Making plans


We spend the next few days moving Peter’s things here, Felix and finally Harry’s things to Peter’s place. I love that Peter has some things here. His big sofa is here and we took mine to his place for Harry and Felix.


We run a bath to soak away our aches.


I love this bathroom. I had it done with Peter in mind, an extra-long tub with a view out to the ocean, it has a sliding glass door so we can let the sea air in when it’s cool enough, like tonight. I lean back against Peter and he hugs me.


“You built this tub for us.” Peter says.


“You bought your sofa for us.” I say.


“I didn’t even realize at the time. You love it and I love this tub.” Peter says.


“I do.” I say.


“So how has our first week together been for you?” Peter asks.


“Perfect. It feels so, so right. I love you so, so much, it is such a relief to be able to put that out in the open.” I say meaning it, I’ve loved being with my Peter. I love that he is my Peter. All mine.


“I can feel how much you love me every day, you’re building my confidence back. I don’t want to put too much pressure on you or sound too dependent but it is true. You loving me makes me feels so much better, stronger. I hope you feel good that I love you, I hope you feel it too.” Peter says surprising me and making me feel amazing.


“I can feel it. I feel so, so loved. I was so worried about you but you were just like me, keeping it all squashed down.” I say.


“Not now, I can shout it out and tell you every day.” Peter says.


“Why did it slip out at the market?” I ask curious.


“It was true, I thought as a friend. I’d missed you, I was having a great time, I loved you holding my hand. I just wanted you to know I wasn’t mad at you for not calling, even though I kind of was.” Peter says.


“You gave me hope, just like with the rings.” I say.


“You don’t need hope now its reality. What work have you got coming up?” Peter asks.


“Not much. Not after the next trip.” I say.


“So you really will be looking after me.” Peter says.


“I hope so. That is what I want. I’m finally getting the chance to repay you for looking after me when we were first together.” I say smiling at the thought.


“You have already repaid me over and over. But I’ll enjoy seeing you after work every day and running with you and just being us. Us with proper time together.” Peter says.


“When you said you need to do another school year after this one are you planning to leave?” I ask.


“Yes. I should never have taken this job, I’m done with research and teaching.” Peter says.


“Your papers have been so interesting though. Are you sure?” I ask.


“Yeah I rushed everything and I don’t know why. I like the school here and the team but I don’t want to stay long term.” Peter says.


“What will you do instead?” I ask.


“I’d like to do something with those apps I built with Blondie, finish off my book series and maybe do some tutoring or a bit of work for Felix. I now I won’t be contributing much but I would like to look after you and wherever we are living.” Peter says.


“So I could do a play at that point as you have portable work.” I say.


“Yeah. I’d look after you and wherever we’re living and take my break. If that’s okay.” Peter says.


“You sound like you’re ready to accept the money as ours.” I say feeling really happy.


“I’ll have money from my house, I could sell it if I need to. But yeah I’m happy for finances to be shared. I’d never go off and spend frivolously on a sports car or expensive clothes.” Peter says.


“I know. I just feel like we’ve a mountain of money and 3 houses and an island we don’t need to work. I like the idea of us taking it in turns to work so we can move for whoever has the opportunity at the time.” I say.


“Sounds really good. We somehow combined our personalities at some point, my ambition and your work ethic combined and we forgot how to balance anything.” Peter says.


“Yeah we have spent so much time being full on, we both need total rest. We’ll fit in a trip or two to the island when we can.” I say.


“So no taking jobs just for the pay check and lots of time for each other. The idea of a real reason to go home at night is very exciting to me.” Peter says.


“Sounds perfect, I can’t wait to welcome you home. That’s the future sorted now we just need to get through the next 2 months.” I say.


“I know. We can do it. We’ve survived so long apart without talking, lots of calls and facetime will be amazing.” Peter says.


“If we could have talked like this 5 years ago maybe we wouldn’t have been apart.” I say.


“We weren’t ready then, at least I wasn’t. We had lots still to learn. We are ready now.” Peter says.


We kiss and touch until the water cools too much. We get out and Peter slides the door back and we step outside nude to look at the ocean. Holding hands dripping wet we breathe in the night air. We’re not overlooked at all but it still feels daring.


We hop back inside and wrap each other in towels and dry each other off.


“Are you scared this is going too well, that it is all too easy?” Peter asks running his fingers over my back as he hugs me close, our towels fallen to the floor.


“Terrified. I’m not saying you make me feel insecure but I am very aware we have a lot of issues to sort through and we could end up in the shit if we don’t deal with them. We have this plan but so many things could come up, we could get opportunities in different places at the same time or we could both be out of work, one of us might feel more settled in a place than the other. So much could cause trouble in reality. At least we know neither of us will fuck up just for the drama.” I say.


“I’m not Eric or Jay. We’ve earned this. We deserve to be properly happy.” Peter says.


“We will be. I am going to do all I can to make sure we are. Every morning I wake up and feel so lucky and in love.” I say.


“You love me more asleep than awake.” Peter laughs.


“I should have stayed after the dinner. If you had woken with me on your chest you would have made love to me, broken up with Jorge and I’d have paid Eric off, drug or no drugs.” I say daydreaming.


“If you’d followed me to the airport after the funeral and begged me for another chance, I’d have said yes, taken you in my arms and kissed you forever.” Peter says surprising me.


“You would?” I ask.


“I waited for the last possible moment to go through just in case you turned up.” Peter says.


“Well we both appreciate what we have all the more for all our dreams about missed chances. I’m so glad you insisted it wasn’t too soon that you pushed me into this because I didn’t want to be miserable for another minute.” I say.


“Take me now.” Peter demands.


“Are you horny or did I make you horny?” I ask jokingly.


“Nothing hotter than my man telling me he wants me in his life forever and telling me his plans.” Peter says kissing me.


“Fuck I need you so bad.” I groan as he kisses me harder.


I bend him over my desk and drop to my knees licking his crack and making him moan. I rub at his hole with my fingers and let him gasp. He wants me he really wants me. I tease him some more with my tongue not too much I need him now and he’s crying out for me to fuck him.


“You really want it.” I ask.


“Fuck baby you know I need your big dick.” Peter moans.


I stand up and get ready rubbing his hole with one hand as I roll on the condom with my other.


“Give me baby, give me.” Peter groans as I begin pushing in.


I push his back down and go straight to pounding. I need him, he needs me, I just can’t hold back, I fucking love his ass. He takes me all so well. We are a perfect fit. I grab his hips to steady myself and bang harder.


“Fuck baby go.” Peter cries out.


Go I go, he feels too good, I’m lost, I cum deep inside him and lean forward and kiss his neck. He turns to meet my mouth. We kiss and he stands up and covers my face with kisses, backing me towards the bed.


“Your turn, give me that ass.” Peter says.


Give it to me

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