Peter’s perfect summer 20

Cindy meets us in LA and takes us to our temporary house to cleanup and get Alexander ready for his press conference. A stylist meets us there, it all seems pretty over the top to me.


Alexander looks extra hot when they’re done and seems super calm.


We head down to Blair’s office. I’m grateful for the underground parking meaning I don’t have to go outside. Cindy shows us her offices and I take a seat while she takes Alexander outside to read his statement.


I play with my phone and generally waste time while waiting for them to be done. Jay comes by which shocks me.


“I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused. I really wasn’t myself.” Jay says.


“It’s Alexander who needs an apology, it was his career you were messing with, you arrogant shit. You were behaving exactly like the nightmare Jay I know, maybe you don’t know yourself that well.” I say.


“Well I tried. We’re going to be around each other as long as you are with Alexander, I thought it would be better if we cleared the air.” Jay says.


“I don’t think we need to ever see you. You don’t really have a reason for coming by this office when we’re here, which won’t be often anyway.” I say.


“When Alexander re-signs with Blair next month he’ll be here more often.” Jay says.


“As long as you’re here I won’t sign with Blair.” Alexander says coming back into the room.


I stand up and hug Alexander close.


“That was quick, did it go okay?” I ask.


“Yeah. I read my statement then answered like 3 questions before coming back inside.” Alexander says.


“Where is Cindy?” I ask.


“She’s on her way.” Alexander says and true enough she walks in.


Jay slopes off quietly.


“So you are going to do the red carpet together at the premiere and that will be the only time you are willingly in public for pictures?” Cindy asks.


We both nod.


“Okay, I’ll keep you up to date with any reaction from today. Sal should be here in a minute to collect you.” Cindy says.


We thank her for everything.


“Did Phillip ever get back in touch?” I ask curiously.


“No, he disappeared after you got hurt. I have called his agency and asked around, but he is a ghost.” Sal says in the doorway.


“Look I didn’t like the guy but that is worrying. Should we report him missing, I mean he was working for Alexander.” I say.


“I did this morning. I am worried too, I was trying to keep things light.” Sal says.


We head down to her car.


“Is it true you’re thinking of giving up being an agent to be a super assistant?” I ask when in the car.


“I’m considering it. Don’t worry Alexander I’d find someone good for you.” Sal says.


“Thanks but I would probably go with Tom’s agent in London when I graduate.” Alexander says.


I give him a look and he shrugs.


“That’s no good for Hollywood movies. You’d need someone here too.” Sal says.


“His agency has an outpost here. But I’m none too keen on Hollywood right now.” Alexander says.


“Hey it wasn’t here that Peter got hurt.” Sal says and Alexander just sighs.


I wait in reception while Alexander and Sal talk. John and Mart arrive to collect us. I feel like a parcel being handed around all the time.


“We thought you’d prefer lunch at our home than in a restaurant.” Mart says.


“Thanks, that is really nice of you.” I say.


“I also prefer to have this meeting out of the office.” John says.


“No business until we have eaten.” Mart says.


“Are you working much? I thought you were retiring.” I say.


“We do one day a week in the office, mostly handing everything over to our staff. This issue Alexander asked us to deal with personally and we agreed.” John says.


“Well you are both looking a lot better after your time off. Is your health okay?” I ask.


“We are good but both need to take it easy. Which we are doing. We have Jay around to keep us young and we still entertain a lot.” Mart says.


I fall silent at mention of Jay.


“He is very sorry for being a jackass.” John says.


“I have given him 500 chances but he went too far this time and he never, ever gave me the benefit of the doubt or ever let anything go. He is not worth it.” Alexander says steely.


We eat lunch and stick to more neutral topics. It is beautiful eating out by their pool and enjoying the sunshine. It makes me feel much better.


“Are you suing anyone over your wrist?” Mart asks.


“No, they have charged the guy and that is the main thing. The medical bills were not high, my insurance agreed to cover most of it.” I say.


“Good to hear.” Mart says.


“So Alexander shall we do this out here?” John asks.


“Yes that’s fine.” Alexander says.


“I want to say upfront that John and I are totally against this action. We can see you two are solid now but you have been very on and off.” Mart says.


“I don’t understand.” I say.


“Alexander wants to add you to all his accounts, to make all his accounts, checking, investments, everything joint. He also wishes to add your name to his house deeds, giving you a fifty percent share.” John says.


I look at Alexander in shock.


“This was not my idea. I have never asked or even hinted at wanting this and I never would even if we were married. I had no idea he wanted t do this.” I say totally shocked.


Mart and John look at each other clearly surprised.


“I told you both, this is all me. I know Peter would never rip me off. He will likely never touch my money but I want him to know it is there for him any time. I want him to know what I have and where it is. I don’t want my wealth to be a secret between us. I told you I would show you my commitment Peter.” Alexander says.


“Baby I know you are committed. You really don’t need to do this.” I say.


