ever plans on being near me or Alexander again.” I say.

“Yeah, I might just kill him first. Thanks for calling Peter. I’m sorry we’ve been leaning on you but Alexander is never the easiest guy, we wish he had an actual assistant or at least a PR person with him. We shouldn’t have used you by default.” Sal says.

“I’ll do anything to help Alexander but as his boyfriend not as staff.” I say.

“I understand, I am sorry. Tell Alexander I’m sorry too and working on things.” Sal says.

I head back to the studio and am able to stand at the back to watch Alexander launch a competition and again later when he’s interviewed. He’s a total pro, looks amazing, no one watching would know he’s not been to bed. But my goodness is he candid.

“Congrats on having such a hugely successful film. You must be excited for the opening here.” The host says.

“Yes I am. I’m so happy it opened so well. It was a difficult shoot and topping the box office makes it worth it.” Alexander says.

“Why was it difficult? It looked like lots of fun.” The host asks.

“Oh on a personal level, being away from my boyfriend for so long. But also the makeup and costume took a long time to get into and it was uncomfortable waiting like that between takes.” Alexander says.

“This is your long term boyfriend who is in London with you but you’ve hit the headlines with other men recently.” The host says.

“Yes Peter and I broke up the end of last year but we’re back together now and it’s all going well.” Alexander says I smile off camera.

“So long distance took its toll on you. But there must have been good times on set too.” The host says.

“Of course, I got to work with my best friend and the film itself was a great experience, I loved the cast and crew and the director is a genius. How he got the performances from us and made it so comic was just brilliant.” Alexander says.

“From the clips we’ve seen you certainly bring the laughs and you have a big comedy coming out soon too. What’s next?” The host.

“Nothing, I think that’s probably it now for me for movies. I’d love to do some stage work here if someone can fit me into something next summer that would be perfect.” Alexander says.

“Have you given us an exclusive? Retiring from movies whilst on top are you?” The host asks excitedly.

“It’s not through choice but as I can’t get a single meeting or audition when I’ve the number one film at the US box office I think that’s a pretty clear message from the industry. I’m not what they want.” Alexander says sadly.

“But you’re rumoured to be in the running for so many roles from superheroes to romantic leads. Are they all just rumours?” The host asks.

“Yes just rumours. I’ve not been approached for anything. I am in school which limits what I can do and I understand no one wasting time on seeing me for a film I’m not available for but I think it’s more than that . I think the novelty of the comeback child actor is over and I’m just not good enough or bankable enough.” Alexander says.

“No, we all want to see you on screen. You’re fabulous as a Zombie and the buzz for your comedy is huge. I’m sure there is lots more to come.” The host says wrapping things up.

As the show goes to the news Alexander gets his mic removed and comes and gives me a hug. He heads to say thanks to the make-up people and as we go to leave the host approaches us.

“Thanks so much for coming in you were a great guest.” The host says.

“Thanks for having me, sorry if things turned a bit morose.” Alexander says.

“Are you kidding, you were real and our viewers will be queuing up to see your film now. Are you serious about doing stage work here?” The host asks.

“Yes, I really want to. We were out with Tom Holder last night and I’d love to have his career.” Alexander says.

“I’m sure he’d rather be doing your films. What is your schedule like now?” The host asks.

“Pretty packed. Uh tomorrow is all interviews and I’m free from 6, although I wanted to take this one out. The next day is interviews then a chat show taping and the day after is the première.” Alexander says.

“What about tonight? I have a friend who I really think you should meet.” The host says.

“We’re going to the Menier for a matinee and then we’re free.” Alexander says.

“That’s easy, we’ll meet you there for dinner after the show. If the producer I know isn’t free I know a director who is. It was great to meet you both.” The host says shaking our hands and heading back to set.

Alexander goes and washes his face and we walk back to the hotel to get some sleep.

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