Peter’s perfect summer 6

We wake up to our alarm, it’s early afternoon and the little sleep we got was not enough but we are going out and need to eat before we get there.

“Hey sexy, you okay?” I ask.

“Tired and hungry. Happy to wake up with you though. Can you believe last night?” Alexander asks.

“So much has happened since that I did forget! Wow it was hot and you’re okay with it all?” I ask.

“Yes. It was my choice. I had a great time. I loved seeing you like that, I was so turned on baby.” Alexander says pushing up against me.

“Mmm wish we had time.” I say kissing him.

“I can be fast.” Alexander says rolling on top of me and kissing me, grinding against me.

“You’re so sexy.” I say, grabbing his ass and holding him closer.

“I fucking love you so much.” Alexander says grabbing some lube from the side and covering both of us.

I put my arms round his neck and just kiss him with everything, he returns and grinds us together, I can feel he wasn’t joking when he said he’d be fast. Alexander buries his face in my neck and keeps grinding away. I run my hands over his back and ass. I feel his body shudder as he cums, he bites my neck hard and I squeeze him tightly.

“Sorry. I musta been half way there in my dreams.” Alexander says.

“Fucking hot and you know it. You love it when that happens on you.” I say.

“I do.” Alexander says, grins at me and shuffles down to take me in his mouth, he looks up at me with his pretty eyes and I only last moments.

He gives me a cummy kiss and grins.

We squeeze into the shower together and wash up quickly and get ready to go to lunch.

We choose a burger place close to our hotel, we’re both starving.

“I spoke to Sal this morning. No more Jay fucking things up. You need to call her later when it’s morning there.” I say.

“You fixed everything.” Alexander says.

“I was worried you’d be mad.” I say.

“No way. You got me what I need. Just like you always do. You are so good to me.” Alexander says.

“I owe you an apology though. I should never have pushed you to make up with Jay. I should have understood and cut him off myself. I will now.” I say.

“You don’t need to apologize.” Alexander says.

“I do. Jay has been a shit to you and yet again he’s rewriting history. He did to you exactly what Patrick did to Barley, he applied to schools across the country without telling you. And yet he sided with Barley as if he thought it was the worst thing in world. He’s blaming us cheating for the breakup when that didn’t have anything to do with it, just like Patrick fucking you was nothing to do with his breakup with Barley.” I say.

“For a smart guy you’re pretty slow. Yeah I was really disappointed with Barley and Jay for what they did. Jay has just done too much to me for me to forgive him. Our breakup was mutual but now I’m the bad guy and he’s messing with my career for attention or something. I hate him.” Alexander says.

“Good. Me too. He fucked up our vacation because he could, making you look like a diva. Well you turned that around today didn’t you? The TV people loved you and are wanting to help you work here.” I say.

“Yeah, everyone has been so nice. Tom texted to say his agent would call me. The TV guy set up the meeting later. No one has said go away learn your craft, they all want to help and my ability isn’t questioned at all.” Alexander says.

“Because they know you’re good. You need to stop being so down on yourself.” I say.

“Yeah I know. Need to sell myself again. Need to be upbeat in the rest of my interviews.” Alexander says.

“Want to split dessert?” I ask.

“Yes, do we have time?” Alexander asks.

“I dunno, how far is it?” I ask.

“Not too far, we should get dessert and then a cab.” Alexander says.

I look at him.

He laughs at me.

“Okay we’ve actually not spent much this week.” I say.

“And I have the number 1 movie. I’m a big deal. I deserve a cab.” Alexander says laughing.

We are both laughing so hard we don’t notice the waitress approach. We order a crazy ice cream sundae and enjoy every damn bite.

The cab hits some traffic but it’s not too bad and it stops with plenty of time to spare. We get out and are immediately confused as we can’t find the way in. We follow some people and find we have to walk through a side door into the restaurant, totally weird. This place is not in good shape.

“What are we seeing today?” I ask as we wait to collect our tickets.

“Musical today.” Alexander says.

“Wow, how come?” I ask.

“I really wanted to come here and that is what’s playing.” Alexander says.

“Why this place?” I ask.

“I was curious, they transfer a lot of productions. I wanted to see it for myself.” Alexander says.

“Okay. I like you in nerd mode.” I say grabbing his hand.

