Schedules, plans that never happen, stuff.


A couple of comments have come up about next chapters. I try and put something up every 3-4 days. The next few Peter chapters are currently scheduled for 23rd, 26th, 29th and 2nd. The summer chapters are pretty short so it’s not too much pressure. When the summer section is complete or when my working situation changes I’ll probably slow it down again.

I’m still trying to work on other stories, but every time I say I’ll take a break from the Alexander stuff I end up writing more of it so I’m not taking a break but want to try and fit other stuff in (Freddie, Gymnast, holiday rep). If I do get stuck into something else then obviously the above schedule will change but right now I’m blocked on all 3.

The plan at the end of the summer section is still to do shorter sections on particular events/moments in the life of Alexander/Peter/other.

Thanks for reading.


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