The suite saga 5



I never realized how stifling Spence could be before college. I do love him but I am so anxious to explore all that is out there. I have the horn constantly. I have only ever been with Spence and I love that me the skinny nerd gets to top the muscular jock but I want to know what it would be like with Gervais, with Blue with my bear of an English professor.


I thought Spence would feel the same. Of the two of us he’s the one who has guys drooling. My boyfriend is hot, really hot and I love him, I really, really love him. But right now I want to fool around with everyone.


I owe Spence so much I can’t end it with him, hell we live together. Fuck that was a mistake, if I’d had my way I would be in cheaper rooms and we’d have a bit of space but Spence’s parents are paying so Spence gets what he wants. No that isn’t fair I love sharing his bed, I love having him around. I just want to explore for myself too. I need some side action.


Spence kisses me goodbye and heads out the door with Robin to wrestling, I hope he finds some hot guys in lycra that makes him consider my suggestion that we open up. I hope so.


Blue and Gervais come out looking fine in their sports clothes and we go over to the climbing hall. It’s pretty busy and they split us into experience groups, show us some warmup stretches and then pass out the harnesses. Oh my, the asses of my suitemates with those straps around, man I need to fuck them both wearing jocks, damn.


Blue takes to the wall as if he’s just walking down the street, he gets up the basic face so fast that the more experienced lot call him over as soon as he’s down and he goes and works with them. Gervais is much slower, he’s so small and his hands are tiny but he does okay. I go after and I’m utterly useless, I have no flexibility, no strength, I suck, I totally suck.


As I come down I laugh and start chatting with some of the other guys who are also here for more social than athletic reasons. One guy Elliot is really cute and funny.


“So you’re a total ass man?” Elliot asks laughing.


“That obvious?” I ask.


“You’re eyes are popping out your head any time a cute guy goes up.” Elliot says.


“So many fine rumps on display.” I laugh.


“You came in with that hot guy, is he yours?” Elliot asks motioning to Blue.


“Nah, my boyfriend is at wrestling. Blue lives in out suite though.” I say.


“Is he single?” Elliot asks.


“Yes. Is every cute guy I meet going to be asking me about him?” I ask smiling.


“Hey, I only asked as you brought up a boyfriend.” Elliot grins.


“We’re pretty open.” I say trying it out.


“I should hope so given how deep you want your tongue between those cheeks. You are practically drooling at that senior.” Elliot laughs.


“You have a boyfriend? Do you want me to introduce you to Blue?” I ask.


“I am single but I like that right now. I want to explore college fully. I went to the LGBT club yesterday but there weren’t many single guys, I didn’t just go to meet guys.” Elliot says.


“So you’re just trying to get laid? Blue is probably not the best bet.” I say.


“He is out of my league but so pretty to watch.” Elliot says.


“You should see him and Gervais doing yoga in their underwear in the morning.” I say.


“For real?” Elliot asks.


“I thought I was dreaming when I walked in. So hot.” I say.


“Is Gervais the tiny blonde?” Elliot asks.


“Yup, I live in a hot suite.” I say.


“I’d never get any work done. Is your boyfriend close by?” Elliot asks.


“I room with him.” I admit.


“Bit awkward if you want to fuck someone else.” Elliot says.


“I guess I’ll be going to theirs or fucking on Wednesday when he’s at wrestling though that feels a bit underhand.” I say thoughtfully.


“It’s Wednesday and I have a single.” Elliot says.


“You have a single, which dorm?” I ask.


“Potterne.” Elliot says.


“How did you score a single?” I ask.


“Hardly anyone lives there because it’s slated for demolition, it was meant to go last year but it was delayed. We have no dining hall and it is pretty rough.” Elliot says.


“Having a single and no facilities make it harder to meet people?” I ask.


“Yes hence being at climbing club when I have no athletic ability at all.” Elliot says.


“You look good in the gear though.” I say.


He smiles at me and punches my arm lightly. The session is coming to an end and people are talking about going for pizza as a group.


