The engagement part 4


We have a glorious Saturday, sleeping late all wrapped up together. We push all thoughts of Jay and our friends out of our heads and concentrate solo on each other. It is the sort of day I’ve craved since I got back. I love having my Peter all to myself.

On Sunday Peter starts the day ferociously fucking me, he’s fully in control and I happily submit. I lie back on Peter’s chest after totally fulfilled.

“Maybe we should find an island or a ranch closer.” I say.

“For privacy?” Peter asks.

“Naked privacy, a proper hideaway, but not one that takes all day to get to.” I say.

“I’m not cut out for farming or animal care.” Peter says.

“I guess not. I just feel like escaping again, with you.” I say.

“We’ve had no hassle so far. Just a few paps, no one following us. I know it might change when Eric’s reality show hits but for now things are good.” Peter says.

“They are. I love you so much.” I sigh happily.

“We best get up. I need to go and buys some things for dinner. Want to come with?” Peter asks.

“Yes. On weekends the rule is no minutes apart.” I say kissing his chest after every word.

“You are so goofy. You’ll want some space from me soon enough.” Peter laughs as he rolls me off him to get up.

“Never, ever, ever.” I reply trying to pull him back into bed.

“I love it when you’re all cute and silly like this.” Peter says pulling me up out of bed and kissing me.

“Shower time.” I say.

“Yes, shower me with kisses.” Peter grins picking me up in his arms. I love how he’s still strong enough to lift me and pull me around. He was on fire this morning giving me a full seeing to. For a while it seemed like we were back to me on top but it’s about equal now. We flip more than ever, we know we’ll be having less sex than we’d like, so try and make more out of every session.

“You feel more muscly.” I say running my hands over Peter’s arms in the shower. Love, love, love his body.

“I lifted one lunch time this week, hardly going to make a difference.” Peter laughs.

“Maybe it’s my dodgy cooking.” I laugh.

“You’ve been amazing. Don’t put yourself down. What’s up baby?” Peter asks as we dry off.

“I’m really good. You were so hot this morning. I just… I don’t know, I worry I’m getting the balance all wrong. I know it’s only been a week and it’ll take time for us to adjust. I am happy not working, truly I am. I don’t want to become boring and clingy.” I say.

“I love that you pounce the second I come through the door, its a huge ego boost for me. It is honestly the little things like that that are getting me back on track at feeling good in my own skin. I’m not saying you have to, I’m saying I love it when you do.

You could never be boring to me. You are so smart, you’ve finally time to read and catch up on TV and films and you’ll tell me all about it. We still have years to catch up on, you’ve a million stories to tell and I will never tire of them.

And if I come home and all you talk about over dinner is the laundry you did and the food you cooked, I’ll listen and enjoy hearing your voice. It’ll remind me I need to take you out for the weekend or bring you flowers as a thank-you.

You need this time off, you need to read and write and travel and fill your head with colors and ideas so that when you do return to work you have something new to give. Back to back blockbusters were killing your creativity and zapping your energy. I can see the real Alexander storming through and I love that every day your eyes shine a little brighter. Will you find me clingy and boring when it’s your turn to work?” Peter says flooring me with all his beautiful words.

“I will never find you clingy or boring. You could make me carry you on my back all day and it still wouldn’t be too clingy.” I say laughing as Peter jumps on me.

“We are both total pains with all this self-doubt. You know I love you and always want to be with you. Come in to work with me next week if you want to, you can read your scripts in my office while I work.” Peter says.

“That would be too clingy. Plus I’d be trying to distract you all the time and we’d get annoyed. I’m impatient for you to not be gone all day.” I say.

“Even though you will be?” Peter grins.

“I know. I am super selfish. Maybe it would be easier if we both worked, then both took time off.” I say.

“I think we need time off together between jobs, me going straight back to work after being apart is the problem. I know you need more of me right now and I wish I could give it.” Peter says.

“You can quit, we can buy you out of your contract if we need to. You could concentrate on your books, do the promotions, but part time.” I plead knowing I’m being obnoxiously selfish.

“I made a commitment baby you know that.” Peter says calmly and I nod, I do know and it is something I love about him, however unhappy it makes me short term.

We shop together and settle into our domestic routine when we return, Peter cooking and me getting the house ready for guests. Once done I sit in the kitchen watching my boy do his thing.

