The engagement part 1

I drive us to the airport in Peter’s rental so he can call his parents on the way. He doesn’t want them to hear about us from anyone else. I feel quite guilty that I might have unwittingly put him through what Eric and his Mom did to me.


“Hey babe not that way.” I say with a grin.


“Really?” Peter asks with a smile and I nod. A producer I know has long offered me the use of his private plane and today felt like the best time to say yes, I knew Peter planned to fly straight back tonight but it would have meant a stop and him getting home super late.


“I want us to get home as fast as we can.” I say.


“Thank you.” Peter says squeezing my hand and kissing my cheek.


“Told you I’d take care of you. Were Mom and Dad okay?” I ask.


“They’re really happy for us and I got to them before the internet.” Peter says with a smile.


We’re soon on the plane, it’s all beige leather and wood panels, somewhat dated and is amuses us. It has 4 oversized chairs and a long curved sofa at the back. We get into a chair each for takeoff. Peter reaches out and takes my hand. My stomach is still flipping every time I look at him and I can’t not look at him. He’s all mine, forever.


Once we can we head to the sofa so we can be closer together. The steward brings us some champagne which we down quickly. We finally embrace each other properly.


“I can’t believe you’re here with me. When do you have to leave again?” Peter asks stroking my face and running his fingers over my lips.


“I don’t. I’m all done. That is why I was so busy and couldn’t come back for Christmas. I get to take care of you properly starting right now. Plus we have a wedding to plan.” I say grinning.


Peter tenses at the mention of a wedding.


“What’s up baby? Are you not okay with this?” I ask terrified I’ve already fucked up.


“Hey, I finally get to hold you after 2 months and we just got engaged. It’s a good day, a happy day. Lets enjoy it.” Peter says kissing me long and so sexily.


“It is a happy day. I love you.” I say.


We make out like crazy, like we are still teens. I love it. Peter starts to unbutton my jeans.


“Really?” I say half shocked, half too excited to care.


“What is the point of a sofa on a private jet if I can’t fuck you on it.” Peter says with a smile.


“Oh baby.” I groan as his hand slips into my underwear. My dick has really missed Peter, these 2 months I’ve fantasized about him in every imaginable way. I surrender to him pulling off my clothes and let him take charge. He strips off quickly and I can’t help but gasp at him as if it’s the first time I saw him. I reach for his balls and run my fingers lightly across his sack. He grabs my neck and holds me in place to kiss me some more, his other hand tracing down my back to my crack.


“Mmmmm.” I moan in pleasure. His fingers, his mouth, everything. He lies me back on the couch and kisses my stomach before licking up and down my cock while playing with my ass.


“Fuck baby, I’m supposed to be taking care of you.” I groan.


“Shut up and enjoy.” Peter says looking up for a moment, grinning. I do as he asks and he goes back to my cock. He brings me so, so close before moving me back and entering me.


“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo baby.” I cry as he begins to pump slowly, knowing how I love it. I look over his shoulder and see the steward is watching us and stroking himself. I motion to Peter and he grins, already knew and didn’t care. I feel so fucking hot.


“That good baby?” Peter asks before kissing me some more. I can barely squeak out a reply.


He picks up speed and I’m adrift on a wave, fuck, fuck it’s good. Oh I’ve missed him. The steward grunts as he releases his load and I grin. Peter picks things up and I’m crying out for him to pound me harder. I shoot so much, everywhere, Peter giggles for a second before filling me up with his own.


“Stay in me.” I say as he leans in for a kiss. I hold him tight not letting him move away.


“You feel so amazing babe, so good.” Peter says. We lie together for a minute, Peter gently moving inside me.


“You’re the best.” I say as he moves off of me. The steward brings out hot towels for us to clean up with which is so helpful and fucking weird at the same time.


“You’re the best baby.” Peter says.


“I missed you so much.” I say as I pull my clothes on reluctantly.