“I want to. I will never spend what I have in a hundred lifetimes and I want you to share the house with me because it is our home, I want you to be able to live there for as long as you want to. It’ll be easier if I’m abroad and work needs doing or something. Alexander says.


“I can live in and look after the house without owning half of it.” I say.


“I want you to have security. I want you to be seen as equal to me. I don’t want you kicked out of hotels or not allowed in.” Alexander says.


“Baby do you need to do this? Is this your way of sharing your life with me, given it is too soon to get married?” I ask.


Alexander smiles at me and nods.


“You share your family with me. I don’t have a family to share I want to share what I do have. I have thought a lot about this. So much. I love you and I want to do this.” Alexander says.


“Mart needs to write something up for me to sign for if we break up. I would never want you to lose your fortune if I was to break your heart again.” I say.


“You never would again. I know you never will.” Alexander says.


“It would protect me from being called a gold-digger.” I say.


Mart and John are smiling at each other.


“We’ll get on it right away. Peter we will need some details from you, leave your email address and we’ll get some forms sent over. Alexander you are sure about this?” Mart asks.


“This is exactly what I want.” Alexander says smiling.


Back at the house we lie on the bed making out. I am not sure how I feel about what Alexander is doing, I’m very happy but also a little scared, it feels like a big responsibility. I want Alexander to feel safe and happy and loved and if this is what he needs then I can go along with that.


“Lie on me.” Alexander pleads.


“I can’t, I might fall the wrong way.” I say.


“I will hold you tight.” Alexander says.


I lie on top of him and support myself with my good arm. We kiss and stare at each other and giggle a little. The frightening events of yesterday feel far away.


“Want to ride me?” I ask.


“Really? It wouldn’t hurt your back?” Alexander asks.


“It would feel so, so good.” I reply.


Alexander pushes against me in excitement.


I roll off him and we kiss side by side.


“Want this?” I ask moving his hand to my dick.


He plays with me and kisses me deeply.


“On your belly.” I command.


He rolls over and I move in with my tongue. He groans and whimpers, I don’t want to stop but he begins begging for me and I can’t refuse.


It feels so good to be back inside him. I thrust up and up giving him alI have. He smiles down at me and leans forward to kiss me. He is amazing, I love him so much. I cry as we near the finish, I am just emotional, out of control.


He holds me close and wipes away my tears.


“Silly baby, smiling and crying.” Alexander says kissing me.


“You just mean so much to me. I can’t help it.” I say.


“Love you so much baby. We can get through anything.” Alexander says.


We hold each other for a while, as I calm down Alexander squeezes me tighter and kisses me lightly. I feel so good, we’re so close, and everything is just amazing between us.


“Want to go out for dinner?” I ask.


“Are we brave enough? I guess it’ll be okay if we go somewhere with valet parking.” Alexander says.


We clean up and head out to a fancy place that Alexander knows. It is full of people far more famous than we are, it is hard not to stare as we are being seated.


“If we leave when some of these do we definitely won’t be of interest to the paparazzi.” I say.


“Let’s hope so. i didn’t know if we should go somewhere out the way and risk being surrounded if someone tipped them off or if to just flaunt it somewhere fashionable. I thought it more likely there would be security here.” Alexander says.


“When does our security guy start?” I ask.


“Tomorrow.” Alexander replies.


“Has there been an update from Cindy?” I ask.


“I turned my phone off. I wanted to be just us, no interruptions.” Alexander says.


“Naughty. I love you for it.” I say.


“I want to make the most of today.” Alexander says.


“You’re the best.” I say.


“I wish we could go for a walk. Do you think we could go hiking after my work is done?” Alexander asks.


“Yeah. We can go to a national park, spend some time with nature.” I say.


After dinner we step outside for a moment before the car arrives and it is a huge mistake, paparazzi on all sides. Alexander is knocked off his feet, I scoop him up, cast be damned and carry him back inside.


“That’ll teach us to go outside.” I say putting him down gently.


“I think you carrying me gave them their picture.” Alexander says smiling.


The car pulls up and we quickly dive inside.


“When is the security guy starting?” I ask.


“Tomorrow.” Alexander says.


“Can we go to the supermarket on the way home so I have food for tomorrow? I clearly can’t go out.” I say.


“The security guy can take you shopping tomorrow if you prefer.” Alexander says.


“I’m sure if we go somewhere utterly unfashionable we’ll be fine.” I say.


And we are, we shop and get back to the house no trouble.


“You can make me breakfast in bed tomorrow.” Alexander says as we unpack. We have bought way more food than we need.


“I would love to. I haven’t been able to spoil you much recently and you have been taking such good care of me.” I say.


“You have spoilt me all summer long by being there every day.” Alexander says kissing me.


“You best call Cindy find out what is going on.” I say.


Alexander nods and leaves me to put away the rest of the groceries.