“Cook needs kisses.” Peter says pointing to his cheek and breaking me out of my daydream, I get up and wrap my arms around him from behind, nuzzling his neck. He turns to meet my mouth.

“What’s the dough for?” I ask peering into a covered bowl.

“Flatbread. You want to fix a salad while I do the bread?” Peter asks.

“Always salad duty for me.” I laugh opening the refrigerator.

“You can griddle he bread while I do it.” Peter says.

“Show me how.” I say.

“Put the dough in the pan, when it puffs up flip it over.” Peter says doing the first piece.

“I’m popping up.” I whisper in his ear.

He flips the bread onto a waiting plate and turns to kiss me hard.

“Now work.” He says laughing.

Felix and Harry come straight in to the kitchen just as we’re done with prep.

“Holy hell that smells good.” Felix says.

“We have been living on take out. I’ve forgotten what home cooking tastes like.” Harry says.

“He is working all hours to avoid being home alone.” Felix says.

“That is true, luckily I really love my work and I’m volunteering with the marine life rescue. Professionally things have never been better.” Harry says.

I usher them through to the dining room and sort drinks as Peter brings the food through.

“Any good dating stories either of you? I miss that scene not one bit.” Peter says.

“I am seeing a guy from your school. It is very new but I am falling really hard. He’s kind of a bit like Jamie, not physically, he’s kind of like what Jamie would have been if he hadn’t met me.” Felix laughs.

“What straight?” I ask laughing.

“Shut up. If Jamie hadn’t met me he’d have been in his room playing games all night and never learned how to talk to people face to face. Jasper is a bit like that, most of his life is online.” Felix says.

“What happened to no boyfriends, hookups only?” Peter asks.

“I know right? Found someone when I wasn’t looking. It was meant to be a one night thing but I stayed over and took him for breakfast. I enjoyed being with him. Man I am so glad things ended with Brandon, being with someone who wants to be there makes so much difference.” Felix says making me and Peter grin so goofily.

“Your husband did everyone but you a favor.” I say to Harry.

“Maybe I’ll meet the right one too.” Harry says.

“How are things going with Bobbie and the divorce?” Peter asks.

“Loads better. He’s finally agreed to sell the house and split any proceeds. He seems to have moved in with a sugar daddy and so I’m moving back home to get the place ready to sell.” Harry says.

“That’s great news, oh I’m so glad things are going well for you both.” Peter says smiling.

“So you’ll be living along for a bit?” I ask Felix.

“I am ready to buy somewhere now I know I’m staying but I want to see where things go with Jasper.” Felix says.

“Cool, stay in the house as long as you need.” Peter says.

“We have totally skipped over Harry’s dating story.” Felix says.

“Peter asked for good dating stories not tales of scary fucking psychos.” Harry says.

“Jay?” I ask worried that I steered Harry in the wrong direction.

“Yup. We met up a few times as friends and then had a couple of dates, really good dates. We have so many similar views. We both want kids, and would be happy to work part time if we’re lucky enough to adopt. We were having a lot of fun, the sex was incredible. It was going too fast but I thought it could be a long term thing.


Then he was pushing us moving in together, somewhere part way between here and LA and I just couldn’t. I told him it was too soon and not only that that until my divorce was sorted I wouldn’t know my financial position. He went off on one at me. Shouting that he didn’t want to support another guy through divorce only to be put aside. He didn’t want to be anyone else’s side action.

I apologized and tried to reassure him. I gave him another shot. He didn’t mention it again. Then last Monday he went crazy calling me and leaving vile voicemails, a gazillion messages, it just didn’t stopped I had to block his number. I’m disappointed but so glad I found out what he’s like so early. Fucking whacko.” Harry says shaking his head.


“Monday was our fault. I let it slip to Blair that Jay and Alexander had been fucking, right after Alexander said he wanted us to share an agent.” Peter says.


“And I guess the first melt down is my fault. Shit I’m sorry, I really thought he had changed.” I say so unhappy I’ve put Harry through more pain, and Jay too I suppose.


“Hey it’s fine. I was having fun and yes I saw a future but I wasn’t in love. I feel bad at starting something when I really wasn’t ready.” Harry says.


“Well we have all now lived through a crazy Jay relationship, fuck I think I came out of it best.” Felix laughs.


“Honestly he was a great guy once, and I thought he was again. Peter warned me and I just thought he was being paranoid.” I say.