“We’re together now and no more nights apart.” Peter says.


“I feel so lucky.” I say grinning my head off.


We kiss, doze and chat the rest of the flight. I know he’s holding something back but I try and concentrate on what’s important. He loves me. I’ve had 10 weeks to get used to the idea that he’s back in my life and it still feels like a dream. I still can’t believe he wanted me back and now we’re going to be together forever.


“What you thinking baby?” Peter asks.


“About you. I am so happy. I wish my Dad could have met you.” I say.


“I wish I could have met your parents, though I suppose we’d never have met if they were still here.” Peter says.


“I know. I hate thinking losing them was worth it because I met you because that isn’t true. But maybe we’d have met right about now, I’d have fallen for the sexy science guy on TV.” I say.


“I’d not have this if I hadn’t met you. I’d never have got a book deal or fancy tour.” Peter says.


“You might have. You are super hot.” I say.


“I’m glad you think so as you’re stuck with looking at this face every morning for the rest of your life.” Peter says.


“I couldn’t be happier about that.” I say.


We get a cab home and fall into bed together utterly exhausted. We’ve had 2 months of nonstop work and we’re feeling it.


I wake with my face snug to Peter’s chest, no idea how I was breathing. It’s gone midday and really warm, we didn’t think to put aircon on when we got home.


“Hey sexy,” I say kissing all over Peter’s chest.


“I can’t believe we slept so late, its mid-afternoon back east. I wanted to go for a run but it’s way too hot.” Peter says.


“My body has no clue what timezone it’s in. We’ve been working hard, it’s our first day off without a plane to catch. Sleeping in was deserved.” I say.


“I am soooooooooo hungry.” Peter groans his stomach rumbling.


“Me too, let’s shower then go out for lunch.” I say.


“Can we shop and cook? I am so tired of restaurant, room service and take out.” Peter says.


“Okay, if you can hang on that long. We need some other things too.” I say.


“Still love me?” Peter asks smiling.


“You do not get to ask me that any more. Put a ring on it.” I say.


“I think you might love the ring more than me.” Peter laughs.


“Maybe.” I laugh and climb out of bed.


We shower and shop. Peter cooks lunch as I put everything else away and start the laundry. I’m ridiculously giddy to be doing normal chores with my baby.


“This is so good.” I say taking a bite.


“Great view too.” Peter says looking at me and smiling.


“You goof. What’s happening next week? Are you in work full time?” I ask.


“Monday morning I have a meeting in school and then I need to head to LA to see Blair. I’ll be in fulltime from Tuesday.” Peter says.


“But no classes so you can be flexible?” I ask.


“No classes until summer school. I’ll ask about condensed hours so we can have more time together, don’t worry.” Peter says.


“Thanks. I’ll drive you in so we can get away faster.” I say.


“Good. I need you in my meeting with Blair to keep me strong, plus we can talk about options in front of him rather than me relaying things to you.” Peter says.


“Sounds good. I’ve told Jay I’ll not even take meetings for a few weeks. I need to recover from my trip, look after you and I’ve a wedding to plan.” I say grinning.


Peter tenses at the mention of the wedding, or maybe at the mention of Jay.


“Do you have any ideas about what you want? Did you think about it when you were going to ask me before?” I ask hoping he has ideas or will at least tell me what is wrong.


“Can we just have a really, really long engagement?” Peter groans making me run cold, does he not want what I want?


“Do you want to get married? You only said yes yesterday.” I say terrified.


“Like no was an option.” Peter grumbles.


“What does that mean?” I ask.


“Can we not do this now? We were having a nice meal. I’m too tired to do this now.” Peter complains.


“We have to do this now. I need to know what is going on with you. I can’t be anxious all the time that you’re changing your mind or worse. Just because you have something hard to say doesn’t mean it will be a fight.” I say.


“I felt pretty annoyed with you yesterday, doing what you did in public like that, at my work. I would never come into your workplace and do that. It’s like you see my work as a hobby.” Peter says.


