Peter’s perfect summer 12

I love waking up with Alexander, our morning lovemaking is more sedate than yesterday, a beautiful spooning. Alexander can’t get enough of me. I love that he hasn’t got super early starts, although I know he has a long day ahead with a photoshoot and an evening chat show taping.

We swim together again, we have the pool to ourselves and put in a good workout. We sit on the edge to catch our breath.

“Breakfast in the restaurant again?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah, it feels pretty secure here.” I say.

“No more nutjobs.” Alexander laughs.

“Let’s hope not. How did it go with Gwen yesterday?” I ask.

“It was good. She’s still pushing about us doing things together and social media promotions but I find saying no very easy.” Alexander says.

“Good. Let’s go eat.” I say.

We take our time eating and chatting about silly things, we hold hands under the table. Everything feels good. Then Gwen approaches very red faced.

“Stop cutting me out. Stop saying no to my requests and doing it anyway. I am not impressed.” Gwen shouts throwing a newspaper at me.

“I don’t know what your problem is but you will not disturb my time with my boyfriend like this. I am not working right now. If you have a problem talk to me in private. Please leave.” Alexander says quietly, full iceman mode.

“PR doesn’t stop, especially with the stunts you pull. We will talk about this now.” Gwen hisses at us.

“We don’t pull stunts. Stop making a scene.” I say standing up and walking out the room.

Gwen runs after me grabbing my arm and screams at me.

“Stop playing the innocent. You are tipping off the paparazzi and exploiting your relationship with Alexander.”

Alexander is following close behind.

“Come up to our room.” Alexander says coldly.

The elevator ride to our room is incredibly tense and worse when we step inside.

“You cannot be screaming and drawing attention in public, be professional. If you have a problem come to me. You are never to approach Peter.” Alexander says.

“Look at this, these pictures are clearly staged. One of you was in on it and I want to know why you will do this but refuse to do controlled shoots.” Gwen says loudly holding the newspaper open to a page showing pictures of me and Alexander in the park in London.

“Neither of us tipped of a photographer, we had no idea those were being taken. We didn’t even know which park we were going to until we got out the cab. Either the photographer got lucky or the cab driver tipped them off but we didn’t see them. We would have left if we had.” I say.

“He’s right I avoid this sort of thing at all costs. I hate it. You don’t know me at all yet, we cannot continue to work together if you don’t trust me. We cannot have a repeat of today, if anyone is staging events it’s you. That performance today was painful.” Alexander says calmly.

Gwen doesn’t say anything but breathes heavily clearly very unhappy.

I look at the paper. The pictures are really good, they really capture the great time we had. I love them.

“Can you leave us to get ready? Alexander’s car will be here soon.” I say holding the door open.

Gwen leaves saying nothing. I don’t get her.

I pull Alexander into a hug and we both relax.

“These pictures are great.” I say laughing.

“I know, how could they make her angry however they happened? We look great.” Alexander says laughing too.

“A bit scary we didn’t notice but at least they didn’t cut me out and we were in a public place.” I say.

“Yeah. I have to go and so do you.” Alexander says.

We head down to the lobby Alexander wraps his arm around mine. We kiss goodbye as the mini bus for my tour arrives.

“Love you baby.” Alexander says squeezing me.

I smile and head off for the day. I’m doing a monastery tour and wine tasting with another group staying at the hotel. I have a pleasant day, the rest of the group are Spanish so I spend my time with the English speaking guide and get to ask lots of questions.

I miss having Alexander with me, it would be nice to share this sort of day together. We would have had fun making up our own stories about the monks.

Back at the hotel I suddenly feel quite lost without him. I call Mom, I sent her a link to the photographs earlier, she loves them.

“I’m feeling at a loose end.” I say.

“Oh Peter you always manage to entertain yourself. You managed all last summer without him.” Mom says.

“But I had Brian and Jamie.” I say.

“You can come home any time. Find a job or volunteer. I’m sure your old swim team would love you to give a hand again.” Mom suggests.

