The question

Every morning I text Alexander to ask if he still loves me. He comes up with something new everyday, a message, a picture. It’s our routine, a way to stay connected while we’re all over the place. Some days those messages are the only contact we have. Others we get to have long chats and we feel less distance.
We’re fully on track together, a couple with a future. I apologized for bailing and Alexander apologized for not telling me about Jay. I understand why he hid it and he understands why I was upset.

Jay is still his agent, something I am very uncomfortable with but he’s got a female, straight, assistant with him and doesn’t talk to Jay often. Thank goodness.

I still worry I’m on Jay’s shit list and he’ll fuck me over when he can. Being Blair’s client protects me to an extent but I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the career Blair wants to push me into.

I am loving my tour, absolutely loving it. It started out slowly, doing guest lectures, mostly to undergrads with the odd kid and parent who already liked the book. I’d shift a few books at signings and maybe do a local radio spot.

Then it went crazy, all events became ticketed, the prices pushing up and up. I had to do local TV spots along with radio and press interviews. It got crazy, I was flown out to do some national morning shows too. Sales have risen steadily and somehow I’m pretty popular.

The fans have been great. Sure I get some adults who just want to get in my pants but also a lot of kids who are happy to geek out out about science and parents who say my book has been a great refresher to help with homework.

I’ve not had any bad shit to deal with, if someone asks about Alexander during the Q&A session after a lecture the kids start booing, it’s become a thing. Sometimes I throw out an answer other times I just laugh.

The Interviewer from the first show I did came through and his production company spent last week filming me. We relocated from colleges to a TV studio to minimal complaints from ticket holders. It was long days and hard work but I’m pretty proud. They’d sold it to a streaming site and it is scheduled to be ready and out there in the autumn.

Blair is pushing me hard to agree to more TV opportunities beyond the tour but he accepts I have to go back to work and so can’t firmly agree to anything yet, especially as I need to talk things through with Alexander. I’m pretty certain I’ll agree to some advertising, it would be easy money.

Blair already knows not to even bother me with celebrity reality shows. I am in no way famous and certainly don’t want to invite that sort of intrusion in.
So I am back at my Alma Mater for the final week. It’s going to be a relatively quiet week as I’d arranged so many lunches and meetings with colleagues, students and friends. Felix came out for a couple of days and we went to Mamma Cat’s with Brian and Jamie for old times sake.

Felix is doing well. He’s staying in California, decided he likes he weather too much to go back east and he spends a lot better quality time with Jamie when they live so far apart. Those two are still the firmest for friends and Jamie and Brian are still crazy in love. Brian is ready to move on from school and is looking at jobs in the commercial sector and Jamie is still with the same firm doing really well.

Felix fills us in on the latest with Harry and Bobbie. I hear from Harry fairly regularly so nothing is much of a surprise. They are struggling to work out their financial settlement with neither of them wanting to compromise and Bobbie making fairly outrageous claims of supporting Harry when he was in school and that the house down payment that was a gift from Alexander should count as his and not joint. It all sounds like stupid bluster to me and I’m sad that two guys who I thought were so happy are ending up like this.

I also feel guilty that we’re all on Harry’s side, given both Alexander and I have been in Bobbie’s position in the past. But I can’t bring myself to call him, he was fucking my boyfriend.

The affair between all three was over as soon as they were caught. Brandon has been back begging for forgiveness from Felix but he’s not interested. I think he is far better suited to being single. He has been on some great dates and keeps us entertained for hours.

On the final morning I pack up my things and throw them in the trunk of my rental. I’m flying home tonight, well to Alexanders. He has 2 more weeks to go but I’ll feel closer to him in our place and anyway I’m back at work on Monday.

So I give my final lecture and ask for my final set of questions. I look up and Alexander is there standing in the aisle.

“I have a question.” Alexander says and gets onto one knee, holding out the ring box.

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