“I’m really proud of your work. I think what you’ve done is amazing. But you’re right I wouldn’t have wanted you to do that at my work. Maybe I didn’t think it through properly. Did you really feel you couldn’t say no?” I ask.


“How could I? It would have been online in minutes. We’d have had the press all over us. I might be bigging myself up but I think it would have been crazy.” Peter says.


“I hoped you would love it.” I say.


“You knew I wouldn’t. You know I don’t like that sort of fuss, you don’t either. I’m not fucking Eric or Jay.” Peter says.


“I know you’re not. I fucked up. I was so excited I didn’t think about what you might want. What do I do now? Do you want me to take it all back? Pretend I never asked?” I ask super frustrated.


“I don’t know. I want to be with you forever. I don’t want to get married. Is wearing the rings not enough?” Peter asks.


“No.” I say honestly.


“Will you leave me if I won’t get married?” Peter asks.


“That is not something I can answer right now.” I say painfully.


“It’s not like you value marriage.” Peter bites.


“Is that what this is about? I divorced Eric so fast that you think I’d divorce you on a whim? Because I won’t. No prenup needed this time.” I say trying to be calm.


“No, sorry I was being mean. If we stay engaged I’ll be referred to as your boyfriend or fiancé.” Peter says and the lightbulb goes off in my head.


“You don’t want to be called my second husband.” I say despondent.


“I know you love me and I’m not really second choice but I feel like it would be a constant reminder.” Peter says.


“I know things are moving fast but I need this. I need to be married, I need to have a family, I don’t mean kids I mean you as my husband an actual family member and not just people who are like family. Neither of us reads that shit, we’ll just live our live, our life.” I say.


“Are you not worried that we won’t actually work out? That we’ll hit too many issues juggling our jobs?” Peter asks.


“Not at all. I will do anything to keep you. Of I never work again that is okay with me. You know this, we just spent 2 months talking about it. You know this is it for us. Your eyes lit up when you saw me yesterday and you trembled putting that ring on me, you were just as happy as I was.” I say.


Peter nods, tears forming in his eyes.


“Baby I love you, I only love you. I am truly happy with you.” I say.


“I love you so much and I do want to be married. I just keep putting up these barriers because I think I don’t deserve you. I am working on it.” Peter says.


I stand up and hug him from behind in his chair.


“I know you don’t want people to think you’re second best and I will correct them anytime they suggest it. I’ll start a rumor that my first marriage wasn’t legal, like Mick Jagger.” I say laughing.


“I don’t want a big wedding. You choose the rest.” Peter says.


“Mom and Dad, Tom are given. Do you want Felix too? What about the others?” I ask.


“We’re already on guest lists?” Peter asks laughing and kissing my hand.


“Yes baby. How small is small?” I ask.


“City hall and 2 strangers off the street.” Peter says.


“Mom and Dad would kill us and you know it.” I say laughing.


“Is it rude not to ask Jamie and Brian even though I went to their wedding? We can’t not ask Felix and Tom will likely have a plus one, maybe my Dad too. You’ll want Abigail and Mart and John? Will Jay have to come?” Peter asks clearly distressed at the last question.


“No, fuck I’m not about to make you feel like shit all day. That’s 3 people each plus Felix and the 2 plus ones, maybe one for Felix too so 10 plus us. On the beach? Overseas?” I ask.


“Destination wedding, good excuse for keeping the guest list small.” Peter grins.


“I’m thinking a private villa somewhere we can control everything.” I say.


“I’ll talk to Tom about dates, everyone else will be pretty flexible and I really want him there. I remember how shit it was you weren’t at that first wedding, everyone was looking for you all the time.” Peter says.


“Well that’s everything planned.” I say laughing.


“So I guess this is happening.” Peter says.


“And you’re fully okay with that.” I say positively.


“Cake, we’ll eat lots of cake.” Peter says laughing.

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