Peter’s perfect summer 11

As we are checking in to the hotel in Frankfurt a woman approaches us.

“HI, I’m Gwen I’ll be your publicist for the rest of the tour. Can you both meet me down here in an hour once you’re settled?” Gwen asks shaking both our hands, she’s a tiny bundle of energy and I’m irritated already. Though happy someone will be helping Alexander at all his events.

“I don’t see why you need me.” I say.

“Yes Peter is not to be involved in any publicity at all.” Alexander says.

“Well that is something we need to talk about. So I’ll see both of you in an hour.” Gwen says.

I really hate her already. I can see Alexander is bubbling with rage.

“I knew letting them pay for your travel would backfire. You are not coming to the meeting.” Alexander says.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” I ask.

“Yes I will. Now come shower with me. I need to calm down.” Alexander says.

We shower just kissing and touching nothing more. I think we’re both aware we don’t want to be rushed.

Our suite is beautiful, with a fabulous terrace, we were upgraded at checkin and I wish Alexander was in a better mood so we could enjoy exploring the space together.

“I love this room. Shall we order some wine to have on the terrace when you get back?” I ask hoping a romantic evening will cheer him up.

“Yes please. I’m sorry to be working right from the start. Will you do something fun tomorrow?” Alexander asks.

“Yes I’ll chat to the concierge when you’re gone see if he can get me on a walking tour. I want to work out and swim here too given it has fancy facilities.” I say.

“Swimming together would be nice.” Alexander says.

“Yes I’d like that, maybe early as you’re working from here. I had a really good day today baby. I loved seeing you so happy. Please don’t let Gwen get to you. You need a publicist here with you, she could have saved a lot of aggro last week.” I say.

“I know. She really had a bad start with me. No one gets to boss you about but me.” Alexander says kissing me.

“I will be waiting so don’t be too long. Want some proper time with you tonight.” I say.

“Oh you’ll be getting all of me, don’t worry.” Alexander says grinning.

I kiss him good and hard before he heads out.

The concierge is really helpful on the phone and suggests a couple of tours I could do and some other attractions to visit before and after. I ask him to book me on one for the afternoon so I can work out in the morning and explore a little alone.

Alexander comes in shortly after I’m done.

“That was quick.” I say.

“Yeah I said no to almost everything. She was pissed.” Alexander says laughing.

“I’m glad you’re in a better mood. What did you say no to?” I ask.

“Any product promotions, I do not need the money or hassle. I said no to couple photoshoots and interviews, there’s no way I’d subject you to that. I said no to social media shit, I’m worried about that one she’s suggesting running accounts in my name. I said no but I’m not sure I can stop her.” Alexander says.

“We can keep an eye on it. You can drop it into interviews that you don’t run any accounts. Thanks for saying no to couples stuff, I am happy to support you and be there but only in the background.” I say.

“Exactly you don’t want to be going for grad school interviews and having them bringing up the stupid things you’ve said to a magazine.” Alexander laughs.

“You think I’d say stupid things. Thanks baby.” I say laughing.

“I love you baby. Want to go out for dinner or room service?” Alexander asks.

“I want you. Let’s just go to bed.” I say.

“Oh baby I want you, you really do have the best ideas.” Alexander says.

“Well we’ll have to flip.” I say.

“The very best ideas.” Alexander says kissing me and pushing me towards the bed.

We stand and kiss a lot undressing each other.

“Love you baby.” I say into his ear, kissing his neck and running my hands over his chest and pushing him down.

“I’m so lucky.” Alexander says kissing me and holding me close.

“You want me?” I ask rolling so he’s on top of me.

“I’m gonna get it good.” Alexander says rubbing his ass against my cock.

We spend the rest of the night enjoying each other, all thoughts of dinner forgotten. We fall asleep a sticky sweaty mess. I’m cuddled up on Alexander’s chest feeling really good. Today was a near perfect day. I love him so much and I know he love me. Really loves me.

I sleep well no longer worried about our relationship or Alexander’s state of mind.

I wake and squeeze Alexander tight, running my lips over his chest.

“You want more already?” Alexander mumbles.

“Always, you know that.” I say.

“Always.” Alexander says squeezing me way too tight.

