Getting to know you

Blue walks though the suite to room 2 and opens the door.


“You’re finally here.” Robin cries as he bounds across the room and pulls Blue into a hug. Blue drops his bags and returns the embrace. Robin is as beautiful as his picture and in that brief embrace Blue’s crush is firmly cemented.


“We have a corner room so we both get a window, I hope you’re okay with this bed choice.” Robin says.


“Sure, it is a great room. Look I’m not used to sharing and I’m used to a lot of space so if I’m a pain please call me out. I won’t be offended at all.” Blue says.


“Oh me too. I mean I’ve shared hotel rooms with my little sisters on family vacations and my girlfriend stays over quite often but that isn’t the same as sharing long term. I’m pretty neat usually.” Robin says.


“Is your girlfriend going here?” Blue asks sad at the news they’re clearly still together.


“No, she’ll be 3 hours away. She’s doing musical theatre so didn’t have many options she went where she got in. We’ll be okay though, no point throwing 4 years away when we’re in love.” Robin says.


Robin met his girlfriend his freshman year of highschool when they were both trying out for cheerleading. Until then Robin had been in gymnastics but training took up more hours than he liked and he knew he’d never be much above average. Cheer seemed a good way to enjoy the fun parts and keep at least his tumbling skills fresh.


Robin’s dad had asked him to try out for the wrestling team too. His dad never complained about cheer or teased him about it but it was never something he enjoyed watching. Realistic about Robin being too small for most team sports wrestling seemed like something he could support his son doing in person.


Robin made the team and loved it. His flexibility and strength served him well and he competed throughout highschool, his dad travelling to every meet.


“I need to shower. Want to go eat after? I can unpack later.” Blue says digging through his bag for his shower kit and a towel.


“Sure I’ll look up places to go, the dining hall isn’t open until tomorrow.” Robin says


The suite has 3 bedrooms, a living area and 2 bathrooms. Blue is a little disappointed he had fantasies about big open showers and seeing lots of dick.


Blue lathers up washing the grime of the journey away. He thinks about Robin, he knows he’s straight and in a relationship, he knows he shouldn’t be objectifying him but he’s soon stroking his dick and imagining being fucked by his cute straight roommate.


Blue didn’t always know he was gay. He knew he had no interest in girls but thought maybe it would come later, he wasn’t attracted to any men in his community either. When he was 11 or 12 during one of his twice yearly visits to the city to buy clothes he became obsessed with the bulges on the front of the underwear boxes. Those and a copy of men’s health he slipped into the grocery cart became his porn for the next couple of years, until good internet finally reached them and he found all the jerk off material he desired.


Blue bites his lip as he orgasms, washes off the shower walls, dries off and heads back into the room in a towel.


“Wow you have a great body. Do you work out?” Robin asks as Blue gets dressed.


“Lots of chores and yoga keep me in shape. I spend so much time active outdoors, hiking, swimming and fishing.” Blue says.


“When people meet us they’ll think I’m the gay one.” Robin says.


“Why did you choose the LGBT housing?” Blue asks.


“I ticked the box that I’d be happy to be placed here because I was. Spence and Andy who will be in the other double are 2 of my closest friends. We didn’t plan to be together but we’re glad that we are.” Robin says. Blue’s face falls at the thought of sharing Robin with his suitemates.


“You already know the others?” Blue asks.


“Don’t worry, we won’t leave you out or anything. They are often in their own couple world anyway.” Robin says.


“Thanks. I’m okay with being alone a lot too, used to it.” Blue says.


“Is pizza okay? I found a buffet place nearby.” Robin says.


“Sure, sounds good.” Blue says.


The boys walk to the restaurant together chatting about classes they want to take and things they did over the summer and speculate over what the fifth suitemate might be like.


“Are you a vegetarian?” Robin asks as Blue sits down with another plate of plain and veggie slices.


“Pescatarian I guess. We grow most of what we eat and we have chickens and goats for eggs and cheese and I love to fish. I’ve never eaten meat.” Blue says.


“Do you not hunt?” Robin asks curious about his rugged outdoorsy roommate.


“No. I’m not against it, it’s just never been my thing. I love days on my boat on the lake, reading and fishing.” Blue says.


“That’s cool. You’re so comfortable in your own skin. It’s really refreshing.” Robin says.


“You too. You’re the campest, most beautified guy I’ve ever met and you totally own it.” Blue says smiling at his crush.


“I’ve probably been called fag and gay meant as an insult a thousand times more than you for sure. My voice is my voice, my size is my size. I like making my hair and eyebrows look good, I like tanning and my girlfriend likes how I look and so do I. Sure sometimes I’d love to look like you, all rugged and handsome but that is not how I am and I might as well make the best of what I have.” Robin says.


“Rugged is that a polite way of saying I’m an unkempt mess?” Blue asks laughing.


“No you’re like Bear Grylls or a cowboy. All stubble and muscle.” Robin says as Blue laughs even louder.


“You are funny. My clothes are shit. Want to come shopping with me tomorrow? Sort me out with city clothes? I need a phone too.” Blue says.


“Did you smash your screen?” Robin asks.


“No, I never had a cellphone.” Blue says.


“Holy shit? Seriously? How do you cope?” Robin says.


“We don’t have much coverage and I never really needed one. I will now.” Blue says.


“You will. I’d love to come shopping with you. It’ll be fun.” Robin says smiling, he really likes Blue and is happy to spend time with him.


The boys walk back to their dorm full and happy. They introduce themselves to others on their floor on the way back to their suite, they are all girls.


When they get back the door to the single room is closed but there’s no answer when they knock.


“Do you think we’re the only guys on the whole floor?” Blue asks as he starts to unpack.


