Peter’s perfect summer 18

I come round after the operation feeling pretty disorientated. Alexander is there waiting for me to wake up.

“Hey honey.” I say groggily.

“You feeling okay?” Alexander asks.

I nod, feeling pretty pain free, I must be on the good drugs.

“I’ve changed hotels for us, got a massive fancy suite with a harbour view ready for when you can come out. I paid in cash too and used a fake name. I’m not telling anyone where we are.” Alexander says.

“Did you get hassled today?” I ask.

“It was fine. I met your friends this morning. They will come by later.” Alexander says.

“Cool.” I say.

The doctor comes in to let us know how things have gone.

“There’s no swelling on your brain, which was the main concern. Your wrist will be in plaster for 6 weeks or so. You need to use a sling initially to keep it immobile. We’ll keep an eye on you for a few more hours then you should be able to leave. You need to take it easy for a few more days. We’ll let you know where you can go to get your dressing changed.” The doctor says.

“Thanks so much for everything. You’re all taking such good care of me.” I say.

“Will he really be okay to leave so soon?” Alexander asks.

“Yes, he’s not sick he just needs to heal, far better not to be in hospital where he could catch a bug. I’ll give you a list of things to look out for, if he shows any of those ring him straight back. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” The doctor says.

Alexander cuddles against me and kisses my cheek.

“I get to take you back to my bed.” Alexander says.

“Hope so. Think I’m out of action for a while though.” I say.

“I’m going to take care of you so good. You’ll be healed up in no time.” Alexander says.

The nurse comes in to check my head dressing.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” I ask.

“If you feel up to it. I’m sure Alexander can help you.” The nurse says.

Alexander helps me out of bed and I take a few steps and then vomit everywhere, total exorcist style. I am so embarrassed.

“Go ahead to the bathroom, we’ll get it cleaned up. You okay baby?” Alexander asks.

I nod and go into the bathroom. Fuck I look awful. I’ve 2 black eyes and my face is bruised, my lip is cut. My hair is all matted around the dressing. I turn round and look at my back, it is covered in bruises. I’m a mess.

I brush my teeth and splash my face before shuffling back into the room. I smile a little at Alexander who helps me back into bed.

“Sorry for making a mess.” I say.

“Stop it. You didn’t do it on purpose. Rest up and get better.” Alexander says kissing my cheek.

“I’m going to be a bit dependent on you while I’m one handed for getting dressed and things.” I say.

“I’ll be there don’t worry.” Alexander says.

“Thanks baby. Sorry our vacation is ruined.” I say.

“It’s all my fault.” Alexander says.

Before we can get too morose Sean and Spencer arrive.

“Hey guys thanks for coming. How was the party did you pull a supermodel?” I ask laughing.

“I snogged a chick from Neighbours.” Spencer says showing me a photo.

“She’s pretty.” I say totally clueless.

“Neighbours is a soap here.” Sean says.

“Ahh okay, cool, well done.” I say.

“Look mate we sold you out. Sorry but the money was good.” Sean says.

“I hope you bigged me up. What did you tell them?” I ask not mad at them at all.

“We told them about tracking Alexander and the fight and we gave them some pictures of us in the mountains and from yesterday.” Spencer says.

“If it was all true we’re not bothered. Rather you got the cash than some random.” Alexander says being a good sport.

“Thanks. That was what we said.” Sean says.

“Can I see the pictures?” Alexander asks.

Spencer and Sean both flick through their phones and show Alexander pictures from our adventures.

“My boyfriend is so hot, no bad pics at all. Can you send them to me?” Alexander asks.

He shows me one of he two of us hugging over the barrier yesterday, we both look so relieved.

“We’ll send them to Peter.” Sean says.

“Oh Tom called, your Mom gave him my number. He says get well soon and start behaving like a celeb and go in the front door in future.” Alexander says laughing.

“Do you two know loads of film stars? When we travel to the US will you introduce us to lots of hotties?” Sean asks, always one thing on his mind.

