The suite saga 8

Spence and Andy head back out into the party. Spence sees Blue is alone and staring at Gervais and Jesse. Andy quickly heads into the crowd.
“You are allowed to admit being jealous.” Spence says.

“I meant it when I said I wouldn’t want to mess things up between us.” Blue says.

“But you would have liked a shot?” Spence asks.

“I don’t know. I’m worried I might lose him as a friend anyway, or at least we’ll never be as close as we were.” Blue says.

“We get warned first week friendships don’t last but you two will come through it.
Jesse might be a quick fling even if it isn’t a one night thing.” Spence says.

“I wish I could find someone, I wish my sole experience wasn’t what happened with Brad.” Blue says.

“Come on lets get you out there.” Spence says grabbing Blue’s hand and pulling him towards Blue’s room.

Andy watches as the two go into the room together. He’s certain given their conversation that nothing is happening but he’s very aware that it could. Andy is not sure who he is more jealous of.

Still despite the conversation with Spence he’s not going to limit his own fun. He’s pretty certain Spence will cave if he finds out and let Andy logs in to an app to see if anyone is around. He’s pretty sure some of the guys who have moved floors will be gay, they probably closeted and didn’t want to explain to their parents their housing choice.

He messages a few guys. Andy wants to experiment with different types of guys. He knows Spence is the physical jackpot but he wasn’t when they first got together. Andy fell for his boyfriend’s compassion and sensitivity, the rock hard abs and big muscles came later.

Andy grabs a beer and sits in the corner with his phone. Watching the party, and messaging on his phone, with an eye on the door to Blue and Robin’s room. With no reappearance of Blue and Spence he propositions one of the guys. The thought of Blue and Gervais doing yoga is in the front of his mind. He needs to get off and now.

“Hey, I’m Clarke. It’s you right?” Clarke plops down next to Andy and flashes his phone.
“Yeah. You just moved to this floor?” Andy asks.

“Yes, I was in Oak but I bugged the housing office all the time to get over here as I knew people would be leaving. Also I hated my roommate so really I just wanted out. This whole move worked out for me as they slotted me in to a suite on this floor and I got a single. No more roommate issues.” Clarke says.

“Cool. Want to show me?” Andy asks forward as ever.

“Yes, it’s getting a bit noisy here. We kept our door shut as one of the guys is so ocd he can’t cope with strangers coming in and touching things.” Clarke says.

“Cool lets go.” Andy says. Clarke is cute enough, a little heavy maybe but Andy is excited to see what that’s like.

Meanwhile Spence is trying to get Blue to pose properly for pictures that will get him noticed.

“Look it’s just a starting point. You don’t have to do anything. Just have a few conversations. See what appeals. You don’t have to marry anyone.” Spence says.

“It’s just so weird to me. I know, I know I need to find some single friends. You lot being coupled up just makes me all the more lonely and homesick.” Blue says.

“You are really struggling?” Spence asks worried about his new friend.

“I’ve been thinking about going home a lot. Getting out today helped, thanks so much for driving us up there.” Blue says.

“Any time. I really enjoyed it. What else could you do to make you feel less homesick?” Spence asks.

“Food is an issue. The dining options are so repetitive, I think I need to get out find some other places, but it feels like a waste when my food is paid for. Maybe I should try to get a job or volunteer at a veggie place, find people more like me.” Blue muses.

“I didn’t think you had an issue with us meat eaters.” Spence says.

“I don’t. Not at all. I just mean find some treehugger types, not that I’m like that but more like the community at home.” Blue says.

“There must be a save the earth type club here, there is probably a vegetarian society too.” Spence thinks out loud.

“That’s an idea. Robin and I were going to hike tomorrow. Maybe I can drag him somewhere else.” Blue says.

“Be careful Blue. I know you two know where you stand but you’re falling deeper and deeper.” Spence says.

“How did you not fall for him?” Blue asks.

“I had Andy. I met Andy and everything slotted into place for me. I love Robin, I do and I totally see why you’re so infatuated but we need to get you out there talking to actual possibilities. Come on, get your top off and lets show you to the world.” Spence laughs.

Blue reluctantly complies and lets Spence take the lead sorting a profile for a couple of places. It’s fortunate for Andy that Spence has chosen an app Andy doesn’t use. Andy is not being at all discreet as he is confident his boyfriend will never look.

Blue and Spence rejoin the party and get to know more new people on the floor. Blue is still feeling pretty miserable. The euphoria of the walk earlier is gone and he’s trying to work out how to make things better.

“Do I need to get you out of here?” Gervais whispers.

“Is it that obvious?” Blue asks.

“You’re not looking too good. What were you up to with Spence before?” Gervais asks.

“He was setting me up a dating profile, doing pictures and all that.” Blue explains.

“Any messages yet?” Gervais asks.

“I don’t know.” Blue replies.

“I really don’t know that this is the way for you.” Gervais says.

“Well we can’t all be you.” Blue says.

“What does that mean?” Gervais asks puzzled.

“You got Jesse with no effort. You don’t even want him. It’s not like he’s the only one interested in you.” Blue says.

“Like who?” Gervais asks.

“Me, Andy. Even Spence claims to have eyes for no one but Andy but seems pretty interested.” Blue says.

“You are not in to me like that and you deserve better. You just want someone and are feeling mixed up because I spent the night with Jesse. If things had gone better with Brad you wouldn’t be saying this.” Gervais says.

“Sorry. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I’m in a pig of a mood. I just want to go home.” Blue says grumpily.

“Where’s Jesse?” Spence asks approaching the pair.