“He needs me and I don’t want to be away from him. I’m just feeling sorry for myself facing an evening alone. I do appreciate getting to travel and see so much.” I say.

“Well I’m sure you can find something to do. Go to a concert or watch sports in a bar.” Mom suggests.

“I don’t want to alone. I’m a bit scared.” I admit.

“Why?” Mom asks.

“After that guy in London hit me and seeing these pictures. I like the pictures, but not that they were taken. I kind of worry about being recognised and hassled.” I admit.

“Honey I’m sure that won’t happen without Alexander there.” Mom says.

“Maybe. I just don’t feel up to braving it.” I say.

“So why not pick up a course for school, get some study done.” Mom suggests.

“Ugh. I’ll find a book to read.” I say.

“Oh I do hate to think of you spending your nights in hotels when you could be seeing these wonderful cities.” Mom says.

“I know. I can come back though.” I say.

“Of course you can but you’ll never have so much vacation time again. Life gets in the way.” Mom says.

“Yeah, I’ll do more research on places. It’s hard never knowing if Alexander will be free.” I say.

“Use tonight to make lists of things for one and things for 2. Come on son you can do better than this.” Mom says.

“I’ll try. Thanks mom. Speak soon.” I say.

I do spend some time looking up Bucharest and Tokyo. I don’t feel any better. Restless I go and workout. I like living in the city but I think I prefer the beach or countryside for vacations. I want to take long walks and swim in the ocean and try new sports and activities. I want to hike and bike and enjoy nature. Hotels are fun for a day or two but I’m over them now.

I’m asleep when Alexander gets back but wake as he slips into bed behind me, I pull his arms tight around me.

“Love you baby. I really missed you tonight.” I say groggily.

“I missed you too. I like holding you like this.” Alexander replies.

I pull him even tighter.

“Me too. I really don’t like evenings apart.” I say grumpily.

“Sorry baby. It’s just work.” Alexander says.

I kiss his arms and pull his hands to my mouth and kiss them all over.

“I’m tired baby. Early start tomorrow.” Alexander whispers.

I let him go and just snuggle against him. He carries on kissing my neck and ear and rubbing my arm.

“Stop it baby.” I say quietly trying to wriggle away.

“You’re too kissable.” Alexander replies.

I push him away.

“Hey what’s up?” Alexander says.

“You said you were too tired then carried on.” I complain.

I know I’m picking a fight and need to shut up. It’s not Alexander’s fault I’m in a bad mood.

“Am I getting you too hot?” Alexander asks defusing me.

“You’re too sexy with your kisses and your hard cock pressing into my ass, tease.” I say keeping up the grumpiness.

“I want you so bad right now.” Alexander says running his hand lightly over my chest and stomach.

“You awake enough now?” I ask groaning as his hand skim over me.

I groan and gasp as he continues to tease.

“Are you trying to make me beg?” I groan.

“Oh no. That wouldn’t work.” Alexander whispers.

“You cannot stop.” I moan.

Alexander withdraws his hand but moves his mouth back to my neck.

“Baby please.” I say rolling round to face him.

Alexander looks into my eyes trying to play the innocent.

I roll him onto his back and swiftly move on top of him. He groans in delight. He wants.

I kiss his lips briefly then snuggle against his chest. Knowing just lying on top of him is enough to send him crazy.

“Nice place to sleep.” I whisper taking over his game.

“Get back here.” Alexander growls.

“What’s up? I’m tired.” I say running my hands over his chest, pulling lightly on his nipple.

His cock is leaking against my stomach as mine is against his thigh.

We both laugh and kiss with great passion rolling around both enjoying being under the other, rubbing our dicks together and groaning with passion. We kiss and bite each other with his teeth on my shoulder and my cock bucking against him I cum with a great shout. I flip him back then take his head in my mouth and am quickly rewarded.

We cuddle up sticky and sweaty, not caring, just happy together.

“I hope you didn’t leave any marks, I’ve another photoshoot tomorrow.” Alexander says.

“You’ll look even sexier. Everyone will be super jealous of me.” I say.