“If you come to LA when we’re there we’ll through you a party.” Alexander says.

“Are you planning on the US after South America?” I ask.

“Well maybe, now we’ve had a cash injection. We’re still looking for work here too but yes we might visit the US.” Spencer says.

“You can always stay at our place at school, we always have a room spare.” I say.

Alexander rolls his eyes.

“So much drama at our place. Talking of drama you two are quite tall. If Peter gets released today do you fancy being the decoys?” Alexander asks.

“Oh yes, you offering us a limo ride chased by the paps, we are so in.” Sean laughs.

“Is it that bad? Surely I’m old news by now.” I say.

I see a look pass between the three of them.

“It will be fine don’t worry baby.” Alexander says.

“I cannot believe we’re here with you and you’re just a normal bloke.” Spencer says to Alexander.

We laugh.

“I didn’t know he was Sandy Green when we first met. I didn’t work it out for a couple of months.” I say.

“Really.” Sean asks.

“I hadn’t worked since puberty, I hardly look like the little kid I was in movies. It meant that when we did get together I knew that Peter was truly genuine, he had treated me the same before and after finding out.” Alexander says.

“Aww a real love story.” Spencer says.

We chat a lot, Alexander relaxes as he gets to know the guys. The nurse comes in and switches on the TV.

“Look its you two.” She says gesturing to Sean and Spencer.

They are being interviewed about the fight and they show some of the pictures of me before it happened. Then they show a video of the incident. Shit the security guy pummelled me when I was out, I can see why I’m so bruised. I wince as he stamps my wrist, Alexander crying out pulling the guy off me and punching him. Man I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for that.

“Looks like I gave you all quite a show. Shit every time a video of me is on the news I go down first hit, I look a right dweeb.” I say.

“He totally tackled you, you had no chance.” Spencer says.

“Fuck I hope I don’t have to go to court for this one. I really want to go home.” I say quietly.

“As soon as you’re healed up enough we’ll go baby.” Alexander says sadly.

“You going to sue the guy?” Sean asks.

I shake my head.

“I don’t like being in the public eye. I can cope with the odd set of pictures with Alexander but these incidents are too much. I had teenagers follow me when I was shopping in Hong Kong. I’m just a no name student who happens to have a boyfriend who is a movie star.” I say.

“I hate it too, I hate it for me and I hate it for you, especially as it’s my fault. Still I just have to do a bit of promotion in LA and then we can hibernate from public, just stick to school and home.” Alexander says.

“Sounds a bit shit to me. No going out, having fun.” Sean says.

“Yeah but we’ve got each other, would suck if we were single. We can still do stuff at school and go to movies. We might have to avoid shopping and things for a while.” I say.

“Plus there are far more interesting people who want the attention around. We’re pretty boring most the time.” Alexander says.

The doctor comes in and ushers the guys out.

I’m allowed to leave, but have to go back in a couple of days for a check up before they’ll say I’m okay to fly. I’m good with that.

“Okay i’ve called 3 car companies. You two pretend to be us and get the limo, the driver will come inside with blankets to put over your heads as you come out . We’re going in a normal cab out a back door. The third car is going to speed off not long after you to attract attention if anyone twigs you are not us.” Alexander says.

“Do we need all that?” I ask.

“It’s pretty bad baby.” Alexander says.

The plan goes well, we get away without being followed and get into the hotel. Sean calls to say they had a wild time and there was a bit of a scuffle when they got out. They were recognised from their interview and did a couple more. But denied having seen me in hospital and refused to say where we were going, not that they know anyway.

I’m propped up on the bed with a million pillows looking at the view. Alexander is fussing round me and also trying to deal with the PR fall out. Sal has been incredibly understanding and has cancelled everything here and all but the necessary when we get home. Alexander has had multiple rows with Phillip and is now no longer answering his calls.

Eric’s mom soon comes to the rescue, she’s spoken with Sal and is already working the case. She’s put out press releases on Alexander’s cancelled commitments and on my status stressing I need peace to heal. She asked if she could release a picture of my injuries and Alexander and I are debating it now.

