Everyone is here

Blue wakes early disorientated by the noise of someone else breathing and the faint hum of traffic. He looks across the room and seeing Robin sleeping puts him at ease. He gets out of bed to piss and then stands in the living area and starts to stretch.


It is too early for breakfast in the dining hall and it is raining heavily outside. Blue feels a little restless so he stretches some more and slips into his usual yoga routine.


Gervais has also woken early desperate for the bathroom, he held it all last night not wanting to alert the others to him being here using the flush. He can’t hear anything so he dashes out to the bathroom. He stops in his tracks at the sight of Blue bent in two stretching. Without saying anything he dashes on to the bathroom.


Blue barely notices, I his own world. He stops when Gervais comes back out.


“Hey I’m Blue.” He says quietly sensing the nervousness in the other boy.


“Gervais.” Gervais replies holding out his hand. Blue shakes it and stands up.


“Did you get in late?” Blue asks.


“No, I uh, I guess you were out when I arrived, I went to sleep pretty early. It was a long day.” Gervais says barely audible.


“Sorry if we were too loud. It was just me and Robin, the other two will arrive today apparently. The three all went to high school together. Are you gay too?” Blue asks.


Gervais nods briefly.


“Finally! Robin is lovely but he’s straight. You are the first other gay man I’ve ever met. I am so excited.” Blue says his eyes sparkling.


“He’s straight?” Gervais asks quietly, shrinking away.


“Yeah but honestly you wouldn’t know.” Blue says.


“Was that yoga you were doing?” Gervais asks, somehow he feels safe around Blue. Maybe it’s because he’s a big guy yet totally friendly and not at all threatening.


“Yeah, I do some every day if I can. I’d rather do it outside but the rain stopped that.” Blue says.


“You look so flexible.” Gervais says surprising himself.


“Yes I can suck my own dick, no I don’t it’s weird.” Blue says and Gervais surprises himself even further but falling about laughing. Gervais can’t remember the last time he laughed properly.


“Want me to show you some poses?” Blue asks once Gervais calms down again.


“I’d really like that. I hated every gym class, every wasted Saturday being forced to place sports I hated for four years in school. I never tried yoga so I don’t have the same negative attitude for it and I accept I will need to exercise sometime in my life.” Gervais says, probably the longest thing he’s said to anyone in person in years. He’s feeling pretty proud of himself. Laughing and talking more than he’s ever expected so soon.


Blue teaches Gervais some basics and the move well together. They talk a little but not too much and Gervais finally feels fully comfortable about a male his own age. Somehow Blue quickly tunes into the level of conversation that Gervais can cope with. Through the movements Gervais relaxes and lets himself enjoy it.


“We’re talking about replacing the furniture. Do you want to come and look at some with us?” Blue asks once they finish.


“Not really.” Gervais replies.


“Okay. Shall we shower up and go get breakfast? It’ll be open in a few minutes. I bet it’ll be quiet.” Blue says.


“That sounds good. Will we let Robin sleep?” Gervais asks, hoping strongly in his head.


“Yeah I think so. I want to get to know you better and I’m guessing you’d prefer that to be one on one.” Blue says.


“Yeah. How come you’re so sensitive towards me?” Gervais asks.


“There is a yoga retreat in my community, it attracts hippies and fitness and spiritual types but also people who are trying to rebuild their lives use it for the quiet. You kind of have the look of some of them. I guess high school was a rough ride, given what you said about sport.” Blue says.


“Ahh you’re from a small place and appreciate a chance to a visit the dining hall when it’s quiet too?” Gervais says finding he can read Blue well too.


“Bingo.” Blue says.


The two shower and get dressed. Robin is still fast asleep so Blue feels no guilt, he’s too hungry. The dining hall is quiet as expected. Blue is pretty wary of the food, Gervais used to mass catering at school figures it’ll be more of the same. The selection is better than they both expected. Blue ends up with a towering stack of pancakes and eggs.


“You that hungry?” Gervais asks.


