Peter’s perfect summer 16

I wake as the little spoon, Alexander’s arms are around my chest and his leg on top of mine. I pull his arms tighter and murmur my pleasure as Alexander’s lips brush my neck. I feel happy, secure and loved.

A knock on the door interrupts our cuddling.

“Did you order breakfast?” I ask.

“No. I was hoping we could swim then grab something from the deli.” Alexander says.

There is a second knock. I get up and pull on a hotel robe.

“Sorry to disturb you but the car is here for the meeting.” Phillip says.

“No, I don’t have a meeting until 2.” Alexander says sleepily from the bed.

“I decided you should go this morning. I emailed you last night.” Phillip says.

“No, no more last minute changes, this morning is free. I need the time off. Next time phone don’t come to my room.” Alexander says grumpily.

I rudely drop the door closed in Phillips face.

“I’ve really gone off that guy.” I say.

“Me too. Let me check my email and see what the meeting was.” Alexander says.

I nod and drop the robe and climb onto the bed next to him.

“I just need to make a call.” Alexander says.

I nod and head to the bathroom. A whole morning together is exactly what we need.

When I head back into the bedroom Alexander is lying on top of the bed nude and smiling.

“Whole day together. I just spoke to Baz he doesn’t need me at either meeting, he definitely didn’t ask me to join this morning. So we are free until dinner.” Alexander says beaming.

“Is it wrong that I want to put the do not disturb on the door and spend all day in here naked with you?” I ask.

“I love your ideas. I promise I’ll bring you back here one day and we’ll see the sights together.” Alexander says.

Alexander heads to the bathroom. I flick through the TV channels and stroke myself a little in anticipation.

“Fuck you’re so hot.” Alexander says.

“Come here and worship me.” I say laughing.

Alexander runs and jumps on the bed. I switch off the tv and straddle my boy. He groans just looking up at me. The prospect of a whole day together has excited us both.

“Hold on.” I say and scoot off him, put the sign on the door, lock it and put the latch across.

“Get back here.” Alexander says patting the bed.

I climb on top of him, take his head in my hands and kiss him hard. His hands run down my back to my ass. We’re grinding together and kissing deeply. I love how Alexander has wrapped his arms around my neck. I can feel just how happy he is, his whole body is moulding to mine and the only tension is in his dick.

Alexander moves my elbows off the bed.

“Let me feel all of you baby.” Alexander groans.

Alexander’s groans get louder and louder and he rubs up against me. His teeth meet my neck and shoulders. He is letting go, frantic beneath me. He grabs my ass and grinds harder. I look down on him for a moment then kiss him some more muffling his cries.

“Fuck baby, fuck.” Alexander groans into my mouth.

I sit up and jerk the cum out of him as he smiles up at me. So cute. So happy. All mine.

“I knew that would happen one day.” Alexander says grinning like crazy.

“What?” I ask smiling back.

“I’d explode just from you lying on top of me.” Alexander says still grinning.

“I love you and your silly quirks.” I say.

“Silly quirks? Sexy moves more like. I love you too, lots and lots and lots.” Alexander says.

I move and lick his stomach clean.

“Flip over.” I say

“You’re too good to me.” Alexander says.

“It’s been ages.” I say running my fingers down his crack.

I spread his cheeks and move in with my tongue. I sigh as I lick him. I’m so happy.

“That’s so good baby.” Alexander moans.

“You want it?” I ask.

“Oh fuck yes.” Alexander groans.

Alexander is faced own on the bed ass in the air begging for it. He wants me.

I stand at the edge of the bed and pull him closer. I tease his crack with my dick and he moans, groans for me. Showing me how much he wants me. He’s pushing back begging for me to get inside him. I love how much he wants me.

I give him what he want. I am feeling on top of the world as I pump into his ass. He gives me so much encouragement that I need to slow down. I run my hands over his back and let out my own grown of satisfaction.

“You feel amazing baby. I love your ass.” I murmur.

“Fuck me good baby. It’s too good. So, so good baby.” Alexander cries out.

I pick the pack back giving him my full length hard. He really feels so great, it has been too long. I need this. I need him.

I pull out and turn him over. His face is full sunbeam. I love him so much.

As I push back in I lean in to kiss him and he pulls at my lip with his teeth, hungry for me. I stand back up and fuck him good, give him everything. He’s all mine, all mine. I watch him be in the moment he’s so hot, so beautiful. I am so lucky to have him. As he begins to cum a second time I can’t hold off and shoot my load deep into his guts.

