The suite saga 4

Blue wakes surprised Robin is still in his bed. He’s struggling to get his head around this guy. He’s straight, with a girlfriend but he’s in Blue’s bed and Blue cannot work out what that means. There has to be hope?



Blue wriggles out of bed trying not to disturb Robin, God to the bathroom then heads into the living area to stretch and do his morning yoga. He feels he needs something from home, so far college had been so weird. Gervais soon comes out to join him and Blue adjusts his routine and helps the smaller man with his moves. They work well together with barely a word.



Andy comes out to use the bathroom and stares in disbelief for a moment at his two cute suite mate’s asses high in the air in their underwear, he hurries to the bathroom and stops again for a few minutes on the way out. He has never seen such flexible guys and he watched all of Spence and Robin’s wrestling meets.



“Man those guys are something else.” Andy says to Spence as he climbs back into bed.



“What, who?” Spence asks groggily.



“Blue and Gervais are doing yoga in their underwear, they have amazing asses, both of them. Who knew that country boy was hiding that rump.” Andy drools as he turns to Spence for kisses.



“Grrr you’re not using me to get off while thinking about them.” Spence pushes him away.


“Go see for yourself. It’s hot.” Andy says.


“Go back to sleep.” Spence groans.


In the living area Blue and Gervais are finishing up.


“Thanks I feel good. You’re great for removing my tension.” Gervais says.


“You pick things up so fast, you’re already really flexible.” Blue says.


“Nothing like you but it feels so good.” Gervais says.


“I’ve an early class, shall we shower and head to breakfast?” Blue asks.


“Sounds good. I have chem at 8.30. I figured I wouldn’t party much and the douche types would never take early classes so I have an early start every day.” Gervais says.


“Me too. I get up so early for chores at home that I figured it wouldn’t be too hard here, I can always nap in the afternoon if I go out lots. Honors General chem?” Blue asks.


“Yup, oh what a relief to know someone in my first class. Okay let’s get clean.” Gervais says as the boys head to a bathroom each.


Gervais thinks of Blue as he gets off in the shower. There is something about the country boy, he’s very much himself at all times. How he coped with that girl last night was amazing he barely flinched when the burger landed. Despite him asking for Blue to treat him normally last night Gervais loves how caring he is. The combination of gruff look and gentle nature is so sexy.



“Walking these stairs is going to keep us in shape.” Blue says and the pair walk down together.



“Yeah I wouldn’t want to risk being in the elevator with one of the psycho bitches.” Gervais says.



“Coffee shop or dining hall?” Blue asks.



“Dining hall, I want cereal.” Gervais says.



“Are you on the unlimited plan?” Blue asks.



“Yes. My Dad hates me but he isn’t cheap and or rather doesn’t want to have to talk to me if I need money.” Gervais says.



“I’m sorry. Though I’m glad it means we can try other places on campus together.” Blue says.



“Sure. Though I suppose you and Robin will do a lot together.” Gervais says.



“Do you think he likes me? He slept in my bed last night. Nothing else happened. I just really like him and I have zero experience of being around men our age gay or straight.” Blue says in a fit of sharing.



“Don’t Blue. He has a girlfriend who he’s been with for 4 years. He’s just being friendly and probably taking advantage of you being a warm body. Don’t get your heart broken already.” Gervais says.



“I know. I just keep hope. It’s only been a couple of days, I guess I fell for him over the summer, just emailing, built up who he was in my head. He’s so cute and I keep thinking I’d never do the things he does with someone I’m not interested in, but maybe I would.” Blue says.



“Give it up. What about Brad? Will you go to his club tomorrow?” Gervais asks.



“No, far too full on for me. I’m barely out.” Blue says.



The boys eat their fill and head to class, the previous day’s trouble almost forgotten.



That evening the 5 meet up to play pool again. No one has any studying to do.


“Have you called Brad yet?” Robin asks Blue.



“No. I really don’t think I will unless things get weird again.” Blue says.


“Come on he was flirting with you.” Andy says.



“I know I’m new at this but I’m pretty sure I don’t have to call every guy who gives his number.” Blue says.



“You have to start somewhere.” Spence says.