“It would scoop them all. No one will hound me for a picture if there is one out there.” I say.

“But we don’t want to willingly put your picture out there, it could make you fair game.” Alexander counters.

“Victims of crime are often pictured and that is the context. Just take the damn picture and send it to her.” I say.

“You better video chat your Mom after else she’ll get a fright.” Alexander says still annoyed.

I nod. He takes some pictures and sends them off.

I call Mom.

“Oh honey you are a mess. I saw the video and I had to switch it off, it was brutal. Far too excessive, especially as Alexander can clearly be seen kissing you beforehand.” Mom says.

“It all hurts so bad Mom.” I say letting the tears come.

“Are you coming home soon?” Mom asks.

“When I’m a bit more healed. I need to get the okay from the doctor and we don’t know the situation with the police yet.” I say.

“Oh dear makes you look a troublemaker all these fights. Even if you didn’t start them.” Mom says.

“Not fights Mom, unprovoked attacks, I haven’t hit anyone. Unlike Rocky over there.” I say pointing to Alexander.

“Just try and stay out of trouble until you get home. I did like the pictures of you in the mountains. I’ll put those up and forget how you look now. You need to call your father, he is very concerned. He hasn’t got your current number.” Mom says.

“Okay. He hasn’t emailed or anything.” I say.

“Well he’s called me several times and I’d rather not talk to him again. Now can you two manage or do you need me to come out there?” Mom asks.

“I’ll take proper care of him, I promise. We’ll be fine getting back. Please don’t worry too much. I’m so sorry to have caused this.” Alexander says.

“It isn’t your fault. We need a plan for when you get back. I can’t imagine you want to be apart but it might be better for Peter to come home to me, then he can see his regular doctor and I can take him to appointments. Alexander you are more than welcome to come and stay.” Mom says.

“Thank-you. I’d like that a lot. I don’t want Peter anywhere where he might be hassled. Hotel living is not the easiest.” Alexander says.

We say goodbyes and I call my Dad.

“Jesus son, you look awful.” Dad says.

“I do. No lasting damage. I’ll be all healed up in a few weeks.” I say.

“I could kill that fucker, but I wouldn’t last twenty seconds he was huge.” Dad says.

I laugh. It’s good to be talking again even if it took me getting knocked out to do it.

We end the call on good terms and I feel better.

“Baby I am really tired. I think I’d like to nap. Sorry if things are boring.” I say.

“Being with you won’t be boring. I could look at you for hours, even all beaten up.” Alexander says.

“I wish we could cuddle.” I say.

“Let’s turn the heat up and we can lie together tops off. I know I can’t hold you but we can still lie close and hold hands.” Alexander says.

He helps me out of my top and tries his hardest to hide his worry.

“They’ll soon fade baby.” I say.

“He could have killed you. You hear all the time about one punch deaths.” Alexander says.

“He didn’t I’m just bruised and have a busted wrist. It will all heal up and I will be fine. You’ll be pumping my ass in no time. I have you back and that’s the most important thing.” I say.

“You never lost me, you were on my mind every moment. I was out of my mind without you.” Alexander says.

“Me too. I am so glad we’re together again.” I say.

“Here lean on me a little and hold my hand baby.” Alexander says moving so I can.

“I’ll just sleep here.” I say and snooze a little on my baby.

Alexander nudges me awake. I don’t know how long I slept. I feel okay for a minute then the pain kicks in.

“Time for your pills. I got some soup and tea and juice. I didn’t know what you’d want.” Alexander says.

“Thanks baby. Soup sounds good. I’m feeling a bit cold.” I say

Alexander helps me to sit up a bit more and feeds me. I’m sure I could manage but I let him, he’s so cute.

“Was I out a long time?” I ask.

“A few hours. Eric’s mom did a press call at home, Eric sent the link. She’s really good, I might never need to talk in public again and I’ll just get her to read statements for me.” Alexander laughs.

