Peter’s perfect summer 10

I wake up a little confused. Room service is knocking on the door, Alexander is tightly wrapped around me. I wake him up and wriggle out of bed, grab a robe and let the food in. There is so much food!

“Do you want some coffee baby?” I ask.

“Yes please. Where shall we sit?” Alexander asks.

“I think it’s a picnic on the bed, we only have 1 chair.” I say.

“Stupid fancy hotel.” Alexander says grinning.

“It is too early. I need more sleep.” I say.

“Here have some advil.” Alexander says passing me a pill.

“Thanks baby. I like you taking care of me for a change.” I say washing the pill down with juice.

“Things do need to change.” Alexander says.

I smile a little. We make up plates of hot food and rearrange the pillows to lean against together.

“I don’t like your bruise.” Alexander says.

“Sorry. It’ll be gone soon, you don’t have to look at it.” I say a little stroppily.

“No baby, I hate the reminder that you got hurt because of me.” Alexander says.

“I got hurt because we encountered another nutjob. We just seem to attract them.” I say.

“We do. We need a rest from them. We need some us time, like our holiday last year.” Alexander says.

“Yeah, that outdoor shower.” I say.

“You would think of that.” Alexander says laughing and kissing me gently.

“My boy fucking me raw for the first time is my top moment of all time. Shame you weren’t really yourself that week, it should have been amazing but you were recovering from the interview.” I say.

“I loved it, I loved being with you all the time, every day. I loved the beach and the sunshine and no one bothering us. I know I wasn’t always in the best mood and was hard on you. I’m sorry if you had a bad time.” Alexander says.

“It was mostly a great time and I think we both put too much pressure on ourselves. We didn’t know how much you’d spill on tv, I didn’t know you had quite that much to spill. I love you so much and know you so well but you shocked me, really shocked me and I didn’t know how to treat you afterwards.” I say.

“But we’re over it now. Now we have new issues to deal with and I want to I’m sorry for cutting you off. I was mean and I’m sorry. I complain about you not hearing me but I didn’t even give you a choice. I’m really sorry.” Alexander says.

“Thanks. I was pretty mad at you and some cooling off was good for me. If we’d had it out two days ago I would have said some nasty stuff and we’d be over.” I say.

“But you still need to tell me what you’re feeling. It must have been more than me going out for the evening that made you think about going home. More than think about you packed. Well half packed.” Alexander says.

“You’re making this easier than I expected. I thought I was going to have to talk you into even spending five minutes with me.” I say.

“Tom gave me a big talking to at the club. Told me off for ditching you so easily when he knew how much I loved you.” Alexander says.

“Tom has been amazing. We need to send him a thank-you.” I say.

“We do, we must order something before we leave. Now stop avoiding things and let me have it.” Alexander says.

“I was mad at you for taking me for granted. I have done a lot for you this trip but you couldn’t give me one evening. I knew this trip was going to be about your work but I didn’t expect you to want everything your way all the time. Then when Jay messed up our last full day together and I had to give you more support I felt like I’d moved from boyfriend to staff. I felt like you weren’t taking my interests or feelings on board at all. I was feeling shit.” I say.

“I am so glad you said that.” Alexander says looking at me smiling.

“What?” I say confused.

“Your self-esteem has been shit recently, I noticed as soon as we were in class together last semester how different you were. I don’t love how I’ve made you feel this trip and you’re totally right I’ve not been a good boyfriend. But that you realise that you’re worth more is making me so happy. My confident Peter is returning and I love it. I love you.” Alexander says.

I put my breakfast plate back on the trolley and take Alexanders from him then dive on top of him. I need his kisses right now. He clearly feels the same, and kisses me hard before flipping me over on my back and straddling me.

“You look amazing.” Alexander says.

“Please, I’m hungover as shit, I’m sweating vodka and all smelly.” I say laughing.

“Beautiful and you smell amazing, I love it. I slept with your t-shirt, I kept one back from the laundry.” Alexander says.

He kisses my face and neck and then nestles into my pit, sniffing and licking me. He’s so cute and it feels good. He moves over to my nipple and pulls with his teeth, I groan a little.  Alexander sits up again and looks down on me, I’m rubbing his thighs and grinning back at him.

“I love you baby. I do appreciate everything you have done for me this trip. I really, really do and I’m sorry for being an idiot. I was totally lost without you. Everyone was fussing round me the last 2 days but they really didn’t get what I needed in the way you always know what I need. But I didn’t just miss how you look after me. I missed you every moment, it hurt so much to be away from you.” Alexander says.

“If you missed me why shut me out? Why not just reply to my message I would have been here in a minute.” I say.