“Leave him be. When he finds someone he wants to talk to he will. He’s not shy.” Gervais says backing up his friend.



“Did anyone speak to Mike or Anna today?” Blue asks changing the subject.



“Yeah I dropped by on the way up earlier and caught Anna. They’ve escalated the issue to the disciplinary committee as it’s too much for them to handle. We might have to go speak to some people but Anna thinks the statements are enough. Oh and the paper are running the story tomorrow.” Andy says.



“Hopefully it’s all over and there is no payback.” Gervais says.



“If it’s in the paper everyone is going to know we’re gay.” Blue says.



“Does it matter?” Spence asks.



“I don’t know. I’m used to everyone knowing my business but that’s because my community is so small. I feel weird about people I don’t know knowing.” Blue says.



“You might get some more numbers.” Robin says.



Blue stays quiet. Finding college more overwhelming than he expected. He knew it would be an adjustment but he thought he’d be able to ease in.


“I can’t believe no one else has found this room yet.” Gervais says steering things away from Blue again.



“Unless they’ve seen us and are worried about catching gay.” Spence laughs and the others join in.



“So how long have you to been doing yoga?” Andy asks.



“Just 2 days. I think Blue has been forever. Wait how did you know?” Gervais asks confused.



“I saw you this morning, so hot.” Andy says.


“Shut up perv.” Spence cuts his boyfriend right off.



“You can join us anytime. Surprised you were up early.” Blue says.



“It’s okay, don’t want to intrude on your bonding.” Andy says.



“Is that why I woke to an empty bed?” Robin asks.



“Was the heat out in your room? Why were you in bed together?” Spence asks.



“We were just cuddling before bed and I guess we fell asleep.” Robin says, Blue looks uncomfortable.



“Are you finally coming out?” Andy laughs.



“Shut up. I just really miss Jenna. Blue is a good snuggler.” Robin says and Blue beams. Andy and Spence share a worried look.



The guys finally tire and head upstairs together around midnight. Their door has been painted over and that it hasn’t been vandalized again they take as a good sign.



“Want to watch a movie?” Robin asks Blue when they get in their room.



“Sure. You choose.” Blue says lying back on his bed.



“Come over here, you’ll see better.” Robin says and Blue climbs on to Robin’s bed, they switch around so Robin is leaning against Blue and get comfortable together.



Over in Spence and Andy’s room they are discussing it.


“Blue is so into Robin it’s painful.” Spence says.



“Give him time, I’m sure he’ll have no trouble attracting guys He is super-hot.” Andy says.



“Do you have a thing for him?” Spence asks jealous.



“No babe, you know I only have eyes for you. I’m saying we shouldn’t interfere it has been 2 days, Blue will no doubt attract some actually gay men who he is interested in at some point. Right now he gets to crush on Robin who is safe, keeps him company without him actually having to work out what being gay means to him.” Andy says.



“Come on he’s 18 and bound to be fucking horny. He’s going to want to get some and soon. We need to tell Robin to back off.” Spence says.



“He’s come from bumfuck nowhere and has never eaten McDonalds, seriously Robin told me, he’s got enough to deal with without sex.” Andy says.



“He’s smart and doesn’t seem to be the fish out of water you two like to paint him as.” Spence says.



“Maybe he and Gervais will hookup. They are getting on pretty well.” Andy says.



“Nah, Gervais won’t be a hookup for anyone. He’ll take it slow.” Spence says.



“Do you have a thing for Gervais? You are super protective.” Andy says only half kidding, he’s seen how much attention his boyfriend is paying to the tiny blonde and he is a little jealous too.



“I feel fucking guilty that he had to stay there. He had it way worse than me and no one got expelled for breaking my face. I should have at least stayed in touch with him but I needed to forget everything about that place. You know how I was when I first came home.” Spence says quietly.



“No one got expelled? Why did you not get the police involved?” Andy asks.



“I don’t know. In a rare moment of remembering I was only a teenager I think my parents didn’t want to put me through anything ongoing like legal action.” Spence says.



“Well I’m glad you came home and grew into my hot stud.” Andy says kissing his boyfriends neck.