“Yeah, well no but I’ve found out from Robin my diet isn’t that normal and so I figure I should fill up when there is food I really like.” Blue says.


“Like pancakes?” Gervais asks smiling, happy to be learning about his new friend.


“Yup and eggs, though these are disgusting, do not eat them.” Blue says spitting them food into a napkin.


“Yeah watered down mush. We had it at school. I forced myself to eat oatmeal every day even though I hated it because the eggs were really toxic.” Gervais says.


“I have chickens at home, I guess I can’t expect anything in the city to taste as fresh as I’m used to. Did you go to boarding school then?” Blue asks.


“Yes, it was hell, sheer hell. My dad hates me because my Mom died in childbirth. Hates me being around at all. I had a nanny until I was old enough to board. So even though school was sheer hell home was no better.” Gervais says quietly, slowly.


“I am really sorry you have had such a hard time. I hope college is a new start for you. I doubt you trust me that much yet but you are welcome to come home with me for any vacations.” Blue says.


“Thank-you. I do trust you already. You are so calm. Is your name blue or is it a nickname?” Gervais asks quickly moving conversation away from himself.


“You cannot tell anyone.” Blue says with a grin.


“Go ahead, I can keep a secret.” Gervais says, happy that Blue clearly trusts him too.


“Blue Sky Cloudy Day is my full name. My for sure, real name.” Blue says.


“It sure suits you.” Gervais says honestly.


“It is crazy but it fits in with the area I come from. Several of the people at my school had similar names.” Blue says.


“When it’s just us you know I’ll be calling you Blue Sky. I guess cloudy comes out when you’re in a bad mood.” Gervais says.


“I’m a pretty happy guy.” Blue says smiling.


“It’s catching.” Gervais says.


“You’re really cute when you laugh.” Blue says happy to finally be able to compliment a guy who might enjoy it.


“Thanks. You too.” Gervais says.


“Are you going to hide away again upstairs?” Blue asks as they start walking back to the suite.


“I have some reading to do.” Gervais says.


“Don’t worry, I will never bug you to do things if you don’t want to. If you’re up early tomorrow we can do some more yoga.” Blue says.


“Thanks Blue Sky.” Gervais says closing his door behind him.


Blue is full of thoughts of his 2 new friends as he opens the door to his room.


“Shit sorry.” Blue says frozen to the spot for a second unable to take his eyes off Robin who is shooting his load after enjoying having the room to himself.


Blue comes to and walks out the door, embarrassed and aroused. He now knows what Robin’s cock and cum-face look like. All he can think of is that he wished it was his hand round the uncut meat and his actions making Robin squirm like that.


“Sorry man I should have put something on the door. Morning wood, you know how it is.” Robin says not too embarrassed.


“Sorry I will knock in future. I thought you’d still be asleep. You were totally dead when I left.” Blue says.


“Don’t worry about it. It’s going to happen. Hey we’ve already got it out the way. I’ll shower and grab food to go and we can go shopping.” Robin says.


“Sounds good. I’ll get ready.” Blue says relieved things are going to be okay.


Robin drives them round various places. Blue gets his cellphone and some clothes. They look at furniture but don’t want to make any decisions without the others. They do pick up a coffee machine though.


“Okay we have to start your junk food initiation. Mall food court for lunch?” Robin asks.


“Okay. I guess I need to start somewhere.” Blue says laughing.


“Noodles and goop very good. I take it that’s vegetable goop?” Robin asks.


“Tofu. It is pretty good. How’s your burger?” Blue asks.


“Delicious. I’ll get you to eat a steak before Christmas.” Robin says.


“You’re so weird, happy that I’m gay, not happy I don’t eat meat.” Blue says shaking his head, figuring he’ll stick to having meals with the non-judgmental Gervais.


“I’m sorry. It’s just you’re so different, you’re not how you look.” Robin says.


“Neither are you.” Blue says getting a little annoyed.


“I guess not. I’m sorry, I’m being really rude.” Robin says. They quickly move to more neutral topics.


“Spence and Andy have arrived and are all set up. Are you finished shopping?” Robin asks after checking his phone.