“BJs in the shower and a swim before breakfast?” I ask.

“Stop it with the good ideas. You have to let me choose things too.” Alexander says laughing.

“You can choose who goes first.” I say laughing.

“And I’ll choose where we go for dinner.” Alexander says.

“Deal babycakes. Now get in that shower.” I say.

“Too early to be this bossy.” Alexander says.

“You love me organising you.” I say getting up and pulling him out of bed.

“Organising me? Bossypants.” Alexander says slapping my butt.

I put my hands on his shoulders and march him into the shower. When the water is running he runs his hands all over me and pulls me close, his kisses are intense, he is a much more secure man this morning.

It was almost worth having the days apart to see him now. He continues to kiss me hard and plays with my ass and it’s clear he really wants me again. I love him like this, really love him and he’s showing me a lot of love.

I groan into his chest and let him continue. I run my hand over his dick, it’s so hard for me. He wants me so much. He pins me against the wall holding my hands up high and continues the kissing. He is hungry for me today and I thought I was the horny toad this morning. Clearly last night wasn’t enough for either of us.

Alexander turns me around, still holding my arms up, this is so far from his usual style, I’m not complaining, I fucking love surrendering to him. With spit for lube he pushes a little too aggressively. I yelp and gasp. He drops my hands and massages my shoulders. Murmuring how much he wants me in my ear the whole time. I am a rock for him. He knows I am all his. As he feels me relax he begins to move slowly, I back up to meet him and he speeds up and up, slamming me. I’m loud, so loud, I want him to know how good this is, how great he is. I move my arms back to where they were and Alexander moves a hand to hold them, the other on my shoulder. We both lose ourselves in the other until he collapses on to me, staying inside me and helping me finish, kissing me, stroking me, loving me.

We stay where we are panting, Alexander holding and kissing me. He moves back and turns the water back up and I turn round to kiss and wash him.

As we dry off I can’t stop staring at him.

“You’re the best.” I say.

“You were too sexy.” Alexander says.

“I need to work on being that way always.” I say.

We head down to the pool and swim off the rest of our energy. It feels good. We have breakfast together in the hotel restaurant and then go our separate ways.

I have a good morning getting used to the city, I find a sandwich for lunch and then join the tour group. It’s a nice mix of people and we see lots of things I would never have noticed alone. After such an active day I am exhausted.

I head up to the room, Alexander has messaged me a lot today and will be finished soon. I shower and get ready for dinner, I’ve been told to dress nicely. Alexander is in quite the wooing mode with me. Great sex last night and this morning, lots of messages, a nice dinner planned. I know he’s making sure I feel loved and his priority.

I do feel good. When Alexander took me back after the Barley crap I didn’t think things could be any better but they are. He’s right I am feeling better about myself and every time we work through an issue I feel like we are stronger together. I don’t know if we’ll make it long term, I think we are both hard work and we’ll never be able to entirely relax about our relationship. It’ll always need work and I don’t know if we will always want to.

Maybe Alexander’s life would be better with a less ambitious partner, someone who would be happy without their own career, a real homemaker type. Maybe I would too. They’d have to be smart though.

I need to stop what if-ing and live for the now.

Just as I finish dressing Alexander comes in.

“Good day?” I ask.

“Yeah not so bad, lots of questions about my hero boyfriend but lots about the movies too. Most these interviews double for both films which is good.” Alexander says.

“I had a fun day too. Exhausted now so I hope we don’t have to walk too far.” I say.

“I just need to shower and change and there will be a car to take us.” Alexander says.

“Cool I love you baby, missed you today.” I say.

“Missed you too, I liked all the messages and pictures, it was like I was on the tour with you.” Alexander says kissing me quickly and heading to the bathroom.

I grab a beer from the mini bar and sit outside on the terrace. It’s a warm evening, feels good to relax.

I’m dozing in the chair when Alexander comes out.

“Wake up sleepy. Time to go.” Alexander says.

“Wow you look super handsome.” I say.

“Thank-you. You are looking good too, bit rumpled now. Tired out?” Alexander asks.

“You started it with the extra exercise this morning. Are you not exhausted too?” I ask.