“You’re that shallow you wouldn’t have loved me if I didn’t grow a foot that summer?” Spence teases, despite being a little jealous of the way Andy looks at other guys he’s pretty secure in his boyfriend’s feelings.



“You know you were the only one for me. Are the only one. Although…”Andy begins.



“Although?” Spence asks with a growl.



“Maybe it’s time we explored a bit. Together I mean. With other people.” Andy says. Spence feels instantly inadequate.



“I’d be way, way too jealous.” Spence says honestly.



“You don’t think it would be hot to have some threeways?” Andy asks curious. 2 days at college and he really wants to try out other guys. He loves Spence but he wants to see what’s out there.



“You never mentioned it before. Am I not enough?” Spence asks.



“You are everything and I love it. But let’s face it we didn’t have the opportunity before. Now maybe we will.” Andy says.



“How serious are you right now?” Spence asks hoping his boyfriend is just messing with him.



“Pretty serious.” Andy says honestly.



“I can’t. Is this an ultimatum? If I don’t agree you’ll fuck around alone?” Spence asks.



“No I won’t cheat on you, not unless we agree to open up and I really, really want to. It isn’t that I’m tired of you or anything it is that it has only ever been you. I love you completely I just want to try sex with others. Preferably with you too.” Andy says.


“It’ll take a lot of thinking about. Right now the thought of you with someone else only ends in violence for them. I’m sorry.” Spence says.



“You’ll be fine. It’ll be hot. You just need to get used to the idea. It won’t just happen, we’ll both need to be into him.” Andy says.



“Okay.” Spence says anything but. Usually Spence is the more confident of the pair, in part because it was Spence’s house that they lived in but also because in high school Spence was an athlete and Andy was not. College has levelled that out and Spence is worried that without putting a roof over his head maybe he doesn’t have all that much to offer Andy compared to other guys on campus.



“I love you babe.” Andy says kissing at his boyfriends neck again, knowing where makes Spence feel really good. The last thing Spence wants right now is sex but he’s far too scared of losing Andy to say no.


Spence moves down the bed kissing as much of Andy as he can before licking the full length of his boyfriends cock. He sucks on one ball then the other and licks his taint before sucking him deep.



“Oh babe that is goooooooood.” Andy groans lying back and enjoying every second.


Spence relaxes and begins to enjoy himself. His boyfriend has a great cock, even in color, a good 7 inches cut. He sucks it all in again taking him deep in his throat, sliding it in and out, 2, 3 times before moving to suck on the head and bob away.


Andy looks down on Spencer and enjoys the sight, especially when Spence looks up for approval. Andy rubs Spencer’s hair and as Spence looks up again he groans and shoots his load all over Spence’s face.



“Thanks babe, that was awesome.” Andy says grinning as Spence wipes off his face.



“You’re fucking tasty.” Spence says as he snuggles up to his boyfriend. They make out for a few minutes then turn onto their stomachs to sleep. With the beds pushed together they always end up sleeping a bit apart which suits them both.



On Tuesday the guys learn that the only people who bother with the school paper are the faculty. All of them get stopped on their way out of classes and a well-meaning professor or TA offering sympathy and an apology. That evening they sit down to dinner together and compare notes.



“All day it was we’re sorry and it’s not usually like that here and we hope the culprits are expelled.” Andy says.



“Same, it’s like the company line.” Spence says.



“What I don’t get is, if this place isn’t usually like that why do they have inclusive floors.” Blue says.



“I guess it gives all of us peace of mind coming in. Especially if you’ve been excessively bullied like Gervais.” Spence says.



“Yeah it’s easy for faculty to say it never happens when they don’t live in the dorms.” Gervais says.



“Yeah like the principal telling my parents it was a one off and there was no bullying at prep.” Spence laughs.



“Is that what they told your parents? Fucking liars.” Gervais asks.



“Did they not feed your parents the same line?” Spence asks.



“My Dad never visited.” Gervais says.



“That sucks. If you don’t want to go home for winter break come skiing with me and my brothers and their families.” Spence says.



“I’d love to. I love skiing.” Gervais says surprising Blue.



“Really, I have old kit that will probably fit you can borrow.” Spence says.