I stay inside him shallow movements just watching him, still enjoying how good he feels.

“Get here and kiss me.” Alexander demands.

We kiss and cuddle and nap a little.

“We should eat.” I say.

“Room service?” Alexander asks.

I screw up my nose before I can stop myself.

“I was kidding. I know you’re kind of tired of it. That place you went last night looked good or we can try somewhere else.” Alexander says.

“If we’re having dinner with Baz we only need something small. Just enough to refuel for the next round.” I joke.

“There were some dumpling places nearby I saw last night let’s go and get some take-away.” Alexander suggests.

“Sometimes you have the best ideas.” I say.

“I know. We’re the best idea boys.” Alexander says.

We clean off and dress quickly. All this travel really messes with my eating patterns.

As we step into the elevator Alexander looks at me, his stomach growling.

“I think I need a bigger lunch.”

“I think we do. Want to risk exploring?” I ask.

“It’s a Tuesday afternoon we’ll be fine. It is Tuesday isn’t it?” Alexander asks.

“I have no idea.” I say laughing. I kiss him quickly as the doors open and we head outside.

The hotel is in the thick of things and there are lots of options. I don’t know if we’re noticed or not. We just keep moving quickly and don’t worry.

We settle on an Udon place where the noodles are made in front of you. It is so much fun to watch and the food is tasty and cheap. Alexander is in the best mood of the trip, clearly I worked magic on him earlier.

“This is what I wanted this trip to be. Exploring together and eating fun foods and lots and lots of sexy time.” Alexander says.

“Well if only you hadn’t made a super hit movie we would have been fine. If it had been a flop you might have had to do even more promotion I suppose.” I say.

“I’m not doing any here. It’s purely a money making stop, 2 ad campaigns to film and have pictures taken.” Alexander says.

“So Sal finally came through with some work.” I say.

“Yeah and it pays a shit tonne.” Alexander says.

“You don’t normally worry. I thought John had made your money work well for you.” I say.

“Yeah but this fitted in to the trip, it is easy money for me. Seemed silly to turn it down.” Alexander says.

“We could have had more time off in Australia. But I’m glad we’re here it is somewhere I always wanted to go.” I say.

“Me too. What will you do tomorrow?” Alexander asks.

“I have an awesome week planned. Tomorrow I am doing a cycling tour and the next day I am doing the bullet train to Mount Fuji, I really wish you were coming with me.” I say.

“Me too. What else do you have planned?” Alexander asks.

“If the weather is good I plan to visit lots of gardens, if it’s bad I’ll try and get on a sushi making workshop, I’m hoping the concierge can work some magic.” I say.

“I am so jealous. Will you come shopping with me now?” Alexander asks.

“Sure, what are you looking for? Luggage?” I ask.

“No I want something for you. You got me this and I love it and its beautiful and I think of you every time I see it. I want you to have something to make you think of me.” Alexander says.

“I think of you all the time.” I say.

“Ahh but every time I see this I remember how much you love me and how well you know me. I know how special what we have is. You need the same, though I don’t know if I’ll find something quite so perfect.” Alexander says.

“You are in the best mood today. I love it.” I say.

“Just us is always the best. Makes me feel so good.” Alexander says.

We head out into the city in a big store Alexander searches the jewellery department intently. I watch him a few steps behind.

“Here baby. This is it.” Alexander says pointing to a rope bracelet with an anchor clasp, it has a single diamond teardrop cased in silver attached.

“It is lovely but very expensive.” I say.

“It is right though. You’ll wear it.” Alexander says bossily.

“Thank-you. I feel bad I didn’t get you something more extravagant.” I say.

“I don’t care what things cost, this is perfect for me.” Alexander says touching his pendant.

“This is perfect for you.” Alexander says handing me the bag.

“Thanks baby. Next time it’ll be rings.” I say.

Alexander looks at me, his eyes flashing with joy.

“You are my forever.” Alexander whispers as he puts the bracelet on my wrist.

We walk hand in hand through the store and back to the hotel. No worries about fans or photographers or not that we notice.

In our room we lie down together and make out gently. We know we are having a good day and we don’t need anything more. I stroke Alexander’s hair and look at him.

“Thanks for putting up with my grumpy moods this trip and not throwing me away.” I say.

“You have put up with worse. I love you so very, very much. I can’t believe you had to beg me to take you back. Feels like a lifetime ago.” Alexander says.

