The suite saga 7


Sunday morning I drive back early. Jenna has rehearsals all day and I’d be bored watching. It was a weird weekend. Her roommate was visiting her boyfriend which meant we had the room to ourselves which was awesome and we spent a lot of time getting reacquainted but we have grown so far apart in just a week. I still love her but I wasn’t upset that she was busy today, I was happy to get back to my friends.

Blue is in bed but awake reading, looking pretty miserable.

“You’re back early.” Blue says.

“Jenna was busy so I figured I’d drive back early before traffic. Want to go get food I’m starving.” I say.

“Can we go to the coffee place? I don’t want to see Brad.” Blue says.

“Of course. Are you okay? What happened?” I ask concerned.

“I was an idiot.” Blue says cringing.

I pull off my shoes and lie next to him, he puts his books down and hugs me.

“Tell me everything. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. You might not have had many people at home but you are not socially awkward.” I say hugging him back.

“We all went to this tea thing that Brad’s club put on and I spent the whole time with Brad, he was interesting to talk to and I thought we were getting along pretty well so I went back to his place.” Blue begins.

“I knew he liked you.” I say wondering what could have gone wrong.

“We started fooling around, it was my first time doing anything. Anyway his boyfriend walked in.” Blue says.

“Oh shit, was he mad?” I ask really fucking pissed at Brad for putting Blue in that situation. Shit his first guy is a cheating whore.

“No he like expected me to be there and wanted a threesome.” Blue says sounding pretty mad himself.

“What did you do?” I ask.

“I ran back here as fast as I could. Had to stop half way to put my dick back in my pants, luckily I had a long tshirt on and that my jeans didn’t fall down.” Blue says laughing.

“Not every guy is going to be like that. You’ll find someone better. Hey at least you know guys like you.” I say still mad at Brad but wanting to make Blue feel better..

“Why can’t you be gay? You wouldn’t hide the truth like he did. You’re so perfect.” Blue says.

“I’m sorry. If I was gay I’d for sure want you as my boyfriend.” I say being honest.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Shall we go on our hike today as you’re back already? I understand if you don’t wanna drive anymore.” Blue says.

“A hike sounds good, I feel pretty stuffed up too. Shall we see if the others want to come?” I ask.

“Yeah, then you can be protected from me pouncing on you.” Blue says and kisses my cheek.

“I know I’m safe with you silly.” I say and kiss his mouth briefly. I just want to protect my naïve roommate and make him feel better. I really wish I could be who he wants me to.

We hug for a few more minutes. I like how he makes me feel, I know the others think I’m leading him on but I’m not, it is entirely mutual. He knows where he stands and his crush will wear off soon enough, especially if guys like Brad show an interest, even if that one was a bust.

“I’ll go and round up the others while you get ready.” I say. Blue hugs me close one more time before I climb off the bed.

I knock for Andy and Spence. They’ve been sleeping in too.

“Want to come for a hike with me and Blue. Blue had a rough time yesterday needs some cheering up.” I say.

“Actually I would love to. I doubt this one will.” Spence says through a crack in the door.

“For reference anything that involves any level of exercise is not for me. But I’m good for Spence to go.” Andy says.

“Cool, Blue is just in the shower and we need to eat.” I say.

“I’ll join you for food.” Spence says.

“And I will sleep.” Andy says.

I look at the new TV, it is huge. I lie on the sofa and watch while I wait for the others to be ready.

“Is it just us?” Blue asks coming over.

“Spence is coming, Andy is sleeping in.” I say.

“What about Gervais?” Blue asks.

“I forgot he lives here.” I say honestly. I know Gervais and Blue are close, I just speak to him so little I really forgot him.

“I’ll check.” Blue says knocking on the door “Gervais want to come on a hike?”

“Just a minute.” Gervais says from behind the door, Blue shrugs.

“Maybe he’s not alone.” I say with a grin.

“I heard both rooms at it when I got back yesterday so I guess not.” Blue says.