“Do you think out life could get any crazier?” Alexander asks walking back in.


“Oh fuck, what happened?” I ask.


“Phillip was found dead this morning. The police want to talk to us.” Alexander says.


“Holy shit. I didn’t like him much but fuck, I would never have wished him dead.” I say.


“I know, I liked him until I lost you. Cindy is going to come by now and drive us to the police station. I said we wanted to get it over with.” Alexander says.


“Do we need a lawyer?” I ask.


“I will call Mart now and ask him to send someone.” Alexander says.


“No more switching your phone off baby.” I say.


We sit in silence in the car both contemplating what might have happened. I don’t know if Cindy is mad or worried. She got more than she bargained for with us two.


A lawyer introduces himself to us at the police station and a detective comes out. He wants to talk to us separately, I go in first.


I explain how I met Phillip and that the last time I saw him it was only from afar in Sydney and due to my injuries we really hadn’t thought about him until today.


They tell me he was found shot dead in Hong Kong.


I am beyond shocked.


I explain that Peter and I have been together the whole time since my accident other than when I was being operated on and that wasn’t long enough for Alexander to go to Hong Kong. I tell them where we were staying and that we had initially paid cash but settled the final bill on my card.


Fortunately they understand why we were hiding from the world.


Then they ask me about a man I’ve never heard of. They show me a picture, he’s one of the guys from the boat in Hong Kong. I tell them about that day and they seem satisfied.


I go outside and Alexander goes in.


“I’m sorry about today, I didn’t know he switched off his phone.” I say.


“It’s okay, he wasn’t working. You couldn’t have anticipated this.” Cindy says.


“But now we are taking up your evening.” I say.


“Oh Peter I hardly have a life here yet. I’m sleeping in Sal’s spare room while I wait for my house to sell. I only go out when she drags me to parties. I’m more than happy to be here with you. My goodness I’d want someone doing the same if Eric was in the same position. Your mother and I are good friends and I don’t want her worrying any more than she already is.” Cindy says.


“Have you spoken to Mom recently?” I ask.


“We spoke this morning, she is worried about you the incident at the doctor’s office really shook her up.” Cindy says.


“Dad is staying with her. I don’t like it.” I say.


“Neither do I but he is behaving himself, no mention of the other woman and he really is being a friend right now. I asked her to come here but she needs to be at work and although she wants to support Alexander she also wants to keep out of the spotlight. She wants things back to normal for you as soon as possible.” Cindy says.


“Me too. I love Alexander but this life is not one I’d choose.” I say honestly.


“You’ve had a tough couple of months. I’m so impressed with how you’ve both handled things.” Cindy says.


“Do you think things will calm down by the time I’m back at school?” I ask.


“I don’t know. You two are very popular as a couple, the success of the park pictures put the price on your head up and that you quite successfully disappear for days at a time makes pictures all the more sought after.” Cindy says.


“So if we are more public we might get less hassle?” I ask.


Alexander comes out looking a little tearful. I stand up and give him a hug.


One of the detectives approaches us.


“We will be doing a press conference in an hour appealing for information. We will use the opportunity to stress that you two are not under suspicion. Thank-you for coming in.” The detective says.


“We’re free to go?” Alexander asks.


“Yes. You may need an escort to your car. I’ll send some officers over.” The detective says kindly.


“They know we’re here.” I say sadly.


“The police are always tipping off the paparazzi.” Our lawyer says.


Two officers escort us to Cindy’s car and we get away quickly. The mob are easier to handle we anticipate them being there.


At home Alexander is subdued.


“You okay babe? Thinking about Phillip?” I ask.


“I’m scared. Phillip had my phone on him, he stole it from me. I’m so mad at him for that because it robbed me of time with you but he’s been robbed of his life, he has no time, no time with anyone and my heart breaks.” Alexander says.


“Me too Babe. I keep thinking what if he wasn’t jealous of us, what if he knew something was wrong and was trying to force me to go home to safety. What if he was altering your travel plans, keeping things from you to keep you safe?” I say.


“I agree. He could have been the good guy. I mean he never made a move on me when you weren’t there, he didn’t flirt really. I feel like it is our fault but I don’t know why. I feel so guilty for not knowing he was missing earlier.” Alexander says.


“Let’s watch the press conference and see if they give any more info. It must be part of something bigger, given he was killed overseas.” I say.


Alexander nods. We wrap around each other on the sofa and turn on the TV. The local news covers the press conference and totally hypes up our involvement calling Phillip our long time employee, man it was a couple of weeks. The police give very little away just ask for information on Phillip and the man from the boat. I switch it off.


Alexander kisses me and squeezes me tighter.


“Time to put you to bed.” I say.


“I feel sick.” Alexander says.


“It wasn’t our fault. We will do anything to help the police. We don’t know anyone who would do this. Sure we’ve pissed people off and made enemies but not any that would shoot Phillip.” I say.


