The first wedding


It is 2 years since the breakup.


It took me months to come out of the fog after I broke up with Alexander. Even now when I’ve been with Gabe for over a year I get the occasional pang. Sometimes a little more than that, if I see him on a TV interview I can hide in the lab for twenty hours a day. Gabe understands and helps me through it.


The guys were weirded out when I started dating Alexander’s former English professor. Even now they avoid having him to group situations if they can, not that Gabe wants to see them either. Makes it awkward for me.


Right now I’m really happy, my studies are going well I’m right on schedule. My friends are getting married, my other friends are on their way to see it and life is good.


When Brian and Jamie got together it wasn’t a case of if they’d get married but when. I thought Brian and Eric were well matched and then when Brian got back with Blondie they were on another level but that ran its course and with Jamie he found who he should be with.


It hasn’t been without bumps. Jamie’s family were slow to accept their formerly straight son had a boyfriend. But when they met Brian they welcomed him. Then there was more trouble when Brian’s family tried to throw their money around to make the wedding into a huge big deal, intimidating Jamie’s family.


At that point I stepped in and suggested we have something small at the house just close family and friends. They jumped at the chance and so here I am tying ribbon round folding chairs and putting flowers all around the deck.


Everyone is here, well everyone except Alexander, the wedding was planned when he could make it but filming has overrun in New Zealand apparently. I don’t know. He hasn’t spoken to me in two years.


Before I can drift into an Alexander memory Gabe puts his arm around me and pulls me into a sweet kiss. He’s not usually so demonstrative. I turn and return the kiss properly before standing and wiping the sweat from my brow.


“Good boy, you’ve done a good job.” Gabe says.


My cock begins to stiffen at his words, I try and push it away but my shorts are tenting. I look at the floor embarrassed.


We have an intense teacher, pupil relationship. He gives me everything I need and I am the best I can be for him. I’m not perfect, he has to keep me in line and we have a lot of fun.


We ran into each other at a college anniversary event. I had an immediate physical reaction to him, not sexual exactly but a distinct attraction. It was the same for him. I went back to his place and we talked all night. I told him everything about my life and he’s been teaching me since.


It’s not all kink, we have a regular relationship too. Right now though I am not succeeding in not getting a boner in public when he’s around.


“I’m sorry.” I whisper looking at the ground.


“We’ll deal another time. The garden looks beautiful, you’ve done an amazing job.” Gabe says.


I look up at him and grin.


“Do you have more to do?” Gabe asks.


“This is the last.” I say.


“So do we have time to take care of that before things start?” Gabe grins.


“Was this a test or were you just horny?” I ask still grinning.


“You’re wearing tiny shorts, doing manual work and looking all sexy. I think you’re teasing me.” Gabe says.


I grab him by the hand and charge up to my room.


We strip off quickly. Hungry for each other. I lift him up and balance his shoulders against the wall and lower him on to my cock. He loves me to show my strength when I fuck him. I bounce him on my cock. I hold him firm and carry him back to the bed lie him down and pound away. I hold his ankles high and smile down at him as his face shows his ecstasy.


We lie next to each other panting.


“You’re amazing. I best get ready.” I say and kiss him quickly.


“Okay. See you down there. You’re okay that I have to leave after the ceremony?” Gabe asks.


“Yeah I’ll be busy anyway and you’d be bored.” I say and head into the shower.


Gabe is judging at a literary festival at another college about an hour away and came back this morning for the wedding. He’ll leave straight after the ceremony.


I shower and dress and head down to Brian’s room to help him get ready, I’m his best man and Jamie has Felix, they are getting ready in the apartment.


“Are you ready?” I ask Brian as I pin a flower in his buttonhole.


“Super ready. I can’t wait to call Jamie my husband.” Jamie says, his eyes brimming with tears already.


“You’re glowing like a virgin bride.” I say.


“I feel like it. I’m so glad we’re doing this here with you guys and our families. My parents hate that it’s not a big event but they’ll throw a party at their house when we get back from honeymoon to welcome Jamie to the family.” Brian says.