“I’m sure we’re not. Though it looks like it so far.” Robin replies setting up his Xbox one.


“There can’t only be four gay freshmen.” Blue says still puzzling their situation.


“Maybe in honors housing.” Robin says.


“I guess I didn’t expect there to be so many lesbians or bi girls or whatever. So much for me being able to meet someone, I’ve a straight roommate, a couple in the other double, leaving one potentially eligible guy.” Blue grumbles.


“Oh please you’ll get a phone tomorrow, join grindr and I’ll be sexiled in no time.” Robin laughs.


“I opted for this housing as I thought it would be easier to identify other gay guys without offending anyone. Not just for dating or hooking up but to talk to. I’ve never even met another gay man before, not in real life.” Blue explains.


“And here I am taking up someone’s spot.” Robin says embarrassed.


“Nah I’m sure if there were others they’d be here. I just didn’t think this through.” Blue says still down.


“We can go to a meeting or something so you can find other guys.” Robin suggests.


“I don’t know if I’m much of a joiner.” Blue says unsure.


“They’ll surely have social events, even if you don’t fancy the meetings.” Robin says.


“Yes and maybe Spence and Andy will want to go with me so you don’t have to.” Blue says.


“Or Mr single room.” Robin says.


Blue watches Robin playing his game for a few minutes utterly transfixed at his crushes concentration.


“Hey you’ve never had a hotdog or a mcdonalds?” Robin asks suddenly when Blue is finished unpacking.


“No, today was only the second time I’ve had pizza in a restaurant.” Blue admits.


“What the fuck. Are you actually Amish?” Robin exclaims.


“Ha ha no. Twice a year we’d make a trip to the city for supplies and we’d eat out or buy things for a picnic. Mostly we’d go to veggie or vegan places where my Momma knew the owner but sometimes we’d try other places.” Blue explains.


“But you must have had somewhere to go close to home?” Robin asks totally unable to get his head round it.


“We had a community café where we’d make one sweet and one savory dish when it was our turn. It’s pretty cool, musicians play in the evenings and other entertainment. But there were no restaurants.” Blue says.


“Will you try things now? A hotdog at a game? A mcdonalds breakfast with me?” Robin asks.


“I guess so. I mean college is the time to try new things. I’ll go to the places, not sure if I’ll eat meat though.” Blue says.


“And you’re not the sort to complain about what others eat.” Robin says.


“No of course not. Want a cookie? All this food talk has me hungry again.” Blue asks, digging a tin out from under his bed.


“What flavor?” Robin asks.


“Just sugar cookies, made with goat cheese, don’t look like that they are good.” Blue says laughing holding out the tin.


“Wow, these are so good. You made these? Shame we only have a microwave.” Robin says.


“I have biscotti too but we’ll need drinks to dunk them in. We need a coffeemaker.” Blue says.


“We have a long shopping list. We’ll struggle to get it all back.” Robin says.


“We’ll manage we don’t have to do it all tomorrow.” Blue says.


“I need to shower. It’s getting late. I guess midnight will be early soon.” Robin says.


“Maybe. What is your sleep schedule usually?” Blue asks.


“I do stay up latest often if I’m alone. Sleep earlier when Jenna is over.” Robin says.


“Tire yourselves out.” Blue laughs and Robin blushes.


Blue walks round the lounge area again as Robin showers. The couches are gross and damaged, given they’re not on the furnishing list they must be left by the last occupants. Blue wonders about buying new ones. He has a generous allowance and a credit card for school things, he’s not sure if furniture would be pushing it a bit. It isn’t like Momma can’t afford it but Blue has been brought up pretty frugally. He likes that he isn’t materialistic. He worries that school will make him lose his roots and he’ll go too wild.


Blue knocks on the door of the single one last time with no reply.


Inside the single Gervais holds his breath. He was delighted the suite was empty when he arrived so he could get settled in without having to make small talk. Now he feels like he missed the window to introduce himself without it being awkward. Not that he’s that keen to meet anyone, he just wants to keep his head down and study. He knows he will have to talk to some classmates but right now he wants to adjust to his new space.


Blue heads back into the room and stretches out on his bed. He feels pretty happy. His room is bigger than he expected, Robin is more than he’d dreamed of. Not being around many guys his own age or any gay men at all Blue is still unsure what sort of men he likes. Robin with his effeminate voice has shot to the top of the list so far.


“Wow you have a great body too.” Blue says as Robin comes in from the shower.


“Thanks. I hope to join the wresting club so I’ve been working out over the summer. You should come try out with me, I bet you’d be good.” Robin says.


“Nah, I wouldn’t trust myself around guys in unitards. Uh I don’t want you to feel awkward or creeped out but I do find you really attractive and I am bound to get some inappropriate boners at some point.” Blue says.


“Wow you’re open. Look I’m used to getting regular sex, next week a breeze or a good cup of coffee will have me hard. Don’t sweat it, we’re men, it happens.” Robin says putting Blue at ease.


“Well if you ever need me to help you out.” Blue says with a smirk.


“Oh come on, you are not that guy, you are not a sleaze. Don’t be that guy.” Robin says.


“Sorry. Hey you’ll probably miss just having someone to snuggle with too. We can be cuddle buddies when you need it, I promise not to feel you up. I wouldn’t ever do anything, you’re right.” Blue says feeling pretty awful for what he said.


“You know I’ll be taking you up on that sometime.” Robin says.


“We need to replace those couches out there.” Blue says.


“I’ll go in on that, Spence will too not doubt and cover Andy’s share. We can look tomorrow.” Robin says.


“Cool. Night Robin, thanks for making me feel so welcome.” Blue says.


“We’re equal sharers you moron. But I like you too.” Robin says.


The boys fall asleep quickly tired from the long day.





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