“You know what we can do?” Peter says suddenly.


“About Jay?” I ask.


“No, sorry not to dwell on our ex. We can buy Harry and Bobbie’s house. Then Harry can keep on living there until he decides what to do. You can feel like you helped them out and I don’t feel like you’re just throwing money away.” Peter says.


“You guys cannot do that.” Harry says.


“Yes we can. That stupid dinner set us back on the path to each other, however awful an evening it was I still feel I owe you guys. This is also a way of me thanking Bobbie without feeling disloyal to all you guys. It is the perfect solution.” I say delighted that Peter thought of it.


“It’s too much.” Harry says.


“You saying that proves you’re a genuine friend. I’ll make sure you get a very good price, you can save on a relator and get your divorce and settlement all sorted.” I say.


“For real? You guys would just do that, for me?” Peter asks.


“Of course they will. Once you move on they’ll easily find someone to lease the place to, long term they don’t lose out at all and Alexander really knows how shitty divorce is and he didn’t even like Eric that much.” Felix says.


“I know our friendship has been up and down but I like doing things for people I like and it’s actually no big deal for me. I wanted to give you and Bobbie some money to start over but this is a much better solution.” I say.


“You’ll save us from another fight about it.” Peter says.


“I cannot imagine you two fighting, not now, you’re totally in tune with each other.” Peter says.


“We fight, we’re getting better at talking before it gets that far but we’re not perfect.” Peter says and I smile.


“I’m never letting him go.” I say smiling at my man.


“When can we meet Jasper?” Peter asks.


“I’ve met him already, they make a cute couple.” Harry says.


“Are you free Wednesday? Or do you still have that high school class?” Felix asks.


“Not this semester, no one could cover when I was off.” Peter says.


“Let’s double date on Wednesday.” Felix says.


“Okay you pick the restaurant, so that Jasper feels comfortable.” I say.


“Fuck baby that sounded patronising.” Peter laughs.


“Shit sorry, you know what I meant. Dinner is on us but choose somewhere you’d like to go.” I say blushing at my insensitivity.


“Sure thing, I’ll book somewhere and text the details.” Felix says.


“You’ve really spoiled us with dinner, it was awesome.” Harry says.


“We still have dessert, Alexander made ice-cream. Let me go get it.” Peter says clearing the plates and heading out to the kitchen.


“It is good to see him so happy.” Felix says once Peter is out of earshot.


“He’s getting there. He can still be quite down on himself and a bit paranoid.” I say feeling a little disloyal but wanting to drum support for my man from his friends.


“He is a lot better believe me and it is clear you treat him so much better than Jorge. It’s easy to look back on that relationship and see it wasn’t as good as I thought it was. I mean Jorge clearly adored him, but constantly put him down or feigned disinterest, even though he was the one punching above his weight.” Felix says.


“That is so true, Peter is such a catch and Jorge was great, or was before I found out he fucked my husband but not in the same league, looks, smarts, money or humor. Fuck you’re a lucky guy.” Harry laughs.


“I know. Believe me I really so know I’m the lucky one.” I say as Peter comes back in with dessert.


“I’m just as lucky.” Peter says smiling.


“I think it is grossly unfair that two guys as hot as you are in the same relationship, need to spread that luck around.” Harry says.


“Well if you hadn’t turned me down for a date maybe Peter and I would never have happened.” I laugh.


“I believe we all made bad choices that year.” Harry laughs.


“I know for sure I did.” Felix says.



“That was a good evening, thanks baby.” I say as I snuggle into Peter’s chest in bed.


“It was. I hope I wasn’t out of line bringing up the house idea before discussing it.” Peter says.


“No, it’s the best idea, you wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t. I think we should sell the house back east when the lease is up though. Keep all our properties in the same place.” I say.


“Okay, sounds good to me. We’ll never live there again. Are you sure about here though. I want you to have the option of New York or London.” Peter says.


“I’m sure we’ll live there short term for jobs but here feels like home. Plus our friends are here to look after things when we are away.” I say.


“I’m happy here, but I will be happy anywhere with you.” Peter says as he kisses me goodnight.





One thought on “The engagement part 4

  1. im loving that everything is going so well for them. no sharing at sex parties, no swapping. just two guys in love and loving being only with each other.

    its almost hard to remember how peter was so possessed by the kinky shit. i guess they really have grown up to be respectable adults. im loving it!!!!


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