“I hope so.” Alexander says.


In bed I kiss him all over and tenderly make love to him. I can feel what he needs with every breath and as we meld into one the stresses of the week melt away, our world is just us and nothing else can get in. We move together for a long time, wanting the climax but not wanting it to end until we can hold off no more. Utterly exhausted we move apart.


“Oh baby, you really know me.” Alexander sighs.


“Tonight I did.” I say smiling.


We are asleep in seconds, messy and sweaty but too tired to make a move.


I wake early and leave Alexander in bed. I wash quickly then make breakfast, it is kind of tricky one handed but I manage. I balance a tray as best I can and take it in to the bedroom.


“Wake up baby. Breakfast is served.” I say.


Alexander groggily opens an eye.


“Put that down now.” Alexander says as sternly as he can muster.


“Or what?” I ask.


Alexander just gets up and takes the tray. We sit on the bed eating together with a lot of kissing in between bites.


“Do you want me to come with you today?” I ask.


“Yes but I won’t let you. It would be boring.” Alexander says.


“But I’ll . bored here and lonely.” I whine.


“You’ll be safe here. Send me lots of messages, I want to see you every break I get. There is a gym here you can work out that skinny ass you’re getting.” Alexander says.


“Okay. You be a good boy today. No talking about anything but the film. No talking about me or Phillip. Shut down anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.” I say.


“Alright bossy. I’m sure Cindy will have it in hand.” Alexander says.


“Just come back in one piece.” I say holding him close before he leaves.


I mooch about all day. I work out for a while, using the stationary bike and doing some leg work. I feel so out of shape and a bit despondent. I start to catch up with all my friends.


Jamie and Brian are an official couple and are all loved up. I’m surprised and not at the same time. Brian always molds to the relationship he is in. He’s totally different with Jamie to how he was with Blondie or Eric. He’s taking the lead, looking after Jamie and he’s blossoming.


I call Felix after, never a close friend but I want to check he’s okay and find out what he wants to do about living arrangements as Brian and Jamie will be in the house.


“Hey Felix, I’m really sorry about Jamie. Are you okay?” I ask.


“I’m great. It was a lot of responsibility being Jamie’s boyfriend. I could never have ended it myself, the guilt would have been too much but it was such a relief. Not good for the ego but he’s happy and we’re still best friends.” Felix says.


“I’m so relieved. I thought you’d be fine but I needed to check in.” I say.


“I cannot believe how famous you are now. You have had a crazy summer. You’re on the news all the time, I can’t go to the store without seeing your ugly face on a magazine cover. Shit is crazy. Are you okay? That fight looked brutal.” Felix says.


“It was. I’ll be fine, I’m mostly healed just my wrist is an issue. Hopefully the cast will be off in time for school.” I say.


“So water polo is still on?” Felix asks.


“I hope so. Have you spoken to Harry?” I ask.


“Yeah, he and Bobbie are back together. No surprise there.” Felix says.


“It was weird how he just left Eric like that.” I say.


“He couldn’t handle the fame.” Felix says.


“Are you still wanting the apartment?” I ask.


“Yes, I have a friend who is coming back from a semester abroad who wants to share with me. Is that okay?” Felix asks.


“That sounds perfect. Send them my email so I can send them some details and sort keys and things. So what have you been doing this summer?” I ask.


“I’ve had a really great summer. Working a day camp for smart poor kids. Helping them get ready for college applications, you know finding scholarships, helping with essays, getting application fee waivers. They do other things too, fun stuff and academic, I just do the college part. It’s helped me get a job in admissions next semester too so no more library or canteen.” Felix says.


“Wow that sounds amazing. You are such a dark horse who knew the group bitch had a heart.” I say.


“Honestly I love it. I know you and Alexander are well off but most of our group is poor and we’re lucky we had people help us get to school and that our aid is so generous. I’m just paying it forward.” Felix says.


“I’m impressed. I hate him but you should get in touch with Barley, see if you can run a session at his charity.” I suggest.


“That is a great idea. I really want to do this sort of thing after school. I might need to find a sugar daddy for the rent.” Felix laughs.


“If any of us could do that it’s you. You or Eric.” I say laughing.


“I think Eric is making his own cash now. I hear he is getting loads of clubs offering massive money to twerk a bit in his undies.” Felix says laughing.


“He’s dancing on TV this week.” I say.


“Cool. Look thanks for checking in. I’ve got a date so need to shoot.” Felix says.


“See you soon.” I say.


I feel deflated after all my calls. I send more pics to Alexander but don’t get anything back. I halfheartedly make some food then wrap most of it to have another time not hungry.


I message Tom to see if he’s free. I get a call in minutes from the gatekeeper and Tom is soon at the door.


“That was quick.” I say hugging him close.


“I was on my way home from work so practically here already. How are you doing? I love the hair, I do not love what is going on at the back of your head.” Tom says feeling where the scar is forming.


