Alexander’s college wrap up part 1



Peter and I spend the rest of break blissfully naked on the island. My head is clear and I really appreciate how lucky I am to have Peter. I am so lucky he stuck with me. I can’t imagine life without him, I want to make a real commitment to him more than the house and joint accounts. I owe him a massive apology for how I went about this break. I’ve no idea how to even start making it up to him.


“I don’t need big gestures baby. I love you. Just include me in your plans and we’ll be fine. Just love me.” Peter says.


“You always know how I feel.” I say.


“You just don’t hide it all under a layer of ice any more. You ready for this?” Peter asks.


I nod.


We snuck into the house last night. Peter had messaged everyone to have a back to school brunch, to welcome Harry and Bobbie to the house. He handed out jobs and dishes too so we could make our big entrance and not be rushing round prepping to host.


We walk down the stairs holding hands. I love holding hands with him. We walk into the kitchen and ignoring the stares of our friends we pour coffee and sit.


“You’re alive.” Felix say breaking the silence.


Jamie is first on his feet hugging me.


“We missed you so much.” Jamie says before I’m buried under everyone’s hugs and questions.


Peter and I do our best to stay under the radar. But are frequently followed. I feel terrible for what I’ve done to his life. I’m taking fewer classes and keeping my balanced outlook but sometimes the stresses of our limited life get to us.


We can only go out to limited places. Eating out is mostly a no, as are clubs and even in the movie theatre we had phones in our faces the whole time.


Classes are our refuge. We’re lucky most of our classmates are single minded and ambitious with no interest in celebrity culture. We were taking a computer science class together and one of the TFs was a bit obsessed with us. We suffered on, ignoring him the best we could. In the end a classmate complained and he was switched to another class. For once there were no repercussions.


My return didn’t alter the friendship between Blondie, Felix and Peter. I joined them along with the rest of the house, aside from Eric, for water polo.  We never played another team but we had a blast. We started visiting Mamma Cat’s after practice and she devised a student menu – for cheap hungry sporty boys- for us. Which she told me was a big success when she opened it to all students and gave her a new midweek boost.


We’d often be seated in one of the side rooms to give us privacy but we never had any problems there. The staff were quick to step in if it looked like an issue was brewing.


Felix, Troy and Blondie would sometimes bring dates and we tried to make them welcome. We always had a good time. It was one day a week Peter and I could let loose.


With Jay gone drama in the group evaporated. Felix could still be a bitch but it was usually in good fun. The three main couples were happy and stable and would double and triple date if Peter and I could find somewhere to go that wasn’t too stressful.


I was happy. Truly happy. For the first time since I lost my Mm I felt truly secure. Peter was an amazing partner who could anticipate my needs so easily. He would place a plate of food in front of me when I was immersed in study, he’d make me call Abigail or his Mom when I was feeling lost and he’d drag me out for a dawn run or bike ride when he could see I needed some time outdoors.


It wasn’t all one way. I did what I could for him too. I recognised his moods and tried my best to make him happy.


On Fridays Peter has a half day and doesn’t work but I have a late class so he goes home alone. Every week, every week when I walk in the door and see him preparing dinner or studying or just goofing off with one of the others my heart flips and I get butterflies. There is no rut for us, we are as strongly attracted as the first day we met.


The housemates quickly lean to approach the kitchen with caution on a Friday and we’re often caught fucking against the counter.


Our 21st birthdays pass without fuss. We decide we want to celebrate just us over spring break. The others are off to Miami again. We head to the island to be certain of a relaxing time. Well weather permitting.


We love it. This time Peter is so relaxed from the start. Of course this time he knows I’ll be going home with him this time. We’re nude the whole time and spend our days fishing and fucking.


“One day we’ll stay longer.” Peter says.


“You want to come back?” I ask.


“No photographers, no fuss. We can fish and garden and eat what we catch and grow. We are fucking four times a day and I love it. Your ass has never felt so good. You love it. You’re so worry free here.” Peter says.


“I am and your ass has been phenomenal too and your dick. And your fish stew.” I say laughing.


“That’s what you want me for, my sexy parts and my cooking.” Peter says kissing me.


We make out on the sand then head into the water to get cleaned up.


We walk around the island at sundown and Peter pushes me against a tree to fuck me, he takes me by surprise and I let out a growl as he runs his fingers down my crack, teasing me, his other arm keeping me trapped, willingly trapped. I gasp as he pushes in with spit for lube. Easing himself in until he fills me. I let loose and give him all the encouragement he could dream of.


“Take me, take me baby.” I groan as he pushes deeply.


I forget how big he is sometimes and then he fills me and gives it all and it just overwhelms me.


He’s amazing. He lifts me up and bounces me on his cock, my strong muscle man, my back against the tree I don’t care about splinters I gasp and howl as I cling to him. He doesn’t let up. I gasp and cover us with my huge load. He turns me round and pushes back in pounding as he holds my hips. Until he breeds me deep and I moan with deep, deep pleasure. He pulls out slowly. He’s red and sweaty and never been sexier.