“Yes. I’ve never bought this much stuff.” Blue says.


“You’re not short of money. You have a black card like Spence, yet you seem to live poor.” Robin says.


“We live frugally sure, my Momma hates waste. But we had everything we needed. I don’t feel deprived. I never wanted videogames or designer clothes, no one in my community was that way really. I had a boat and a truck, all the fishing and camping gear I ever needed. I just have different interests to you.” Blue says.


“I guess. You’re just different to other rich kids I know.” Robin says.


“You’re not exactly poor yourself. This car is pretty fancy.” Blue says.


“Graduation gift from my Grandparents. Sure my family do okay, I was somewhere in the middle at my high school. Lots of kids had nice or nicer cars than this all through high school. I had my Moms old car until a few months ago.” Robin says.


“I didn’t think about driving here. I am grateful you could drive today and we didn’t have to get the bus or cabs.” Blue says.


“I was lucky I got in early admission so got a parking permit before they were all gone.” Robin says.


“Lucky for us both.” Blue says trying to lighten the mood. He feels really uncomfortable with the money talk. No one at home ever talks of it, not really. I guess we knew who was the poorest but at school at least it was never an issue, we didn’t have any mean girl types.


We walk back into the suite and the living area is totally changed, the beat up furniture is gone and 2 big couches and a rug are there.


“Wow what happened?” Blue says a little disappointed.


“Hey guys. You must be Blue I’m Andy.” Andy says shaking Blue’s hand. Andy is tall and skinny, he has floppy hair and glasses, looks like a really cute nerd.


“Nice to meet you. Did you and Spence bring all this?” Blue asks.


“I arranged it.” Spence says walking out of their room.


“That was nice of you. Good job we didn’t order anything earlier.” Blue says still feeling off about the situation, even though he was close to doing the same thing to the others.


“”When Robin told me the situation I called a store I know and they took away the old shit and luckily had this pair in stock. I really like them. If you move your TV out here Robin it’ll be perfect.” Spence says clearly used to getting his own way. As an outsider Blue is surprised that the cheerful, open Andy and his bubbly roommate are friends with this guy.


Well actually he can see superficially why Andy is with Spence, he’s tall and dark and muscular and has beautiful full red lips and deep blue eyes. So far the guy seems like a showoff and a jerk.


“My TV is staying where it is. I like to watch movies as I fall asleep.” Robin says. Blue looks at him and smiles, glad his roommate isn’t a walkover.


“But you have the biggest TV. We need one out here.” Spence says.


“Not mine. Not right now.” Robin says.


“As you’ve gone ahead and bought the furniture without including us, I could get a TV as I didn’t bring one with me.” Blue says showing he can be a smug dick himself, Robin looks over at him gratefully.


“Well okay but maybe we can use Robin’s for now.” Spence says not letting up.


“He said no, he means it. I’ve offered to get one. Presumably you have a computer or tablet you can watch on for now.” Blue says losing patience. Robin is surprised at the agitation of his laid back roommate.


“Sure if you want to be an antisocial douche stay in your room. I don’t want some hick like you stinking up my furniture anyway.” Spence says, battle lines already drawn.


Blue walks away shaking his head, hating that he got sucked in. Worried about Gervais coping with someone like Spence, hating who Spence turned him into. Blue can’t remember the last time he didn’t get along with someone, can barely remember the last disagreement he had outside of class. He flops down on his bed and worries.


“Thanks for having my back.” Robin says, dropping down right next to Blue on Blue’s bed. Blue shifts over a little to make room then reached his arm out and scoops Robin into a hug. It feels like the most natural thing in the world.


“Is he usually such a dick?” Blue asks.


“He is used to getting his own way.” Robin says.


“So why are you friends with him. I can’t imagine you being close to someone like that.” Blue says honestly.


“He isn’t always like that. He’s smart and funny and generous. He is a great boyfriend to Andy too and he doesn’t have the easiest life.” Robin explains.