“They are just so accepting your family. They really love Jamie.” I say.


“They knew I was gay before I did. They love me. They like Jamie a whole lot more than they ever did Eric or Blondie. And so do I, I’m so happy Peter, I’m so lucky.” Brian says.


“I know. You deserve it. I hope I have what you do one day.” I say.


“I’m sorry he’s not coming.” Brian says quietly.


“I have Gabe now.” I say.


“But Gabe isn’t forever is he? He’s just kind of transitional.” Brian says.


“I’m happy. It’s not transitional, we’ve been together over a year.” I say.


“I know. It’s just now I’m settled I want you to have what I have.” Brian says.


“You’re lucky you found him so young. Lucky Felix turned his head, lucky Alexander bought this place and lucky Eric sought you out. A funny chain of events got you here.” I say.


“A series of events, fate, a grand plan. I don’t care what it was. I’m here and I’m getting married.” Brian grins.


“You are.” I say.


We walk down to the garden. I walk Brian down the aisle and Felix and Jamie follow on behind as a string quartet play. Felix and I step aside and watch our close friends tie the knot.


As soon as the ceremony is over Harry and I start moving the chairs and bringing out the tables. Felix and Bobbie organize bringing out the food and Blondie and Eric start pouring champagne. Gabe pops over to say goodbye and we arrange to meet later in the week.


Alexander being Alexander sent several cases of champagne as his contribution. Felix and I have covered almost everything else.


Jamie and Brian’s families watch us and laugh at our efficiency. We soon have everything in place and everyone begins eating and drinking.


Felix and I do a joint toast about how we met the guys and share a few stories and say how their love is an example to us. Their Dads stand and each give a speech then Jamie stands to do his.


“I love Brian. Every day I love him more. Brian challenges me and pushes me and takes care of me so well it is as if he was put on earth to do it. I am so grateful that he chose me to be his husband. I plan to challenge and push and love him every day of my life.” Jamie says.


I catch Felix eye and we both tear up. I know today would have been really tough for Felix. He’s just been through a really tough breakup with a guy who lied about his status. Felix is okay health wise but with Jamie so happy and caught up with wedding plans I know Felix has been feeling pretty lonely. Blondie and I try and step in but we know it’s not the same.


“How are you holding up?” I ask Felix.


“I need a really good fuck.” Felix grins.


“Hey I’m always available for that.” I say.


“You have a boyfriend.” Felix says.


“We’re open, you know that.” I say.


“Well if none of Jamie’s work colleagues come through I might take you up on it.” Felix laughs.


“Nice to be under consideration.” I say laughing.


I very rarely step outside my relationship. Gabe regularly sleeps with women which is the one fly in the ointment. I don’t mind exactly but I hate I can’t be all he needs. It’s one of the reasons we don’t live together, we spend a night or 2 at his place a week and he occasionally comes here. We both work a lot and he prefers to be alone when he’s writing.


Felix announces the first dance. I watch for a minute then grab Blondie to help me get the cake. It is a towering chocolate creation.


They finish dancing and cut the cake and everyone cheers.


We roll the tables away so people can dance and I finally relax and join them.


The families leave and eventually it’s just us guys sitting round the kitchen table drinking and chatting.


“Your turn next.” I say to Harry.


“Not until I finish my PhD. But as soon as I’m done.” Harry says.


“Is that a proposal?” Bobbie asks.


“Hell yes. Be mine legally?” harry says laughing.


“Just try and stop me.” Bobbie replies and kisses his man.


“So where are you moving to?” Eric asks me.


“I’m not.” I say.


“Come on surely you don’t want to live with newlyweds. I know they don’t want you around.” Bobbie says.


“We’ve talked and it’s fine.” I say.


Jamie and Brian look embarrassed.


“You couldn’t say something when I was sorting a new tenant for the apartment? Shit guys.” I say angry.