“I’ll grow my hair again once it’s healed.” I say.


“It suits you like that, I saw on TV that Alexander has the same, some show had a whole segment on it.” Tom says laughing.


“So embarrassing.” I say.


“Some of us would kill for that kind of attention.” Tom says.


“You would not want this.” I say holding up my arm.


“No and I’d like to kill the guy who did that and the one who broke your car window all over your Mom. Some people have no shame.” Tom says.


“You know if you find your career flagging walking down the street with me will get you back in the news.” I joke.


“Babe if I’m ever that desperate I’ll top meself. I am however desperate for some food, got anthing or shall I order pizza?” Tom asks.


“There are leftovers from dinner or I can make you a salad.” I say.


“You sit, I’ll go forage.” Tom says.


We sit and chat and watch tv together as he eats. Although I’m mostly healed up sometimes I get a few twinges and find it hard to get comfortable.


“Come on lie on my lap.” Tom says exasperated with my fidgeting.


I hesitate, the offer is inviting but I worry it isn’t appropriate.


“For fucks sake we shared a bed at my place without me making a move. You can trust me to keep my hands to myself.” Tom says laughing.


I lie in his lap and stretch out some. I feel a lot better now someone is here with me. I was on edge all day.


“I am so glad you’re here. I was going nuts alone.” I say.


“Glad to be of help and I got a free feed.” Tom says.


“What’s going on with you, are you seeing anyone out here?” I ask.


“No one special yet, I’ve not been back long. I’ve a few dates this weekend.” Tom says.


“A few?” I ask laughing.


Tom tells me about the guys and about work. Having him here makes me feel safe and it is nice to not talk about everything. After my closeness to Alexander Tom is the best thing that happened to me this summer.


I wake up to find my head still on Tom and Alexander sat with my legs on him.


“Oh my god I am so embarrassed. I can’t believe I fell asleep.” I say.


“I know, you could have told me I was boring you.” Tom says.


“Why didn’t you wake me baby?” I ask Alexander.


“Because you looked so damn cute. Neither of us have been sleeping well, you needed it. Tom is clearly a good pillow.” Alexander says smiling, he’s clearly not mad at me, trusts me.


“Well it is time I went home. I have an early call tomorrow. See you at the party on Thursday yeah?” Tom says getting up.


“Party?” I ask.


“After the premiere doofus.” Alexander says.


I hug Tom goodbye and thank him again.


Once he’s gone Alexander pulls me close.


“I missed you today.” He says kissing me hard, pushing his hard cock against me.


“Wow, what got you so excited?” I ask playfully, pushing my own growth against him.


“Seeing you.” Alexander says simply.


I get on my knees, unzip his shorts and breathe him in before taking him in my mouth. I fish my own dick out and stroke it to get him more excited. I’ve not put on a show for him in a while.


He groans.


“Fuck yeah babe.” Alexander moans “Fuck yeah. My boy is so hot on his knees.”


I make eye contact and he smiles at me before grabbing the sides of my head roughly and giving me a great face fuck.


I make a mess all over the floor before he delivers his load. I lick him thoroughly clean.


“Oh baby that was good.” I say.


Alexander rarely gets rough at all and that was good, so good.


Alexander helps me to my feet and hugs me tightly.


I wake up in the night in a sweat. I was having an awful dream, or not a dream exactly I was reliving the attack, I wasn’t knocked out straight away, I fought back. It was terrifying I was hopeless and I’m a big guy. Alexander was screaming. Phillip looked on utterly terrified. I woke when the guy stamped on my wrist, I must have passed out from the pain at that moment.


I slip out of bed and go to the bathroom to splash some water on my face. I sit on the edge of the bath feeling woozy and sick. Alexander comes in.


“Are you sick?” Alexander asks.


“No I had a bad dream. I remembered the attack, all of it. The video didn’t show it all.” I say.


“No it didn’t. Are you okay?” Alexander asks rubbing my shoulders.


“I don’t know. Before he died I wondered if it was Phillip who set me up but it wasn’t I saw his face, he was terrified. Do you think the attack is linked to Phillip’s murder?” I ask.


“No I think you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. That guy was pumped for a fight and you were there.” Alexander says trying to calm me.


“I hope so. I don’t like feeling unsafe like this.” I say.


“No I don’t.” Alexander agrees.


“How was today?” I ask as Alexander helps me back to bed.


“Awful, half the interviews got canned due to the questions. Then at the panel session people were only asking me things and the big stars got all pissed off and stormed off making the dinner after a nightmare.” Alexander says sadly.


“How was the security guy?” I ask.


“Good. It did make me feel safer. I was stupid leaving you here alone. Tom said you were as jumpy as can be when he arrived. He was really worried about you.” Alexander says.


“He’s a good friend. I hope it didn’t hurt you to see me lying with him like that.” I say.