“Gervais and I are going back to the dorm, I’m not keen on pizza.” Blue says to me as he’s pulling off his harness.


“Okay cool. I think I’ll stay and see you later.” I say, Blue smiles and leaves with Gervais. I still can’t get a read on those two, they seem super close and intimate but at the same time not on their way to being boyfriends or lovers. Maybe because Blue seems so immature, he’s like a 12 year old at times, not irresponsible just gauche.


“So you want to join the others for pizza?” Elliot asks.


“No, do you?” I ask starring at him intently.


“I guess I could show you my place. We could play some xbox.” Elliot says.


“Sounds good.” I say and we head towards his dorm.


“Here we are.” Elliot says.


“Man this place reeks.” I say, it really is gross.


“Yeah it isn’t good.” Elliot says letting us into his room.


“Your room is huge!” I say looking round.


“Yeah it’s pretty good inside. I have to go to the bathroom, all the games are there just set yourself up.” Elliot says.


I start to play some hockey game. I’m pretty excited, a little apprehensive at actually cheating, I’ve no excuses, I’m not drunk or high, I just want this guy’s ass and he wants the D.


Elliot comes back in and we play together for a while before we start making out. I pull back for a moment.


“You get I have a boyfriend and I’m not leaving him.” I say.


“I just want to get laid not married.” Elliot says.


“Just checking you’re not going to become some clingy creeper.” I say.


“You’ve got first class tickets on yourself.” Elliot laughs.


I dive back at him with my mouth and begin undressing him, in a rush to get at his cute body, excited by something different, someone new.


He’s beautiful, his skin is so smooth and he’s near hairless a total contrast to Spence. Elliot has a beautiful tan with no lines, I kiss down his body utterly entranced.


“You tan naked?” I ask.


“Yeah, I live in a two story house and I can climb out my bedroom window onto the garage, I tan on the roof, no one can see me. I love to lie in the sun.” Elliot says.


“So fucking hot.” I say.


“Let’s see what you got.” Elliot says and starts to undress me with far more patience than I had for him. I know I’m not much to look at naked, all skinny with no definition and a weird hair pattern where it hasn’t all grown in yet. I’m not embarrassed though, my face is okay and my cock too, I have confidence in what I have.


“You’re cute.” Elliot says.


“Thanks.” I say deciding to take it at face value. We resume kissing on his bed and I kiss down his body, I pull on his nipples with my teeth and he lets out a long sigh. I kiss all over his belly and he murmurs appreciation the whole time. I slip onto the floor, lift his legs and begin my feast on his ass. He loves it, I love it, I could eat all night. He has the most perfect pink hole, I have never seen such a thing in real life. I have only been with Spence.


“Fuck me, fuck me Andy.” Elliot moans.


“You have condoms? Lube?” I ask, Elliot rummages in the drawers next to the bed and chucks them at me. I’ve been hard since the moment our lips, I need no preparation. Elliot lies on his back looking up at me hard and straining. I lift his legs onto my shoulders and he grins at me. I rub his welcoming hole with my covered dick head for a moment and he groans. I rub a generous amount of lube on as I finger him a little, he is so receptive to my finger he stares up biting his lip.


“I’m so ready.” Elliot groans.


“You really want this.” I tease again rubbing my cockhead down his crack before starting to move in slowly. Elliot yelps a little as my head breaks in and I slow down.


“It’s good.” Elliot says looking up at me, he’s still hard and he wants it. I want it. I can’t believe I’m doing this.


I push in about half way, wait then start moving slowly in and out, pumping his peach. I grab his ankles holding them high as I build up speed. He’s stroking himself lightly. He has a nice pink loose cut dick, enough skin left to play with a little. So hot to watch. I love watching his face, seeing when I’m hitting him right. He’s soon moaning louder, biting his lip again and gripping the sheet. I pump him long and hard, trying to block out his moans as they are contributing to my growing orgasm.