“We just thought you’d move in with Gabe.” Brian says.


“I’m not ready for that, you know that.” I say quietly.


“Because you still love Alexander and need to get over yourself and take him back.” Harry says forcefully.


I feel them all looking at me.


“Is this some sort of intervention? It’s supposed to be a celebration.” I say annoyed.


“He still asks after you.” Bobbie says as if that is enough.


“He would take you back no hesitation.” Jamie says.


“You’re wasting time.” Brian says.


“I’m with Gabe. We’ve been together over a year. I know you don’t approve but I’m happy. I like having a boyfriend in the same city. I would be miserable with Alexander. That is why I broke up with him but apparently my feelings are just an inconvenience to you lot.” I huff.


“He’s finished with the overseas location films, he’s going to be around a lot more. You could get back on track.” Blondie says.


“If he was here he’d be in your bed tonight.” Brian says.


“I’m with Gabe.” I say firmly.


“Then move in with him. Show us that he actually means something to you.” Jamie says.


“Nice, attack my relationship, kick me out my home, now you’ve bled me dry paying for your wedding I’m of no use unless I date who you approve of. Alexander will be around more and so you don’t want it to be awkward so you’ve decided to dump me unless I take him back.” I shout getting up and walking out.


I’ve nowhere to go. I walk around for a while and consider trying to get a hotel but as I now need to find money to move and I need to re-budget to include rent. Alexander and I agreed I could stay in the house until I finished school and then we’d sell. I guess he’s worked something out with the others instead. At least I have 2 weeks of their honeymoon to sort something out and a couple of weeks I can use the apartment for before the next lot move in.


I walk back to the house. Eric and Blondie are still up.


“Are you okay?” Blondie asks.


“I’m broke and about to be homeless. No I’m not okay, I’m totally in shit.” I say still angry.


“I can help you out.” Blondie says.


“It’s fine. I still have my fellowship and I have my reward money. I wasn’t expecting to have to use a lump right now. Alexander told me I could live here until I was done with school. I’m pretty shocked he’s gone back on that without letting me know.” I say.


“Surely you knew they’d want you out. That they’d need some alone time.” Eric says.


“If they wanted that they could have got their own place. Jamie has a good job.” I say.


“They’re saving to buy a place you know that.” Eric says.


“Sure, I was too, I didn’t plan on using my reward money for living expenses.” I say.


“Yeah but we all know once you’re done you’ll be back with Alexander and be fine.” Blondie says.


“I thought you at least respected my relationship.” I say.


“I do but it’s not forever is it? You do want to be with Alexander long term.” Blondie says.


“It has been 2 years. I’m over him.” I say quietly.


“And it’s not like he’s single and waiting around. He’s been seeing a sound guy. He’s happy.” Eric says.


“I’m glad he’s happy and moved on.” I say grabbing a bottle and taking a long drink. I need to be drunk right now.


Felix comes in.


“I thought you two were right behind me.” Felix says.


“Peter came back. We were talking.” Blondie says.


“Jamie is sorry for not telling you sooner.” Felix says.


“Who does he think he is dictating who lives here?” I ask.


“Just let them live their life.” Felix says.


“Did he even talk to Alexander?” I ask.


“I don’t know. Have you spoken to him?” Felix asks.


“Not for 2 years.” I say.


“I know it’s hard but it isn’t Jamie and Brian’s fault.” Felix says.


“I’ve moved on. For fucks sake how many more times, I’ve been with Gabe over a year. Alexander can marry you for all I care.” I grump.


“I hardly imagine you’d be okay with him dating one of us.” Eric says.


“Why not? It’s not like exes have ever been out of bounds in this group. We woudn’t have had a wedding today if they were.” I say.


I grab a bottle and head up to my room.


What an annoying end to a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “The first wedding

  1. What the hell breaking them up like that man you have me crying I am literally sick to my stomach. I’ll keep reading but I don’t know if I can keep up with more disappointments with peter and Alexander.


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