He collects the tickets and we go through. It’s pretty tatty inside but charming. The show is brilliant, stripped down, the actors tell the story without much set or fancy costumes.

We’re pretty tired, and order coffees in the restaurant as we sit waiting for whoever the TV host might turn up with.

“Did you like the show?” I ask.

“Yeah. This place is a bit scary. Well I guess all the places we’ve been the audience is right there, practically on top of the actors.” Alexander says.

“This is nice though.” I say.

“Yeah it’s cool. I’m sorry I’m spoiling our day with a meeting.” Alexander says.

“It’s okay. I’m with you and I’m glad you trust me enough to be here.” I say.

“I love you and I trust you completely, I really do. It’s like we’ve filled all the gaps we created last summer and now we’re just us, just the way we always wanted. Things are not perfect all the time but we know they will always be okay. I feel so safe with you now.” Alexander says.

“Wow. I am so lucky, so, so lucky.” I say and lean over to kiss him without thought.

Just as we order a second coffee the TV host Harvey and his friends arrive.

“Hi guys, this is Lloyd and Frida.” Harvey says.

Alexander just gawps.

“Hi I’m Peter, this is my boyfriend Alexander.” I say and we all shake hands.

“Wow I can’t believe you are here to see me and with no notice. This is incredible.” Alexander says.

I have no idea who these people are but they clearly mean a lot to Alexander. He is positively star struck.

“Harvey explained it was a now or never situation and we didn’t want it to be never. I’m due at the show here this evening anyway as I’m working on the west end transfer.” Frida says.

“And I was free and curious. I saw you on TV earlier say you wanted to work here and I like your work, I just wanted to find out a bit more about you, see if maybe we’re compatible for something in the future.” Lloyd says.

“Wow thanks so much.” Alexander says.

“Tell us a bit about your stage work so far. I know you did some work on Broadway as a child, have you done anything since?” Frida asks.

Just before Alexander can answer the waitress comes over and we order. I’m not hungry but need something to keep my mouth busy so I don’t say anything inappropriate so order an appetizer.

Alexander tells them about his early career and the play festivals at college and how he worked with the playwrights and then on his own pieces. Lloyd and Frida ask a lot of questions. Harvey and I just watch, thoroughly entertained.

I love seeing Alexander all passionate, he glows as he talks about the sort of work he wants to do. Lloyd talks about various projects he has been working on and Frida talks scheduling.

“I was thinking I could do a semester here.” Alexander says.

“Yes spring so you could rehearse and study, ready to open when school is out or even the autumn so we could rehearse and open during your break and continue the run into semester.” Frida says.

“Sounds interesting, we could tour with someone else then transfer to New York once he graduates.” Lloyd says as if it’s all a done deal and would be a success.

“That sounds ambitious.” I say unable to shut up.

“Yes it is, it would be best case planning. Never any guarantees of success. I’ve had more than my share of flops.” Frida says.

“Do you think Alexander would sell here?” I ask curious how my boyfriend is perceived by these people.

“You can never tell. Some Hollywood actors barely get any notice and others sell out at crazy prices. I think with Alexanders personal story people would be curious enough to create a good but not staggering advance and then it would be down to reviews.” Frida says honestly.

“Alexander is clearly smart though and we know he has huge presence on screen. How is he on stage?” Lloyd asks.

“I’m his boyfriend I’m pretty biased but I think he’s electric, you can never not look at him. He also won the acting prize ahead of the drama students at last year’s festival when no one knew who he was.” I say.

“It was shared and I declined it.” Alexander says quietly.

Harvey starts reading the review from the school paper out loud that he’s looked up on his phone.

“Is there any video?” Frida asks.

“Yes. My friend is working at school he could get something sent over.” Alexander says.

“Do that. Lloyd and I will get together some thoughts on material and venues. But I think we have the embryo of a project here.” Frida says.

“Wow, you would be interested in working with me?” Alexander says still shocked.

“Yes. I know we’ve kind of ambushed you tonight and you probably need to talk to other people, but we’re here laying our cards out that yes we’d be interested. It might not happen at the first opportunity, things change, we lose projects and gain them all the time. I’ve delayed some things for years at a time due to schedules or producers getting cold feet or actors blowing up or falling down. We plan what we can and wing the rest. But at some point we will work on something.” Lloyd says.

“I can’t believe I mention something this morning and this evening it could actually happen.” Alexander says.