“You looked cute and Tom was watching TV. It was obvious that nothing had happened. I trust you completely.” Alexander says stroking my face.


“Hold me.” I say, I feel very emotional, teary, needy.


Alexander wraps me up tight and kisses the top of my head. He holds me the rest of the night, neither of us sleeping much.


I wake with Alexander kissing my cheek.


“I don’t like leaving you but I have to go. Eric will be by later and a car will come to take you both to my evening show filming. Try and sleep some more.” Alexander says quietly.


I grab him for a proper kiss and reluctantly let him go. I fall back to sleep and am only woken by the gatehouse calling about Eric. I let him in apologize for not being dressed and then head into the shower.


“So sorry about that. I slept badly last night.” I say.


“Peter it is fine. Mom said you needed some company.” Eric says.


“I’m not a charity case, but fuck I am so grateful that you’re here. Being alone sucks but I can’t leave Alexander right now.” I say.


“I’m sorry about Phillip. Were you good friends?” Eric asks.


“No I liked him at first but then he seemed to be keeping Alexander and I apart so I went off him quite severely. But I think he was a decent guy and no one deserves that.” I say.


We quickly move onto less difficult topics, Eric tells me about camp and all the offers he’s getting the filming he’s done. He seems so happy and really on his way to making a career.


“I have 2 films booked for next summer. Bit parts again but fun stuff, Blair says it is about me working with the right people right now. He is being really great with me.” Eric says.


“Do you have to deal with Jay?” I ask curiously.


“No not at all and yes he told me to tell you and Alexander that, but it’s true.” Eric says.


“He came by when we were in your Mom’s office. Tried to clear the air but we didn’t give him the time of day.” I say.


“He’s a shit. I’m glad he’ll not be at school next semester.” Eric says.


“Hey I heard about Harry and Bobbie, I’m really sorry.” I say.


“I wish it didn’t end how it did but I just don’t have time for a boyfriend. I’d like one but I’m doing so much, lots of it unplanned.” Eric says.


“It is hard being Alexander’s boyfriend but we’re making it work. It’ll be easier when school is back. I’m sure you’ll find someone then too.” I say.


“Any chance I can borrow yours again before then?” Eric ass grinning.


“Zero, he is alllllll mine.” I say.


We have a fun afternoon catching up until the car comes to take us to the studio. Fortunately the lot has good security so we get inside without any hassle. The show is good fun. The host keeps everything really light and sticks to the movie and on set antics.


I feel a bit weird hearing new stories, I like to block out that we were apart last winter.


Eric heads to a hotel with his Mom and Alexander and I head home. We cuddle up in the backseat together and when we get back our security guy sees us into the house.


The premiere day passes in a whirlwind. We pose for pictures for an hour and I grip tightly to Alexander. Eric gets a lot of attention too as he dances away. We see Anderson again who has brought a boyfriend with him, they look really handsome together and are clearly crazy about each other.


The film is hilarious and I can hardly believe that it’s my Alexander on screen. I am overwhelmed with love and pride.


The audience erupts into cheers as the credits roll and I give Alexander the hug of his life. We slip out quickly but despite security we are mobbed again getting to the car. This time I get knocked off my feet and land awkwardly on my bad arm and wince with pain.


The security guy helps me up.


We get to the car and speed off to the party.


“Are you hurt baby?” Alexander asks.


“No, I’ll be okay.” I say.


“I hate this, we posed for pictures and they still won’t leave us alone. I hate it, I just can’t deal with it anymore.” Alexander says.


“Let’s just do the pictures here, have a dance and go home to bed.” I say.


“Okay.” Alexander says unconvinced.


The party is no fun at all. Lots of people want to talk to Alexander and ice me out, literally standing in front of me at times and he makes no effort at all to include me in conversation, not even introducing me to people. Tom finds me and we chat for a bit but he has to circulate too, at least he apologizes for it and admits it upfront.


I drink too much and sulk in the corner. I’m usually more social but with everything this summer I just can’t cope with being charming.


I message Alexander telling him I want to go now. He doesn’t reply so I send another saying I’ll get a cab. I don’t know what has me so pissed. Maybe it was Alexander not wanting to be here then ditching me, even though I know it’s not entirely his fault.


I move towards the exit and the security guy grabs my arm. I try and shake him off but he grips tighter.


“I’m leaving please let go.” I say.


“I can’t let you go outside alone you know that.” He says.


“Then escort me to a cab.” I say.


He does unhappily. It is a mob scene again, the paparazzi all shouting at me asking where Sandy is. I don’t care I just need to be out of here. I hate being alone and I hate being around people. My life sucks. New attitude Peter has left the building.


At the house I pull off my clothes and go straight to bed. I’m exhausted and angry.


Alexander wakes me angrily when he gets in.


“What the hell are you thinking running off and leaving alone like that? Anything could have happened to you.” Alexander screams.


“Would you even notice?” I scream back.


“I was working, you know that.” Alexander says huffily.