“Well I am not unhappy to have missed that.” I laugh.

“Is it okay if Jessie comes too?” Gervais asks coming out looking a bit sheepish.

“Yes, we’ll take my car it’s bigger.” Spence says walking in to the room.

“I need food. Meet us downstairs.” I say.

“Coffee shop not dining hall.” Blue says quickly.

“Okay we’ll be down soon. Thanks for asking us.” Gervais says.

“What happened? You avoiding Brad? I don’t think he does breakfast.” Spence says.

“I’ll tell you when Gervais is down. I don’t want to have to tell it over and over.” Blue says.

“Who is Gervais with?” Spence asks.

“I imagine Jesse.” Blue says.

“Of course.” Spence says.

“What about you? Were you two or 3 last night?” Blue asks.

“I’ll wait for Gervais.” Spence laughs.

“I had a tonne of sex with Jenna and it was awesome and I don’t mind how many times I get to repeat it.” I laugh.

“Gross.” Spence and Blue say together. We get coffees and food and sit.

“You two are friends now?” I ask.

“We bonded over buying a big TV.” Spence says.

“I’m glad, I hate I caused you to have a bad start.” I say.

Gervais and Jesse come in and join us. It is still early enough to be quiet.

“So you decided to join our team?” Spence asks Jesse.

“I decided to stop hiding. Given I knew my roommates would be cool.” Jesse said.

“And let Gervais give you a nice reward.” I say, Gervais turns red but I can see he’s happy.

“So now they are here what happened with Brad?” Spence asks.

Blue quickly tells the tale.

“Did he at least have a nice fat cock?” Spence asks, I can see my friend is very angry and trying to control himself with humor.

“No, or at least I don’t think so, but I can only compare to me and porn.” Blue says.

“And it wasn’t favorable?” Spence asks.

“To be fair Blue is huge, his perception may be off.” I say grinning.

“He was no bigger than you.” Blue replies.

“So small then.” I say with a grin. I’ve never been insecure about it, I’m slightly below average, Jenna has never complained, I make sure I get the job done.

“I don’t get why he didn’t tell you he had a boyfriend.” Gervais says quietly.

“I didn’t ask.” Blue says.

“But just expecting you to be okay hooking up with him and his boyfriend is a bit much.” Jesse says.

“Talking of threesomes.” Blue says switch attention to Spence.

“It was some guy, a friend of that Elliot, Jacob. He’s a swimmer, really hot body.” Spence says.

“And you just asked him and he came back?” I ask.

“Andy asked him to come back and play some xbox and he agreed and before I knew it Andy was macking on him and soon we were naked in our room.” Spence says.

“How was it?” Gervais asks.

“Weird, really, really weird. I am so used to Andy and knowing what he does and doesn’t like that it was hard to adjust to someone else. Still it was pretty hot.” Spence says.

We head out to Spence’s car and Blue gives directions to some trails outside of the city. It is a lovely day and we walk for a good long time. Blue keeps pointing out a million things we would have missed if he wasn’t there. A really good day.

On the way back we get supplies for the floor party. It actually feels like college is starting.

It is weird thinking of the threeway, I didn’t really know that was the plan until Andy started kissing the guy. I felt a huge shot of jealousy but it did look hot and I know I’ve got to put up with this or lose him. I just wish he’d told me first and let me have some say in who it was with. I’ve never known Andy be so selfish before. It’s like because he doesn’t need me for a roof over his head he doesn’t need to please me at all. I am wondering if he even likes me. If he ever liked me.

It was great to get out of college for a few hours, some distance from Andy and a chance to clear my head. Seeing Gervais and Jesse being so sweet together was great too. So nice to see something beginning. I’m surprised at Gervais as I didn’t think he wanted a boyfriend, at least I thought if he did he’s be with Blue already.