“I’m always curious about the notorious Hollywood types. You are very different, I like that and I don’t play games. I always go for what I want. If we can find the material then I’m on board.” Frida says.

“Harvey thanks so much for setting this up. It means the world to Alexander.” I say.

“You two are adorable. You’re so down to earth. Can you guys believe these 2 turned up this morning together, worried we wouldn’t let Peter in the studio? No PR, no PA, no entourage whatsoever.” Harvey says laughing.

We smile. I guess I hadn’t even thought about how everyone else does this stuff.

“No sleep and an hours’ notice to get to the studio. I thought Alexander did pretty well in the circumstances, even if he did run his mouth a bit.” I say.

“You only knew an hour before? You’d been out all night. My goodness, I hope you got some sleep afterwards. We’ve had guests turn up drunk or high before but you two were so fresh faced. I had no idea you’d been out all night. Guys you’ll clearly have to watch this one.” Harvey says shaking his head.

We say our goodbyes and head out the door.

“Can we go for a walk? We’re near the Globe, I’d like to see it closer than from the boat and we can walk back along the river.” Alexander suggests.

“Sounds good. I’m surprised you haven’t dragged me to Shakespeare while we’re here.” I say.

“I wanted to see what we can’t at home. “ Alexander says.

“We don’t see anything at home, unless you or Eric are in it. What changed?” I ask.

“I need to get serious and I will go and see more at home. It’s just we never have much time. We don’t go out much but we are always busy.” Alexander says.

“Yeah need your down time for each other.” I say.

“I get so focused when I’m studying that it doesn’t leave much head space.” Alexander says.

“Just 2 more years. Well for you.” I say.

“I never thought I’d want to go back to acting full time. I thought I wanted to do what you’re doing. Study and study and research and just hide away forever.” Alexander says.

“You still can, two mad scientists hidden away.” I laugh.

“Do you mind that I’m recognisable again?” Alexander asks.

“No, not really. I mean so far we’ve only had a few mad moments so far. You’ve done this all your life it’s not like you’re suddenly going to let fame go to your head and drop me is it?” I ask.

“No, well if Channing Tatum offers.” Alexander jokes.

“Maybe you can talk him into a threeway.” I laugh back.

We arrive at the Globe, stop and take pictures and the walk along the river holding hands. It’s been a long day and we still have things to deal with when we get back. I’m pretty sure we’re taking this walk slowly so Alexander can put off talking to Sal.

As we cross a bridge I pull Alexander to me and kiss him lightly.

“I’m really glad you let me come with you. I know I’m not going to see as much of you for the next few weeks but I’m still happy to be here.” I say.

“Waking up with you is the best, makes this whole thing bearable.” Alexander says.

We walk back to the hotel and makeout for a few minutes on the bed. I can feel how tense Alexander is.

“Let’s get it over with then we can have an early night.” I say.

“Yeah okay.” Alexander says kissing me and making no move to stop.

“Come on baby you can do this.” I say.

“I love you baby.” Alexander says slowly pulling away.

“Love you too.” I say standing up.

Alexander calls up Sal. I kiss his cheek, grab my wallet and head out. I walk to a small supermarket just over the street and I get some champagne for the evening. I want my boyfriend to feel spoiled, it might not be the expensive stuff he’s used to but it’ll be okay. I pick up some fruit and snacks for him for tomorrow too.

I get back to the room and Alexander is just finishing up on the phone. I hug him from behind and kiss his neck.

He turns to me and smiles but he’s looking pretty pale.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Lots to process” Alexander says.

“Sure, I got some bubbles for you. As we’re staying in.” I say.

“Sounds good. Champagne in the nude.” Alexander says opening the bottle and pouring into coffee cups, we’re totally classy.

“How did it go?” I ask.

“Really good actually. I just need to call John if that’s okay. Sal fired Jay I need to make sure they know my side. I don’t expect them to drop Jay, especially as Mart and I are still not on particularly good terms but I care what they think of me.” Alexander says.

“Okay. Do you need privacy?” I ask kissing him and rubbing his shoulders.

“No, you didn’t have to go before either. I need you here.” Alexander says.

“Sorry.” I say feeling a bit down that I got it wrong.

“Baby its fine. I just want you to know I’ll say if I need space.” Alexander says.

