End of year wrap

Just a short one to finish this section off.
I hoped to get all of this done by Christmas and to get this wrap up posted by my birthday but I took the wrong notebook away wih me and had so little time alone to get anything done.

Christmas 2014 I found nifty and read Cowboy Christmas. I then enjoyed a few college stories and loved some and was frustrated by others, you know how it goes.

I hated all the happily ever afters, especially finding the one so young. I wanted to read about someone who wasn’t so perfect, who cheated and fucked people around. A player who had no real moral compass.

Problem was I liked Alexander, a lot and worse still I got lots of positive feedback about Jay and how people hated the cold fish Alexander. I split them up with the intention of them finding each other again later, once Jay was less perfect and Alexander more human.

Then Peter happened and that relationship worked better for me. They had a more common outlook, they’d both been players to an extent but both craved security too. Somehow they grew and grew and that’s where the story went.

I know some of you will want the payoff of a wedding, whether I write it or not there is a wedding. From the second Alexander saw these rings he knew he wanted to wear one of them forever, he’d had enough bad luck, I couldn’t make him wait too long.

So now a break from the boys (I know, I know I always say that then write more) I’ve got out the story I wanted. I’ve couple of ideas in my head for new short stories and want to get them out and maybe try another romance before looking at Peter and Alexander’s future.

Thanks for reading, for asking questions, giving comments and feedback. It was a crazy year and I’m really glad I started this project, I had no idea if I could do this, it’s not perfect but I did it.



3 thoughts on “End of year wrap

  1. It was a very enjoyable read with the main characters developing well over time. It was good to see that Alexander and Peter eventually made it. I look forward to when you write again and maybe somewhere give a catch up of the future for these two.


  2. No one ever asks for perfect but i have followed this story right through. It is such a realistic story with a solid story line, which i know has changed constantly over the time you have wrote it, but it naturally flows. Its great and i look forward to reading more of your stories. Hopefully in the future you will continue Alex’s story. Thank you for such a real story. All the look with your future writing.

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