“It was. You were right to be cautious. I treated you really badly. I need to stop moaning about when you don’t pay me much attention because you are a million times better to me than I was to you.” I say.

“A lot of the problem was Jay’s fault. It was my fault we started the trio. I was the one who was close to ending us for him. You wanted to keep me happy. We fucked up. We really fucked up. But we are okay now. We can get through anything.” Alexander says.

“You would have left me for him?” I ask.

“I didn’t want to lose you but he and I were closer at that time than we were. Still it was worth it, all the pain and time apart made us appreciate this all the more.” Alexander says.

“And taught us what a dick Jay is. I cannot believe you went back out with him.” I say.

“I clearly go insane when you are not there to stop me.” Alexander says laughing.

“Or he behaves when I’m not around.” I say.

“Doesn’t matter now. I’m yours, you are mine no one else matters.” Alexander says.

“I know I’ve been a pain recently but I am sure about you. We’re getting better at sorting things out.” I say.

“You’re getting better, I’m lagging behind a bit. I’ve given myself a talking to, I’d give up my career for you and I keep forgetting that. I’ve lost too many people to lose you too.” Alexander says.

“I love you but I’m not giving up my future career for you.” I say laughing.

“I’d never ask you to.” Alexander says.

“And I’d not ask you to give anything up either. I think I would have back in London if I was going to.” I say.

We kiss some more and just lie wrapped together content.

“We best get ready for dinner.” I say sighing.

“I was having a lovely daydream about us on our island. All wrapped together like this on the sand” Alexander says.

“Nude?” I ask.

“Oh yes. Just us and the ocean.” Alexander says.

“One day.” I say.

“One day.” Alexander replies.

We meet with Baz and Phillip in one of the hotel bars.

“How was today?” I ask.

“Really good. I can head home tomorrow knowing I can do the jobs I want for the next three years or so. It’s been a really productive trip here and Hong Kong, thanks for your help over there having you both around made the difference.” Baz says.

“The freeloader has to do something to earn his keep.” Phillip says bitchily.

“Oh Peter more than earned his keep long ago, keeping Alexander working last summer. That reminds me the guys had some gifts for you today, they’re with the bell desk remind me when we get back.” Baz says.

I look at him gratefully.

Alexander is scowling at Phillip. He is very efficient but clearly has a problem with me. I think he wants Alexander for himself.

“Shall we go?” Baz asks.

We all head to a taxi. Dinner is fine. Baz tells us lots of tales of films he worked on and keeps us entertained. Alexander pays me a lot of attention which is nice. Neither of us eats much too full from lunch.

Phillip keeps quiet. He’s not out and out rude to me again but he’s not exactly friendly either. I just ignore him. He should meet Felix they could try and out bitch each other.

Alexander holds my hand and snuggles closer to me in the booth. I slip my hand on his leg and he smiles at me. We both want to be out of here. Luckily Baz soon declares he must get to sleep due to his early flight and we head back to the hotel.

We are about to step into the elevator when Baz calls to us to collect our gifts.

We say goodnight to Phillip then follow Baz to the bell desk. A full set of incredibly expensive luggage comes out.

“Wow you’ll have to give us their details so we can send our thanks.” I say.

“Well we needed it, what will we do with our existing stuff? It’ll look so shabby in comparison.” Alexander laughs.

“We’ll need to up our insurance policy.” I say laughing.

Baz laughs with us we say our goodbyes and we head up to our room.

“What will we do with this? I guess we can put our normal had luggage inside one of the cases.” I say.

“Yeah we’ll now have a case and a big bag each and a fancy carry on each. I think we can send the vanity bag home to your mom. Do you think you can do that?” Alexander asks.

“Sure, I’m sure they’ll help me here.” I say.

“I am so sleepy and we had a mostly lazy day.” Alexander says.

“Lots of drinks tonight. What time do you go tomorrow?” I ask.

“Early, 8ish. Shall we order an early breakfast now or do you want to sleep?” Alexander asks.

“My tour starts at 10 so I’m good with breakfast with you.” I say.

“Bed time.” Alexander says pulling me on top of him on the bed.

“We’re in a dangerous position for you.” I say laughing.

“Today was the best. Kiss me.” Alexander says wrapping his hands around my neck again.

Of course I kiss him and we kiss and kiss and kiss. Alexander is so easy to love when he’s this happy.