“You loved every second and yes I have sore legs. Now let’s go eat, I didn’t eat since breakfast.” Alexander says.

“Why didn’t you eat? Too busy checking up on me?” I ask.

“Did you feel like I was checking up?” Alexander asks.

“No, it was a perfect amount of messages.” I say.

Alexander smiles and grabs my hand and we head out to dinner.

We get to the restaurant, it’s a Russian place and looks pretty low key, I guess Alexander just wanted us to dress up to make it more date like. I’m not complaining he really does look really good.

We are seated quickly and I start browsing the menu. I’m hungry but just want something simple, eating out so much is getting annoying. I like that we’re in a place that seems quite homely even if it is a cuisine I know nothing of.

“We are having caviar. You told me you liked it.” Alexander says grinning.

“You thought this place would be smarter than it is?” I ask.

“Yup! Still it is busy and seems nice and we look good.” Alexander says.

“What else are we having? Have you stolen my bossypants?” I ask laughing.

“Oh I think you know I always wear them and only lend them to you on occasion. It’s pretty much all meat and potatoes I’ll let you choose” Alexander says laughing.

We enjoy the meal very much. It was exactly what we needed. The staff are all super friendly and we never feel like we’re being watched or if anyone is sneaking pictures. The owners join us for a drink and ask if they can have a picture with us which Alexander agrees to straight away. No paranoia in sight.

“Do you think we can walk back?” Alexander asks.

“Uh I guess so. Do you need some air?” I ask.

“Yeah. Are you too tired?” Alexander asks.

“I am pretty tired but I can walk for a bit. If it’s too far you’ll just have to carry me.” I say.

“I do need to do some training.” Alexander says.

“I love you, let’s go.” I say.

We walk hand in hand and it doesn’t take too long. We don’t talk much. We’re happy to just be together.

We sit out on our terrace snuggled together. I’m pretty tired but don’t want the day to end.

“Thank-you for tonight. I love spending time with you like this.” I say.

“I love it too. I can’t wait until we are settled in our own place, just us every night.” Alexander says.

“Do you want to stay in the house next semester? Have you other plans?” I ask.

“I’m not sure. I have so many unhappy memories in the house. I thought about selling it, but it is home and I don’t have time to look for another.” Alexander says.

“Lots of happy memories too. We’ve had as many makeups as breakups.” I say.

“We have had good times. I’m just dreaming of the life I want with you. I’m thinking about our future a lot. I want it to be together. I don’t know how to reconcile being social and having privacy.” Alexander says.

“We need 2 places one in town.” I say.

“Ahh and We can have a country retreat. Some ranch with lots of land.” Alexander says.

“You can write plays and I can write papers in the country and we can throw wild parties when we are in town.” I say.

“We can.” Alexander says.

“Though I don’t see either of us working a ranch, we’re more beach people, perhaps we should buy an island.” I say.

“Wait, you can buy islands?” Alexander asks.

“Sure. Somewhere warm with solar generators and compost toilets we’d be off the grid baby.” I say.

“Wow. That would be perfect.” Alexander says.

“Time for bed?” I ask.

“One more drink.” Alexander says.

I go and get the drinks. Alexander is deep in thought when I come back outside.

“We’d need a boat.” Alexander says as I hand him a drink.

“Of course for getting supplies from the mainland. Though in the right place we can grow a lot of food.” I say.

“Sounds so perfect. It would be a real escape, a proper rest.” Alexander says.

“Maybe we should see if we can hire one for our vacation to see if we like it.” I say mostly joking.

“Baby I know you’re joking but I would love that. Could we for all of next summer do you think?” Alexander asks.

“I need to work at school next summer.” I say honestly.

“You do. I know. Just dreaming of my break.” Alexander says.

“I thought you might do a play in London next summer.” I say.

“Yes but no rush is there. I want to but I need a real rest. I’ll just bum around the house while you work.” Alexander says.

“Doing my laundry, cooking my dinner and giving me blow jobs every night. Yup sounds good.” I say.

“Pfft that is not a rest. Bet I’d fucking love it.” Alexander says kissing me and squeezing my leg.

“Sounds perfect to me, want to practise now?” I ask.

“Bed, bed, bed.” Alexander says.

Give it to me

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