Talking with friends

“I’m sorry you’ve been fucked over too.” I say helping Harry up.


“Sorry I didn’t expect you to be here. I was hoping to talk to Alexander as he’s the only neutral one around.” Harry says.


“I can leave you too it.” I say.


“No it’s fine. Are you two together?” Harry asks looking at both of us.


“Yes, since the weekend when we found out about Jorge.” Alexander says squeezing my hand.


“I’m genuinely happy for you. Glad something good is coming out of this shit.” Harry says.


“Thanks. It is early but we’re really happy.” Alexander says.


“Uh I guess you’ll need to vent. I’ll go and get Felix he needs to hear all this too.” I say.


“You already knew?” Harry asks.


“We just heard from Jorge that it was Bobbie too. We were working out how to tell you.” Alexander says.


“Fuck. You know Brandon and Bobbie started at Eric’s bachelor party.” Harry sighs.


“When you were still in Florida? Is that why you ended up here and not further south?” I ask.


“I wanted to come here too, as you and Felix were here. But yeah it is why his vote changed.” Harry says.


“I’ll go get Felix.” I say and head to the car. I call him from the car and we stop at the liquor store on the way back.


“Three relationships ruined.” I say as we step back inside.


“I’m here for you all whatever you need.” Alexander says quickly moving to my side to hug me and kiss me hello, he missed me.


“Harry you can always stay at my house. I’ll be off on tour soon anyway.” I say.


“Thanks so much. I’m sorry for my part in keeping you apart when Peter came out here and more recently. I can’t believe you still talk to me, let alone be so generous.” Harry says.


“Wait what do you mean about keeping us apart when Peter first came out here?” Alexander asks.


“We all agreed to keep quiet about it for Eric’s sake.” Harry says.


“Keep quiet about Peter being here or that he came out here for me?” Alexander asks, his anger taking over.


“It felt wrong I admit, after years of telling Peter to get over himself and go after you to not be supportive when he actually did it. But I owed Eric his happy ending.” Harry says.


“Did you not think to warn Peter that Eric was planning to get serious? Did you not think to reach out to Peter after the engagement?” Alexander asks Peter turning his anger to ice.


Harry looks at him baffled.


“Even now you didn’t offer support for Peter’s breakup or to me going through divorce. You come to us when you need something but give nothing back. Why aren’t you pouring your heart out to Eric?” Alexander asks.


“Babe calm down, it’s fine. We have each other now, we can help Harry out.” I say.


“No! I’m done. I nearly lost you. We all could have lost you. We could have lost you,” Alexander says his voice braking as he heads outside to escape us all.


“I’m sorry Harry, here’s my keys. I’ll call in the morning.” I say.


“Thanks. I’m sorry for dragging this up. I could use some time alone to think.” Harry sighs and leaves.


Felix stands and hugs me close.


“Tom told me what happened. Don’t be mad at him, he wanted me to keep an eye on you, especially around the wedding. I’m glad you’ve told Alexander.” Felix says.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you myself. You’ve been a really good friend. I’ve been in therapy since it happened and I’m doing good now. I had to tell Alexander, let him know what he was getting himself into” I say quietly.


“He loves you and is clearly feeling a lot of guilt. Harry was lucky he just got shouted at.” Felix says.


“I best go find Alexander. Make yourself a drink.” I say and head outside.


Alexander has already apologised to Harry and they are talking together. They both come back in with me and Felix hands out drinks.


“So how did you find out?” I ask Harry.


“I heard him on the phone to Brandon and asked why he was still talking to him after he screwed over you guys and he got really defensive. Then I heard him talking to Jorge, okay I listened outside the door and it was clear he was talking to a lover. I came here and you guys confirmed it.” Harry says.


“So you’ve not even spoken to him?” I ask.


“What’s the point?” Harry sighs.


“Were you still open?” Alexander asks.


“No, well only when together and nothing since the bachelor party. Maybe that is why he did this. I feel like he’s punishing me. But we talked it all through way back at Jamie and Brian’s wedding, how we were ready to commit and only wanted each other. We went home and got married as soon as we could, we couldn’t wait. We wanted to move here and get settled and ready to adopt. I thought we both wanted the same things. He cheated on me back in Florida with a guy from work. We agreed here would be a fresh start but he was already planning his next affair. Fuck that dinner wasn’t a reunion it was a smokescreen.” Harry says.


“You can stay at my place as long as you like and Alexander knows a divorce lawyer.” I say.


“I swear Eric and Bobbie just played a long game to screw us all.” Felix says.


“Come on they were over years ago.” I say.


“It was Eric who told Peter that Alexander had a boyfriend and was over him so the first intervention didn’t work and getting Peter to say it was okay if any of us dated him. Then of course married Alexander when he only wanted money and fame. Bobbie marries Harry and screws around, moves him to the same town as his lover who is my fiancé. That’s all of us screwed.” Felix says.


“I didn’t know Bobbie cheated before. Is it really over this time?” Alexander asks.