Room service wakes us in the morning and we act all romantic feeding each other and kissing a lot. We have turned the corner, we’ve reconnected properly and I think we’re going to be more than okay.

The first 2 days alone go well. I love both my tours. On the second day I even get back later than Alexander causing him to be in a grump when I get in.

“Finally. I thought you had left me.” Alexander says as I get in.

“Welcome to my life.” I grin as he throws himself on me for hugs and kisses.

“I missed you so much I got back at 2. I’ve been waiting for hours and hours.” Alexander says pulling at my clothes.

“You could have gone exploring or spent some time with Phillip.” I say.

“I had a swim and I sulked missing you.” Alexander grins at me.

“Can I go shower or do you want me as I am?” I ask.

“I am not waiting for you to shower.” Alexander says grinning.

Making love to my boy is so good tonight. I was feeling pretty tired but now I’m full of energy as I push inside him. His face is unreal, makes me feel so good.

When I collapse on top of him he is all over me, kissing me and licking at the sweat of the day. He’s so happy and I just lie back and enjoy.

“I have a super early start tomorrow. I’ll call you and message lots.” Alexander says.

“Okay. I will miss you lots so I want lots of cute pictures.” I say.

“I loved your pics today. It looked so beautiful and you look so hot in every picture ever.” Alexander says.

“Thanks baby. You always look good too. Is your stuff ready for tomorrow?” I ask.

“Yes. Not long to get through then we get a week’s vacation together. I’m excited to see some big rocks and go sailing.” Alexander says.

“Me too baby.” I say and kiss him goodnight.

I have a lovely day looking round the gardens and temples. Alexander sends me lots of pictures from his drive and I send him some too. Both of us eager to keep up our renewed closeness.

Just before I return to the hotel he calls.

“I have to stay up here tonight, because it’s so far and they want an early start for light tomorrow.” Alexander says,

“Okay, I’ll miss you. I’ll sulk in our room all night.” I say.

“You better. No going out on the town and sampling local men.” Alexander says laughing.

“Call me before you go to sleep.” I say.

“I will. Love you so much.” Alexander says.

“Love you loads.” I say.

I walk into the hotel tired. Ready for a shower and quiet night.

My key won’t work in the door. I try 10 times then give up and go down to reception.

“Ah your bill was settled you’ve been checked out. We packed up your luggage.” The receptionist says.

“No we have 2 more nights.” I say.

“No Mr Grange was clear as he and Mr Green will be in the country now.” The receptionist says.

Great, Phillip is a dick.

“Do you have any rooms for tonight?” I ask.

“No we are fully booked.” The receptionist says.

I sit down and call Alexander, no answer, shit. I message him every way I can then search for a room nearby.

I get half the luggage from the bell desk explaining Mr Green will collect the rest and get a cab to my new hotel. I’m annoyed. Not that I’m paying for the room but that Phillip didn’t warn me and give me the option to go with them, given he must have known it was an overnight trip.

I catch up with everyone at home then slip out for some noodles. I get worried when Alexander doesn’t call. I stay awake into the early hours until I can’t stay awake any more.

No reply from Alexander. I leave another series of messages then head out for the day. Now I have luggage space I want to buy souvenirs and gifts for home. I have a fun time buying silly tat and comic books and proper gifts. When I sit down to dinner I really worry about Alexander. I try calling again, surely he’ll be travelling back now. I wonder if I should go and wait at the hotel for him.

I decide to stay in my room, I repack ready for the long journey. I hope Alexander can get his stuff okay. Damn I didn’t send the vanity to mom. Oh well I’m sure Alexander can carry it.

I call and call and message Alexander, nothing.

Sad at another night apart I go to sleep early.

I spend the day killing time waiting for him to call. I’m not sure if I should go to the airport or the other hotel and wait for him. I call and message. I try Phillip no answer. I worry they’ve had an accident. I message Sal to see if she has heard anything. Nothing.

I decide on the airport. They can’t tell me if he’s checked in or not. I wait until the last minute before going through. At least Phillip didn’t cancel my flight.

No sign of them in the lounge. I board the plane and stare at the empty seat where Alexander should be and tear up a little. This time I’m glad of the privacy first class gives and let my tears flow. I am so, so worried about him.

I try and sleep but it’s hard when my boyfriend is missing. I finger the diamond on my wrist and think about him, how much he loves me and that we’ll surely see each other soon. I calm down, certain that if something was really wrong someone would have told me.

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