Alexander gone 3


After Tom leaves I fall into a funk. The others are all excited to be going home for Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to stay at school and study and enjoy some time alone. My mom is going to dinner with friends. She invited me but was okay with me staying here. I understand how Alexander feels about holidays, being alone might suck but the pity is worse. Being on when you just need to slump is exhausting.

Blondie asks if I can go shopping with him to look at suits for his internship interviews.

“I’ll order on black Friday but I need to work out what fits.” Blondie explains.

“Sure, I’ll drive us after school.” I say.

We go to a bunch of stores but nothing is right, we try regular and fat people stores but we don’t like anything that fits. Nothing looks right. We eventually stumble into an old fashioned tailors that has some off the peg as well as bespoke suits.

The assistant takes his time measuring Blondie p and gives him some options.

“I wish I could afford one like that.” Blondie indicates a custom suit on a mannequin.

“That would look good on you. How long do the custom suits take?” I ask.

“Two weeks, a little longer right now due to the holiday weekend.” The assistant says.

“Is that in time?” I ask.

“The interviews are January. It’s not about time it’s about cost.” Blondie says.

“It’s on me. Would it be able to be made so it can be adjusted later, my friend has been losing weight.” I say.

“Of course.” The assistant says.

“It’s too much. Can you afford it?” Blondie asks.

“Yes.” I lie. I’m going to use Alexander’s money. He would do this if he was here.

“Just pay it forward if you get the job. I need to make a call.” I say and step outside.

“Okay. I’ll look at fabrics.” Blondie says and falls into conversation with the assistant.

“John hi it’s Peter, no, no news.” I say.

“I just thought with the holidays.” John sighs.

“I doubt he’ll remember it is Thanksgiving. I’m buying Blondie a suit, it’s going to be expensive.” I say.

“Just transfer the money from the main account, you don’t need to run it by me.” John says.

“I feel weird, like I need permission.” I say.

“Alexander would do this, I expect that is why you are. I’m pleased you are.” John says.

“Thanks John, Happy Thanksgiving. Give my love to Mart.” I say and head back inside.

“Get the heavier wool, January in New York is not the time for a lightweight fabric.” I say.

“Peter, it’s already too much.” Blondie says.

“He’ll need a good overcoat too.” I say looking at the second hand ski jacket Blondie is wearing.

“Peter!” Blondie exclaims.

“Let me do this.” I say and pay the deposit.

“Thanks so much Peter.” Blondie says.

“Come on you can buy me dinner.” I say with a grin.

We head to the diner near school. It’s so busy I figure I’ll go noticed, especially as I have a big coat and hat on. We get seated and order burgers.

“Not making me eat salad?” Blondie jokes.

“You’re about to stuff yourself silly at home, might as well let your stomach have a warm up stretch.” I joke.

“Thanks for today. I can’t believe you did that for me. I’ll really get some confidence from that outfit.” Blondie says.

“You can use your suit budget on shoes and shirts.” I say.

“I really appreciate it.” Blondie says.

“Just make sure you get the job.” I say.

We eat quickly I feel Alexander’s presence more than ever. That worries me. Do I feel him because he’s gone? I try to concentrate on Blondies story about a recent date.

“So he goes on and on about how he never gets dates, never gets treated like more than a sex toy and how no one is interested in a relationship with him.” Blondie says.

“Could he not hear himself?” I ask laughing.

“I did look him in the eye and said we are on a date, I like you, I asked you out because I wanted to get to know you. He didn’t get it.” Blondie sighs.

“Sounds a disaster. Did you fuck?” I ask.

“Couldn’t even bring myself to kiss him goodbye. This is my first time dating around and it just sucks. Finding guys for scenes is easy, but dinner and conversation is so hard.” Blondie says.

“None of the kinky guys want more?” I ask.

“Most are in relationships and see me on the side or are so called straight.” Blondie says.

The waitress appears with the bill killing the conversation.

“Will you sign this for me?” She asks holding out a trashy magazine.

Blondie grabs it to take a look.

“Man you really cried at the airport.” Blondie says.

The cover is a pic of me sobbing and clinging to Tom at the airport and smaller pictures of him wiping my tears and kissing me. With a headline “Tom rushes to be with broken Peter.”

“It’s not true.” I begin as I scribble my name. “He was nearby for work and called in, it wasn’t some big drama.”