“Okay. I just remember last year when the issues came up with Blair and John and Mart and you needed space and I fucked everything up. It was the beginning of everything unravelling. I just don’t want that to happen again.” I say remembering how shitty everything was and how badly I handled things before.

“Baby, I feel fully supported by you now. Last year is so far in the past, we are stronger now.” Alexander says making me feel a little more at ease.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to do anything to mess this up.” I say.

“I know and you won’t. You won’t baby. Now I’ll just make this call, we can drink this and pass out, I am exhausted and I have an early start tomorrow.” Alexander says.

“Okay.” I say.

It’s later than I thought, the early dinner threw me off. No the whole day has been off. Fucking Jay and I honestly thought Alexander was the one being unprofessional. I am certain Jay has messed with more than the schedule, I bet Alexander has missed out on meetings and auditions and I am so angry at him. Though every part Alexander misses out on Jay has lost commission and for a guy who comes from nothing that makes him a fucking idiot. If Mart and John cut him off for this he’s fucking doomed.

Feeling better that Jay might have it coming I turn to Alexander. He’s smiling and things look to be going well. I cross the room to him and start kissing him. He grins at me but doesn’t motion for me to stop.

I undo his jeans and push his shirt up so I can kiss his stomach. He plays with my hair a little. I ease him out of his jeans and underwear. He looks down and laughs but his cock is thickening for me. I start to tease him a little with my tongue, just a little before kissing his thighs and his stomach again. I love his body so much. He rubs my earlobes and neck and then gets distracted by the call. I’m not really listening but he turns serious in tone. I keep up the kissing and licking. He doesn’t stop me.

I move back to his dick and take him all in, easy in his current state, he’s growing quickly though. I give him the best attention licking, sucking, tasting him. It’s amazing. I look up and he’s biting his lip to stop himself moaning. He hands up quickly.

“Up here, I need kisses.” Alexander says.

I stand up and push him back on the bed, he pulls me on top of him and we kiss gently.

“Ugh I love this but I need to talk. Sorry baby.” Alexander says rolling out from under me.

“Tell all.” I say, refilling his drink and handing it to him. We both pause and take a drink.

“Okay. Sal thought I was being diva about Jay which is why she was useless on the phone the other day. When you set her straight she kind of panicked. She asked Jay what the fuck he was doing and he was full of excuses. She realized that was all lies as she saw my TV interview online. It’s been picked up everywhere apparently, you know top movie star quits.” Alexander says, stopping to drink and take a breath.

“Shit, have you actually missed a bunch of meetings, has he made you look like an unprofessional jerk?” I ask.

“No he just told Sal I wasn’t interested. Sal is so mad about that. She’s just starting out and he has really fucked up. He is fuckin nuts to be so stupid.” Alexander says.

“So what did John say?” I ask.

“Jay is still living with them and they’re paying for his school.” Alexander says.

“Will he work for them?” I ask.

“No. Well not right now. They are too tired to be dealing with him right now I think.” Alexander says.

“Had he bad mouthed you to them?” I ask.

“He tried but Sal had already spoken to Mart about a restraining order for me.” Alexander says.

“Restraining order? Do you want that?” I ask.

“No need really but Sal thinks I should as it can be brought up if he tries to sell any stories.” Alexander says.

“He won’t do that. He wouldn’t.” I say.

“I know. No I thought I knew him. Every time he just gets worse. I hate him so much.” Alexander says.

“Did you talk to Sal about working here?” I ask.

“Yeah. She’s not keen but understands. She wants me to get some small parts to keep my movie profile ticking over.” Alexander says.

“Sure. Is she coming over?” I ask.

“No, we’re all okay now. She’s trying to lighten things up a bit for me too. So maybe we’ll get some more time together.” Alexander says.

“I’d love that.” I say.

“I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed though. Today was great but the thought of the reality of working next summer and maybe working during semester. It’s too much. I’m feeling out of control. I guess this morning’s interview is coming back to me. I was awful and if it’s been picked up as a clip everywhere. Fuck, I might as well paint look at me on my face. I just want to disappear.” Alexander says.

“I don’t want you to disappear. I’d miss you. What can I do to make it better?” I ask.

“Just hold me tonight. Just hold me.” Alexander says.

He looks so down, so vulnerable. I wish I could just scoop him up and take him to an island somewhere just us for the rest of the summer.

Give it to me

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