Do P and A fight too much?

So I’m two thirds done with the next chapter of The engagement and they are having another fight, it wasn’t planned, Peter was meant to jump to a conclusion and then they make up once he’d worked out he was wrong.

But its turned into a more sustained fight. Again. While I know it is an issue they need to resolve they are meant to be enjoying being back together and newly engaged. So are you tired of the fights? Do I need to let them have more of an easy time together as they’re really only just back together ?

I’ve some interesting (well I think) things to come and I’m not sure whether they need to sort these issues out before or after the events.

So I’ve stopped and shifted to The suite stuff while I rethink and decide whether to carry on as is or rewrite which I’m a bit annoyed about as I had a good flow going.



3 thoughts on “Do P and A fight too much?

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