“Thank-you. I think you’re so brave.” The waitress says.

“Its bullshit and you’re just making it worse.” I say throwing money down and stomping out.

“Hey food was on me you dick.” Blondie says giving me back some cash.

I scowl and continue to the car.

“She was polite, no need to be rude.” Blondie says.

“She was rude asking for my autograph when I was having dinner. I’m not a movie star, I don’t have an image to protect or tickets to sell. I owed her nothing, buying that magazine is giving money to the people who cause all this trouble who made Alexander leave.” I shout getting upset.

“Shit man she was just a waitress.” Blondie says.

“Yeah and the diner is just another place I can’t go back to. That place held good memories with him.” I say quietly.

I stay quiet on the way home. I feel stupid and riled up.

The next day I bike to class enjoying the freezing wind on my face. My classes are almost empty with most people already gone for the holiday. I stay late in the library and study then hit the near empty gym. By the time I get back everyone has left. They all left messages saying goodbye. House to myself.

I stand in the kitchen and strip off my wet clothes and kick them into the laundry. I grab a towel and dry my hair then make hot chocolate. I drink it stood at the counter then haul my tired ass up to bed.

I fall straight asleep.

I dream he’s here.

“Hey sexy.” Dream Alexander says wrapping himself around me.

“Hey baby.” I reply in my dream, pulling him closer and tilting my head for a kiss.

I stroke his face, he’s unshaven and his skin is dry, not like my Alexander.

Our mouths meet and it is bliss. I groan into his mouth and he into mine. Our lips and tongues explore each other and our fingers move swiftly to tweak nipples and fondle balls.

His dream tongue finds my ass and if it wasn’t a dream I would have passed out with joy. I cry out in delight as his tongue and fingers work my virgin like hole.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me.” I demand. He silences me with his dick which I swallow gratefully. In dreams all inhibitions are lost I suck him long and deep before he pulls out and drags me where he wants me.

I’m impatient for him to be inside me. But he goes slowly, it’s been so long he has to. Even in dreams he can’t be rushed. As he breaks through he groans and I am in bliss. He pumps me, my legs over his shoulders. I stare up at him. He is deeply tanned with no lines, his hair is bleached near white and I can feel his pubes have grown wild as he pushes deep.

“Fuck baby fuck.” I groan.

He just smiles and pumps harder.

I can’t take it and shoot my load. I love this dream.

“Breed me baby.” I mumble as he tenses and fills me up. I pull him into a kiss. He tastes like my Alexander.

I wake to an empty bed but I hear the shower running, I must still be asleep. I go to the bathroom and he’s there in a towel.

“Hey sexy.” He says pulling me close, his skin damp against mine. Most vivid dream ever.

“Dream Alexander is so tanned. I love it.” I say pulling his towel open.

We walk back to the bed and start again. I lick his ass as he sucks me. Feels so amazing. I can’t get enough of him. He’s begging, begging to be fucked, begging for my cock.

With spit for lube I do. I’m rougher in my dream than reality. I pump him hard and fast and he cries out with joy. He’s so loud and cums so much. I feel so proud as I pump him full.

I pull him onto my chest to sleep again, my favorite way to sleep, his too.

When I wake he’s still there. I love this weird, sexy dream. My cock is ready to go again and so is he. He rolls me onto my stomach and mounts me. He is rougher than ever before, I love uninhibited dream boy. He fucks me deep. I scream my pleasure. His arm wraps around my neck choking me and forcing a glorious arch. I cum, gushing onto the already messy bed, more cum than I ever remember. My dreams give me super third loads.

“Best dream ever.” I sigh.

“It’s real baby.” Dream Alexander says.

“You don’t usually talk.” I say.

“Come on baby, let’s get cleaned up, this bed is a state.” Alexander says getting out of bed.

I get up too.

“I don’t wanna do chores in my dreams. Wake me up.” I grump.

“You’re awake, it’s real, I’m here.” Alexander says.

I look at him, really look. I pinch myself.

Every emotion floods through me. I pull back my fist and sock him in the jaw. He staggers backwards.


I grab at his wrists as he begins to pummel my chest.

“I thought you were dead. I though you killed yourself. You left me. You left me in shit. I thought you were dead.” He shouts and the collapses sobbing on the floor.

I look at Peter rocking on the floor and I don’t know how to fix it.