Blue did seem a little jealous. He was nice to Jesse all day but at times it did seem forced. I feel for him, we all pushed him towards Brad thinking he was a great guy and he sucked. I mean I know he didn’t lie exactly but he wasn’t exactly forthcoming which might have been fine for someone more experienced.

Back at the suite we unpack the drinks and snacks. I was able to get some beer using my older brother’s id. So lucky that the three of us look alike. I’m looking forward to this.

“I’m a bit surprised at you and Jesse.” I say to Gervais quietly as we put chips out.

“Me too. It was just a one off he’s cute and we get along. I’m not wanting anything long term.” Gervais says.

“Does Jesse know that? Were you his first?” I ask prying a bit.

“I was not his first by a long way and yes he knows. I don’t know why he wasn’t out here, he was at home, he showed me pictures of him and his high school boyfriend. We’re cool.” Gervais says.

“Blue was jealous of you two.” I say trying to gauge Gervais interest.

“I doubt it, we are just friends. He’s already the best friend I ever had, I don’t think either of us would ever want to mess that up.” Gervais says.

“He said about the same yesterday but he still seemed put out.” I say.

“He’ll just be worrying about me.” Gervais says.

“Do you mind his protectiveness? Mine too for that matter?” I ask.

“No, I did but not now. Blue reads me so well knows when I need help and when I’m okay. We need to find him a good guy. I was thinking Jesse might be good for him, you know as he’s small like me and Robin but not now. That Elliot guy who is friends with Andy, what’s he like?” Gervais asks.

“He is a slut of the highest order, absolutely not for Blue.” I laugh.

“Well we’ll have to keep our ears open. Of course avoiding Brad will make it that much harder if we can’t go to the LGBTQ club events.” Gervais says.

“It’s not the only gay club on campus. We will try the other one.” I say laughing.

Andy approaches me and kisses me over and over, embarrassing Gervais who leaves us to it.

“I missed you all day.” Andy says.

“You could have come with, it was just a nice walk.” I say.

“Meh, bed and sofa was great. Come to bed now.” Andy says.

“I’m pretty sore from last night.” I say honestly.

“Come on its loud in here, just help me out. I’m horny thinking about last night.” Andy says tugging on my hand. I follow him into our room and lock the door.

“Can we talk for a minute?” I ask.

“Sure.” Andy says sitting next to me.

“We tried playing around but it doesn’t work for me. If we do it again it has to be a mutual choice who it is with, you can’t force me into the situation again. Right now I don’t ever want to do it again and you’ll accept that or we’re over.” I say knowing my relationship is on the line.
“Are you really prepared to lose me?” Andy asks, we are both battling for the upper hand and I hate it.
“Yes. I love you and only want you but it wouldn’t be that hard for me to find someone else to be with. I could find another guy who wants monogamy, I’m young, hot and rich and can no doubt do better than you if I put my mind to it.” I say feeling sick at what I’m saying but I need Andy to understand that he isn’t my only option and I am not a doormat.
“Babe you have no idea what the dating world is like for us. You are delusional.” Andy says.
“And you have?” I ask.
“I am talking to guys here, more than you and none of them want a boring relationship, they all want to sample a range.” Andy says.
“I guess that is the company you keep. I know gay guys here who want boyfriends. Hell if we break up and you move in with Robin, Blue and I would be together in no time.” I say. Andy goes white.
“You like Blue like that?” Andy asks, the reality his boyfriend could replace him with someone he would like himself hits him like a bucket of cold water.
“I only have eyes for you. But if I was looking then sure I’d go for someone like Blue, he’s hot and a really nice guy.” I say.
“I would be insanely jealous if you started dating someone I know. I get it, I’m sorry.” Andy says wrapping his arms around me.
“Thanks babe. I’m not saying not ever to more group stuff, just you have to include me not show up with someone.” I say.
“Sorry, I did get carried away. Let’s go party, who knows who we might find.” Andy says.
I breathe ten sighs of relief that I am getting to keep Andy, that he still wants me. I am worried he has a thing for Blue though.

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