Whoop, Thanks, post gone 3 poll and next up…..

Whoop November the 5th wasn’t just a day of awesome fireworks (actually the ones I watched from my sofa on the 7th were better, tonights for Diwali are loud need to go look outside….) but it was my biggest ever viewing day here and biggest week. Wooo fireworks and viewers. Thanks muchly for reading and for sticking with me through the Gone section.

I’m a zero tolerance on domestic violence in my personal life and would leave anyone who punched me in anger. Is it bad to keep them together at this point? I mean Alexander’s disappearing act was like a series of punches….

So I’ve mostly planned out the stories to the end. The next section is the college wrap up. I’m not sure if to do it in one swoop and be done or if I’ll expand out the summers or one of the summers. Not decided yet. Let me know if you have a preference. Bit worried it will be dull with the boys happy together. I hadn’t planned to but in writing up the ideas for the final part I felt like nooooo its too soon. I’m really excited for post college so maybe I need some extra bit there.

Whatever college wrap should be up by next weekend.

Thanks for reading


4 thoughts on “Whoop, Thanks, post gone 3 poll and next up…..

  1. So happy they are back together, and look forward to reading more of your writing. I think it would be nice to bring up some more jay drama not them hooking up just him causing issues and him being behind some stupid shit but still peter and alex staying together forever just my thoughts. I really enjoyed the summer series because the focus was on those two which is great!


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