Did he really think I was a dream?

When I slipped into bed last night and he was so welcoming I thought everything was going to be okay. When he pulled me close and we made love I had no idea he thought it was a dream. I’m so stupid. I thought I could sneak in while the others were away and slip away again. I didn’t think how much pain I would cause.

Being without Peter has been so hard. I thought I was protecting him. Things would cool down, he could carry on at school and not be looking over his shoulder. I didn’t think how much pain it would cause him, how much it would cause me.

I needed a break from my life so I could start over. I knew it meant I might lose him but I was sure, completely certain our love was strong enough. I knew Peter was strong enough. This is all temporary, I’m sorting myself out. I’ll be better for him when I’ve had me break. I should have stayed away.

I sit on the floor next to Peter and pull him close. He doesn’t push me away.

“I got it wrong, I should have let you know I was safe.” I say.

Peter just stares at the floor no reaction.

“You are everything to me. You must know how important this was for me to risk what we have. I need you to know I missed you like hell every day. Your emails gave me so much hope that this was the right thing. You are doing well in school and have tamed the drama here and you have your job. Your life is going so well and I am so proud of you.” I say.

He sits in shock. In so much pain.

“Baby let’s go take a bath. You’re freezing. We’ll have a bath and then make some lunch. Then you can ask me anything. Let’s get you cleaned up and warmed up.” I say.

Peter nods, barely but it is a nod. I stand and help him up. I grab bubble bath and a towel and we walk downstairs. Peter grips my hand tightly.

I set the bath running and stand up facing Peter. His eyes are still blank. I hug him close and he stoops to rest his face on my chest. I rub his head and trace the line of his scar and put my other arm around his shoulders. His breathing is beginning to slow. I feel him relax a little.

The bath ready I help him in then climb in behind him, wrapping my legs around his waist and massaging his shoulders. He sighs, finally a real sign of life. I wrap my arms around his chest and he grips hold of them tightly and move his lips to kiss them. It is the most beautiful kiss, I hope the kiss of forgiveness. I kiss his neck and ears getting to know his body again.

I kiss his cheek and he turns his head to meet my mouth.

“Still love me?” I ask.

“Always, always, always.” Peter sighs and we kiss more.

We make out gently until the water turns cold. We climb out and wrap each other.

“Do we need clothes or can we just turn up the heat?” I ask.

“No clothes.” Peter whispers.

I hug him close once more and feel how much he needs me.

I put water on for tea while Peter starts to organize food.

“I bought a steak for thanksgiving dinner. We can share but it might not be enough.” Peter says.

“Is there ice-cream? We could have dessert.” I suggest.

“We can have cookies and brownies and ice-cream. From Blondies Mom.” Peter says pulling packages out of the freezer.

“Oh boy. He won’t mind?” I ask.

“No I restrict what he can have. I’ll put them to defrost while I make lunch.” Peter says sounding stronger.

I pour tea adding lots of honey to Peters.

“I am so, so sorry I hit you. I was so mad at you, I’ve been so angry. It’s no excuse and I’m sorry.” Peter blurts out.

“I know baby, I know.” I say. Not telling him it’s okay but not rejecting him.

Peter serves up steak and salad and sweet potato.

“You were going to have a giant meal for one.” I say.

“I’m trying to gain back some weight. I keep getting some then it goes.” Peter says.

He is thinner than before but I’d love him if he was 400lbs.

“Just be healthy baby.” I say.

“I am. I’m trying. I’m training Blondie. Is it okay he moved in? We bought him an expensive suit too.” Peter says.

“Of course it’s okay. It’s your house and money too. I was surprised when you wrote that it was Blondie and Felix who came through for you. Pleased though.” I say.

“I wish you’d replied. Just a little note. The police thought I killed you. They went on and on and on about where I’d buried you. I thought I’d never see you again.” Peter says.

“I didn’t know you’d go to the police. I left early I meant to leave more clues but you worked it out.” I say.

“But not for weeks.” Peter says.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry.” I say.

“But you still love me.” Peter says with confidence.

“I do, so, so very much.” I say.

“I’m sorry for cheating.” Peter says quietly.

“It’s okay. If I’d been here Tom would have been in our bed together. You have been amazing waiting for me. I am so happy that you waited I can forgive one night, not that there is much to forgive. Did he really spank you at the party or was that to get me annoyed?” I ask.