“Yeah I do and so I left. I didn’t embarrass you or beg for attention I was having a terrible time so I left. I have spent my whole fucking summer following you around. I can’t even spend a few days with my family without it all being about you. I am sick of being shoved in a corner once I’ve served my purpose. I am done with this shit. No more using me then tossing me aside.” I shout as angry as I’ve ever been with him.


“I didn’t toss you aside. You know I wanted to come home and be with you.” Alexander says.


“But you didn’t. You didn’t introduce me to anyone, find anyone for me to talk to you just let everyone push me around and then forgot I existed. My life is ruined because of you and you can’t even behave like a human being towards me. I was so proud of you tonight, so excited to be on your arm, I gave up my privacy to pose for pictures but as soon as we stepped inside tonight I was an inconvenience.” I shout.


Alexander just breaks down in tears. He tries to hold me but I push him off, tired and angry.


“Did you get it all out or do you need to shout some more?” Alexander asks quietly.


“I’m done.” I say calmly.


“Feel better?” Alexander asks.


“No I still feel like shit.” I say.


“I was a complete asshole. I forgot my basic manners you are absolutely right. It was my party tonight and I should have introduced you to all those boring people. I didn’t think you’d want to spend time with them. I didn’t take the time to think what you might do instead. I am a shit boyfriend and I have no idea why you put up with this. I have dragged you and your family into my shit and I never, ever intended to do that. I am grateful every moment that you pushed yourself back into my life because I would not be here tonight without you. I love you Peter and I will put things right. I will put your life right.” Alexander says still crying, bawling.


Of course my heart hears what it wants to and melts into a puddle.


I start bawling too.


All the emotion comes out of us and we can’t stop. We are still crying as we begin out makeup kisses. We cry as we make love and we are insatiable, we cry and fuck, flipping again and again unable to get enough of each other. We cling to each other moving together gently then hard we don’t speak just cry out in despair and happiness. The intensity is insane.


We sleep as the sun comes up, a sweaty, snotty, tear stained heap.


In the morning we are shy around each other. The passion of the night before was too much and it is hard to look at Alexander.


He wraps my arm and helps me shower. He is so gentle, so tender with me. He kisses me for a long time as he dries me.


“Please remember that I love you.” Alexander says.


“I know you do. I’m sorry for my outburst. It’s no real excuse but I was drunk and lonely.” I say.


“Nothing to forgive you told the truth and that we have gone so long without fighting we were due a big one. I’m just glad you didn’t end things.” Alexander says.


“You know I wouldn’t do that.” I say.


“I do. You are my forever.” Alexander says kissing me again.


“I love you.” I say kissing him back.


After breakfast Alexander drives me to a shopping mall a bit out of the way. The security guy meets me there. I’m going to do our back to school shopping while Alexander has a meeting with Sal. I’m to call him when I’m done and he’ll collect us.


I shop for shorts and jeans and t-shirts for school. I get us new sneakers and socks and underwear. Having a security guard sure is useful when you’ve only one working arm and need things carrying.


I call Alexander but it goes straight to voice mail. He must still be in a meeting.


I suggest we go for coffee and try again. I do and again it doesn’t ring.


“Let’s get a cab to Sal’s and met him there. I am all shopped out.” I say.


So we do. No hassle outside which makes me very happy.


We go into reception at Sal’s office.


“Hi can we wait for Sandy to come out, he’s in with Sal.” I say to the receptionist.


“Sal isn’t working today and hasn’t anything scheduled with Sandy.” She replies.


I try his phone again and call Cindy, perhaps he was seeing her not Sal. She hasn’t seen him and didn’t expect to today.


“I’ll get a cab home and you can go.” I say to the security guy.


“I’ll see you to the cab.” He says and I nod.


At the house the car is in the garage and there is no sign of Alexander.


I call everyone I know and no one has heard from him. I am terrified. Did our fight send him over the edge? Has he left me? Has he been in an accident? Why is the car here? Shit was he kidnapped?


I work myself into a total frenzy.


I call Mart and John and sob down the phone, unable to articulate what I need to say. They come to the house immediately.


“What if it is all connected? What if the guy who beat me up was paid by the same guy who had Phillip killed and has now taken Alexander.” I sob.


“Peter we’re sure it isn’t that. Look at this place, no sign of a struggle. He is probably just taking a day to himself.” John says.


“Why would he do that without telling me? He could tell me anything. I think we need to report him missing to the police. He has been depressed and I am worried for his safety.” I say.


“I don’t think they’ll do anything yet, but yes let’s go and see the detective you saw and get things in motion.” Mart says.


They drive me to the police station and wait while I file a report. I’m not taken seriously I can tell but they humor me.


I try Alexander’s phone over and over but it never rings.


Mart and John take me back to their place. I protest because I don’t want to see Jay.


“We are not leaving you alone right now.” John says.