He looks up at me lets out and amazing yelp, starts stroking himself faster and faster. I pound and pound him until he starts shooting 5 good thick strings all over himself from his shoulder to his belly button. Fuck he looks amazing covered in cum. I pull out, pull the condom off and add my out shots to his torso trying not to hit his eyes I’m cumming so strongly.


I plop down on the bed next to him and kiss him a little through my panting.


“You have a magnificent ass.” I say grinning.


“Fuck me any time. Fuck that was fun.” Elliot laughs and kisses me a little.


I retrieve the condom and bin it, pull my clothes on and run home to shower before Spence smells me. Back in the suite I feel like I lost my virginity all over again, a home run at the first time of asking, I am on top of the world.





“How was climbing?” I ask Blue, he’s laid on the bed in a towel fresh from the shower.


“Good, I really enjoyed it. They were all really nice. How was wrestling?” Blue asks.


“Good, not many guys in my weight class. There are a lot that are super muscular, it was pretty intimidating. But I enjoyed the workout and meeting people.” I say.


“Did you go out after?” Blue asks.


“No I didn’t even shower as it was so busy. I heard Andy went on for pizza, did you not want to go?” I ask.


“I’m not really that in to pizza, and Gervais needed to get back so I walked with him.” Blue says.


“Is there something between you two?” I ask, not jealous exactly, well no maybe I am jealous, I expected me and Blue to do more things together than sleep and he and Gervais seem to be together a lot.


“No, we’re friends. He can only manage a limited amount of social interaction before he’s exhausted. I’m happy to keep him company.” Blue says.


“You can’t curtail your experiences for him.” I say.


“I know. I’m finding college a lot harder than I expected, not the work that is easy but meeting people and being social. I’m used to being with people of all ages, and knowing them really, really well. I’m finding the getting to know you stage with so many people is difficult, It’s hard to remember who is who.” Blue says.


“I guess. I’ll just go shower I feel really gross.” I say and Blue nods and smiles.


When I get back in the room he’s in bed, I automatically climb straight in with him. I don’t quite know why we share a bed, it just feels right. Despite him suggesting I’d make him hard that first day he never has when we’re in bed. We’re totally comfortable snuggling together.


As usual I wake to an empty bed, it’s after 9 so Blue will be long gone, I can’t believe he has all early classes. Jenna has a late start on a Thursday so I facetime and we get off together. Fuck I miss her so much. Snuggling with Blue helps some but not enough, cannot wait to see her tomorrow.


I shower and get ready to go, Andy is about to leave too.


“Where’s Spence?” I ask.


“He went to work out earlier.” Andy says.


“All those muscles last night spurred him on.” I laugh.


“Yeah, though he usually works out a lot, so do you, you’ve both been slacking.” Andy teases.


“For sure. Looks like another meeting tonight. Any news on the disciplinary?” I ask as we see a sign up for a meeting for the two mixed floors tonight.


“I don’t know. I’ll text Mike.” Andy says as we start to collect food. Both Andy and I have always been able to eat whatever we want and not gain. Frustrating for me when I was trying to build muscle in the off season but good during when I never had to worry about weigh ins. Andy has always been super skinny, the least athletic guy ever he can still put away a ton of food and still be hungry.


“Disciplinary was due to be next week but she’s withdrawn from school before it could happen and her sidekicks have agreed to move dorms.” Andy says looking up.


“That’s all over then. Doesn’t feel like it was a big deal now. How was climbing? Blue had a lot of fun.” I say.


“I sucked so bad but I made some friends. You should come on some of the weekend camping trips they have planned, if you’re not with Jenna.” Andy says.


“Sure that sounds good. I feel like I should be hanging with Blue more, a weekend camping would be great.” I say.


“You need to hang with him less. You are totally messing with his head.” Andy says.


“That’s not fair, we’re good friends.” I say.


“He has a huge crush on you and you’re encouraging him by sleeping in his bed every night. You’re giving him hope that you’ll turn for him.” Andy says.


“No, he knows I’m straight and have a girlfriend. We both like having the closeness.” I say.


