The cast in their own words


Blue Sky Cloudy Day, no shit that’s my name. I’m the son of a hippie lotto winner and a sperm donor. We live in the middle of nowhere, when Momma won her money she bought a shit load of land and decided to be as self-sufficient as possible, I guess that included having me without a man. Our neighbors (and that’s a loose term we are all pretty far apart) are other hippies, off the grid conspiracy theorists and farmers. True characters and I love them all, they are family to me.


My school ran right through from Kindergarten to twelfth grade as it rarely had more than 50 students in total. I wasn’t out at school, not because I was worried about prejudice or bullying, we had none of that, I just wasn’t attracted to anyone and so it never really came up. It’s not like anyone dated really, not traditionally, no movie theatres, bowling or mini golf to go to up here, no school games or dances. If there was an event at the community café like a band we would all go together.


I’m a total virgin, never been kissed, never been touched. I’ve jerked off with some guys on skype and that’s it. A fun thing about living so rurally is I have been able to go and jerk off outside and make all the noise I want without being heard or disturbed.


So now to a big city college. I’m excited and terrified. I’ve been emailing my roommate to be all summer. He is super cute and I cannot wait to meet him.




Robin Bascom, 18, regular guy, regular family. Well may be less than regular as my parents are still happily married. I have 2 younger sisters who I get along well with.


I met my girlfriend Jenna when we were trying out for cheer freshman year. Up until then I’d been in gymnastics but training was so many hours I barely had time for anything else. Cheer seemed like a way to continue with the fun parts. I didn’t care if people thought it was for girls.


Dad asked me to try wrestling too. He never teased me or complained about my cheer-leading but he was never going to enjoy it. He knew I was too small for most team sports and I think he figured wrestling was something he could share with me. I love it and continued all through High school. I hope to compete club in college.


Jenna is in school 3 hours away. We’re going to try the long distance thing. 4 years is a lot to give up on when we make each other so happy. I’m excited to experience college alone in a way, not as part of a couple.



Bertram Wallace Tracey Spencer, aka Spence. One half of Spence and Andy, we’ve been together for 3 years, living together for 2.


I’m the poor little rich boy, a pregnancy mistaken for menopause by my mother who thought her family was long complete with my two older brothers who were 10 and 12 when I was born.


Mom and Dad decided to continue with their plans to travel every winter and spend summers at their lake house once my middle brother left for college when I was 8. I went to boarding school and it wasn’t so bad.

When I moved to an elite prep at 14 it became a nightmare I was very small for my age and weak. I had terrible crushes on the upperclassmen that I just didn’t know how to hide or handle. The bullying ended with a fractured eye socket and me begging my parents to let me go to school locally.


They agreed and they and my brothers would check in on me every few weeks and the housekeeper notionally kept an eye on me. A year later they let Andy move in.




Andrew Parker the other half of Spence and Andy. We met when we were tiny, before Spence went away to school and we got reacquainted when he came back sophomore year, we dated for a year and I decided to come out to my family because I hated hiding him from them.


My stepdad did not take it well, beat me to a pulp, my brave little sister called 911 for the police and an ambulance, she was only 9 at the time. Spence’s family welcomed me in, happy for Spence to have a friend with him fulltime. I think they were glad they didn’t need to check in so often.


My sister now lives with my Aunt Roe who was amazing, 6 months after it happened my Mom suddenly wised up and filed for divorce, my Aunt took her in with no judgement. I spend vacations with them and school time with Spence, no one wanted me to have to change schools.


I love Spence, yes its crazy young to be tied down but I don’t feel that way. I want to be with him. I feel so happy we’re in school together, he could have afforded a much more prestigious school but he is happiest with me.




Gervais Hamber, I like my name, I think it suits me. I doubt any of my classmates at Prep school ever knew what it was. Fag, Geek, Moron, Fucker, Shit, Gaylord all the things I was called on a daily basis. It wasn’t just names the bullying was physical too. I hated every second of being in that school. But I survived, I never fought back and I never let them see me cry, even when I was bruised and bleeding. I am so proud of myself for surviving.


I like my own company, I can happily spend days without talking to anyone. For social interaction I have my gamer friends online. None of them know I look like a stereotypical twink, tiny, skinny, blonde, near hairless and am utterly, utterly gay.


I don’t know how I’ll deal with college, to say I have trust issues is beyond simplification, I love men but boys my age terrify me. I don’t plan on talking to anyone here, ever.




3 thoughts on “The cast in their own words

  1. I am upset I wont be seeing more of the Alexander story but I could tell my your writing that your heart wasnt really into it anymore I hope one day you will continue their story but I look forward to reading this one and can tell this might bring you more joy in writing again and I think I may already be hooked to see where this leads.


    1. Honestly I’m just taking a break from writing Alexander to get other stuff down. Sorry if it seemed like I wasn’t in to it recently, I enjoyed writing the post college parts a lot. I’ve just had more real life stuff to deal with that made it harder to find the time. I probably rushed some of it.
      I plan to get this one up and running if I can then maybe alternate to keep me fresh.
      Thanks for reading



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