“It was crazy, I didn’t want you to deal with all that shit. I thought that this will happen again and again and you’d be better off with someone else. Not have to deal with my crazy situation.” Alexander says.

“And Tom changed your mind?” I ask.

“Seeing you at the party did. Just a glimpse of you and my resolve crumbled. I am so sorry. I didn’t know they’d let you in then chuck you out I thought they’d call and uninvite you. Actually I didn’t think you’d show at all. Then Tom talked to me at the party and in the club toilets and you were so nice to me and then in the taxi when you held out your hand I knew I was the biggest idiot ever. I am truly sorry.” Alexander says.

“Good. Show me how sorry.” I say.

Alexander licks his lips and brings them back to me kissing me long and hard all over my body before giving a fantastic blow job.

I remain laid back on the bed after he’s finished enjoying feeling so, so good.

“What about you?” I ask.

“Just you this morning. I have some making up to do.” Alexander says.

We pour more coffee and eat the breakfast pastries, they are so good.

“So we’re going to Germany later.” Alexander says.

“Schedule change?” I ask.

“Yup uh big changes. Okay are you ready for this. You can say no and go with your original plans I’m not saying you have to do this but I would love it if you did.” Alexander says.

“Go on spill.” I say.

“The good news is you’ll be fully reimbursed for your Australia flight, so you’ll get a cash injection. As the film is doing so well and made more than projected they want to keep me happy.” Alexander says.

“I should think so, especially after the nutjob issue.” I say.

“Exactly. They were super worried I’d go home after that. Okay we go to Germany tonight for 3 days. I have to work all of them sorry. Follows with 2 days in Bucharest, just a premiere because it was filmed there it’s a kind of thank you. Then we go to Hong Kong for 2 nights, Japan for a week then on to Australia for 2 weeks, 1 week is work. Then we have to go to LA for the other film promotion and première. I’m sorry we have less time in Australia. We do have a few weeks free after LA, I thought maybe we could go to Hawaii or something.” Alexander says.

“Wow that is a big change.” I say.

“Yup. I didn’t want to explain we’d split up so got them to do travel for us both. If you don’t want to come I’ll sort out whatever you do want.” Alexander says.

“What about summer school?” I ask.

“No can do. I kind of expected it. You weren’t planning on it anyway. So will you come with me?” Alexander asks.

“I will come but you don’t get to plan so much of our time off. We choose things together or take turns. We have dates, proper blocked out time together not just snatched moments that leave us always rushing. I know that isn’t always in your control but I think you can push back sometimes now. Hawaii sounds awesome.” I say.

“You are the best boyfriend ever. I will do my best. You’re right no slotting time in and being rushed, makes us both tense. And if you want to do a day trip or visit something you shouldn’t end it short or rush back to fit with my finish time. We haven’t seen half of what we wanted to here.” Alexander says.

“Thank you for seeing my side. I will do all I can to make things easier for you. Don’t worry. I’ll still help you get ready for early calls and buy you snacks though I’m not promising in japan. Actually can you not do what popstars do and demand certain things are always there for you? Like bananas and jerky and the right water and juice?” I ask.

“I don’t know. I always like what you by me and make sure I eat because you’ll know.” Alexander says laughing.

“Okay. I understand you don’t want to be that guy who is a diva. But you’re not asking for white kittens and caviar.” I say.

“I love caviar.” Alexander says.

“Really? Me too. I only had it once but I loved how it popped in my mouth.” I say.

“Me too. We should get some somewhere.” Alexander says.

“What time is our flight?” I ask.

“6. We have a car taking us to the airport and I have euros for you changed already.” Alexander says.

“So you dumped me, iced me out but planned on me being with you the rest of the trip?” I ask laughing.

“Yeah totally. I am so stupid.” Alexander says.

“Stupidly in love with me.” I joke.

“Hopelessly.” Alexander replies.

“What would you have done if we hadn’t been in the club at the same time?” I ask.

“Tom told me where you would be.” Alexander says.

“God I really owe him now. I am going to shower and then I need to get some air. Can we get a cab to a park or something and take a walk?” I ask.

“Sounds good. I’ve been stuck in hotel rooms too much. You are not showering alone.” Alexander says.

“Good. Can you insist our future hotels have nice bathtubs? Will we have a fancy toilet in japan?” I ask.

“I will make a list of demands. Though I already agreed to the extra stops so I’m in a weak position.” Alexander says.

“You’re Sandy Green! Pretend you’re up for making it a trilogy.” I laugh.

“Oh my Sal is not pleased I said no way, the money they are offering.” Alexander says.

“Like money will ever motivate my poor little rich boy.” I say.

“Don’t you want me to buy you pretty things?” Alexander says stepping into the shower laughing.

I follow him into the shower and soap him up gently.