“He likes it because it’s like having a boyfriend. Stop being so fucking selfish.” Andy says.


“Do you really think it messes with him?” I ask.


“Yes, it would anyone.” Andy says.


“Did you meet anyone cute yesterday?” I ask trying to move things back to Andy.


“For sure lots of nice guys to look at.” Andy says.


“Window shopping?” I ask.


“I want to do a lot more than look. How are you dealing without Jenna? We’re in the same boat lost our virginity to our highschool sweethearts. Are you not wanting to taste what else is out there, so Jenna isn’t your one and only?” Andy asks.


“Jenna isn’t my one and only, we’ve had threeways.” I say.


“Shit, really? You kept that quiet. Is Jenna bi? I take it they were with other girls.” Andy says excitedly.


“Jenna is mostly straight but enjoys pussy now and then and I like the opportunity. But sure it is hard being here with no sex and all these girls everywhere.” I say.


“I wish I was somewhere without Spence. I love him but I want to play around and I can’t with him here sharing a room, I can’t even break up with him.” Andy says.


“Is it that bad? I thought you were happy.” I ask worried about my friend.


“I’m happy with Spence, I love fucking him. I’m just dissatisfied to only be fucking him. We need to open up to stay together.” Andy says shocking me. I though Spence would be the one to play around, given he’s the hot one of our group.


I worry about my friends all day and barely pay attention in class. I’d swap rooms with Andy if they broke up but even being in the same suite will be awkward. I can’t see Spence being able to keep his jealousy in check if Andy decided to play around. I worry maybe he already is planning something. Hel it’s not my business, I love them both but I have to stay outside their relationship.


I meet with the others and head into the meeting. I barely pay attention, everything has blown over. They’re asking for people to volunteer to move and sorting out people who need to switch roommates. We’re being asked to help with the moves at the weekend. I barely pay attention at all, I’m visiting Jenna this weekend and don’t care who is on the floor as long as the bigots stop painting shit on our door.


“Game of pool?” Jesse asks approaching our group once it’s over.


“Sure.” Andy and Spence reply.


“Not for me.” Says Blue looking at Gervais.


“Me either.” I say happy to have some time with Blue.


Several girls approach and start apologizing for not standing up for us at the first meeting, we smile and nod and Blue extracts us quickly. Gervais heads to his room leaving us alone.


“Want to play a game?” I ask.


“Yeah but I will be terrible so need loads of help.” Blue laughs.


“I will go gentle.” I say laughing with him.


“Shall we do something when you’re back Monday?” Blue asks reading my mind.


“I would love to. I haven’t met anyone as interesting as you yet and we barely hang out. What do you want to do?” I ask.


“What time do you finish?” Blue asks.


“2.” I reply.


“Can you drive us out to hike somewhere? I really need to be outdoors, I’m going crazy here.” Blue says.


“Sure sounds great. Are you still finding it hard?” I ask curious how Blue is settling in.


“Very difficult. I am used to being round people of all ages and here everyone is the same age with the same basic background and it’s weird. Plus the work is easy enough so I’ve not spent much time with my classmates yet.” Blue says.


“I know I hated group projects in high school but I’d love something here. I ask people for coffee but I think they just think I’m a creeper.” I say.


“I’ve not even asked anyone. I talk to you and the other guys and that’s about it. I met some people climbing and I think I’ll get to know them.” Blue says.


“You should have gone on for pizza.” I admonish I do worry that Gervais is holding him back.


“Next time.” Blue says.


“You came back tonight to stop Gervais looking like the odd one out.” I say.


“Yeah. I wanted to spend time with you too though. This is fun.” Blue says and I smile and agree.


I help him with the game and he slowly gets the hang of it. Andy and Spence soon arrive at the door and come on in. Blue jumps up onto the bed letting Spence play, he pulls a pillow into his lap. I hadn’t realized he was excited from what we were doing. Given he never is when we sleep.


The four of us have fun playing and shooting the shit late into the night, I almost wish I was staying for the weekend.

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