“Best go swim again.” Peter says.


“Are you sure you can walk because I’m not.” I say.


“I’m a big strong man, roooooooooar!” Peter beats his chest.


We splash about in the dark then head inside quickly.


“I hope you’re not too sore. I lasted a good time.” Peter says lying next to me on the bed.


“So worth it. Holy fuck when you lifted me up. Putting those muscles to work baby.” I exclaim.


“I just wanted to show you how strong I am. I dunno, it felt so good.” Peter shrugs.


“Holy shit baby, it was amazing for me. I loved you being my big strong man, just taking me. No one has made me feel like that, not even you, not quite so animal.” I say.


We sleep soundly. Somehow Peter makes me more and more attracted to him the more we’re together.


Semester passes quickly and summer arrives, Jamie and Felix graduate. We throw them a lovely lunch for their families and give Felix the best send-off we can as he heads to New Jersey to start his business.


Jamie is employed fulltime with the company he already works for much to Brian’s relief. Brian and Jamie have at least one more year together. Brian is working at college again for the summer as is Peter.


Eric is off to LA and Blondie to New York. Harry and Bobbie head home, though they first move into the apartment. It’ll be a slightly less crowded house next semester.

I stay at school with Peter,. I do summer school. Do a few so called masterclasses with the performing arts summer kids and work on shaping up the work I did on the island with Prof.


We have a few weekends in New York so I can see some plays. It was very nearly a calm summer. One weekend we planned well in advance to meet up with Tom and Blondie, to see a show and then eat at a super fancy place.


Tom meets us Friday night and we stay at the hotel drinking until the small hours. We have connecting rooms and leave the doors open. Housekeeping insist on coming in before we’re ready to leave for the day which annoys me and Max but Peter is convinced she’s up to something frm the order she started her tasks.


We shop and visit an exhibition before the play which we love. Tom is very keen to play the lead role in a few years’ time. He’s far more specific than I am about what parts he wants and what he needs to do. I’m kind of jealous. I want the same career but don’t know quite how to organise it. Sal isn’t much help, especially as I’m not going to work this summer and I’ve already signed up for a play in London next summer.


At dinner Peter points out the maid he found strange is eating there too and dressed super nice.


“Maybe she just keeps it real.” I say.


“Maybe she’s a hooker on the side.” Says Tom.


We all laugh and agree that is most likely. We don’t see her again so I put it entirely out of my head.


Just before school starts we head to LA for an awards show, it’s a kids one and Tom and I have both been nominated in a bunch of categories. It feels like the right place for me to make my public reappearance.


We get a 2 room suite, Tom is bringing a friend from home as his plus one. The four of us decide to do the whole awards rigmarole. Haircuts, manicures and bring primped by a stylist. It’s not a dinner jacket affair and to be honest I was grateful for the stylist help having no clue about fashion. I wanted Peter and me to look similar without matching and he really came through. Peter looks so sexy I don’t know how I’ll keep my hands off him.


We have a blast. Meet people, do the red carpet and sign autographs. It is a lot lower key than many events but has great security. Tom and I don’t win a thing, we take our losses in good humor, cheering the other winners on.


Afterwards we have dinner with Sal and Tom’s agent. It goes okay. After a few more drinks in our suite we’re all too sleepy to stand. It’s been a long day.


Tom and his friend have to fly off super early. Peter gets up to make coffee then comes back into the room and hands me a cup.


“Act innocent, go and stand by the door. Make sure she doesn’t leave.” Peter says cryptically before picking up the phone.


I do as he says. Holy shit, no, is that the hooker maid? I drink my coffee and mill about. I didn’t even remember a door knock. Damn we should have got up and put the lock back on when Tom left.


Peter comes out and kisses me. Security arrive in seconds. Confirm the woman is not a maid, take her away and say they will call the police.


We shower and get ready to go. Just before we do the police come by. We tell them about New York and how Peter was suspicious.


“She tried to put this in her apron.” Peter says handing over a plastic bag with a condom in.


“A sperm stealing stalker. Sounds far-fetched, these women will try and get pregnant by the stars they stalk. Not exactly medically sound thinking but they are obsessed.” The officer says.


“She’s out of luck, Tom is not a top.” I say laughing.


It turned out she’d been following Tom for two years but Peter was the first to be suspicious.


Peter’s senior year flew by. We were very happy together. The house was quieter but that suited us.

Jamie and Brian were going strong as were Bobbie and Harry, you’d never realise the problems they’d had before, much like Peter and I.


Eric was too busy to do more than have the occasional date, he was busy with shows and auditioning and we barely saw him. I knew that all the flying out to auditions was costing him a lot but I was really reluctant to offer any financial help. I still felt the sting of the other summer and that coupled with him accusing Peter of murder meant I kept him at arms-length.