“He did, Blondie dared him. Are you jealous?” Peter asks.

“Yes I am jealous. Of course I am. I wish I could be that for you. Maybe Tom would be a better boyfriend for you. Did you think of it?” I ask.

“I told him I couldn’t give him more. He understood and with long distance it would have been no good.” Peter says.

“I’m so relieved. I have no right to ask you to wait for me. I’m so glad you chose to.” I say.

“I had no choice. Guys hold no interest for me, only you. Will you keep me even though I hit you?” Peter asks.

“If you’ll have me. You lashed out. I don’t think you’ll turn into some monster violent boyfriend. Just never again okay?” I ask.

“I don’t know how it happened. I’m not sure if I knew I was awake. You want ice-cream?” Peter asks serving up the goodies.

“Yes, you took it out of me upstairs.” I say.

“I have never cum that much before. I thought it was still a dream, it was Niagara Falls. You’re not usually that rough.” Peter says laughing.

“It was amazing. Every morning I wake up and put on my reef shoes and I check the property, my morning wood bouncing ahead of me. Once I’m sure all is well I sit on the beach or on a rock and get off thinking of you. Every night I get out my dildo and fuck myself pretending it’s you.” I say.

“You never jerk off that much, or take it that often. Slut.” Peter teases.

“The sea air gets me so horny and I love to think about you.” I say.

“You could stay and be with me, I could make you cum twice a day.” Peter says.

“You know I love you here or there.” I say.

“How did you get there without your passport showing up?” Peter asks.

“It was an accident. I left with some people I’d met through Phillip in Hong Kong. They had a massive yacht and were doing a big sailing trip that was going close. They showed me round and forgot to hand my passport in at the port. I used it later at a border crossing. I still had some travel to do at the other end.” I explain.

“Tell me everything. Why didn’t you tell me you’d bought it?” Peter asks.

“You gave me the idea. Partly I wanted to see if I could. I moved money around and bought it. Engaged people to work on restoring the house and I even got a compost toilet like you said. I was planning to take you for our vacation as a surprise but then you got hurt. I stayed on a more inhabited island nearby while the work was done and sorted buying boats and supplies. Learnt to sale and how to read nautical maps. Then I moved and I felt good, at peace. I miss you, oh baby I miss you but having no rules, no one needing my time is bliss. I am getting healthier, stronger. Then once a week I go to the mainland for supplies and to read your emails. I’m sorry I never replied. I love you sending me all your news. Made me feel so connected to you, less alone.” I say.

“Are you lonely?” Peter asks.

“Mostly no. I keep busy, fishing, building, and gardening. I love all the physical work. I cook, I lie on the beach and tan. I’m writing too” I say.

“Nude.” Peter says.

“I don’t wear clothes unless I’m going to the village.” I say.

“You should have told me how bad you were in LA. I keep replaying our last fight. I should have known you were struggling. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.” Peter says.

“Oh baby. I love you but I just couldn’t burden you more.” I say.

“We could have got you back into therapy.” Peter says.

“I hate therapy. I just needed a break. You knew that, you supported me. I put all my energy into my plan and didn’t think through the details from your side. I am sorry about the police and everything. I don’t regret it though. I am calmer, clearer, I needed this. I only regret hurting you. I should have got in touch. It was the right thing for me.” I say.

“But not for us.” Peter says quietly.

“Maybe not short term but long term.” I say.

“I don’t want to lose you but I can’t live like this. You have to write me back.” Peter says.

“Deal. I was a dick leaving you hanging.” I say.

“I am really, really angry with you but I can see how it has been good for you. I know you need this. I hate it but I can put you first. I will always. I love you and want you happy.” Peter says.

I am overwhelmed by his love and we kiss and kiss.

“Let’s watch sports in the nude.” Peter says.

I grin. I love him so much. It is going to be hell to leave him again.

For the next two days we fuck, eat and sleep. We talk a little but spend a lot of time just lying together, looking at each other and stroking each other’s faces.

He seems to have drawn a line in his questions, just accepting what I had to do and enjoying what time we have together.

We sleep as close as we can get and snuggle and I feel so loved, he adores me. I feel the same. It’s so easy to feel it to show him. His love just radiates from him, I’ve never felt like this before. I have such confidence in him, such trust. I know this is the real deal and I am so lucky.