“It is Friday night, Jay will be at some party then crash. He won’t come in the main house tonight.” Mart says.


I’m grateful for the company. I can tell they are worried too. I call Cindy again and explain what is going on. She is equally worried and urges me to call my Mom. I call home and just feel like I’m spreading the worry.


My friends all call in turn and promise to try and find him. This is not like in Tokyo, this feels different. I feel like he’s gone. My insides turn to stone at the thought, my heart breaks into a million pieces.


Mart and John help me hire a private investigator and over the next 2 days we go through every possible scenario. We drive places, we call everyone who might have ever known Alexander. No one has seen or heard from him.


Then the police come and ask me to come in for questioning.


I feel sick. Have they found him? Is he alive? Is he hurt?


“Here’s the thing.” The detective who had questioned me about Phillip begins.


“No money has gone out of Alexander’s accounts, except for the money you have spent on an investigator. To me it seems very odd that a wealthy young man like Alexander would suddenly share everything with his college boyfriend, not just an account for joint bills but his whole fortune, millions upon millions. Then he disappears and you Peter are the one who gains the most. Millions and millions.” The detective continues totally flooring me.


“Right now we don’t have a body and we don’t have a weapon but we do have a very strong motive and when we do find him, and we will you will be tried and convicted. So why don’t you save us the time and money and tell us where he is and what you did to him.” The detective smirks.


My mouth hangs open.


“Do not say a word.” The lawyer says.


“I love Alexander. I was here terrified he had been kidnapped or worse within hours. Alexander dropped me and our bodyguard at the mall and I have not seen him since. No one has. When did I have time to do it?” I say quietly.


My lawyer laughs loudly.


“The boy has a point. I take it Alexander returning the car to the house was registered by security up there and at some point he left either by foot or by cab. That will be on the security footage, only one way in and out of that community. I suggest you find out how he left and who he left with. It is clear if anything happened it wasn’t Peter.” The lawyer says firmly.


“He could have paid someone to do it for him, maybe the same guy who killed Phillip.” The detective says petulantly.


“With what? You have Alexanders banking records I didn’t use his money. You can check mine, permission granted or whatever.” I say.


“Alexander’s accounts have been frozen. We will get you for this.” The detective says opening the door.


I walk into the lobby feeling faint.


“Next time listen to me but well done for digging yourself out of the hole. I don’t know what they know. I think it is nothing, they were hoping you would crack and solve it for them.” The lawyer says.


I nod not really paying attention.


Tom is sat with Mart and John.


“My car is around the back. I’ll be taking him to my house. No one has any idea we are friends. He’ll be safe with me.” Tom says firmly.


“We can look after him.” John protests.


“It’s okay. Once it gets out that Alexander is gone you know you guys will be under siege as much as I will. I suggest you get away now, go on a cruise or something. We can’t do anything more. Oh but Alexanders accounts are frozen so I can’t pay for the PI.” I say.


“Of course of course and if there is anything you need just call us.” John says.


“Thank you so much. I know you both love Alexander and I trust you with his life.” I say hgging them both closely.


Tom gives me a massive hoodie to put on.


“We’re going out the side just for precaution, get in the back seat and there is a blanket. Cover yourself up and keep down until we get to mine.” Tom says.


“Okay. Thanks Tom.” I say.


“No problem when I saw the mob outside here on the news I knew you’d be safest with me.” Tom says.


The police let us out the side door and we get away without being spotted.


Mart messages me to say they are home safe and are doing as I suggested and taking a holiday. They also say when I didn’t leave with them the crowd assumed I was being detained which might give me some breathing space.


At Tom’s place he shows me to the spare room as always I try Alexander’s phone before I sleep and as always straight to voicemail. Tom comes back in and climbs in beside me.


“I don’t want to be alone and I doubt you do. I hope he’s alright. I hope he’s run off to a ranch or a yoga retreat, you know one with silent monks.” Tom says.


“Yeah, maybe he’s climbing Everest and didn’t want me to be jealous because of my cast.” I say.


“Let’s just think of him having adventures.” Tom says.


“Yes. I don’t like to think he’s just gone.” I say.


But that is what has happened. Alexander is gone.



8 thoughts on “Peter’s perfect summer 20

  1. i think alexander left because he couldnt take the pressure for peter anymore . he left to protect peter. but still a stupid move putting peter through such agony. he couldve done it in a much better way. but thats alexander, lots of book smarts but no fucking commen sense at all. im not liking him for doing this right now, but i know it will end with them back together. but they will go through hell first.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I cant believe you killed off the main character this is really upsetting I dont know if I will be able to read on, please change your mind and bring him back peter and alex should have been married and had a good life not this damn I am so upset right now…


  3. Been a busy few weeks, ended up reading like 6 chapters at once and this one. Well that was quite a roller coaster ride of emotions. I thank you for writing it and I’m curious to see where it goes.

    Liked by 1 person

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