“I’m sorry I got hooked by the bait. I was pretty pissed about the furniture, I was kind of looking forward to us choosing stuff as a group, making a home for ourselves.” Blue says.


“Me too. I think that’s why I said no to the TV. It feels like all Spence out there.” Robin says snuggling closer to Blue.


“Yeah, his taste is 60 year old man. Not cool like we looked at earlier.” Blue says.


“I know, that rug looks like puke. Maybe that’s the idea so it doesn’t show the stains if we do chuck up on it.” Robin laughs.


“You two are already friend so I guess this will blow over between you. How can I make it right? I really don’t want to hate my suitemate.” Blue says.


“You did nothing wrong. Let him cool off and then just be normal. Don’t let him get away with anything.” Robin says.


Across the hall Spence and Andy are making out heavily. They have pushed their beds together at one end of the room. Andy knows the only way to shift Spence out of an aggressive mood is a good pounding.


“Ugh do you think we could put these beds in storage and get a real one?” Spence complains.


“Whatever you want baby. Now let me at your ass.” Andy says pulling Spence’s jeans off.


“Such a charmer,” Spence says.



“You want sweet talk or my tongue in your hole.” Andy laughs.


“Get on it, earn your keep babe.” Spence laughs.


Andy laughs and flicks his tongue along his boyfriends crack.


“Oh yeah babe that is sooooooo good.” Spence groans.


Andy leans back and smiles at his boyfriend’s furry crack before diving back in and lapping at his hole, making him groan and moan. Andy loves feeling the tension fall away from his boyfriend. Andy loves Spence unconditionally, he knows he can be a dick at times and that he needs reigning in to stop him bulldozing his friends but he loves him faults and all.


“Fuck me baby, I’m ready, please fuck me.” Spence groans, the only time he ever begs is for Andy’s cock.


“Enjoy this baby.” Any says lightly running his tongue back and forth, he could eat Spencer’s ass all day. He grabs lube from the drawer, they’ve unpacked the important things.


“You want this?” Andy asks as Spencer rolls onto his back and stares up at him.


Spence nods, entirely submissive, desperate for Andy’s long meat. Andy lifts Spence’s long legs up on to his shoulders and runs the head of his dick back and forth across Spence’s hole.


“Give it to me, please babe, please.” Spence begs over and over.


Andy pushes in his head loving how his boyfriend feels as he gives way.  Spencer lets out a load moan as Andy pushes in.


“We’re not at home any more. You’re going to have to learn to be quiet.” Andy says pulling off one of his boyfriends socks and sticking it in his mouth. Spence’s eyes widen in shock but he leaves the sock where it is.


Andy glides in and out, holding his boyfriends ankles for leverage. Spencer beneath him floats in bliss his stubby cock at full attention. Andy begins to slam in harder, his balls slapping his boyfriend’s ass.


“Flip over.” Andy says pulling out. Spence gets on all fours and smiles inwardly, he’s in heaven, all bother with Robin and Blue has melted away.


Andy grabs Spence’s hips and pushes in.


“You feel so good baby.” Andy says as he moves slowly, running one hand up his back and grabbing Spence’s hair and starts pounding hard.


Slam, slam, slam, bam, bam, bam. Andy pounds and pounds his boyfriend’s ass, Spence still gagged with the sock is drooling and moaning into the fabric.


“Mugh, ugh, ugh.” Spence groans feeling amazing deep inside.


“UUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Spence groans the sock falling out letting his orgasmic cry free. Andy enjoys the pulsing on his dick, slowing for a moment before pounding some more. He pulls out and Spence scrambles to turn around and take his boyfriends big dick in his mouth, just as the cum starts to shoot.


“That was so good. Let’s go shower.” Andy says.


“Okay, why are we in a dorm? It is so annoying that we can’t walk around nude, sleep in a normal bed, have to have quiet sex and the place is full of girls. It sucks.” Spence says.


“Come on you know we have to be in the dorms for the first two years and I don’t want to pay double rent even if you can afford it.” Andy says lying back on the bed, covered in sweat.




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