“Yes I’m done. I love my job here, my team, the facility. I’m happy here other than my relationship. I want to find someone to start a family with.” Harry says.


“You should date Jay.” Alexander says.


“Because that worked out so well for you three.” Harry snorts.


“He’s a really good guy. He’s successful and stable and desperate to settle down and have kids.” Alexander says.


“He has changed. We’ve stayed in touch since the wedding. I thought you had too Harry.” Felix says.


“I have yeah, we were meant to be going to his for new year.” Harry says.


“Take some time to heal. I know I’ve jumped straight back into Alexander but my relationship with Jorge was nothing like you and Bobbie.” I say.


“I wouldn’t jump right in to anything. I’ve no idea if he’s even be interested but it won’t hurt to work on our friendship and see what happens.” Harry says.


“Are you okay? Both you two don’t seem all that upset.” I say.


“Maybe I was just waiting for it to go wrong again. Not the best way to make things work. I’m totally lost without him but also ready to finally live the life I want.” Harry says.


“I’m mad as hell at Bobbie. Fucking with our partners is fucking nasty. But I was expecting to lose Brandon so I’m not surprised it’s over. I just need to find somewhere to live as my place belongs to Brandon’s uncle. I thought about just heading back east but I don’t want to decide anything yet.” Felix says.


“We should get a place together.” Harry says


“You should both take my place. Can I move my things here babe?” I ask.


“I’d love that. You know I want us to make a home together, I don’t care what house that happens in.” Alexander says hugging me and kissing my head.


“You two are amazing together. You’re totally in sync it’s like you were never apart.” Harry says.


“Are you planning to live out here long term?” Felix asks.


“I’ve another year at the college here then I can be more flexible.” I say.


“I’ll only work locally while Peter is working. The next 2 months will be tough while we’re both doing promotion.” Alexander says shuffling even closer to me. He clearly needs us to have some more alone time.


“So when’s the wedding?” Felix laughs.


“Ha it’s not even been a week yet.” I say.


“Peter hasn’t proposed yet.” Alexander says.


“Why is it up to me?” I ask.


“You already bought the rings.” Alexander says kissing me again.


“You could use them, you know where they are.” I say laughing.


“So it is happening?” Felix asks.


“I am never letting this one go.” Alexander says.


“You know he didn’t want to take me back, I had to really push him and now he’s pushing me down the aisle.” I say laughing.


“Everything that has happened and you still found your way back to each other.” Harry says.


“We’re really lucky. I’m sorry you guys are going through this but their cheating got Peter back to me faster.” Alexander says.


“Jorge would have admitted he was bored soon enough. He knew about Alexander before we even started dating, he was such a good liar. I have no idea if he ever told me any truth.” I say.


“Shit really? He acted so shocked at the dinner. I had no idea you guys were in trouble. I know Jorge was high maintenance but he was always talking about things you’d done for him or bought him. I thought he was really into you.” Felix says.


“We all thought the others were okay. I guess sometimes we’ll all be more careful.” I say.


“You don’t have to be now. Alexander won’t mess you around.” Harry says.


“I won’t and Peter won’t mess me around.” Alexander says.


“I am exhausted. I expect Alexander has room for you to stay.” I say.


“I do I’ll show you.” Alexander says.


I walk into the bathroom and get ready for bed. Alexander comes in looking sexy.


We climb into bed and I pull him close.


“I am super lucky to have you. I love you so much.” I say.


“I love you and I feel so lucky. I’m so excited that you’re moving in.” Alexander says.


“Not too fast for you?” I ask.


“Not fast enough. Baby I meant it about being married. I want you totally nailed down.” Alexander says.


“Mr go slow who wants to enjoy the early days of romance is on warp speed again.” I laugh.


“We can make this work though this time? Forever?” Alexander asks.


“Yes we can. We will.” I say.


“Kiss me.” Alexander demands.


I pull him up to my face and kiss him deeply, over and over.



2 thoughts on “Talking with friends

  1. Hmm, I understand Peter wanting to move into Alexander’s place but I feel like Alexander moving into Peter’s place is actually more healthy for them. There was always a bit of a stress on Peter not feeling like he has his own space or that he’s just a add-on to Alexander’s world. And Peter worked hard to get that place, get the kitchen sorted and everything. I’m catching up and I saw the next one was written but I kind of hope that they change their minds and have Alex move in with Peter instead. I think Peter needs his own space with his own things, it might be more of a emotional anchor for him especially after what he’s been through and that he’s in therapy. He can’t keep feeling like a just an attachment to Alex’s life and world. He needs his own. They can still be together though that’s fine.


    1. Peter hasn’t thought it through at all. All he was thinking was I’m going away for 2 months, my friends need somewhere to stay, they should use my place. He hasn’t thought about it long term.

      You’re right buying that place was a big deal for him, it was his haven after his world fell in and it was the first time he made a home for himself.

      That said Alexander has made steps to move into Peter’s world and is hopefully a lot more aware of how his choices impact Peter.

      Thanks for reading



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