“Ah no I have the hottest boyfriend.” Alexander says.

“So what was with the teasing?” I ask.

“Just wanted to try. I was so hot for you the second I saw you asleep, I almost went to take care of it before bed to not disturb you.” Alexander says.

“Do not ever do that. I’m sorry for being grumpy.” I say.

“Bad day?” Alexander asks.

“Bad wine. I missed you, I felt extra lonely and trapped tonight. I guess I missed dinner which made me extra grumpy too.” I say.

“Oh hell if you forget to eat who will remind me?” Alexander laughs.

We snuggle closer and soon sleep.

I have vivid dreams of fucking Alexander on an island, of days spent simply working our land. Of Alexander punishing me for not doing chores. Despite our earlier release I wake up knowing I came again in my sleep.

I lie awake enjoying being held by Alexander. He stirs and is kissing me good morning.

“I had a dream about you, about us.” I say.

“Was it good?” Alexander murmurs into my back.

“Very, you were amazing.” I say.

“Always.” Alexander says.

“Always.” I say.

“I have to go in about ten minutes. I’m so sorry baby, you’ll have to pack. I’ll meet you at the airport at 4.” Alexander says hopping out of bed.

“Okay. Do you need me to pack you a clean outfit in your carry on?” I ask.

“Yes please.” Alexander shouts as he steps into the bathroom.

I fall back on the bed. I hadn’t counted on another day alone. No I don’t need more sleep. I stand up pull on some shorts and head out to the terrace. It’s raining heavily. I might as well workout and then pack.

I kiss Alexander goodbye and head down to the gym. Just a few days back together and I’m already considering going home. If I skip Asia and meet him in Australia will it be okay? Will he be okay with it? I need to find out. I’m going insane spending so much time on my own.

Still feeling grumpy I head up to the room. I shower and begin packing. Doing things for Alexander gets me a little aroused and I almost calm down. As I’m almost done a call comes through from Tom, I answer without thinking to put clothes on.

“Wow didn’t expect quite the eyeful, always welcome.” Tom says.

“How’s things Tom?” I ask.

“Good. Back to LA soon.” Tom says.

“It’s really good you called. It is raining and I’m bored.” I say.

“So you’re spending the day wanking in your room.” Tom laughs.

“No, but I might resort to it. I am so fed up of hotels and being trapped. How do you cope?” I ask.

“I don’t stay in hotels often. And I don’t get papped too much either and when I do I smile and let them get what they need. Surely things are okay for you over there.” Tom says.

“Yeah I’ve been on daytrips no bother I just worry and get anxious about it all. If I fuck up it reflects on Alexander.” I say.

“Stop worrying so much. Just live your life mate.” Tom says.

“It’s just hard being in cities, in hotels, I’m lonely.” I say.

“Stop going on tours arranged by hotels and find the ones backpackers are doing. Go make some friends.” Tom says.

“But I’m nowhere for long.” I say.

“Neither are they but you’ll have something in common and they’ll have a cheap feed and beers with you.” Tom says.

“You’re right. Sorry for being a downer.” I say.

“That’s okay, seeing your big cock made my morning.” Tom says laughing.

“So any sexy adventures since I left?” I ask.

“Nah Ryan stayed another night and I enjoyed myself greatly over you in the paper yesterday.” Tom says.

“Please, you did not.” I say.

“I stood in my kitchen, newspaper on the table, dropped my shorts and rubbed one out. You were delightful.” Tom says.

“Shut up.” I say laughing.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s inappropriate but seriously if Alexander isn’t making you happy find someone who will, you are a catch.” Tom says.

“I love him. He’s the one for me. My issues are temporary. I just wish I was handling it better.” I say.

“Can’t blame me for trying.” Tom laughs.

“See you in a few weeks yeah? You’ll keep me entertained in LA.” I say.

“Yes we’ll have some real fun. Parties at my place. Chin up kid, I best go just checking you were okay after the photo thing.” Tom says.

“I can cope with a few sneaky shots of us in the park.” I say.