“Sounds good. Less work, more time with me.” I say.

“Perfect right?” Alexander says kissing my cheek gently.

For the next couple of days Alexander takes full care of me. Waking me for meds and making sure I have food, helping me keep my arm and head dry when bathing. He is a wonderful nurse and doesn’t complain once. I have no idea if he is getting enough sleep.

The pain is manageable and the bruises are fading to yellow. I feel a lot better. The main issue is not being able to wash my hair, my head feels disgusting.

We go back to the hospital for my check-up and my stiches get removed and they are happy my wrist is healing well I feel like I’ve been really lucky.

On the way back we call in at the police station. The video and photographs mean we are not needed further. We feel so relieved.

Back at the hotel I kiss Alexander passionately and move to my knees.

“Get up.” Alexander says.

“You gone off me?” I ask.

“No I am desperate for you but I don’t want it like this.” Alexander says.

“You’ve been so good to me.” I say.

“I love you. I just did what you would have done. Now where’s that plastic bag, let’s wrap up that wrist and get your hair washed.” Alexander says.

“You sick of a smelly head boyfriend?” I ask laughing.

“I want you to be more comfortable.” Alexander says.

“Thanks baby.” I say.

I love how amazing he is being. I love how we are spending so much time together. Though I am feeling pretty stir crazy being stuck indoors. I think we are both too scared to go out.

Alexander tenderly takes care of me, washing my hair gently and the rest of me. He wraps me in a big towel and cuddles me to dry me.

“I love you. Thank you for taking such good care of me. Can I do something for you?” I ask.

“Just get better. I hate that you are hurt but I love getting to be with you all the time. I love not working.” Alexander says.

“I love having you all to myself. I love how you’re relaxing too.” I say.

“I am. I’ve been thinking more and more about the break I want.” Alexander says.

“I was so against it before. But I can see how much you need it. I’ll support you baby, whatever you need.” I say.

“I need to be where no one knows me. So I can just be me, like when we started college.” Alexander says.

“Rubbish, you were not being yourself at all. You were so scared to let go, so scared we would find out.” I say.

“I let go with you though don’t I?” Alexander says.

“You do now, well mostly, not always but I accept that is how you are. You let me in eventually.” I say.

“So shall we go home? We could have a few days at your Mom’s house before I need to be in LA. I need you to come with me for some of it.” Alexander says.

“Okay. I’m sure it’ll be fine, there are more interesting people to chase at home. We need to do some back to school shopping too. We need jeans and shorts.” I say.

“We do. Can you shop one handed?” Alexander asks.

“Are you suggesting I shop for both of us?” I ask giggling.

“Yes. Maybe we can just order stuff.” Alexander suggests.

I screw up my nose.

“I know you like to touch the fabric.” Alexander says.

“Yes I can shop when you are working. I’m sure it’ll be okay.” I say.

Alexander organizes our flights for a couple of days’ time. I don’t dare ask what they cost. He seems happy to be going, not mad at missing out on exploring.

I look out the window at what we haven’t been able to visit and feel a bit down.

“When we’re older and less recognisable we’ll come back and visit everything properly.” Alexander says.

“You think you’ll put up with me for that long?” I ask.

“I told you. You are my forever.” Alexander says kissing me.

“It’s been a crazy summer. So, so difficult for us but I think we are as strong as can be now. Given neither of us lost hope when we lost each other I think proves we have come a long way.” I say.

“It has been crazy and difficult but you are right we are strongly together now. I will never treat you like I did in London again. You’ll never treat me badly. I trust you completely and I know you trust me and that makes me feel so good.” Alexander says.

“I feel really good about us too. I’m a little worried about you taking time off but like I said I will support you whatever you decide.” I say.

“How’s your back now?” Alexander asks.

“Ready for me to be on it with my legs in the air.” I say laughing.

“You need to let me do everything. I don’t want you to re-split your head or mess up your wrist.” Alexander says.

“It has been forever. I need you.” I say.

Give it to me

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