Saturday night I kiss every millimetre of him. I ride him totally uninhibited and cry out my pleasure as he bucks up into me. He’s my stallion, my hero, my love. He fucks me deep, hard and fast then so gently, so tenderly I feel I may pass out. The pleasure is unparalleled. How am I so lucky?

“I love you baby, I love you.” I murmur into his chest as we drift off to sleep.

Early Sunday morning I take the coward’s way out. I put an envelope on the pillow next to him and sneak out.



I wake and know the dream is over. He’s gone. I check the whole house to be sure but he’s gone. I knew it. Fucking shit.

I open the envelope he left, plane tickets for winter break and a letter saying sorry and how he can’t wait to see me soon.

I collapse on the floor and bawl my eyes out. He left me again. He didn’t say goodbye again.

Eric comes in and finds me, I don’t know how long I’ve been crying.

“What’s up?” Eric asks.

“He was here but he left me again.” I sob.

“Come on, wipe your tears, it was just a bad dream.” Eric says.

“It wasn’t a dream, I thought it was but he was here.” I say.

Eric looks at me confused.

“You’re freezing go and take a shower and warm up.” Eric says helping me up.

I go into the shower feeling all the more bereft that I’m washing his smell from my skin.

Why am I not enough for him? Why can’t I have a normal college boyfriend? Why is he always breaking my heart?

When I get out Eric has my Mom on video chat.

“Take a leave of absence Peter, come home and we’ll get you better.” Mom says.

“I’m fine.” I say.

“Eric found you hallucinating, naked and crying. You are not okay. I’ll get the next flight out and bring you back.” Mom says.

“Eric can you give us a moment?” I ask.

“Sure.” He says and leaves.

“Mom he was here, just for the weekend, look he left me this letter and tickets to fly out and see him over winter break.” I say holding the letter up.

“So he’s okay? He’s safe?” Mom asks.

“Yes he’s fine. He’s just a shit who snuck out without saying goodbye which messed me up. Are you okay with me going for winter break?” I ask.

“Yes of course. A friend invited me to go away and I think I will.” Mom says.

“A boyfriend?” I ask.

“No, I’ll let you know when I start dating. A friend from work lost her Mom this year and is heading to Vegas. I turned her down before but I quite fancy it. I don’t think either of us wanted the first post-divorce Christmas at home.” Mom says.

“Let me know where you’re staying and I’ll get you a spa treatment for Christmas.” I say.

“Oh Peter you are thoughtful. Here you are having a crisis making sure I’m relaxing.” Mom says smiling.

“I love you Mom.” I say.

“Love you too son. Take care and call often.” She says.

I take Eric his computer back and apologise to him for the way he found me. I pretend it was a bad dream. Keeping my time with Alexander secret makes it feel more special. Our secret weekend.

Wednesday after class I get a call from my lawyer.

“I’ve had a call from the police. Alexander’s passport showed up this weekend.” The lawyer says.

“He came to see me.” I say.

“You need to go to your local station and make a statement. Can you prove he was here? Amy pictures?” The lawyer asks.

“Only nudes.” I admit.

“Show them. Don’t surrender your phone or let them make copies. I’ll send a friend to go with you.” The lawyer says.

“Thanks.” I say and follow his instructions the following day. The local station are all pretty nice, nothing like it was in LA.

I get word a few days later that the police have closed the missing person and murder cases. I feel relieved.

I take my exams and feel they went really well and then pack for my trip. I don’t tell anyone I’m going. I just pretend I’m heading to my Dads.

The last night of exams Eric has a gogo gig and we all go to support him. We have a lot of fun dancing and watching him do his thing, giving him dollars but I get a lot of hassle, some of it from the bar staff as well as other customers. It all gets to much when \i can’t move without a phone in my face. Harry pulls me out and Eric helps us escape out the staff exit.

We go and buy a mountain of take out and all sit round the table at home having our house Christmas dinner at 2am. We drink and talk shit and have a total blast.

“Peter we were thinking if Blondie moves into the small room we could share the room down here.” Bobbie says.

“It’s up to Blondie if he’s okay moving and Eric if he’s okay with you here.” I say.

“We already agreed. I’m used to a full house and the small room here is bigger than the room I shared with my brothers at home.” Blondie says.