“I have gear but yeah it would be easier to borrow than go home and get it. Are you going Andy?” Gervais asks.



“No I’ll spend the holidays with my family. It’s the way we’ve always done it.” Andy says.



“Yeah I’ll need distraction and my older brother has 2 kids and I love them but do not want to be babysitting the whole time.” Spence says glossing over his hurt at the lack of invite to spend the break with Andy’s family.



“I’m going to the climbing club tomorrow. Anyone want to come?” Blue asks as the ski talk dies down.



“Spence and I have wrestling.” Robin says.



“I’ll come.” Gervais says quietly.



“You are being so much more social than I thought you’d be when we first met.” Blue says.



“I’m surprising myself every day.” Gervais laughs.


“I’ll come too. I should find something to do while Spence is busy.” Andy says.



A flash of pain crosses Spence’s face at the thought of Andy spending more time with the guys he has been drooling over then he sucks it up knowing Blue and Gervais would never make a move.



“Good idea. You’ll have fun together.” Spence says.



After dinner they head to the rec room again, they don’t have it to themselves tonight but there is plenty of room for both groups.



“Are you the guys from the paper?” A small nerdy guy from the other group asks.



“Embarrassingly yes.” Robin replies.



“I’m Ian. We’re on the mixed floor, we thought it would be a bit calmer for guys like us than the guy’s only floor but there are only 2 suites of girls. It’s crazy your floor is the opposite.” Ian says.



“I guess that explains why ours is all girls. I guess a lot of straight guys wanted to be on a floor with girls then were totally fucked off. Must be hard for the girls.” Blue says.



Ian’s other friends approach, they are straight out of a nerd catalogue. Skinny, bad hair, thick glasses and practical clothes.



“Would you consider a switch?” Blue asks.


“We were talking about it before. I’m Jesse by the way. We’re from 2 different suites and we know the others would switch too.” Jesse says.



“I’m George. None of us checked the inclusive box not because we’re homophobic jerks but because we didn’t want to take the place of someone who actually needed it.” George says.



“Have you told Mike and Anna? Or do you have different RAs?” Andy asks.



“We have them too they cover both mixed floors. We’ve not told them but we can.” George says.



“We were waiting to hear if anyone was chucked out.” Ian says.



“We’ll let them know maybe our floors can have a joint meeting to sort it.” Andy says.



“Hey are you guys finding classes easy too?” Blue asks.



“Yeah we thought it would be weed out week but it’s straightforward. Okay it’s been 2 days.” George laughs.



The guys fall into easy conversations and play a few games together. Blue looks over at Gervais who has stepped away a bit.



“I thought you could manage when to leave of you needed.” Blue whispers.



“I never expected to feel like this in a friendly group.” Gervais whispers back.



“See you later we’re going to get coffee.” Blue says pulling Gervais out the door.



“You don’t have to leave.” Gervais says.



“I need to be sure you’re okay. Let’s go get hot chocolate before the coffee shop closes.” Blue says.



Gervais nods and follows his friend. They order just in time before closing and brave the elevator.



“I didn’t think you’d make the stairs you look ready to pass out.” Blue says.



“It was pretty overwhelming. Sorry to cut your night short.” Gervais says.



“You not going into a full panic is more important, you looked so scared.” Blue says.



“I was. Thanks for saving me. I’m sorry for going on about not being babied.” Gervais says.



“Maybe I like rescuing you.” Blue says.



“I think you do Blue Sky.” Gervais says as they get to the door.



“Ugh. I’ll send a picture to Mike.” Blue says taking a picture of their door which is again covered in insults.



“You’re getting used to that phone fast. Called Brad yet?” Gervais teases.



“I thought Jesse was kind of cute tonight.” Blue says.



“He was under that nerd getup, you think they’re all straight?” Gervais asks.



“Yeah. Do you think you overdid it today agreeing to climbing and skiing and then mixing with those other guys?” Blue ask.



“Maybe. I need to push myself but maybe less at a time. I’m still coming climbing though.” Gervais says.



The other come in shortly and are full of chatter. Andy looks over at Gervais and the sight of him and Blue in their underwear flashes in his mind again.



“Come to bed baby.” Andy whispers to Spence.


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