“He called it a night. I was about to but thought I’d try and cheer this one up a bit first.” Gervais says.

“Where’s Andy?” Blue asks realizing he hasn’t seen him in ages.

“Not sure. Expect he’s in another suite getting to know people. Andy is pretty social.” Spence says.

“Looking at him I thought he was a nerd like me but he really is out there. Dating you through high school must have raised his profile.” Gervais says surprising Blue and Spence.

“I don’t think so. We mostly hung out as a 3 or 4 in high school with Robin and Jenna. I wasn’t this super popular athlete or anything, I was still gay.” Spence says.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply he used you. Just that for a nerdy gay kid dating an athlete must have helped.” Gervais says.

“Come on lets find some men for Blue.” Spence says changing the subject.

“Let me see. We’re going to vet them for you.” Gervais says laughing.

“Yeah we’re swiping for you.” Spence says laughing.

“I’d say yes to everyone.” Blue says “Not that there will be anyone interested.”

“Oh babe you have no idea how hot you are.” Spence says.

“Yet I’m the only virgin here.” Blue says.

“Well that’s your choice.” Gervais says.

“What I should have just stayed and done it with Brad and his boyfriend?” Blue splutters.

“No, you should put yourself out there instead of sleeping with a straight guy in your bed.” Gervais says frustrated with his friend’s mopeyness.

“I wish I knew how.” Blue groans.

“That’s what we’re here for. No, no, no, yes, no, yes, no, no.” Spence says flicking through options.

“Wait, what?” Blue says.

“He’s going through options and filtering out the rubbish.” Gervais says.

“You do this too?” Blue asks.

“I look but never made a move, I don’t like bringing guys home and I’m pretty paranoid about going to someone’s place. I will here though.” Gervais says.

“I’m surprised you even look at all. Given everything.” Spence says.

“As long as I’m in control its good, of course being little probably not a lot of guys want that.” Gervais says.

“So hot, if I were single we’d be a trio.” Spence laughs.

“You two would be a great couple.” Blue says thoughtfully, both Spence and Gervais blush. It’s clear all three guys share a strong attraction.

“Hand it over I want to see if he has any messages on the other one.” Gervais says and Spence hands over the phone.

Gervais sits answering and blocking, Blue has a bunch of messages but only a couple look genuine.

Are you even reading the profiles before blocking?” Blue asks.

“Not yet. We’ll do that later if they are human.” Gervais says.

“But you might be rejecting nice guys.” Blue says.

“Oh come on I know your type, Robin, me, Brad.” Gervais says.

“I wasn’t attracted to Brad.” Blue says.

“No? But he’s cute and you went with him.” Spence says curious.

“He was the first guy to take an interest and so I thought why not, else it might happen. Then it was messed up and I made the wrong choice, I’m a horny 18 year. I don’t always think with my brain.” Blue says.

“But if he didn’t get you going it wasn’t like you were thinking with your cock.” Spence says.

“The idea of doing anything, with anyone was enough. Come on I know you’ve be with Andy forever but you must remember the longing to get started.” Blue says.

“I get it I do. But we talked about it. You are not a casual guy. You’re serious and sensitive and hookups are never going to be your thing.” Spence says.

“I don’t know that. How can I rule out what I haven’t tried?” Blue complains.

“Look this guy is replying, talk to him.” Gervais says thrusting the phone at Blue who tentatively begins a conversation.

Spence and Gervais share a few looks. They are both on the same page with Blue, anxious for him to find someone deserving of their friend but knowing it isn’t that easy.

“I’m meeting him Tuesday for coffee. All okay?” Blue asks laughing.

“Yay our boys first date.” Spence laughs kissing Blue on the cheek.

“What’s happening?” A disheveled Andy asks coming over.

“Blue has a coffee date on Tuesday. We’re trying to help him find someone.” Gervais says.

“You’ll have no trouble. Are we going to try the other gay group this week?” Andy asks.

“I think that’s a good idea.” Gervais says surprising Blue.

“Really, another social event for you?” Blue asks.

“Hey I’m doing great and you know it. I’ve barely gamed since I got here, I’m missing it a bit but I know I’ll no doubt not be up to going out for periods of time so I’m going to take advantage of being well.” Gervais says and Blue squeezes his leg in support.

“Will you invite Jesse?” Andy asks.

“Yes. I think so. Are you guys okay with him hanging out with us?” Gervais asks.

“Of course.” The three reply.

“Robin is getting pretty friendly with that girl.” Blue says quietly, the others look over to Robin being very hands on with a girl from the floor.

“I love Jenna but long distance won’t work out.” Andy says.

“He better not bring anyone back to our room.” Blue says.

“You can come in with us if he does.” Andy offers and Spence nods.

“Oh I think I can manage on the sofa.” Blue says.

“Spence’s chest is way more comfortable.” Andy laughs.

The crowd has thinned and the guys clean up their suite. Only Robin managed to spend much time meeting the new people on the floor. Spence is more than happy with his suitemates, boyfriend and new wrestling friends. Blue is too down to feel like meeting others and Gervais like Spence is happy with his immediate circle, especially with the addition of Jesse and a friend with benefits.

Andy is the one still feeling restless, like there is more out there and wanting to meet more guys. He is in full hoe mode, cheating hoe, and he’s enjoying it. Still not ready to fully assert his freedom and let Spence go, more because he doesn’t want Spence seeing other guys than because he wants a boyfriend. Spence certainly deserves better but he’s utterly blind to his boyfriend’s cheating ways.

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