“You don’t have to buy me things, but I do love the first class travel.” I say.

“When I buy my friends nice things it all falls apart anyway.” Alexander says into the spray.

I hug him tight as the water pounds down. This is by far the best shower we’ve had to far, hot, fierce jets of water. I ink to my knees, turn Alexander so the spray doesn’t hit me and take in his hot cock. I love sucking his dick. I love hoe he relaxes and tenses again, I love how he trembles when he comes. I love how cute and almost embarrassed he looks afterwards.

I stand up and hug him again. We kiss a little more before switching off the water and drying each other off. It feels so good to be back together doing normal things. I’m wary about the trip. The success of the film no doubt means more requests for Alexander’s time. I need to be more assertive and he needs to remember he can’t get his own way all the time.

“What did you mean about buying things making it all go wrong? We’ve never bought much for each other.” I say.

“The first Christmas in school I bought nice gifts for Jay, Blondie and Eric and of course Jay and Blondie promptly dropped me, didn’t return messages or call over break, not so much as a happy Christmas.” Alexander says quietly.

“I was always jealous of your shopping trips with Jay. When you bought him all his summer clothes. And even before that when we first got to college he went on and on about that shopping trip for your room.” I say.

“Yeah, you benefitted from that.” Alexander says.

“I did, I was a cock of the highest order. Our shopping trips have never worked out. I always rub you up the wrong way. I’d love to take you to the mall and treat you.” I say.

“After the Mike thing I don’t really like malls.” Alexander says.

“Yeah okay. Man I’d forgotten that weirdo. We really need to stop finding them.” I say.

“Tom and Ryan were nice. Been a while since we made some new friends.” Alexander says.

“And we need to as we’ve shed all the old ones.” I say.

“I don’t mind if you stay friends with Brian and Jamie.” Alexander says.

“Are you okay with Brian still living with us?” I ask.

“Yeah, Jay is out of my life for good but I’ll probably soften on Brian and Jamie eventually.” Alexander says.

“And Felix?” I ask laughing.

“I actually don’t hate him. He’s always been a bitch and a gossip and has always taken the side against me. I didn’t expect anything else.” Alexander says.

“I’m lucky you still love me, I really am. No more time apart, I’m sorry for breaking the rules.” I say.

“You did break the number one rule. You must be punished.” Alexander says gleefully.

I groan in sheer lust.

“No promises like that.” I say trying to stop my cock from bouncing back to life.

“Oh baby. You need to trust me. I will never just tease you.” Alexander says.

“I’ve not even hinted at needing anything more than you already give me.” I say seriously.

“I know and I wasn’t sure if you wanted anything more, I thought you might have been over exploring for a while, after Aaron but your face just now.” Alexander says.

“I do not need more from you right now. Hear me when I tell you that. It may excite me for you to mention it but I am very, very, very happy. I want more sex sure, I think we both want proper time together. But believe me I am telling you I do not want to change what we’re doing. Not right now.” I say calmly.

Alexander kisses my cheek and slips his arms around me.

“You better stay inline or there will be trouble.” Alexander whispers in my ear.

I’m excited and dreadfully worried. Last time we tried it was the end of us. Not because of what we did but in part because I was asking for it when I was hurting Alexander so much, when I wasn’t taking care of him, of his needs. I know things are better but the last few days’ show we are far from secure and I can’t do anything to risk what we have.

“Baby we just, just got through this last fight. Right now we need to work hard to get through this trip together. We are not in the best place right now. I don’t need grand gestures. I need my Alexander, my Alexander not the Alexander you think I need.” I say.

“I need to make things up to you. I need to show you I can do what you want. I can put you first.” Alexander says.

“I know you love me. We just need to get it right going forward. Asking me where I want to go for dinner instead of booking everything is enough. Small things baby.” I say.

“But…” Alexander begins.

“No, no making up for anything. I’ve fucked you over so many times before that you are way, way in credit baby.” I say.

“Okay. Ready to go out?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah, we’re mostly packed for later. Let’s go get some air.” I say,

We get a cab, my budget worries from earlier in the trip are all out the window. Not that I’ve spent much money given I was hiding out at Tom’s place instead of enjoying the city.

We have a wonderful time. We walk around admiring the gardens and then hire a pedal boat and have such fun trying to make our way around the lake. We buy some bird feed and feed the ducks, which Alexander is crazy about, he has so much fun and gives some feed to some kids who are playing and they let him try their model boat. He is so cute when he’s happy like this. Walking hand in hand through the park Alexander pulls me against a tree and kisses me.

“Thanks for a nice time baby.” I say.

“I really do need to let you choose what we do more. This has been my favourite thing.” Alexander says and kisses me again.

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