“And I’m over it all. Those two are great together.” Eric says.

“Are you two fucking?” I ask Eric and Blondie.

“Not often. We mostly hang out complaining about our bad dates.” Blondie says.

I smile. It’s nice they have each other as friends at least.

“Looks like you’re moving in.” I shout to Bobbie and Harry.

“We love you Peter.” They reply together.

It really will be a full house. Just what Alexander wanted. I feel a little guilty having a huge room to myself but I still feel like it’s his room and I can’t give up that bed.

We drink until dawn then rush around trying to sober up for our flights. I duck out early so I don’t have to share a cab and answer questions about why I’m going to the international terminal.

Despite it being almost Christmas my flight is quiet. I’m the only one in first class, extra nuts and a toilet to myself are pretty good perks.

The air steward is pretty friendly, he sits across from me a lot and we chat away. He recognises me but doesn’t pry too much about what I’m up to or ask about Alexander.

At the end of the flight he propositions me as he has a hotel for the night before flying back tomorrow. I tell him I’m flattered but decline. I kick myself for not having sex on the plane. Though I really didn’t find him that attractive and my mind is solely focused on Alexander.

I’m met at the airport by a driver who drives for about 2 hours. He refuses my offer to pay when he hands me over to the next driver, says Mr Xander paid him. I laugh at Alexander using yet another form of his name. The second drive is about 30minutes and he passes me to a boatman. We speed off to an island village. It’s a really fun journey but I’m getting so tired. The boatman ells me Xander will meet me.

“He’s a good man Xander.” He says.

I pay him, this one is happy to be paid twice and probably fleeces me.

Alexander stands up from his seat at an outdoor café and gives me a big grin.

“Come on.” He says and walks further down the jetty.

“I named her Petra after you, boats have to be girls.” Alexander says. He hasn’t even hgged me yet. Maybe the locals are not keen to see a gay couple.

“It’s a speedboat. I imagined you sailing.” I say.

“Motorboat to come here or the mainland. I have a small sailboat I use for fishing and kayaks too.” Alexander says.

We zip along, I have no idea how Alexander knows where we’re going.

We eventually get there and tie the boat to a small jetty. As soon as he’s off Peter steps out of his shorts, he was going commando, and pulls off his tshirt and tosses them back into the boat.

“Come on I’ll show you where to put your things. Did you bring me a present?” Alexander asks.

“Peanut butter, tea and honey like you asked. Looks like you’ve bought me a big cock.” I say indicating his erect dripping member. We’ve not even held hands yet.

The house is simple 2 rooms and a bathroom, all very Alexander.

“Strip off, no clothes on the island. Here put these on.” Alexander hands me some waterproof shoes.

I drop my bag and strip off quickly. My own dick bounces around more than a little happy.

“Come on.” Alexander says walking out the door, he grabs my hand and walks me through a patch of jungle and out the otherside of the island.

“Wow.” I say. It’s beautiful, we are standing on a small sandy beach and all we can see is the ocean.

“Do you love it?” Alexander asks.

“I do. Now kiss me this is torture.” I groan.

Alexander grins and takes me in his arms for the sweetest kiss I can remember.

“You still love me.” I say when we come up for air.

“Let me show you how much.” Alexander says.

He takes me roughly against a tree filling me with all he has. Biting my neck, pushing in deep. It’s fast and satisfying. For now. We walk around and in the dying light he shows me everything else. Where he has fruits and coconuts. His favourite places to fish. His attempts to garden.

We eat fish he caught earlier cooked on a small fire on the beach. I love my sexy outdoorsman.

We spend the days fishing and fucking, gardening and talking. We send the evenings wrapped together in a blanket on the beach watching the stars. It is bliss and I can see how the island has healed my man.

One evening on the beach I lie on top of Alexander letting him take my full weight the way he loves to do.

“Happy new year baby. I love you.” I say.

“Happy new year.” Alexander replies and kisses my nose.

“Come home with me.” I say.

“Okay.” Alexander replies.

I roll off him in shock.

“Really.” I grin and move back in for a kiss.

“When I got back from Thanksgiving I ached for you. I loved being here but you made a hole in my soul. Now you are here I cannot imagine being here without you. I’m ready to come home. I need to be with you.” Alexander says.

“Thank you baby. You make me so happy.” I say.

We make love slowly and tenderly under the stars.

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