Blondie was doing great. He had a brilliant time during his summer job. All being well with his GPA he had an offer for after graduation. He and Peter were working on various market modelling apps together. Trying to hit it rich, or con others, I was never quite sure. They enjoyed putting their skills together and spending time on a project.


We continued with the water polo. Harry found some guys to replay Felix and Troy. Jamie still came along most weeks. It was good fun and although I don’t think we ever improved it gave us a decent amount of time together each week, a good way to stop us becoming too insular. All 3 couples were guilty of that.


For winter break we went skiing with Peter’s parents. Peter’s dad had been single for a while and was now good friends with Mom, though nothing more than friends. We had a good time. No worries about being spotted, though we signed a few autographs for a family who were Zombie fans which was great, the level of attention I can deal with.


Another spring break on the island helped us recharge before the last push of classes before Peter graduated. He’s been invited to apply to grad school at school which was amazing and made things a lot less stressful. He was given a postgrad scholarship and was excited to get started.


That summer we were going to London. I was going back to work. I was super excited. Peter was encouraged by his supervisor to take a proper break over the summer. She helped arrange some voluntary work at a summer school at one of the London universities for later in the summer too.


We went over straight after Peter’s graduation, a week before rehearsals started so we could get over jetlag and our house sorted before hard work began.


We were invited by the producer to join him at a sailing regatta on the south coast, we both jumped at the chance as we love boats so much and were delighted we’d be staying on a yacht. The first day we had a great time, drinking and picnicking and watching the boats. The second day Peter was quite agitated but denied anything was up. He slept terribly that night. At dawn we heard a lot of commotion next door. We go on deck to see police all over the boat next to ours, leading a man away in handcuffs.


A few minutes later two plain clothes detectives came aboard asking for Peter. I was totally confused. What was he mixed up in now?


“Thank you young man. Your quick thinking lead to the arrest of one of the worlds most wanted men, a hired gun who is responsible for many deaths. You have saved many lives.” The detective says shaking Peter’s hand.


“I just took a picture. Anyone would have done the same.” Peter says.


I look at him baffled.


“Not everyone would have sent the picture to the police and kept quiet like you did. You were very brave.” The second detective says.


“There will be a reward. Can we take your details of where you are staying here? We hear you’re here for 3 months?” The detective says.


We give them the address and they leave.


“What did you do?” I ask baffled.


“Yesterday I saw the guy next door and he looked like the one the police were after for Phillip’s murder. I took a sneaky picture and emailed the detective in LA. I guess they coordinated something. I was so scared yesterday that he’d see us and recognize you.” Peter says.


“Why didn’t you say anything?” I ask.


“I didn’t know if I was right. I didn’t want to worry you over noting.” Peter says.


“Good job it was over quickly this morning. If he’d started shooting we’d be dead.” I point out.


“We are safe. Phillips likely murderer has been arrested. I sure as fuck feel safer, like we can finally get on and live our lives.” Peter says.


“I love you.” I say.


Back in London with the drama behind us I throw myself into rehearsals and Peter spends his time exercising and exploring. He becomes obsessed with swimming in outdoor pools whatever the weather. We start hosting parties on Sundays with Peter’s friends from swimming, mostly older locals and the people I meet through work.


The theater community being so transient have been really welcoming which I didn’t expect. I’m always being introduced to new people who seem genuine.


Peter and I start learning to cook more adventurous dishes, once the play opens we spend time in the day shopping at the markets for fun ingredients. As I’m now free during the day I start running and swimming with Peter. We explore different parks and he buys me a remote control sailboat which I love to use on many lakes and ponds.


The play gets mixed reviews but its run is sold out so I don’t worry too much. No one panned my performance. Peter comes to watch a couple of times and he sometimes waits in my dressing room while I’m on. I love those interval hugs. Having him there makes me feel more grounded.


Too soon its late July the British schools are finally out and Peter starts his volunteering. I miss him dreadfully during the day. I make good use of my time, auditioning, having meetings, exploring the city and sometimes I stay home and write. The house has a beautiful study overlooking the park. I love it.


One Sunday as we get ready to host another dinner Peter kisses me hard.


“I could do this. I could live this life.” Peter says.


“What do you mean?” I ask.


“I know we’re working opposite shifts but we’re managing good time together. We’ve got a social life. We go out. We have people here. You’re loving what you’re doing and my job is fun too. I’ve been so worried about our careers being incompatible but we’re making this work. I love you so much.” Peter says.


“I love you too and I don’t like not being with you but I love we wake every day together. I love that we’re going out after the show. I love that we’re not hiding anymore.” I say.


Not long before we go home Peter is invited to an event for everyday heroes and presented with an honor and his reward check. I am bursting with pride. He gets a second reward at home too. He’s everyone’s hero now, not just mine.


All too soon the summer is over.

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