“No mate, shit I thought you knew. Not of you in the park, that was cute but not boner inducing. No you and Alexander exchanging head. I mean they’ve obscured your cock and hole in the paper but you can uh reveal all on the gossip sites.” Tom says.

“What? Where? When? We’re fucking discrete. Is it on the beach?” I ask wondering if something has surfaced from last year.

“No on a hotel balcony. Probably the one you’re in now, in Germany.” Tom says.

“What sites?” I ask getting my phone out to look.

Tom lists off a few.

“Uh Tom you of all people should know these are faked.” I say.

“What do you mean?” Tom asks.

“Neither of us have tattoos and the body doubles are not exactly well-endowed. Alexander should be furious they’ve got his about half size.” I say laughing.

“Shit I was too bust imagining your big dick to notice it wasn’t actually there.” Tom says laughing.

“Fantasist.” I laugh.

“Good luck sorting everything.” Tom says.

“Thanks for calling and letting me know, none of my actual friends did.” I say.

“We are actual friends you donut.” Tom says.

“I hope you’re embarrassed getting off to a fake pic.” I say laughing.

“Let’s be fair I didn’t look too closely. I just got pretty excited at the thought of you on your knees bobbing away. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t get excited at the same thought about me.” Tom says.

We stare at each other way too long. I can’t hide my reaction and Tom’s hand has slipped inside his shorts. We don’t say anything, I stroke myself lightly and Tom wriggles out of his shorts. His cock is already fully hard, looks good. I am just looking right? I could be jerking to porn, it’s not so far off I justify to myself knowing it is wrong but not so wrong I want to stop.

We match each other stroke for stroke, holding eye contact, it’s intense. The only noise is hand on cock and the occasional murmur. We don’t say anything. We don’t need anything extra to help. Two hot guys getting off. Well he’s hot, really hot.

“Fuck.” We both say together before our loads shoot forth. Tom rolls onto his back to allow the spray to hit his body. So fucking hot.

We look at each other panting slightly, very sheepish.

“Thanks. That was so hot.” I finally say.

“You too. I needed that.” Tom says with a smile.

“Me too. I really did.” I say.

“Look I have to go. Call if you need to talk or anything else. I’ll see you in LA. Don’t beat yourself up over this, you needed some stress relief and I happened to be here.” Tom says.

I nod not able to say anything and we hang up.

I contemplate messaging Alexander then decide against. Gwen must have already spoken to him anyway and have a plan.

I take our things down to the bell desk and head outside. It’s still raining. At least that means no one will notice me. I go to the river and take a boat trip, despite the rain it is pretty fun and fills up my time.

The rain clears as I get off and I find somewhere for lunch, I spend some time looking at the aftermath of the pictures and find a fake twitter account for Sandy apologising saying it was a moment of weakness. Shit. Alexander will throw a fit. Gwen has to be the one behind it. No wonder she hadn’t called.

I take a long walk on the way to the hotel, to try and gather my thoughts. Too much has happened today and I just can’t process it all. I get the bags and head to the airport.

Alexander is waiting for me at the airport.

“Hey baby. How was the photoshoot?” I ask.

“Really good. It was a good day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s party now and sleeping in tomorrow.” Alexander says.

“You’re in a much better mood than I expected.” I say as we reach the bag drop desk.

“What do you mean?” Alexander asks.

We head through security, the line isn’t too long but it takes a little while.

Once through we find a quiet corner and sit down.

“Did Gwen not talk to you about the fake pictures?” I ask.

“What fake pictures.” Alexander asks.

I show him the gossip sites and the newspaper site.

Alexander laughs.

“Shit they are terrible. I’m sorry you’ve been dragged into this again. You went through all that with Aaron to stop this sort of thing happening to me and it happens to us both anyway. I am so, so sorry. I’ll talk to Mart and see what he can do. I can’t believe Gwen isn’t on this and sorting a statement.” Alexander says.

“It’s not just the pictures.” I say showing him the twitter feed.

Give it to me

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